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Longo Associates is a dealer for KI Furniture, which is available under New Jersey State Contract. Contact Longo (info@longoinc.com) to learn more about KI's extensive office furniture product lines including systems furniture, office seating, conference tables, conference room seating, lounge seating, task chairs, administrative desks, executive office furniture, files and storage.

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Longo KI Office Furniture on New Jersey State Contract

  1. 1. BUSINESS Solutions
  2. 2. On the CoverTop: Genius® Movable WallsLeft: Portico™ Table, Rapture® ChairsMiddle: Bantam™ Guest Chairs, DaVinci® Casegoods, Engage® ChairRight: 700 Series® Filing, Altus™ Task Chairs, Unite™ SystemsThis page: 700 Series® Files, Engage® Chair, Genesis® Desking p. 2 | KI Business
  3. 3. Table of Contents Learning f ce Caf p. Environment p. Space p.ataLink® Tables, Engage® Chairs Impress® Ultra Chairs, WireWorks® Panel System aylight® Chairs nline Services p.4 kibusiness.com Information verview Resource uide verview Business A Collaborative Approach our I Business catalog is designed to work the same p.7 Solutions That ake Business Sense way you do. Whether you prefer working of ine or online, Learning Environment or whether you prefer detailed information or simply a general overview, this catalog will help you work more p.8 Brain Boosting Environments ef’ ciently. f ce Space p.•8 Peak Performance f… resource ine The I Business catalog is a complete and comprehensive Lobby / Lounge resource for architects, designers and end users. Inside p.•• ormal Welcome, Informal Gatherings you will ’ nd current information on the latest trends and key considerations when working within business Conference Room environments. p. • asterful eetings Caf nline resource p.44 Inspired ining or those who prefer to work online, the I Business catalog is linked to kibusiness.com to give you access to E ecutive f ce even more information and product images. Simply go to p.5• anagement aterial kibusiness.com uick and type in the • UIC PIC code listed under each product in the catalog, and you will be Filing Storage directed to that product s details, plus pricing and p.58 Storage Solutions ’ nish option selections. or more information on I online resources, see page 4. Movable Walls p.•• Architectural Alternatives Fi ed Seating p.7• Grand Presentation Pallas Te tiles p.78 Timeless Te tiles p.8 Inde p. | Table of Contents
  4. 4. Simply click "Request Quote" to engage a member of the KI team to assist you with your projects. Internet Answers Heres the perfect solution for all your business furniture needs: kibusiness.com. Get what you need. Get it fast. Get it all at one easy-to-navigate address. • Design your way. Full-color furniture selections with informative product copy. Content logically organized with new tools for the way you work. • Make it happen. You can use the KI website any way you want— its an inspirational, virtual library. Find. Spec. Deliver. • View furniture by collection and application. KIs innovative business furniture is now conveniently grouped and cross-referenced by collection and application to make your job easy. Detailed Product Information Product detail pages are filled with high-quality images, product dimensions, finish options and links to PDF brochures and up-to-date price lists.p. 4 | kibusiness.com
  5. 5. QUICKPICK…Its Fast and EasyEvery product in this catalog has a QUICKPICK code. Simply go Resources and Toolsto kibusiness.com/quick and type in the code to be directed to Kibusiness.com makes specifying fast and easy. A few simplethat products details, plus pricing and finish option selections. mouse clicks instantly takes you to CAD symbols, fabric swatches, paint samples and much more. See It…Spec It Inspire creativity with KIs powerful swatching tool. A fantastic online resource, the swatching tool offers a zoom feature that shows detail to the level of fabric texture. View choices in real time on selected products at kibusiness.com/galleryView Product by ApplicationKibusiness.com is the perfect place to see KI productinstallations—grouped by area and function. Click through ourimage galleries for ideas. Link directly to the product details youneed to complete your spec. Quick and easy!View the Entire CollectionQuickly view all available items in a product offering. Not quite whatyoure looking for? KI also showcases related items—products withsimilar function, but different designs, shapes, leg styles and more. Industry Articles and Information Want more? Its all right here. KIs Issues and Trends is a collection of great articles written about business furniture products, and relevant industry-related topics. Virtually everything you need for business furniture and design in one place. p. 5 | kibusiness.com
  6. 6. 7 Series® iles, Balance® verheads, Engage® Chair, apture® Chairs, Work one® esking p. • | Business: A Collaborative Approach
  7. 7. Business: A Collaborative ApproachSolutions That Make Business SenseThere’s little doubt that the office environment can have a dramaticimpact on employee performance and morale. There’s also noquestion that it’s constantly changing. Each generation of workersuniquely alters the workplace. So does the steady introduction ofnew and better technology.KI creates furniture solutions that let people work smarter and moreeffectively, today and well into the future.With an eye on emerging trends, our customer-focused approachaddresses changing work styles and schedules, and meets the demandsof new technologies. Through optimal workplace design, we helpimprove productivity, foster worker satisfaction, maximize your realestate investment and support your continued success.How Do You Work?Helping business customers solve their workspace problems so they Approximately 20% of the workforcecan meet their objectives is central to our mission. Our process doesn’t reports sharing their workstationsstart with, “Let us show you our products.” It starts with you and youranswers to one important question, “How do you work?” with co-workers. Source: Ergonomics at Work: Important InformationFrom identifying work patterns to reducing wasted space, KI determines About Ergonomics in the Workplace; LINAKthe realities of how work is performed and takes a holistic view of youroffice environment. Through workplace audits, we observe the manyways and areas in which work gets done. We strive to fully understandyour needs today and in the years ahead to maximize your investment.Working collaboratively, we evaluate the most cost-effective optionsand determine which highly functional furniture solutions will meet yourshort- and long-term goals. Equally important, we ensure that everyspace in your real estate is used to enhance productivity.Be NimbleGrowth is a common business objective and change is a constantchallenge. KI creates transitional, flexible, adaptive solutions in supportof growth and in response to change.Movable walls, adjustable desks, multipurpose furniture and otherinnovative designs respond to forward progress and lateral shiftscommon in business, while supporting rapid changes in technology.KI delivers solutions that also boast smart features and functions—flexibility, durability, simplicity, multi-functionality—providing resourcefulreassurance to any bottom line.When business expands or contracts, churns or changes, KI delivers PowerComm® Table Systems,intelligent solutions for getting the work done. Torsion on the Go!® Chairs p. 7 | Business: A Collaborative Approach
  8. 8. Learning Environment Brain-Boosting Environments Continuous education is paramount to business success and training employees to perform at their best is an important workplace commitment. As technology becomes an indispensable tool for on-the-job instruction, training rooms must be designed to support interactive technologies and facilitate easy mobility. Design plays an even greater role in supporting technology when technology is the lesson. For example, when employers Impress® Ultra Chairs, WireWorks® Panel System create computer-filled training rooms to help employees improve their computer competency skills. In all, today’s learning environments must serve a variety of training needs and accommodate a multitude of setups. One day it’s classroom style, the next, it’s a horseshoe layout followed by small breakout arrangements of tables and chairs. Even when training activities don’t require a change in furniture arrangements, learning can be enhanced by doing so. Through seating rearrangements, participants obtain new perspectives on learning activities and create new working relationships with peers. With four diverse generations now in the workforce its imperative that generational workforce diversity training takes place. Source: Managing a Multigenerational Workforce; Buildings Magazine Hurry Up!® Tables, Torsion on the Go!® Chairs We offer superior layout flexibility with solutions that are easy to move and quick to reconfigure. Seating that’s durable, simple Products for Dynamic Learning to store, and above all, comfortable. Smart table designs that KI is a market leader in delivering quality learning solutions. include integrated wire management to ensure connectivity,Learning Environment We can help plan your training room to accommodate safely and neatly. equipment, facilitate various uses, enhance accessibility and adapt to changes in the future. With the flexibility to create a multifunctional training space comes the need for security and KI provides it with discrete The right combination of chairs, tables, and accessories can laptop garages and monitor storage. increase the value of your training environment and maximize existing space for multiple uses. With a breadth of products Throughout KI’s line of learning solutions, you’ll find a cohesive designed for learning, KI makes it easy to create comfortable, integration that’s consistent with other aesthetics and fits in accommodating training environments. with your many other workplace environments. p. 8 | Learning Environment
  9. 9. ata in tip rpo e a e or ion ta airp. | Learning Environment
  10. 10. o••• Lo nge eating •nt e i a e •er a air p. 1• | Learning Environment
  11. 11. Learning Environment n an•em a e • tem or ion a air Learning Environment - niver it•• eating arton• Le ternp. 11 | Learning Environment
  12. 12. or ion on t e o air re a e p. 1 | Learning Environment
  13. 13. Learning EnvironmentStrive® Task Chair Strive® Nesting ChairWith incredible comfort and a back that encourages movement and Strive nesting extends the Strive Collection by combining therelaxation, the Strive task chair provides lateral back support and convenience of a nesting chair with affordable comfort.dissipates pressure points. This simple, yet elegant design is both • Poly or upholstered seats as arm, armless or tablet arm chairscomfortable and affordable. Also available as a task stool. • Integral molded handle to easily roll the chair• Cantilevered arms or armless • Flex back encourages movement and relaxation• Upholstered or poly seat • Contoured seat dissipates pressure points• Field replaceable components Quick Pick Code: STRIVENESTQuick Pick Code: STRTASK Learning EnvironmentDataLink® Table System Enlite® TableA highly flexible, easily reconfigurable table system with Simplify the complex by responding to collaborative or“computer friendly” design and laid-in-wiring. Folding legs independent learning needs with Enlite tables. Responsivestyle allows for compact storage. design. Efficient shapes. Dependable strength.• Fixed or folding legs • Casters and lightweight tabletops• Wedges to form radiused configurations in three edge styles • Leg design allows for flexible, lightweight movement• Large-capacity wire trough assembly • Non-angular transition-end design• Optional PowerUp® modules or grommets • Features a wide array of sizes, shapes and colorsQuick Pick Code: DATAL Quick Pick Code: ENLITE p. 13 | Learning Environment
  14. 14. Learning Environment Flat Screen Garage® Hurry Up!® Table Designed with convenience and security in mind. When you need Quick to set up. Easy to reconfigure. Simple to store. high-tech access, just press the button and the worksurface instantly It just doesn’t get much easier! transforms into a computing center. • Quick and simple one-step release • Individual electronic controls are mounted under the worksurface • Optional lightweight top • Users can choose optimal height and screen articulation • Innovative leg-within-leg design for compact nesting for their needs Quick Pick Code: HURRY • Optional keyless remote locks down an entire room of monitors for security Quick Pick Code: FSG-FLATSCRGAR InTandem® Table System Laptop Garage®Learning Environment Impressive wire management. Compelling appearance. The Laptop Garage allows any room to adapt to multiple uses Flexible configurations. The InTandem table system is the and reduces the need for dedicated computer classrooms and labs. easiest way to manage power and data. Designed for use on InTandem, PowerComm, DataLink and • 8-wire, hard wire or non-powered beams WorkZone tables. • Beam has flip-down doors with convenient access from • Flat writing surface when closed front or back • Compact design leaves plenty of leg room • Multiple table depths, lengths and leg heights available • Optional key fob locks down an entire room • Three privacy screen/divider heights of laptops or individual units for security Quick Pick Code: INTAND Quick Pick Code: LAPTOP p. 14 | Learning Environment
  15. 15. Learning Environment Torsion On the Go!® Chair Glimmer® Task Chair Impress® Task Chair • Upholstered seat with upholstered • Arms or armless • Back-height adjustment or poly back • Poly, poly backs with upholstered • Armless, T arms, or loop arms • Arms, armless or tablet arms seats or upholstered seats and backs Quick Pick Code: IMPRESS • Field replaceable components Quick Pick Code: GLIMTASK Quick Pick Code: TOTG Impress® Ultra Task Chair Kismet® Task Chair Maestro® Chair • Mid-back or high-back styles • Mid-back or high-back styles • Sled base frame • Armless, T arms, loop arms, • Armless, T arms, or loop arms • Integrated handle on back or adjustable loop arms Quick Pick Code: KISMET Quick Pick Code: MAESTRO Quick Pick Code: IMPULTRA Learning EnvironmentMatrix® Chair Perry® Chair Strive® High Density Chair• Arms, armless or tablet arm • Arms, armless or tablet arm • Flexing comfort• Poly seat and back or upholstery option • Poly seat and back or upholstery option • Simple eleganceQuick Pick Code: MATRIX Quick Pick Code: PERRY Quick Pick Code: STRIVE p. 15 | Learning Environment
  16. 16. Learning Environment Piretti Stack Chair Torsion® Task Chair Torsion® Stack Chair • Four-leg or sled base styles with or • Poly or upholstered seat and back • Arms or armless without arms, tablets and bookracks • Armless or T arms • Three frame styles (four-leg, sled • Upholstered or polypropylene Quick Pick Code: TORSTSK base and cantilevered sled base) Quick Pick Code: PIRST Quick Pick Code: TORSST All Terrain® Mobile Furniture Inquire® Table Instruct® Desking • Markerboards are magnetic, two-sided • Sleek, fluted leg design • Choose from a variety of desking options and mobile • Straight and catered legs including a mobile lectern Quick Pick Code: ALLT Quick Pick Code: INQUIRE • Durably constructed to be aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced Quick Pick Code: INSTRUCTLearning Environment Trek® Table Wharton™ Lectern WorkZone® Desking • Fixed, folding or flip-top models • Expanding plexi-glass top • Multiple height and adjustable height • Standard or lightweight tops • Keyboard drawer available worksurfaces in various shapes Quick Pick Code: TREK Quick Pick Code: WHAR • Privacy screens and full panel option Quick Pick Code: WORKZ p. 16 | Learning Environment
  17. 17. Torsion® Task Chairs, Wire orks® Panel Systemp. 17 | Learning nvironment
  18. 18. Office Space Peak Performance Drive out waste. Do more with less. Go lean. Grow strong. Whatever your performance goals are, KI helps you achieve them with high-performing solutions for the individual work- station. Leveraging your workforce talent in today’s global market requires a balance between work that’s performed in familiar, traditional ways and work that relies on more innovation— between heads-down, concentrative tasks and new collaborative interactions. This critical change in work-style The ability to vary working postures dynamics demands a departure from the “cubicle planning” throughout the day in a well-designed approach of the past. workplace coupled with tailored As a successful alternative, more and more collaborative breaks and exercise can reduce back environments are being created. That often means reducing and other pains by more than 80%. the heights of divider walls, increasing the need for freestand- Source: Ergonomics at Work: Important Information ing and adjustable desks, encouraging shared mobile storage, About Ergonomics in the Workplace; LINAK and adopting components that serve multiple purposes. Designed to Move Keeping employees comfortable while at their workstations is Business doesn’t sit still. Why should your employees? another key to achieving productivity. This not only requires ergonomically correct furniture, but also adjustable solutions To address changing work styles and schedules, KI offers that encourage on-the-job movement. a portfolio of products that foster the trend toward more collaborative work environments. They include movable walls, height-adjustable worksurfaces, and mobile tables and chairs. Easily adjustable systems and components also support the rapid team formations typically found in collaborative workplaces, as well as the needs that come with shared workstations, a common occurrence given today’s 24/7 service expectations. The most effective way employees can maintain a productive workflow, no matter the environment, is to alternate between sitting and standing positions. KI provides height- adjustable technology letting users choose a variety of work positions. Our sit-stand workstations keep employees comfortable at their workstations, keep them engaged in their tasks, and keep them from having to step away from the work at hand for breaks.Office Space In all, KI’s ergonomically inviting furniture increases employee productivity and boosts their job satisfaction. The result: you reap the competitive advantages an engaged, happy and healthy workforce can deliver. All Terrain® Storage and Tables, Impress® Ultra Chair p. 18 | Office Space
  19. 19. 700 Series® iles, alance® Overheads, ngage® Chair, WireWorks® Panel Systemp. 1 | Office Space
  20. 20. Aristotle® Casegoods, Strive® Task Chairs p. 20 | Office Space
  21. 21. Office Space 700 Series® iling, nlite® Table, Genius® Movable Walls, Strive® Task Chairs, U Series® Storage, Unite System Office Space All Terrain® Table, alance® Overheads, ngage® Task Chair, Genesis® esking, apture® Chairp. 21 | Office Space
  22. 22. Office Space Altus™ Task Chair Avail™ Task Chair Altus offers exceptional comfort with precise fit Avail provides essential comfort and support at and finish in an elegant design. a reasonable price. • Task or conference chairs • Armless, fixed loop arm, width- and • Constant lumbar support height-adjustable arms and pivot arm • Mesh or fabric back • Superior cushioned comfort • Optional headrest on task chairs • Flex-back support Quick Pick Code: ALTUS • Back tilt Quick Pick Code: AVAIL Impress® Task Chair Impress® Ultra Task Chair Premium features at an affordable price. The great comfort of Impress seating with a mesh back Great comfort. Stunning design. that conforms to the unique curvature of your back. • Back-height adjustment • Mid-back or high-back stylesOffice Space • Armless, T arms, or loop arms • Seat adjustment • Height- and width-adjustable arms • Back-height adjustment • Optional seat-depth adjustment • Armless, T arms, loop arms, or adjustable loop arms • Field replaceable components • Field replaceable components Quick Pick Code: IMPRESS Quick Pick Code: IMPULTRA p. 22 | Office Space
  23. 23. Office SpaceStrive® Task Chair Unite™ SystemWith incredible comfort and a back that encourages Unite is a simple, responsive approach to space that unifiesmovement and relaxation, Strive task chair provides lateral people, funiture and architecture to create high-performanceback support and dissipates pressure points. Also available work environments.as a task stool. • Adapts to workspace changes• Cantilevered arms or armless • Spans multiple work styles and levels of privacy• Upholstered or poly seat • Tower-based, benching, loose and traditional planning options• Field replaceable components • Simple and quick to specify, order and installQuick Pick Code: STRTASK Quick Pick Code: UNITE Flat Screen Support Pneumatic Monitor Arm Offers a sleek design and building block versatility to Combines style, function and ergonomics to create ergonomically configure one screen to a bank of comfortable, productive workstations. Allows users to four screens. easily adjust monitors to a comfortable viewing position • Supports up to 80 lbs. helping reduce worker fatigue and increase productivity. • Swivel/tilt adapter allows monitor to rotate from • Intuitive fingertip control Office Space landscape to portrait • Arm easily clamps to desk edge or through a grommet • Mount double or back-to-back • Pivot arm freely moves from optimum viewing distance • Space-saving clamp base attaches to worksurfaces and height to out-of-the-way position up to three inches thick • Available with wall and rail mount clamps Quick Pick Code: FLATSCR Quick Pick Code: PNEUARM p. 23 | Office Space
  24. 24. Office Space Cinturón™ Task Chair Glimmer® Task Chair Kismet® Task Chair • Mid-back or high-back styles • Arm or armless • Mid-back and high-back styles • Wood or upholstered arms • Poly, poly backs with upholstered seats • Armless, T arms or loop arms Quick Pick Code: CINTASK or upholstered seats and backs Quick Pick Code: KISMET Quick Pick Code: GLIMTASK Pilot™ Task Chair Piretti 2000 Series® Task Chair Torsion® Task Chair • Warranted to accommodate weight • Large scale • Poly or upholstered seat and back up to 400 pounds • Multiple options to customize to • Armless or T arms • Loop arms or armless individual needs Quick Pick Code: TORSTSK Quick Pick Code: PILOT Quick Pick Code: PIR2000Office Space True® Desking System Genesis® Desking WorkZone® Desking • Various shape worksurfaces for multiple • Pin adjustable, crank adjustable, electric • Multiple height and adjustable height desking configurations adjustable or fixed work surfaces in various shapes • Universal or Balance® overheads • Straight or curved worksurfaces in six shapes • Privacy screens and full panel option Quick Pick Code: TRUE Quick Pick Code: GENESIS Quick Pick Code: WORKZ p. 24 | Office Space
  25. 25. Lobby / Lounge / Informal Meeting 700 Series® Pedestals, Genius® Movable Walls, Impress® Ultra Chair, WireWorks® Panel System p. 25 | Office Space
  26. 26. Lobby / Lounge Formal Welcome, Informal Gatherings The company lobby represents the first chance to make a lasting impression with the public. The space establishes the tone for your business and reflects your culture with both customers and employees. Much more than just transitory space or a space where visitors are greeted, lobbies, atriums and other lounge areas throughout a building can also showcase your products and services and serve as spaces for housing formal meetings. And given the rise in real estate costs, they very well ought to. Today, 70 percent of the work produced In fact, savvy employers are leveraging every bit of real estate to cultivate additional employee engagement opportunities. is through collaborative efforts and is Lobbies and lounges are seeing more use as collaborative expected to grow to 80 percent by 2010. spaces for informal meetings. In short, they’ve become Source: Perspectives on Workplace, Jones Lang LaSalle additional areas where work gets done. Highly Accommodating KI’s business furniture creates a visual signature for lobbies and lounges letting companies achieve welcoming and personalized spaces. Our wide selection of products and styles—from traditional to contemporary—can transform any lobby or lounge into comfortable, receptive places. Soltice® Lounge Seating Soft seating and occasional tables that invoke a residential feel is a highly desired aesthetic for many of today’s corporate lobbies and lounges and KI delivers. Our comprehensive assortment of lounge seating includes guest or multiple seating options in sofas, benches, or loveseats, all promising durability and easy maintenance. Occasional tables in classic designs coordinate easily with lounge groups or can stand alone. To further elevate your brand identity, KI offers customization and can incorporate logos and emblems into furniture features. In addition, foyers, entries to hallways, and elevator lobbies canLobby / Lounge all be well designed and smartly furnished so that they support informal meetings, promote the spirit of collaboration, and encourage the impromptu exchange of ideas among workers. From gateways to gathering spots, KI can transform your lobbies ® Grand Salon Lounge Seating and lounges into highly functional, always impressive spaces. p. 26 | Lobby / Lounge
  27. 27. Lounge o e on o bep. 2 | Lobby / Lounge
  28. 28. e • b e • e • Lounge •e ng p. 2 | Lobby / Lounge
  29. 29. Lobby / Lounge e • Lounge •e ng Lobby / Lounge e • b e •o• •e • Lounge •e ngp. 2- | Lobby / Lounge
  30. 30. Lobby / Lounge Arissa® Lounge Collection A revolutionary universal lobby/lounge seating collection that blends form, scale and carefully crafted geometry allowing virtually any user, regardless of size, to sit comfortably. • Arm chair, arm chair with wood armcaps, loveseat, armless loveseat, loveseat with wood armcaps and ottomans • Patent-pending seat geometry that supports up to 750 pounds • Field replaceable components • Optional wood accents • Clean out area between seat and back Quick Pick Code: ARISSA Cody™ Lounge Seating Jessa™ Lounge Seating Lido™ Lounge Seating With its rounded arm fronts and rolled Jessa’s slender design and higher back Lido lounge seating provides an opportunity seat back, Cody creates a harmonic mix offer unparalleled support and styling. to design with both a contemporary andLobby / Lounge of straight and curved lines. • Chair, loveseat, sofa and tablet arm chair classic flair. • Chair, loveseat, sofa and tablet arm chair • Upholstered or wood armcaps • Chair, loveseat, sofa and tablet arm • Wood armcap • Solid wood construction chair with wood armcap • Reversible seat cushion Quick Pick Code: JESSA • Upholstered or wood armcaps • Solid wood construction • Solid wood construction Quick Pick Code: CODY Quick Pick Code: LIDO p. 30 | Lobby / Lounge
