Auditorium Seating Restoration (Wood)

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Irwin Seating's restoration brochure focusing on wood seats & backs.

Irwin Seating's restoration brochure focusing on wood seats & backs.

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  • 1. Seating Restoration irwin seating company
  • 2. CASE STUDY:Bailey Hall, Cornell University ~ Ithaca, New YorkWith its colonnaded portico and monumental stairs whichlead to a main entrance with 11-foot tall doors, Bailey Hall isconsidered an excellent example of early 20th century classicalrevival architecture. The building, which is used for sympo-siums, concerts and classes, underwent a 3-year, $17.3 millionrenovation that was completed in 2006. Renovations to thehistoric building were designed by Mitchell/Giurgola Architectsand feature a three-story addition to the back of the hall, anew acoustical canopy, improved restroom facilities, a handi-capped-accessible elevator and a gentler floor slope.The hall, originally built in 1912, held 1,948 chairs. The seatingwas reduced to 1,324 chairs to meet current building codesand to provide a more comfortable environment for patrons.Irwin Seating Company removed the chairs and shipped allthe components back to the factory for complete restoration.Backs and armrests were stripped of old finish, sanded smooth,re-stained and sealed. Backs were given an upholstered pad toenhance comfort. Ninety-four years of grime and decay werestripped and sanded away from the chair standards whichwere then modified to support new ergonomically designed,self-rising upholstered seats which feature an attractive woodbottom. Concealed low-voltage aisle lights were added to theaisle armrests and custom number and letter plates were madeto replicate the orginal tags.As Bailey Hall demonstrates, restoration of existing chairs isan excellent way to maintain the architectural design andintegrity of an auditorium or theatre. Restoration is also agreat way to practice environmental stew-ardship. While not every chair is a viablecandidate for restoration, frequently chaircomponents can be restored and used withnew ones, as shown here. With a century ofknowledge and experience backing us, IrwinSeating Company takespride in its ability toblend today’s technologywith the design and char-acter if yesterday’s chairs. Theend result is a finished product thatthe original craftsmen could only imagine.Let us show you what we can do for you.
  • 3. Dedicating ourselves to customer satisfaction, employee well-being, and profitable growth.Irwin Seating CompanyP.O. Box 2429 (zip 49501)3251 Fruit Ridge Ave. NWGrand Rapids, MI 49544Sales Office: 616-574-7400Fax: 616-574-7411E-mail: sales@irwinseating.comwww.irwinseating.comPrinted in USA© 2007 Irwin Seating Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan