Four years of memories


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Four years of memories

  1. 1. The date, November 4, 2008, is a date that history There were a couple of unsuccessful runs at the White House by awill record as a significant much more than a footnote. couple of African Americans― deemed as symbolic with no chance.The final chapter in the “Quest for the Dream” has been Shirley Chisholm comes to mind as well as Jesse Jackson who wasstarted now that America has finished casting its vote. widely known, but many said he lacked the skills necessary to advance.Barack Hussein Obama is a man that I certainly never Obamas campaign was run like a well-oiled machine and he had toheard of before he spoke at the 04 Democratic convention. cope with smear campaigns by poli8tical opponents and outright lies.He probably could have continued to be a junior Senator on Like the one that the V.P. Candidate, Sarah Palin liked to tour that heCapitol Hill and at a time I was paying very little attention. “palled around with terrorists and that he had significant Islamic ties.The charismatic speech he gave that day made me sit up and The fear of change is irrational and changing minds and attitudes is atake notice ― slow and difficult process that must be cultivated and handled with care.Coming from a background that is bi-racial, well schooled Because people tend to fear things they do not fully understand or arehistory and politics showed that the man was capable of more. quick to believe things that a person of principle would never even dare.It saws like the “Perfect Storm,” a tri=modal confluence of The first one hundred days in office is called a “litmus test” to see howthe tight man, the right message, and message that took hold. the Administration will proceed in the coming weeks and years ahead.The American public did not know what to make of him at first, The media, members of the Republican Party and political enemies willbut his early supporters insisted that his must eventually be told. be more than happy to point out inconsistencies or the minutiae insteadHe was catapulted into the national spotlight at at time when the It does not matter that the Obama captured many minds and hearts inperception was for a black man the Presidency was beyond reach. his quest to become the First African American President in November.Historically for African Americans, women, and other minorities Everything that he asks of Congress is likely to be along Party lines ormight have been qualified, but attitudes were what prevented each. will become a tug-of-war or be at an impasse, but he is a worthy contender.Forty years ago, John F. Kennedy, a man who faced prejudice of his There are things which will never be taken from him, one of which the wayown predicted America would finally vote for a Negro President. he inspired many young black men to strive hard to achieve their dreams.And, he reportedly stated that the year would be 2008 and that the It takes work, determination and perseverance to realize that theres nothingsuccessful candidate wooed not be an “at-large” one or Independent. you cant achieve no matter how unlikely a favorable outcome to others seems
  2. 2. Lincoln agonized over the war and before he gave hisWhen school children are taught about President most memorable speech the Gettysburg Address, he knew;Abraham Lincoln, they cite the Gettysburg Address. That there is only one way to interpret the phrase, “AllAlong with the Emancipation Proclamation in which men are created equal,”—an opinion share—d by very few.the issue of slavery trigger for the Civil War to progress. “Four score and seven years ago our Fathers broughtHistorians and others have researched his life so forth on this continent a new nation” dedicated to this right.thoroughly—leaving little else to the imagination. “That all men are created equal...Here Lincolns messageLincoln stood six feet four inches in height, making him found an audience and he could balance right with might.hard to miss in a crowd in the earliest years of our nation. The slave/master relationship was viewed as the “HolyHis early life was difficult, as his father hired him out Grail of Manifest Destiny” which caused domination.for menial labor such as carpentry or splitting wood. Instead of viewing the Negro as a fellow human being withLincoln had to turn the proceeds over to his father the right to freedom, he was considered an he developed a reserved attitude few understood. Those who eyed their neighbor and coveted what he hadOnce he had been trained as lawyer, he traveled with the notion they should be relieved of any property.the state of Illinois, representing people in need. The egocentric individuals with the insatiable desire toLincoln often “mixed with” the locals in serious plunder from others and build empires to their prosperity,debate and was known for dirty joke or two, indeed. Lincoln was an astute man and perhaps his early up-He had an early pulse on the national state of affairs bringing was key to how he felt and reflected his sensitivity.and entered politics—his election to Congress a start. After the untimely death of his son, that he became aAlthough he was married at the time, he spent a lot loner, who did not have the same exuberance he had previously.of time away from home with higher office in his heart. The Lincoln Memorial in our Nations Capitol, is a testamentLincoln on occasion represented slave owners trying to to a man who healed a fractured nation through the Civil War.retrieve their “property” as slaves were commonly held. Like President Obama today, on his election day—A reminderHe did not agree with slavery, but managed to keep thecase on new issues that would cause both sides to meld. of his predecessor, who took the same oath and duty to fight for.
  3. 3. History is like a mighty river flowing in one You are not responsible for the current crisis, rather direction, unless it is somehow diverted. you inherited it, but still rolled up your sleeves.A history lesson is not needed for those who Setting about taking decisive action so that theare in the know;reserved only for the unconverted. taxpayers are informed and so no one deceives.As a poet, I was immediately inspired to capture Mr. President, you deserve the accolades and thethe moments after President Obamas victory. support of friends and family and prayers of many.Try as I might, I failed to compose the feeling in People who were so long disadvantaged that they lackwords the smallest thought to live up to history. confidence in a government that didnt deserve any.I didnt believe that I would see it in my life- To that end, I include you in my prayers―you, for thetime and I am more than half a century old. awesome responsibilities, including your beloved family.The way that, you, President Obama, inspired I pray that you will continue to be guided by the handchildren should be taught to both young and old. of the One who gave you this assignment and authority.Anyone who still believes that the American I also pray that America keeps you safe as you travel toDream is a fantasy, illusion or a clever allegory. places north and south of the border and while abroad.Should read “the Audacity of Hope” in which No one is expecting the terrorists to abandon their plansyou gave a straightforward account of your story. to attack America, her allies, or otherwise abandon jihad.As a husband and father first, and thenyour term Sometimes it takes more than one try before your messageas a U.S. Senator, you have worn many types of hat. is received as you hope it would, and you find another way.You promised to bring about change in America, I am you humble servant, if I can be of any assistance to youdespite skeptics,you are determined to do just that. I will use my poetry to deliver the word each and every day.
  4. 4. Whether people see it or not, it is circumstances which mean The “Status Quo” is the antithesis (opposite) to change.hange (not necessarily good) to my personal finances; money. t does not require you have and carry a cell phone.have a fixed income and therefore, must be careful with my ou do not have to do anything new if you do not want.pending so as to not go overboard on it which is not funny. ou get to stay safely ensconced within your comfort zone.On the other hand the status quo is a form of self-protection Do not make fun of nor mock them for they are the mostfrom being forced into new circumstances which are untenable. nformed the ones who still read the “Farmers Almanac.”It is not very pleasant going from comfortable to uncomfortable hey know the ways of the wholly caterpillar and arein a matter of moments is another way the status quo is dependable.repared for a nuclear, biological or even chemical attack.Those who are “as hungry as a hostage for change,” they are a It is like not having to break in a brand new pair of shoes.threat to those who are comfortable with their world of status quo. t is like being in different or unfamiliar surroundings andThey are at odds because the two are diametrically opposed to an get along with anyone including people for strict change.each other and there is no reconciling the two in any way you know. hey like the security blanket feeling of people who understand.The status quo is the existing state of things at any given time and Change can be a powerful force for good when used right.time can mean a period like “ante bellum” ( before the Great war). ringing needed change to blighted neighborhoods is good.In other words the status quo will always be the way it was and he state of the economy is such that it is a matter of priorityChange will always be the possibilities of what is worth working for. nd cannot afford the protracted debate on it like we should.
  5. 5. When Barack Obama was just a candidate One of the Presidents supporters in 2010 said shehe was not deterred despite standing in the rain. was “tired of defending him,” making some say:He was not able to stop the downpour, but the “The President is not in touch with the country andtens of thousand there with him did not complain. they wonder what happened to change anyway?”It was his intention to be wherever he was with him in the pouring rain― he could not stop it?expected and to see each and every resident. Are you disappointed in the lack of progress and doThis was his style to be personable and really you think he deserves another term or should he quit?listen to the people if he was to be President. If you no longer support the President do you give theMillions of you came to celebrate his historic Tea Party and Republicans credit―what about politics?victory and the occasion was important to all. It is the nature of politics such as it is and the issue isBut, the President was soon to learn that the to do whatever has to be done until it one day sticks.success of his policies was not to be his call. Which do consider to be more important: Standing inHe learned very quickly that “Change” was not the rain with your future c”Commander-in-Chief” orup to him and he must work with the Congress. remembering the “Promise of Change” and continueIf he is to advance his Administrations goals and to stand with him now and understand what he stands for?objectives, he must press the many issues to address.
  6. 6. Mr. President, you stated during an interview with news anchor You are loquacious and obviously well-read to speak so eloquentlyKatie Couric during a Q&A the Bible is your favorite book. History teaches that one must listen as well as speak with his equals.I wholeheartedly agree as its counsel is timeless and of great Whether heads of state, Prime Ministers, President or ruling despotbenefit to anyone who decides to give the Bible a closer look. whose arrogance challenges the world, you will determine the sequel.You, no doubt are familiar with this proverb that says that says You are also writing a new chapter in American history that will be aclearly “when there is no vision the people go unrestrained. testament to all who fought for civil rights and equality and will doYour vision for Americans to be working, the economy is robust, For this time you were born to lead and to conquer the toughestour enemies have been subdued, and the workers highly trained. issues facing the country with the goal of better times, it is up to you.How are you going to sway those who oppose you and accuse you Anytime you feel down-trodden or question whether you are fulfillingof being a fraud and try label you un-American to those who doubt. the oath you swore when you took this job, you remember this verse:Will public forums and and appearances and all the network news “The road to greatness is filled with obstacles that you must surpass.coverage help or hurt as you constantly try to get the wod out? If you think of those who came before, we can prevail if its worse.”Many prayers will be with you and your family who accompanies I never thought I would see the first African American President in myyou to foreign soil where your diplomatic skills are likely to shine. lifetime and cant express my profound delight you have this chance.Many people around the world celebrated with the country as we May the “peace of God that excels all thought” guide and direct youcelebrated your historic victory and share the same view as mine. as you do your utmost to govern to the very best of your ability.
  7. 7. America the Beautiful, land of the brave and Not that freedom had anything to do with the social statusthe improbable name, “Land of the Free.” of the freed slaves or the discrimination as an embellishment.For those who were brought here as slaves, The color of ones skin now became the basis for denyingto these foreign shores, there was no equality. access by Negroes to “Whites Only” areas or establishment.Although the Constitution unequivocally states In the decades that followed there was an effort to get theit, and the Bill of Rights extends it to each resident. next logical step, the improbable right for a Negro to vote.There was one boundary that was seemingly off Southern states did not like the idea at all and thwarted anylimits, that of holding the office of the President. attempts to do so which is now only a forgotten footnote.Captured slaves were no more than indentured Fast forward to the nineteen sixties and a new spirit inservants with no homeland, nor national identity. America which gave rise to an improbable man named King.Most were not more than property to be owned Whose “I Have a Dream” speech became the mantra andand a fortunate few gained their freedom eventually. an unofficial black anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”Which led to the improbable period of the Jim Crow Then came the improbable moment that sent the countrylaws and the reign of terrorism and much fear then. into a state of shock, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.The Klu Klux Klan ruled the nights under cover of Who along with his brother Robert, together with Dr. King, thedarkness, as they enslaved freed men all over again. African American communities had themselves a new enemy.Which caused “friends of the slaves―the Abolitionistse In the past forty years there have been attempts at running forwho had the improbable task of assisting these slaves. the White House by women and men, who believed the dream.From it rose the improbable “Underground Railroad” All of which built up to this historical and improbable momentto help them get as far as Canada often hiding in caves. for which Barack Hussein Obamas victory is a primal scream.Educated former slaves and one special white woman, “Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free.who launched an improbable conflict, Great Civil War. This improbable moment is made possible by an attitudinal shift.The story of Uncle Toms Cabin, by Harriet B. Tubman, That America now sees itself as the leader once again the worldmade antislavery a “just cause” well worth fighting for. leader, on a mission to heal the wounds of the past as our gift.Which ended much bloodshed by the improbable moment To make the improbable possible, takes more than determinationwith Lincoln signing of the “Emancipation Proclamation.” and will, it calls upon the individual to believe and not lose hope.It effectively ended slavery and declared all men to be free If the cause is true and just, it will be clearly there as a witnessas already guaranteed all citizens by the U.S. Constitution. so people see, if you believe, you achieve;if you hope, you cope.
  8. 8. file:///Pictures/240px-LangstonHughes.jpgfile:///Pictures/91px-Harriet_Tubman_cropped.jpg file:///Pictures/220px-Rosaparks.jpg “I became a Hollywood sensation and not because I The poet, Langston Hughes first said it in a poem about his lifecouldminority. being white, it was irrelevant then. as a pass for But, I sang and danced my way into the American He penned the words, “I, too, am American” when pointing out Americas inconsistency. I can say, “I, too, am American.” conscience because Before him there were others who spokeat a time when few African Americans “I had a dream,” words by their deeds as an African American. vote, because of fear of white men. exercised their right to People like Dred Scott who was a slave whochance that slaverys past could finally There was a remote wanted freedom, “He, too, put to rest, our cause has momentum, “I, too, am American.” be was an American.” Other Americans played significant roles in first, remembered not according to “I was another famous file:///Pictures/220px-Thurgoodmarshall1967.jpg the struggle for freedom, justice, my untimely death was a blow to NASAs space plan. deed, but and equality. A white writers fictional story about a run- the space shuttle “Challenger” was to be My mission aboard away slave named “Eliza” humanized slavery. for others, because, “I, too, am American.” seen as an opportunity “I was the first African American woman to run for the office of Here are some other voices, which may or may not be very well known,the President as a tireless advocate for people who say they can.” who did what they can. After not securing her Partys nomination for the final push Their contribution to the Civil Rights Movement set the stage to shout aloud, “I, too,election, she continued, “I, too, am American.” towards the am American.” “My poor tired feet was “It does notIseem so very long ago that I was the first African the reason had to sit down,” and by doing so stood up governor of a state, and Virginia said, yes, it can.” American to a white man. file:///Pictures/88px-Official_portrait_of_Barack_Obama.jpg Neither the humiliation Since then their have been many more black elected officials as of arrest, nor the looks of bystanders mattered, “I, too, am American.” anyone can exclaim, I, too, am American. doors are open so that I chose a career in law and when H. Obama, law solely swear to uphold the Constitution and to protect us from all enemies foreign and “I, Barack I attended do school there was no hope for any help me God,” and in doing so made history for this “first” of African Americans—dreams do come true, fo So aspiring African American. My nomination to the Supreme Court, was a first for any black man of jurisprudence, “I, too, am American.” He, too, is an American.
  9. 9. file:///J:/Users/y%60sm/Pictures/73px-Official_portrait_of_Barack_Obama.jpg file:///J:/Users/y%60sm/Pictures/96px-Joe_Biden_official_portrait_crop.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/i76286.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4605524.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4605522.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4605525.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4605528.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4605530.jpgRarely, does it occur that one receives an appointment and It is not a cupboard, or a pantry, or a root cellar,subsequently has to resign the post to due to some irregularity. or anything having to do with storage of any sort.However, facts can come out after the confirmation process The one-on-one interviews and verbal exchangeshas concluded favorably and they have to leave voluntarily. at times may seem more like a spectators sport.The wrong person in the wrong position is something the The men and women who are on the “hot seat,”President very much wants to avoid, (ala “Brownie” at FEMA) file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4605539.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4621773.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4621775.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4625941.jpg are there because they are the Presidents choice. file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4625945.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4625949.jpgA man many believed was not qualified for the position as head To be a Senior Executive at the Federal agency where file:///J:/Users/y%60sm/Pictures/480px-Jill_Biden_official_portrait_crop.jpgof the Federal Emergency Management Agency after Katrina. its mission is to advance the Administrations voice.The nomination of Harriette Myers for the Supreme Court was Being hand-picked by the President is an honor andanother ill-advised nomination that managed to go nowhere. privilege, each one would say so if they were asked.The President might have liked her a lot, but critics spoke up to The process of being confirmed by the House and file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4625950.jpgstate emphatically she did not possess the qualifications to be there.Senate can be grueling and takes a while to find out.All political appointees realize that their appointment only lasts file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4625951.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4625960.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4625965.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4626070.jpg Congress is a body that has the right to use its partisan file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4630230.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4631307.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4631308.jpguntil there is a change in the Administration or a reorganization. powers to stall or completely block a potential nominee.For those who successfully maintain their office for the full eight Senators are more interested in the more critical agencyyears they deserve a new job challenge and well-earned vacation.h functions like, CIA, State, Defense, and Homeland Security.Those who have the responsibility of running a Federal Agency Not to say that other agencies do not get the same leveldo so, as was stated at the pleasure of the Commander-In-Chief. of scrutiny in the confirmation process as others do.He alone has the discretion to make appointments of those who All the other agencies will get new Administrators, buthe believes are the right fit for the position which comes as a relief. file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4668808.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4671284.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4671285.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4676190.jpg some have ”Acting” in place so long it hardly seems new. file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4676287.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/image4700350.jpg file:///J:/Users/Public/Pictures/nii%20images/nasa-360_590077a.jpgThe Cabinet picks that President Obama has made are without a Unfortunately, some nominees have issues that derail theirdoubt a brain trust of talented people well-qualified and skilled. nomination or otherwise cause themselves embarrassment. So, they must withdraw their name from consideration citingThe future for the average citizen is promising if they can live “personal” reasons so the President can find a replacement.up to the high standards that are set as more positions are filled.
  10. 10. The public shows their enthusiasm w.After the history-making election, They gather around to get a glimpse ofhenpeople wanted hear his reaction. the President-elect is rumored to appearHe and his wife were poised to him as close as allowed so they can hear.answer together for satisfaction. On the day of his inauguration, peopleIt was the news organization of were excited when they got out of the car.CBS who pulled a journalistic coup. They wanted to see him in person andHaving the President-elect and his perhaps get his attention to where they are.lovely wife together for an interview. His popularity as a candidate and the way heThe interview was conducted by engaged discourse was not a “bait n switch.”Steve Croft, and the people got to see His message was on point and he did a goodBarack and Michelle Obama relaxed, so that it got out to the people without a hitch.recalling the moment he made history. He admits that he misses the freedom to go for aIt was a side of the new President not impromptu walk without Secret Service protection.seen before outside his closest advisor. It takes preparation and coordination just to getBoth were candid and forthcoming with him point to point, more so than during the election.answers and on this occasion much wiser. Approval numbers will not be known for someThe Obamas are not like the Huxtable time, but they come outside their stores and from Bill Cosbys popular show. Just to catch a glimpse of him with his wife andOutnumbered by females in his family, daughters anytime the Presidential motorcade stops.the President-elect is very in-the-know.” He promised change in America and the countryWhen he speaks about his wife, he calls responded with a majority vote with confidence.her the “love of his life and best friend.” President of the United States number forty-four isHe unabashedly gushes about his two poised and ready to govern and make a difference.daughters, whom on their father depend.
  11. 11. Every Now and Then there are eventson the world stag that are significant. Then , the face of entertainment from “blackface”African American history is has always ended real black Americans were of one accord. Now , there is a keen interest in African Americannoted “firsts” for people of this descent. Some made their mark in Hollywood receiving history, individuals deserve honorable mention. recognition garnering a first Academy Award. The first black astronaut was part of the missionHistory is made with each new “first” with the Challenger crew and worldwide attention.that an individual or group achieves. Then , it was a group of black musicians, singers,History comes about at all, only when and songwriters that introduced new stage venues. Now , people have begun to realize what this meansa person is true to what (s)he believes. The world first heard the sounds of Jazz and a worldwide, fledgling Democracies, at the very least. new style of music known as Rhythm and Blues. America does not have thousands of years of historyEach new African American first, was like Africa, Asia, Europe, India and the Middle East.a new page on Americas history book. What would the world be like without a DorothyUntil President number forty-four, the Dandridge, Duke Ellington, or Ella Fitzgerald. America has the chance to“put its house in orderPresident of the U.S. had the same look. Imagine the sounds that would never have been first then go about being emissary to the world. discovered nor the style of music that they herald. This must happen quickly because past mistakesA review of this history, deserves to be has caused a recession into which we were hurled.seen from an entirely new perspective, Then , it was quiet voices like those of the PoetThe voice of the people is supposedly able Langston Hughes writing, “I too am American.” He and others brought a unique style to the ways Now people do not lament that there is no hope forto speak for all as it did with this elective. It has finally arrived and not a minute to soon―. of the world through the voice of the black man. We are in a crisis and swift, but careful actions willIt was the voice of Americas critics that help us we were the first to put a man on the moon.America doesnt practice what it preaches. The writings of WEB DuBois, Phyllis Wheatley,And the “American Dream” was only for first published poet, and Booker T. Washington Now, is a great day for America and those livingthe privileged that it invests in and teaches. These writers wrote on various subjects―from abroad; for only in America can anyone be President. racism, to thoughts on religion and morality. America, land of the free, home of the brave, a nationThis historic election has shown that the of immigrants, naturalized, as well, as alien resident.American Dream is very much achievable Then , it was groups like the Tuskegee Airmen,to anyone willing to sacrifice and work for who helped make Americas Airforce strong.goals that are real, doable, and believable. They proved themselves in WWII and by their Now, its timenewthe nation and Commander-In-Chief. for to come together and unite behind our President legacy, many stereotypes were proved wrong Once he has taken office, he will n o doubt do his bestThen, it Thurgood Marshall who was the to keep the respect of those who first showed belief.first black named to the Supreme Court. Then, it was the struggle for Civil Rights andThen, it was long list of black athletes that equality for each and every American citizen.broke the color barrier in the world of sport. Dr. King called it “a dream” to live in a country that held the same opportunity for his children.Names like Althea Gibson, Wilma Rudolph,Jackie Robinson, and Willy Mays and others. Now, it is fairly recently that a black governorWith dignity and grace they elevated their own was elected and Douglas Wilder was the first.selves as well as their racial sisters and brothers It was not a door that figuratively opened,but it was more like a symbolic dam had burst.