  31. 31. Lobby / LoungeLyra™ Collection Sela™ Lounge CollectionThe Lyra Collection is a fresh, modern interpretation of A lounge collection designed for informal spaces, with attributes thata classic design iconography that provides a powerful, reflect todays casual lifestyle.yet understated visual language to complement virtually • Reduction in seat foam density increases comfortany environment. • The use of fabric webbing in the arms encourages relaxation• Simple form and elegance • Clean lines and simplistic modern design create an informal aesthetic• Designed with sustainability in mind • Wide panel arm easily supports a laptop or book• Creates visually compelling yet functional spaces • Sled base allows easy mobility and promotes collaboration• Employs a variety of mixed media in its construction Quick Pick Code: SELAQuick Pick Code: LYRASoltíce® Lounge Collection Tea Cup™ Lounge SeatingFeatures sophisticated, classic lines softened by feminine Full of character, design appeal and inspiration – Tea Cup seatingsensibility– simple, natural with a human touch. Soltice redefines the definition of form versus function. Whether in Lobby / Loungelounge seating presents a clean, comfortable environment contrasting fabrics or leathers, the design opportunities are endless.with aesthetics that resemble furniture found in fine hotels. • Chair, loveseat and tablet arm chair• Lounge chair, loveseat, sofa, bariatric chair, tables • Upholstered or wood armcaps• Solid wood construction • Brushed, polished or powdercoated turned aluminum legs• Upholstered or wood armcaps • Scooped single or double convex seats on loveseats• Field replaceable components • Solid wood constructionQuick Pick Code: SOLT Quick Pick Code: TEACUP p. 31 | Lobby / Lounge
  32. 32. Lobby / Lounge Flex™ Table • Solid hardwood construction A harmonic arrangement of tables in multiple heights, • Club, coffee, end and console tables shapes and wood finishes. • Choice of wood veneer or laminate top surfaces Simple. Classic. Stylish. • Optional custom finish available Quick Pick Code: FLEX RAˇDO™ Table Its unusual angles and exceptional eye-appeal bring a confident, stylish accent to any space. Contemporary flair with modern, aluminum legs. Exceptional durability. Innovative design. • Solid hardwood construction • Club, lamp and coffee tables • Choice of wood veneer or laminate top surfaces • Optional custom finish available Quick Pick Code: RADO Soltíce® Table Designer-driven with a clean, modern aesthetic and residential feel, the Soltíce tables are ideal for a variety of applications. • Available in both freestanding and connecting versions • Choice of wood veneer or laminate top surfaces • Available in all KI standard laminates and stainsLobby / Lounge • Solid hardwood construction Quick Pick Code: SOLTBL p. 32 | Lobby / Lounge
  33. 33. Lobby / Lounge Briar® Multiple Seating Cinturon™ Lounge Seating Flex™ Multiple Seating • Closed and open arm versions available • Chair, loveseat and sofa available • Easy connect elements make it simple in one, two, and three seat units and • Contrasting welt option to add ganged seating or tables a loveseat • Clean out area between seat and back Quick Pick Code: CINLNG • Four connecting table choices Quick Pick Code: FLEMS Quick Pick Code: BRIMSGrand Salon® Lounge Seating Lola™ Lounge Seating Mesa™ Lounge Seating• Chair, loveseat, sofa, ottoman and bench • Chair, loveseat and sofa • Chair, loveseat and sofa• Upholstered or wood armcaps • Upholstered or wood armcaps • Contrasting fabric optionsQuick Pick Code: GRSAL Quick Pick Code: LOLA Quick Pick Code: MESA Lobby / Lounge Neena™ Lounge Seating Perth® Multiple Seating Pomfret Lounge Seating • Chair, loveseat, sofa and bench • Open and closed arm styles • Guest chair, lounge chair, loveseat • Clean lines and durable construction • Five table connections available and sofa Quick Pick Code: NEENA Quick Pick Code: PERMS • Solid wood construction Quick Pick Code: POMFRET p. 33 | Lobby / Lounge
  34. 34. Lobby / Lounge Relax™ Lounge Seating Soltice® Multiple Seating Three® Lounge Seating • Motion back provides comfort • Open, closed or armless styles • Lounge chair, loveseat, sofa, • Optional tablet arm and casters • Single or multiple combinations bench and bariatric chair Quick Pick Code: RELAX • Freestanding or connecting tables • Upholstered or wood armcaps Quick Pick Code: SOLTICEMS Quick Pick Code: THREE Three® Multiple Seating Hancock™ Bench Kurv™ Bench • Three seating scales • Two widths (48" and 60") • Chair, bench, upholstered corner • Single, two-seat, three-seat, loveseat, • Upholstered cushion top element and corner table sofa and bench combinations Quick Pick Code: HANCOCK • Straight or angled configurations Quick Pick Code: THREEMS Quick Pick Code: KURVLobby / Lounge Devon™ Table Orlo® Table Reclaim® & Other Receptacles • Club, coffee, end and console tables • Club, lamp, coffee, end and • Centers feature two, three or four • Wood veneer top with a variety of console tables oval openings wood finishes • Optional custom finish available • Containers in four sizes with five Quick Pick Code: DEVON types of openings Quick Pick Code: ORLO Quick Pick Code: RECLAIM p. 34 | Lobby / Lounge
  35. 35. Soltice® o n e Seatinp. 3 | obb o n e
  36. 36. Conference Room Masterful Meetings Much like the lobby, corporate conference rooms reflect your organization’s strengths and values, and help deliver your company’s expert messages to the business world. Whether it’s an executive boardroom or a smaller meeting room off the lobby, modern-day conference rooms must be comfortable and flexible, and come complete with high-tech capabilities. As the size of personal workspace diminishes, more shared spaces are needed to accommodate meetings of two to 20 people. Conference rooms answer the call and help support the need for workplace collaboration. Fostering a sense of teamwork and creating real opportunities for informal contact among employees is one of the most widely adopted strategies held today in corporate America. Source: Corporate Real Estate Leader Bringing Ideas to the Table A leader in contract tables, KI offers a wide variety of formal, functional and flexible conference room tables. From sleek, modern designs that complement contemporary interiors, Barron® Tables, Torsion® Stack Chairs to traditional and elegant wood finishes that reflect powerful boardroom strength. KI realizes the importance of conference room features— the need for impressive style and comfort, high-tech capabilities, and design continuity. With a comprehensive selection of styles, sizes and finishes, our conference room furniture makes a distinctive statement. We also understand the scope of needs for conference rooms of varied sizes that serve multiple purposes. KI tables and seatingConference Room are made to reconfigure and contribute to conference spaces that accommodate meetings in functional and flexible settings. With finishes to match the veneers, laminates, and colors of any environment, complete design continuity is assured and adds to DaVinci® Conference Table the total image. p. 36 | Conference Room
  37. 37. Cint ron• o n e Seatin , Crossroa s® - rnit re, - le • Tables, Ven e® Tablep. 3 | Conference Room
  38. 38. mpress® Chairs, Ven e® Table p. 3 | Conference Room
  39. 39. Conference Room lt s• Task Chairs, Datalink® ltip rpose Table Conference Room rr p ® Tables, o er p® o les, Torsion on the o ® Chairsp. 3 | Conference Room
  40. 40. Conference Room Altus™ Task Chair Avail™ Task Chair Altus offers exceptional comfort with precise fit Avail provides essential comfort and support at a and finish in an elegant design. reasonable price. • Task or conference chairs • Armless, fixed loop arm, width- and • Constant lumbar support height- adjustable arms and pivot arm • Mesh or fabric back • Superior cushioned comfort • Optional headrest on task chairs • Flex-back support Quick Pick Code: ALTUS • Back tilt Quick Pick Code: AVAIL Cinturón™ Task Chair Engage® Task Chair One size doesn’t fit all. One chair does. It adjusts to yourConference Room Professional seating that is as ergonomic as it is eye ap- pealing. Overall elegance, attention to detail and unique body. It adapts to your tasks. It even fits your budget. stitching make a powerful statement. • Armless, fixed arms, height-adjustable arms, • Mid-back or high-back styles or pivoting armcaps • Wood or upholstered arms • Poly or upholstered back • Locking knee tilt • Task stool also available • Field replaceable components • Field replaceable components Quick Pick Code: CINTASK Quick Pick Code: ENGAGE p. 40 | Conference Room
  41. 41. Conference RoomImpress® Task Chair Impress® Ultra Task ChairPremium features at an affordable price. Great comfort. The great comfort of Impress seating with a mesh backStunning design. that conforms to the unique curvature of your back.• Back-height adjustment • Mid-back or high-back styles• Armless, T arms, or loop arms • Seat adjustment• Height- and width-adjustable arms • Back-height adjustment• Optional seat-depth adjustment • Armless, T arms, loop arms, or adjustable loop arms• Field replaceable components • Field replaceable componentsQuick Pick Code: IMPRESS Quick Pick Code: IMPULTRAAristotle® Conference Table Da Vinci™ Conference Table Conference Room• Solid construction with no visible fasteners • Extensive choice of shapes and sizes• 1" thick worksurfaces • Five wood veneer finishes• Surfaces are manufactured using high-performance • Complementary office solutions thermally fused laminate • Unique waterfull edge• Integrated cord management in legs Quick Pick Code: DAVQuick Pick Code: ARISTOTLE p. 41 | Conference Room
  42. 42. Conference Room Barron® Table Portico™ Table • Fixed, folding, flip-top, lightweight or • Fixed, folding, flip-top, lightweight "Plus" styles (Plus shown) or "Plus" styles • Three base styles and field-installable • Three base styles, four edge styles rolling Barron base • Eight table shapes • Multiple table shapes and edge styles • Color matching trim available • Field replaceable components Quick Pick Code: PORTICO Quick Pick Code: BARRON Synthesis® Table Venue® Table A combination of great design, versatility and power. A custom table thats as versatile as it is beautiful.Conference Room With graceful style and integrated wire management • Available in veneer and laminate capability, this table inspires collaboration and conversation. • Numerous base, edge and finish options • Clean, light base design in fixed, folding or flip top • Field replaceable components • Pin-height adjustability Quick Pick Code: VENUE • Unique optional modesty panel • Discreet mobility when rolling option is specified Quick Pick Code: SYNTH p. 42 | Conference Room
  43. 43. S nthesis® Table, Versa® Chairsp. 4 | Conferen e Roo
  44. 44. Café Inspired Dining Cafés are designed to bring people together, inspiring conversation and collaboration. Many companies use their cafés alongside other benefits as a means of differentiation. Providing employees with an inviting spot for dining also keeps them well fueled for workplace productivity. From casual to upscale, from high-capacity food service to more intimate settings, even serve-yourself venues, the atmosphere created is essential to success. Wherever food is served, organizations should strive for ambiance and efficiency. Much more than just a place to catch lunch, cafés also serve as impromptu meeting places for employees when conference rooms aren’t available. Since 2002, the amount of space devoted Sociable Solutions to conference, training and break out KI has set the standard for corporate café tables and chairs. Our flexible solutions encourage interaction while creating areas has increased more than 17%. a distinctive dining or meeting experience. Source: In the Modern Workplace, Individual Space Squeezed to Help the Common Good, IFMA From highly styled contemporary furniture, to high-density furniture built for high turnover, KI dining solutions are comfortable, efficient, and durable. With finishes and fabrics that are easily cleaned, and lightweight options that are easily stackable. Silhouette® Chairs, Venue® Tables Athens® Tables, Rapture® ChairsCafé p. 44 | Café
  45. 45. • atri•® Chairs, •orti o• Tablesp. 45 | Café
  46. 46. • a li ht® Chairs p. 4- | Café
  47. 47. Café Athens® Table, Co • oun e Seatin , Versa® Chairs, lon® Chairs Café • aestro® Chairs, •orti o• Tablesp. 4 | Café
  48. 48. Café Rapture® Chair Strive® Chair A versatile stack chair with contemporary design. With incredible comfort and a back that encourages movement Superior comfort at an affordable price. and relaxation, the Strive chair provides lateral back support and • Arms, armless or tablet arm dissipates pressure points. • Poly back has dimpled detail and lip handle • Cantilevered or loop arms, armless or with tablet • Casters or glides • Upholstered or poly seat • Field replaceable components • Optional casters for mobility • Wallsaver option Quick Pick Code: STRIVE Quick Pick Code: RAPTURE Torsion® Stack Chair Versa® Chair Exceptional ergonomic comfort at a moderate price. A small-scale guest chair with big comfort. Its clean lines are compatible with any environment. Versatile. Functional. Durable. • Arms or armless • Arms, armless or tablet arm • Flex back • Basic, Standard, Conference or • Three frame styles (four-leg, sled base and Junior styles cantilevered sled base) • Four frame styles (4-leg, sled base, • Stacks up to six high on dolly wallsaver or basic)Café • Field replaceable components • Field replaceable components Quick Pick Code: TORSST Quick Pick Code: VERSA p. 48 | Café
  49. 49. Café Athens® Table Athens tables bring people together, inspiring conversation and collaboration. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes. • Three base styles in two standard heights • Laminate or wood veneer top • Steel and aluminum bases • Field replaceable components Quick Pick Code: ATHENS Portico™ Table A fresh look. A colorful accent. A perfect complement. The elliptical steel tubing reflects a contemporary style. • Fixed, folding, flip-top, lightweight or “Plus” styles • Three base styles, four edge styles • Eight table shapes • Color matching trim available • Field replaceable components Quick Pick Code: PORTICO Cafép. 49 | Café