  12. 12. It happened during a Q&A with the press I was hurt, I was angry as I thought about all thein the early days and it was about race. individual celebrations that they attended that night.If President Obama had any reaction to it Fifty states helped sweep him into office, so whyat all, it did not appear anywhere on his face. did they not celebrate, this does not feel quite right.It was a good strategy to help introduce the I have resisted venting my disappointment to somePresident to the nation, but it was answered. newspaper editor muting my own sense of outrage.The President in his almost surgically-used How proud Americans are the ones for whom this daywords and he answered the question undeterred. rewarded and who are cynical this day and age.He said more or less that the significance of the I challenge every state to in the future find a way tohistoric election and this day was not lost on him. honor the road to the White House and show tribute.Then he said the most heartfelt and sincere thing President Obama would never suggest such a thingI think anyone could come up with just on a whim. because it is about accomplishing things. So astute!After expressing his feelings about this historic The nation comes together in times of disaster andelection and the emotions of “Inauguration Day.” should do so whenever it is time a time to celebrate.He did not miss the point of its significance and was This was not done for the President the first time, buthumbled then, “Unfortunately it only lasted one day.” as the saying goes, “Try, try again; It is never too late.
  13. 13. I Barack Hussein Obama do solomnly swear...”It is the same oath of office taken by each of Barack H. Obama made history when he raised histhe forty-three predecessors before his big day. right hand and voluntarily and repeated the oath of office.Inauguration Day is a day like no other in the His popularity was never more evident this day ascourse of American history, change in our way. tears of joy and elation were for this political novice.He chose to make this historic day a moment to Inexperienced or not, he has this one special day intoinclude tribute to Lincoln as when his quest began. night to celebrate his inauguration with his supporters.With his left hand on Lincolns bible, he made it It is an occasion to visit as many events in their honor assymbolic because he studied and admires the man. they reasonably can do, without being seen by reporters.So, as the more than two million people gathered The time will come when he may be questioned as to ifon the National Mall on January 20th 2009, with awe. he made it easier for future African American Presidents.They were there as eyewitnesses to history being made, While the Obamas continue to be newsworthy togetheras cell phone cameras and media recorded what we saw. or separately―as the nations capitols newest residents.The joy was all his as the millions of quiet onlookers As a nation of believers we are compelled to give himgathered felt a force pass through before it was gone. tribute, even if he does not call for it specifically, it is due.Unseen to the eyes of the whole world watching it As he presides over the largest workforce in the nation, aunfold was the spirit of Abraham, Martin, and John. cabinet, and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, too.Administered by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Celebrations for a monarchs coronation are elaborateCourt, who read aloud the words of the oath, and can last for days leading up to the royal main event.“I, Barack H. Obama do solemnly swear that I Placing the crown on the head of the king before his peoplewill faithfully execute...” then cheers, tears, or both. is pageantry, unlike America at the inauguration a President.
  14. 14. January 20th 2009 was a date that will live on During the Inaugural parade when the President and First Ladyforever in the minds of people for years to come. exited the limousine, it electrified an already exuberant crowd.On this date, Barack H. Obama was sworn in as It made for a snapshot of a moment that even the most ardent ofthe first nations black President―surprising some. his supporters said “without doubt they were the most proud.”For the millions who were in attendance it was a Being this close to the newly sworn in President and First Ladyday they will never forget when history was made. for those standing along the parade route was a very big deal.For those fortunate to be close enough to see and hear Screaming and shouting people were overcome with emotion andthe images lasted well past then the sun started to fade. for anyone who was not present the scene played out was surreal.His election symbolized a new found truth about the At no other time in history was a newly elected President receivednew era in American politics and the chances of success. in such a manner with so much pageantry, aplomb, praise and acclaim.It was something that for too many years the country should To imagine that I would see this happen in my lifetime is a fact forhave focused on as an ideal that it needed to finally address. which I, like many others believe that America will never be the same.The moment was captured around the world and people were Much will be expected of this young man and he will essentially get aable to watch the Inauguration on television in every nation. “bath by fire” as he is scrutinized and his first one hundred days will tell.Wherever people gathered or happened to be at the time, their In the meantime, it is something to celebrate and enjoy the new reality thatattention was focused on the events carried on every station. his Presidency represents and on behalf of a grateful nation, wish him well!
  15. 15. I dont know about anybody else, but on the night of Not everybody was happy, especially those who support theNovember 4, 2008, I unabashedly cried and cried. McCain/Palin ticket and worked very hard to get out the vote.It was at this moment that I saw what was for many a Obama carried some unlikely states that were traditionally redThe dream come true―s bitter past finally died. We were ready for change and his supporters did not gloat.The election of Barack H. Obama was something I hoped Even those who did not have kind thins to say about Obamafor, although I thought Id never see it, I did so privately. recognized the significance of this historic election and gotThe affairs of this world generally do not concern me swept up in the moment as the country celebrated his victory.because I follow the requirement to live my life separately. Putting aside any derisive comments or any such thought.Not that Im unaffected by such things as war and politics, I As people have always done they will pick him apart andboth of which are among things that I do not participate. critique everything that he does, but he will hit the groundMy life course has been to follow the example of our Lord running and try to tackle the looming recession and answerto be neutral on worldly affairs and continue being separate. his critics by looking for solutions wherever they are found.Life has its own dictates and most times you only get one Even those who did not have kind things to say about Obamachance to bring about changes that people will understand. recognized the significance of this historic election and gotUntil such time things that were promised long ago occur, it swept up in the moment as the country celebrated his victory.does my heart good to see someone who is able to command. Putting aside any derisive comments or any such thought.Stripping off failed policies of the previous Administration As people have always done they will pick him apart andthat worsened Americas stock in the rest of the civilized world, critique everything that he does, but he will hit the grounda new day is dawning in which and the country has the chance running and try to tackle the looming recession and answerto reverse course as a new day is dawning―Emotionsswirled. his critics by looking for solutions wherever they are found.