  50. 50. Café Daylight® Chair Glimmer® Chair Maestro® Chair • Extremely lightweight at nine pounds • Arm or armless • Sled base frame • Stacks up to 44 high on dolly • Poly, poly backs with upholstered seats • High-density stacking up to 38 chairs Quick Pick Code: DAYL or upholstered seats and backs Quick Pick Code: MAESTRO Quick Pick Code: GLIMMER Matrix® Chair Perry® Chair Piretti Stacker Chair • Arms, armless or tablet arm • Poly seat and back or upholstery • Upholstered or polypropylene • Poly seat and back or upholstery options • Ganging option options • Field replaceable components Quick Pick Code: PIRST Quick Pick Code: MATRIX Quick Pick Code: PERRY Silhouette® Chair Xylon® Chair Venue® Table Reclaim® & • Arms or armless • Arms or armless • Available in veneer and Other Receptacles • Nylon shell or upholstered • Stacks eight high on dolly laminate • Centers feature two, three Quick Pick Code: SILH Quick Pick Code: XYLON • Numerous base, edge or four oval openings and finish optionsCafé Quick Pick Code: RECLAIM Quick Pick Code: VENUE p. 50 | Café
  51. 51. aestro® Chairs, Uniframe® Ta lesp. 5 | Caf
  52. 52. Executive Office Management Material Executive offices are used as much for quiet decision- making as they are for meetings with key staff members. An executive’s overall management style and how the space will function should determine the furniture elements needed, as well as design and appearance. In a competitive business environment, workplace surroundings and office décor can also help to attract top talent. Well-appointed, classic and timeless styles can make an effective leadership statement without the pomp, pretense or big price tag. In every executive office, as with all administrative and desk positions, comfort and ergonomics are essential. Successful Spaces KI casegoods and seating let you create comfortable, efficient and productive private office environments. Our quality collections feature a stylish, residential aesthetic Individual performance increases and conform to the space and functional needs of virtually by 25% when employees use an any office interior. Our options allow you to choose styles consistent with the image and mission of your company. ergonomically designed workstation. Source: Ergonomics at Work: Important Information About Ergonomics in the Workplace; LINAK Efficient workspaces are those that are flexible and durable. KI offers desking, seating and storage solutions that can be used and reconfigured throughout an executive office where additional space and storage is needed. Comfortable chairs deliver adjustability alongside their prestige and performance. KI’s office furniture works with today’s and tomorrow’s technology. Ours is a portfolio of ergonomic comfort with complete design continuity. Clean lines and versatile shapes bring prowess to any executive office. If you can imagine it, KI can make it a reality.Executive Office Darwin® Casegoods, Impress® Ultra Chair p. 52 | Executive Office
  53. 53. 700 Series® Files, Bantam Guest Chair, Cintur n Task Chair , ork one® Deskingp. 5 | Executive Office
  54. 54. 700 Series® Files, AerDyn® Guest Chairs, Allude® Task Chair, Balance® Overheads, True® Desking p. 54 | Executive Office
  55. 55. Executive Office Aristotle® Casegoods, Impress® Task Chair, ersa® Chair Executive Office Cinturon ounge Seating, Cinturon Task Chair, Darwin® Casegoodsp. 55 | Executive Office
  56. 56. Executive Office AerDyn® Guest Chair Bantam™ Guest Chair • Lightweight, sturdy frame allows for • Versatile, durable and comfortable practical stacking four high • Durable hardwood arms avaiable in • Durable hardwood arms and back a variety of finishes available in a variety of finishes Quick Pick Code: BANT Quick Pick Code: AER Aston™ Guest Chair Quatro™ Guest Chair • Traditional details combined with • Able to stack four high sophisticated styling • Durable hardwood frame • Durable hardwood frame available in available in a variety of finishesExecutive Office variety of finishes Quick Pick Code: QUATRO Quick Pick Code: ASTON p. 56 | Executive Office
  57. 57. Executive OfficeCinturón™ Task Chair Aristotle® CasegoodsProfessional seating that is as ergonomic as it is A modular, flexible design with a broad offering of sizeseye appealing. Overall elegance, attention to and shapes. Aristotle conforms to the functional needsdetail and unique stitching make a powerful of any office environment.statement. • Silver door frame, metal leg and desktop screen accents• Mid-back or high-back styles • Solid construction with no visible fasteners• Wood or upholstered arms • 1" thick work surfaces, tops and end panels• Locking knee tilt • Surfaces are manufactured using high-performance• Field replaceable components thermally fused laminateQuick Pick Code: CINTASK • Variety of storage options available Quick Pick Code: ARISTOTLEDarwin® Wood Casegoods DaVinci® Wood CasegoodsIts warm look and elegant solid wood edges make Darwin A modern, ergonomic casegood characterized by fullycasegoods a superb designer tool and an excellent value. postformed veneer edges, flowing lines and soft curves.• Modular, non-handed pedestals Incredibly flexible. Island or modular configurations. Executive Office• Fully veneered drawer and cabinet interiors • Extensive choice of components, shapes and sizes• Crown molding on overheads • Total modularity, hundreds of office solutions• Fully finished tops, side and back on all cases • Fully veneered drawer and cabinet interiors• Three edge choices and five wood finishes • Fully finished tops, side and backs on all casesQuick Pick Code: DAR • Five wood finishes Quick Pick Code: DAV p. 57 | Executive Office
  58. 58. Filing & Storage Storage Solutions In today’s office environments, storage space is at a premium. At the same time, the demand for storage space has increased. Despite the promise of a “paperless work- place,” the need for file storage has never been greater. Records management and document storage can have a tremendous impact on an organization’s productivity, and subsequently, its profits. And yet, storage is generally among the last issues addressed during workspace planning. Storage in its more traditional forms is also becoming scarcer. As real estate costs rise and workplaces move to more collaborative environments, the typical 66" high paneled workstation that can accommodate a five-high lateral file is quickly becoming extinct. Panel-hung, overhead storage is also fast disappearing as cubicle partitions are lowered or come down altogether. Adding to the challenge are those traditional filing systems still in use that inadvertently encourage wasted space. Most systems offer an array of 12” drawers within pedestal and lateral file storage, which contain lots of unusable space and do little to support smaller, smarter workspaces. Efficient storage becomes all the more critical given that 36 percent of worksurface space is now occupied by computers, monitors and other electronic equipment.* 700 Series® Files Intelligent, Innovative, Integrated KI is redefining storage with smart, space-saving solutions that minimize retrieval time and maximize filing efficiencies. additions to the workplace; they’re also integral pieces of office Our innovative products reflect the versatility, flexibility and furniture that can double beautifully as space dividers or provide intelligent design features that let companies accomplish welcome worksurfaces. more in less space. Our flexible aesthetics and versatile formats offer comprehensive Like our exclusive lateral file storage system that provides solutions. Combine elements to fit your needs, customize the same amount of storage as industry-standard systems, configurations, and increase capacity. Multiple drawer sizes can but in 20 percent less space, saving companies valuable accommodate a variety of media and unique requirements, while real estate. quality components ensure structural integrity. Custom colorsFiling & Storage complement furnishings and add visual interest. Create a soft In fact, no one offers more flexibility, more options, aesthetic or build a professional energy—it’s up to you. more choices or more colors than KI’s filing and storage collections. Many of our storage elements aren’t mere *Buildings Magazine, July 2005 p. 58 | Filing & Storage