  16. 16. This is the image that made me proudand at the same moment I cried out loud.This moment my tears unabashedly flowed.My pride as a citizen of this country showed.This image I will carry forever in my heart.The future for America is off to a great start.Times have changed from how things were.Positive ideas and a new day is about to occur.The country is headed in the right direction.All because of this “history-making” election.The “First Couple” are poised to report to duty.The image of them together is a thing of beauty.I wish for them and the country s smooth transition.As the President works hard to prove his ambition.The country is on the brink of another Depression.His first goal is to reverse the course of recession.I believe with the American people behind this goal.President Obama will make the economy whole.The time is now for a new day in America to dawn.The days of exclusivity in Washington are now gone.I pray that everything will go well for the First Family.As they move into the White House and make history.Although I never dreamed things would turn out this wayI am happy that I am alive to see this history-making day.
  17. 17. At last, at last, at last, Thank God Almighty! At last, I can be joyful that I was still alive toNot “Free At Last,” This isnt about freedom. witness Barack Obamas historic achievement.Its about a day that many African Americans Like many others I am lost for words to sayincluding myself, thought would never come. just what his being elected President has meant.At last there is irrefutable evidence to support At last a milestone has been reached that will bethe notion that any black man can be selected, noted in future Black History month an established major political party as its They will tell the incredible journey from thisnominee for President and actually be elected. son of former slaves who now leads our nation.At last the rest of the world can see democracy At last the parents of all children, but especiallyin action, as America lives up to its promise. those of poor economic background or poverty.Giving a chance for an aspiring junior senator Have an example that they can point out to theirwho is African American to extend his service. children show that they can have an opportunity.At last, here is a shining example of what can At last it has come full circle―the era of civilhappen when you possess a higher education. rights and the African American sense of pride.You must also set your standards high enough Back in the sixties, saying, “Black and Proud”and sacrifice in order to reach your aspiration. was polarizing and drew suspicion to either side.At last the First Family looks a lot like mine, At last the color barrier has been broken andbut there are others with stories of their own. change has come faster than the speed of sound.Being raised mostly by a single parent and a Who will have the opportunity in the future is agrandmother whom he thanks as hes grown. question to be answered the next time around.
  18. 18. At the height of the Civil Rights Movement in He had no “honeymoon” period, either, the economicthe 1960s African Americans already knew. crisis called for swift and decisive action to prevent,Without anyone telling them in advance, a fierce bank failures on top of the current mortgage meltdown.judicial storm wind of controversy was about to brew. Can someone tell me why he appears as if he is spent?The reality of threats and terror through the If this was not enough, there are two active war frontsnight, was a “freed Negroes torment everyday.” that need attention and the problems south of the border.Why was there no one stopping the South from Mexican lawlessness is on the increase from drug cartels, whokeeping its threat to reinstitute slavery some way? control the drug and weapons trade, defying law and order.Big “Dreamers dreaming big, dreams―here was a Yet, he maintains his balance for himself and his family, andonce in a lifetime chance to witness history unfold. new “first pooch” too, so that only grey hairs is the casualty.While a father, husband, senator, a candidate, and Why then, do the people not see that he clearly is staying insoon-to-be “Commander-In-Chief,” was being told. front of the important matters that represent this new reality.Please tell my why all fifty states did not celebrate in Why are people reluctant to give him the time needed to makesome manner;proud for their contributions to his win. necessary corrections to how government business is conducted?But, no one remembers that he had lost his dear grand- He didnt bring the countrys economic situation to bear, neither hasmother before his history-making moment could begin. he made excuses for what must be done, just as he has instructed.This remarkable achievement will be followed by new Shakespeare once said, that some men are born to be great, whilevoices according to the “Obama rules” to success in life. others achieved greatness by their lifes end, but there is the “One.”I wish someone could explain to me why his critics sit He has greatness thrust upon him, at the right moment, with thesecond-guessing his motives, actions or those of his wife. right answers, and who changes perceptions of what can be done.
  19. 19. an I believe that this time it will be anydifferent and the nation will be on track—Providing equal opportunity for all whilegetting its respect amongst the nations back?Hearing the messages of both partys choiceas their candidate for president, one can see,that there hasnt been a direct focus on thepeople that Hurricane Katrina helped us see.How were they to escape when they wereend of the month waiting for their checks.A sad outcome for all those who found theywere facing flood waters up to their necks.We are an able and ready workforce thatbrings experience to a much needed plan.Ending the recession will be dependent onevery citizen must do the very best he can.After a long stretch of sacrifice, having ajob and keeping ones home is a priority.Some believe that giving out money willdo little to slow down the slack economy.Another area to look into is the amountof out-of-control waste, fraud, and abuse.Honest, hardworking Americans cannotaccept this and wont accept any excuse.So, Mr. Future President of these UnitedStates of America, you have your orders.Strengthen the economy, create new jobs,secure banking, and protect our borders.
  20. 20. At the Inaugural Balls all eyes will be on the President and his “First Lady” dance. As the nation holds its after celebrations, Theres a expectation just to get a glance. A lady first, and always his baby and wife, and he the debonair and loquacious one. A handsome couple on a mission that will begin tomorrow, but tonight will be fun. They bring to Washington their own style. The First Lady is first a mother everyday.The President a strong beacon of hope, but for tonight they will dance the night away. When he embraces her and she smiles, one almost sense the heat of their passion. A beautifully matched pair with the “Lookof Love,” that has never gone out of fashion. Tall, lithe, and graceful, dancing together, An enchanted moment suspended in air. seared into the collective memory of allthe eyewitnesses who were actually there. It makes the world appear more hopeful and place to be than in the recent past. The “First Couple” taking their “First Dance and I can finally smile “At Last.”
  21. 21. Call them “Kodak moments” if you want to—those here and now moments to preserve.With the accessibility of digital cameras oncell phones, which a brand new purpose serve.Great photographers seem to know instinctivelyhow to frame the subject in just the proper light.To capture the moment as it happens and topresent it in such a way to showcase their insight.Photojournalists go a step further, taking morethan one shot that together tells a unique story.They are pros at capturing human drama as itoccurs whether it is a moment of defeat or glory.The reporter has the responsibility to add wordsthat adds meaning to the photo in the proper context.So that the reader can understand the backgroundof the subject and will want to see what comes next.No wonder there is an award for those who do thisexceptionally well and are honored with a Pulitzer Prize.It is a most distinguished award to be presented that aprofessional photographer or an amateur can realize.Iconic images become part of our visible landscape fromsigns to elaborate spreads in a newspaper or magazine.Some of the most sought after pictures are candid shotsof celebrities in a compromising position never seen.The quest for the Presidency by Barack Obama has byfar provided many opportunities to get candid snapshots.Of the man and his family for a nation that embracedhim as a candidate for change for the have and have nots.So, keep those camera phones at the ready, because inthis new electronic age and the Internet, you never know.If something extraordinary or unusual is going to happenand if you are fortunate youll have something to show.
  22. 22. “Why not a sonnet, doggone It?“ its what the headline article about the Inaugural poem asked, I guess few understood it. Perhaps, it is because poetry often is. What words could ever be adequate? Has the President even absorbed it all? No, hes too busy trying to prevent a worsening recession, it is his duty call. The Inaugural poem talked about the mundaneness of everyday occurrence. But, it did not diminish what occurred.It happened— Not like the grand procession used to coronate a king of a sovereignty― In America, we Inaugurate, not coronate.
  23. 23. It has been a very contentious summer. The American people feel that they are helpless, asThe effort to put the breaks on our debt. helpless as a bunch of fish caught in a fishing net.The President, Democrats, Tea Party and They have the right to complain as the are treatedRepublicans argued and if I had to bet.... no better than the average familys household pet.Most say that no one was the victor in the The President as our leader has tried to bring thediscussions and more debate has been set. parties together and is like no one Ive ever met.With the requirement to form a committee to But, the Presidency is a job after-all and he has foundmake more cuts, its as uncertain as it can get. out the hard way, he can do only what Congress will let.Unemployment is triple the national average, Some may want to go to another country and escapeespecially if you happen to be a returned vet. the madness to a far far away place on the fastest jet.These men and women served their country The debate with all its drama has shifted the focus fromin Iraq and Afghanistan and without any regret. growing the economy, proving that Congress is all wet!As politics as usual has increased the chance the To anyone who was following the debate and is as fedopposing sides will enter into a lengthy tet-a-tet. up with the process as America came apart at the seam,The frustration of the American people has risen to you might well ask yourself a question as you view theits highest level of dissatisfaction in numbers yet. accompanying picture, this―”What about his dream?”
  24. 24. In electing Barack Obama to be President, “C- is for the caretakers that would be in charge” and “H-isthe people united their voices for change. for the the heads of those grossly spending that will roll.”Opinion polls showed early on the candidate “A- is for the anger that is sure to rise and “N- is for thehad peoples optimism in the positive range. negativity that will by the end of his first term take a toll.”He campaigned on the promise of “CHANGE” “G- is for the “genius of the Republican Party which isand had very specific recommendations in mind. prominently on display and “E- is for the enemies made.”This lead critics to state incorrectly that his If it were understood by voters that this is what “CHANGE”message did not have any details they could find. actually meant, then there wouldve been little attention paid.Passing the sweeping Healthcare legislation was Not everyone was confused about the “CHANGE WE CANthe first battle that was to become a test of wills. BELIEVE IN” that was the basis for their believing in him.The President went directly to the people holding The policies from the Bush-era had something to do with thetown meetings to clarify as the message he instills. financial difficulties were currently in and partly caused by them.The mood of the people in some places was overtly While it is true that an acronym for CHANGE was not what thehostile to the President and his advisers and in doubt. President-elect at any point during the process really had in mind.It seemed there was not any agreement as to how it His critics tried unsuccessfully to brand his politics as irresponsiblecan be financed and were split on how to work it out. and pointed out that his plans lacked any details that they could find.Perhaps people of lower and middle income who were Knowing that Barack Obama stated he wanted to be President, “notearly supporters were confused as to what change meant. to be something, but to do something,” and to this he is committed.Which is very useful to know if you are trying to avoid Politics as usual might be the norm in Washington, DC, but not inanother Great Depression and happen to be President. areas most impacted by the recession in the amount of time permitted.There is an answer to that question and the government Many of the most serious problems like the federal deficit have beenis the biggest offender using acronyms in what it does. around for longer than Obama has been President and a nightmare.Maybe C.H.A.N.G.E. was meant to be one and the people Being the President is of no advantage when you have to engage awere unaware of this and what “CHANGE” really was. unwilling Congress, political enemies and others who do not care.
  25. 25. “There is a time for everything Lets dance with the stars like Gingerunder the sun,”said a wise king. Rogers and Fred Astaire gliding along.He said there was a time to dance Lets sway, to the beat of a brand newand also a time for people to sing. drum, and the melody of a new song.As the song says, “Put on your red Lets dance, in the streets and hallsshoes and dance, but not the blues. everywhere, to any music you hear.Any song on the radio will do, as Lets slide together into the futurethis is a time to do as you choose. coming upon a promising new year.Lets Swing, from the light poles to Lets dance, when you are happy youthe chandelier, like a chimpanzee. can dance to even a barbershop quartet.Time to show your enthusiasm for Lets boogie to the music of the peoplesBarack H. Obamas exciting victory. joy and for the things we do not see yet .Dance, while a smile lights up your Lets dance with total abandon as if youface, dance your own style or pace. filled with the spirit of the “Holy Ghost.Time to dance in celebration of the Dance and leap for joy and feel free to behistoric outcome in a Presidential race. silly and crazy, for its time to be the most.
  26. 26. The playgrounds for the rich and famous offers freeFor most of us the only membership that we membership only to the right “kind” in their clubs.can enjoy is a gym or our graduating class. Their self importance is attenuated by the prestige itMembership in a fraternity or sorority can be affords them and there is no concern for those itor amongst leaders like a group of military brass. snubs.Those who are selected to become a member of The highest political office that can be reached in ora specific group or an organization in a society. nation is without a doubt the Office of the President.feel privileged for the opportunity and must keep There are perquisites however, and is the mostthe groups pledges and follow rules it has as priority. exclusive club, open to anyone who is a legal resident.Groups like the Masons and the Knights of Columbusare familiar to most as theyve been around for awhile. It wasnt too long go that the first African AmericanAs is the Fraternal Order of Police who have a “Widows was elected as and appointed to State governorship.and Orphans Fund and the reputation that is a lifestyle. The nation as a whole did not celebrate this African American “first”―its importance was let slip.There are too many exclusive memberships to evenbegin to count and not everyone is invited to be a part. There was a time when women were excluded fromAdmission is denied by some groups based on race or old country clubs and even the military was divisive.other factors in discrimination with no place from the The historic election of Barack Obama is a strongstart. signal that the White House is no longer exclusive.You have to have an I.Q. Over 130 to be a member of Let us hope that after the 2012 election whatever theMENSA, the group of smart people with no age limit. outcome will usher in a new era of opportunities.You can be a high school dropout and still be in the Maybe the future will see the first woman Presidentgroup, if you have the required intelligence to be in it. and women politicians represent real possibilities.