  59. 59. Filing & StorageKI’s audit-driven approach helps companies plan for, and bettermanage their workplace storage. We ensure that overall filing andstorage systems are integrated to meet the combined active, sharedand archival needs for ultimate productivity.• From towers and pedestals, to lockers and overhead files, KI creates efficient storage solutions for individual workspaces. Filing pieces that are built to support multiple functions provide excellent solutions for active and personal storage.• Shared filing that’s in easy reach helps to support teamwork, reduce duplication and improve efficiency. Uniform filing systems increase the flexibility of team spaces by allowing new groups to be mobilized or relocated with a minimum of downtime or disruption. Shared storage that can be easily reconfigured supports evolving team dynamics. Inadequate storage and filing space continues to rank in the top-10 office complaints by employees. Source: International Facility Management Association (IFMA) survey, Buildings Magazine • For media that is accessed by numerous staff but on a less frequent basis, archival or bulk storage solutions can provide distinct space advantages. No longer confined to the basement, our rotary and high-density archival storage solutions reflect an aesthetic design and capacity that enhances their appeal. We can even show you how to optimize your space even Filing & Storage ® 700 Series Files further by building walls or storage islands using our storage solutions. p. 59 | Filing & Storage
  60. 60. 700 Series® Files p. 60 | Filing & Storage
  61. 61. Filing & Storage700 Series® Files ngage® air ngage® as airs Flat S reen S pport •orti o• a•les Filing & Storage •Series® Files ngage® air r e® • es ing p. 6• | Filing & Storage
  62. 62. ll errain ® Storage an- essories alan e ® er ea- anta est airs int ronas air re ® a•les p. 6 | Filing & Storage
  63. 63. Filing & StorageAll Terrain® StorageWith the largest collection of mobile tables and storage elements in the industry, All Terrain storageprovides mobility where you need it, versatility when you need it and organization all the time.• The wide line of modular storage includes pedestals, binder towers, storage towers and more• Markerboards are made of lightweight foamcore and are magnetic, two-sided and mobile.• Optional storage accessories include hard bins, file folder hangers and pencil cups.Quick Pick Code: ALLTSTOR Filing & Storage p. 63 | Filing & Storage
  64. 64. Filing & Storage 700 Series® Files & Storage 700 Series files offer durability and customization – sizes, colors, configurations. The storage line integrates with every KI office product. • Limitless color options, multiple heights and several depths allow users to define the storage to their space and needs • 1-1/2” drawer module allows for nearly endless combinations of drawers • Movable while fully loaded Quick Pick Code: 700FILE Balance® Overhead Storage Designed to comply with all ADA guidelines regarding reach and force, Balance overheads open and close from a seated position, requiring less than five foot- pounds of force to operate. • Available in all paint colors, door also available in five core KI colors, translucent, fabric and high-pressure laminate. • Door can be operated with a hook or closed fist using less than five foot-pounds of force.Filing & Storage • Unit is completely “balanced” during its operation, ensuring that it will never spring open or slam shut. Quick Pick Code: BALOVER p. 64 | Filing & Storage
  65. 65. S acesaver® Stora eAs a storage solutions leader, Spacesaver has the technology to meet those demands.With Spacesaver high density, mobile storage systems, everything’s right on hand,giving you quick, easy access to supplies and materials right at your point of need.• Innovative rail system allows for mobility and flexibility to maximize your storage space and optimize your workspace• •ariety of door styles including glass, plexiglass, stainless steel or wood• Numerous shelving configurations with optional bin storage• Unit locks and keypad entry systems available for security controlQuick Pick Code: SPACES•RSpacesaver is a I su sidiary in high density storage www.spacesaver.comp. 6 | Filing Storage
  66. 66. Movable Wall Architectural Alternatives The basic task of a wall is to segment space and provide privacy. But the right walls can do so much more. Like improve productivity and maximize workspace. Given the rapid pace of business, the cost of real estate, and the move toward collaborative work environments, fixed walls often fail to provide the responsiveness needed to meet the dynamic spatial demands of today’s office environment. Movable walls, on the other hand, can provide a cost-effective solution and an adaptive alternative for the ever-evolving workplace. Architectural walls have a 7-year depreciation cycle; drywall’s depreciation cycle is 39 years. Source: Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) Sheer Genius® Plenty of light, plenty of privacy, plenty of configurations… Genius movable walls from KI offer the high performance and value demanded by today’s offices and professional environments. Create functional spaces that promote efficiency and productivity. With a full offering of features and options, KI’s movable walls reduce noise, deliver power and data, and seamlessly integrate with furniture and structures. The result is environments that are visually inspiring and seamlessly functional. Designed for durability, Genius walls provide years of use, even through multiple reconfigurations.Movable Wall Genius® Movable Walls p. 66 | Movable Wall
  67. 67. Genius® Movable Wallsp. 67 | Movable Wall
  68. 68. Genius® Movable Walls, Grand Salon® ounge Chair, • rlo® Table p. 6• | Movable Wall
  69. 69. Movable Wall Genius® Movable Walls, Grand Salon® ounge Seating Movable Wall Genius® Movable Wallsp. 6• | Movable Wall