  27. 27. He may have touched on the “secret to happiness andThe President is not shy about holding hands and longevity” that all married couples starting out must find;women gush to their husband, “Hes so romantic.” With so many demands on their family and the constantThe men, on the other hand, feel that hes making scrutiny, together time is something they must keep in mind.them look bad, and respond in a typical body politic. But, when you go on a date night, you must reflect on thosePresident Obama is a man of his word, as was clearly moments you fell in love—Although it was easier then to do.showed with his victory to his daughters about a dog. As they grew in their respective careers and becoming parentsAnd, true to his word, the “First Puppy” named Bo that together time is increasingly harder and such times are few .is the delight of the girls and apparently likes to jog. Having dinner together as a family is a pleasure for them now.The President also made a promise to his lovely wife When he was in Washington and she in Chicago, it was difficult.who was at his side, tirelessly during the campaign. The demands as a junior Senator were busy and getting used toHe felt she deserved a night on the town in New York the time zone made it that much harder which was not his promised with dinner, Broadway, and champagne. The fact is that they missed each other and it became a strainThis he did with the “unusual” extra people that have on them, with his being the President living at the White Housethe duties of security or any assistance he might need. He had to hit the ground running because of the fiscal crisis, butHe did not run up a huge tab that otherwise be put at missed his family and had to balance the Presidency with his spouse.the taxpayers expense for such an extravagant deed. So, the date night was his way to not only keep his word, but toMichelle recalled their first “date” was at a museum make sure she had a good time, too soon they will have to go back.and it had the desired impression and it turned out well. The last thing he expected from keeping a promise was to have theTo be that he was a most unusual suitor is a sign that the it reported on in the media or to come under criticism or attack.their union is strong, as any happy couple could see. Stealing away to share an intimate evening is a prescription to keepA date night with his wife in semi-private seclusion is a a marriage strong and instead of criticism, he should be for a man with so many “priorities on his plate,” As relationship experts are bound to keep repeating that his exampleshows that he wears many hats, yet has always kept his is clearly the way to keep their lives in sync and it is life in balance as any husband/father can relate.
  28. 28. he 2011 campaign season is up;on us and Some people think this dichotomy is a joke and think thealready there is the same level of scrutiny. basis of the present reality is nothing personal but the money..They are looking at potential challengers to Saying his “Stimulus Plan was more big government and aPresident Obama and opinions of who it may be. waste of money while taking Bush-ear tax credits is not funny.For his part, the President has had a contentious The “Tea Party was over before it hardly started and it allsummer to pass key legislation inside Washington. began with the mid-term elections and the big “shellacking.”The debate on the national debt was especially nasty It cant all be blamed on President Obama because he cantand people are upset with what Congress has done. help it people people dont wait for the details before attacking.Was the expectation of change what you thought it The “Tea Party was over before it hardly started and it allwould be and are you now disgusted and dissatisfied? began with the mid-term elections and the big “shellacking.”Did President Obama fail to live up to your expectation It cant all be blamed on President Obama because he cantor are you happy with his first term, because he has tried. help it people people dont wait for the details before attacking.Of course, the haters, nay-Sayers and pundits have already I could publish an assessment that realistically answers thegiven the President an F for failure for his first attempt. question on “what has changed” and wasnt it just wonderful.What grade would you give him for his efforts thus for in I could hit all the highlights and the low points without beingoffice when so many people hold the President in contempt. unfair to the President if only I could say that Im not cynical.Some people think this dichotomy is a joke and think the Try to walk in the Presidents shoes for a day and you will findbasis of the present reality is nothing personal but the money.. yourself easily overwhelmed by what he does for the nation.Saying his “Stimulus Plan was more big government and a After “just one day” you will want to go back to your normalwaste of mToney while taking Bush-ear tax credits is not funny. existence or do what he cannot do and that is take a vacation.
  29. 29. Mr. President: You stated during an interviewsomething that I happily can wholeheartedly agree. You and your precious family are ambassadors of good willYou said the greatest book youve read is the Bible. when you travel outside of the United States and representIt is a sentiment shared by many, not just you and me. Hoped for peace and prosperity as a new day for our nation and the rest of the world watches to see what message is sent.You are no doubt familiar with the proverb that says:“When there is no vision, the people go unrestrained.” This your greatest asset, sir, to reach out across the lines thatYour vision for an America where people are working divide us and to forge new partnerships that will forever shine.and the economy is robust can be viewed as unconstrained. You may not be a superstar, Mr. President, but that does not mean that your family miss out on the chance to have things fine.How do you intend to persuade those who have taken a You are loquacious, and obviously well-read to speak as you do,position of being detractors and who say you are a fraud? so eloquently and you listen twice as much as you have to speak.It seems unrealistic to answer every critic or get bogged History tells of great leaders who had this same trait as their claimdown in a political “free for all” versus things to applaud. to fame and being a diplomat does not mean that you are weak.Sir: Many prayers are with you, even if they believe that I want you to remember something the next time you doubt youryou are the enemy and that your leadership skills are I doubt. effectiveness in the oath that you swore, consider this verse: “TheIt takes time, as you yourself said to win the support of those road to greatness is filled with obstacles that you must overcome, ifwho did not vote for you and to find ways to work things out. you think of all those who came before you, things could be worse.”
  30. 30. There is a song called “On Your Face” that Some people think that a mans emotional displays are ansays the way you feel shows on your face. attempt by them to get in touch with their feminine side.And no matter how you try to hide it (the way Whether that is the case or not does not matter and theresyou feel, it will [your face] state your case. no shame in it, nor does not affect a mans sense of pride. When youre the President of the United States You can let yourself become tabloid fodder or bring youryoure in front of a camera a lot and it doesnt lie. spirits down to the ground and harass you if you want. Whether times are good or bad, your expression Doing so will not make you feel any better and may onlygives away you feelings no matter how hard you try. provide ammunition for your enemies to further taunt.Sometimes events can overtake you and you can Rather than defending yourself and refuting what peoplefind yourself with you are backed up against a wall. try to speculate upon what your facial expression may say.Congress can refuse to compromise or something or At those times you might recite a favorite mantra, proverbialanother can make your big plans seem quite small. expression, a joke, a slow count to ten, or even silently pray.You may even be criticized in the press for at times You can look thoughtful, hopeful, pensive, angry, distracted,letting your pent up emotional content start to show. delighted, displeased, discouraged, but never look confused.But, you should not let what others say prevent you You will surely make the rounds on the talk circuit or latefrom being human, as any President would know. night where your facial expression will leave them amused.A man showing emotions is not a sign of weakness nor All this may seem quite basic, I am sure you already aware thatdoes it make him less of a man in the eyes of anyone. expressions are hard to read, so I do not wish to sound contrite.There are times when it is appropriate to shed tears, as It is something to think about how your face can give your moodthe ”Greatest Man who ever lived” had on occasion done. away and it always right there for people to see in plain sight.
  31. 31. Best wishes for the First Family Going back to the last days on theOn this Thanksgiving Day and Campaign trail, you did not stop to grieve.After watching your official duty For the woman who helped raise you(The pardoning of the turkeys) Because the country wanted to believe.I have something Id like to say. If ever there was a time that called for itOn this day it is also our duty. That time— At this moment you must try.To help those without the means Not to figure out what went wrong, butTo participate is a thing of beauty, to be human and go ahead and cry.As you eloquently state as a reminder You have more than enough reason toin your usual self-deprecating way Give way to tears as our Savior once did.of the “shellacking” that you received Seeing the condition of the people for—On that fate mid-term election day. His emotions he sometimes publicly hid.In your private moments, away from M . Pr e s i d e n t t h e r e i s b u t o n e rthe outside and the medias glare. pr u d e n t c o u r s eDo you wonder how you could have we t o g e t h e r wi t h y o u r t r u s t e d adv i s or s t o t ak e .gotten it so wrong to be so unaware? An d I b e l i e v e t h a t o n c e we h av e d o n e s o we c an r e g r oup and s t i l l a di f f e r e nc e ma k e .
  32. 32. On occasions when the President decides to It is a time that all Americans can hear the message and ifaddress the nation it is important that we hear. they dont like what they are hearing, then make a choice.Often he wants to report on developments or a The President wants to engage everyone to get new ideassituation where the facts need to be very clear. because it is imperative that everyone is given a voice.The times when normal programming has to be That includes people who constitute groups that are veryinterrupted to accommodate the President speech large and powerful like the unions, AARP or the NAACP.some people are upset that they miss their favorite But it allows for participation smaller groups that are notshow, but he desires to address all who he can reach. well represented and presently are considered a minority.It should be remembered that he has extended to us a It is the duty of all Americans to strive to make things inpersonal invitation to listen as he addresses the nation. the nation better for all and to join the President in doing so.To listen to what he has to say as he tries to convey A prime time address by the Commander-in-Chief need notwhatever pertinent facts concerning any given situation. be an intrusion into our television viewing or whatever we do.The President might use this forum to report on an There are obvious benefits to being engaged than watching orinitiative that will create more jobs in renewal energy. waiting to see what will happen next and doing so from afar.Or he may want to report on information that we need to Our President is calling upon each and every one of us to tuneknow about things that may possibly affect our community. in and to understand just how important in his eyes that we are.
  33. 33. The summer of 2011 has been the “season of his According to recent poll numbers, the Americandiscontent” for the President of the United States. people have said loud and clear “enough is enough.The effort to increase the federal deficit turned They believe it is time to hold their elected officialsinto contentious and often slanderous debates. accountable, despite that in Washington times are tough.The newly minted members of Congress were a Optimism is at an all time low which is directly reflected inpart of an effort to deny the President any chance. the absence of consumer spending that recovery depends.The conduct of the Speaker of the House led the This likewise affects the Gross Domestic Product that is achorus of those against compromise at a glance. Switching gears ti his campaign for reelection, the PresidentWith the deadline looming that the nation would be made a difficult executive decision as is usually the case.unable to pay its bills a move that would be historic. He faces a difficult road ahead, while trying to defend hisIncreasing the debt ceiling was deemed necessary to decisions and his plans to bring more jobs that are in place.economic growth that has been for too long caloric. Some have asked the question, “ how did we get so far inThe President tried to get his message out to the debt and how could spending be allowed to get out of hand?”voters themselves, many who are now very cynical. It is as if fiscal restraint is a concept that no one in WashingtonThey have lost confidence in government and say cares about because everything that comes is by their command.Congress is to blame for the reason it became critical. If the President hopes to serve another term, then he must tryThe prospect that this once thriving and prosperous harder to shape the nations future and regain his credibility.nation could be suddenly be in a position to default. The disillusionment of those who voted for “change cannot beMade the President offer compromises that would understated and they will vote with their conscience inevitably.effectively bring Congress to where debate can halt. Time is slowly passing by without a shred of good news toAn over whelming number of Americans said they allow people some optimism that things will improve to hold.were disgusted with the performance of Congress. Disdain for politics may be a factor in the 2012 elections andThey say that Washington, and by extension the it will determine if improvement will happen as we were told.federal government has too many issues to address.
  34. 34. Have you ever considered writing the President President Obama has stated in a very short video production howof the United States or First Lady a personal letter? he views reading these personal letters as a way to end his day.Do you have good suggestions to share on how Imagine willingly reading letters that tear at your heart stringsto make things in America considerably better? and as the President you stated you wouldnt have it any other way.If you were desirous of writing him, have you As the President does his job, his approval rating can either go upthought much about what you might want to say? or down depending on many factors but, no one sees this side.Would you voice your displeasure at him directly There is no one who knows the difficult choices that must be madeor would you write just to wish him a very nice day? better than the one who has to always be out front and cannot hide.Did you know that President Obama specifically President Obama came into office facing a critical situation in theasked that his staff select for him ten letters to read? economy that could have compared with the Great Depression.He says that he wants to know what the mood is in His first official duty was to try to “jump start” it with the passingthe country and reading them is one way to fill the need. of a stimulus plan that would slow down any deepening recession.Some people write asking the President if theres anything Not everyone was pleased with this plan and it touched off a wavethat he can do to help them because of dire circumstances. of bitter press about him and the lack of results there seemed to be.Of course, he may receive many of such letters and cannot For the millions of Americans who were struggling because of lostanswer all of them nor should he personally take any chances. jobs and facing foreclosure there was a lot of heightened anxiety.People have written letters describing often painful things he You are bit required to write the President, but you may be onestated that he wants to hear and he has much compassion too. of the ten letters he reads everyday or at least theres the chance.Unfortunately, he must consider all American citizens and not President Obama might receive it and although he might not bemake an exceptions that will benefit everyone and not just a few. able to personally reply he will give it more than a passing glance.
  35. 35. When times are too difficult for adults, Never a good idea to burden children with adultin reality it is harder for todays youth. problems which their young minds cannot solve.The future is supposed to be theirs but They must be able to face their futures with hopethey may inherent is an inconvenient truth. to live their dreams with faith and much resolve.Theirs is a world filled with uncertainty Children will often go into situations that areand they cannot understand this is life. potentially dangerous and not ever think twice.Troubles that emanates from the badness The result is tragedies that are unnecessary so itperpetrated by those who cause such strife. is time to save them so there is no more sacrifice.Critical times hard to deal with affects our Thinking about the children’s future is a soberingchildren in ways that we cannot even know. proposition and there is much that we could say.The bright eyes and the smiles that should However, action is what is needed more thanbe there these every day, now do not show. anything and is what each one of us should pray.The impact on adults is an increase in anxiety Faith, hope, and love will always continue, whileand depression that occurs at an alarming rate. desperation continues to eat away at our insides.They sometimes look for solutions in a bottle, Look into a childs eyes and you will see the sparkdrugs or other means as they are unable to relate. that signals within them is where hope still resides.
  36. 36. In every possible way youve tried to talk to the AmericanMr. President, it has come to my attention that we, as people to let us know what you stand for and hope to do.a country did not adequately celebrate your victory. Even those who voted against you have to be impressed withThat being the case, I believe it is not too late for us steps you have outlined with hope of a brighter future in formally acknowledge that you did make history. You seem to be much to humble to declare a day of celebrationIf you saw the movie, “The Debaters,” then you wont as is commonly done where a who king comes to power surprised to learn that in this case you should yield. But, if you were to do so you probably would be criticized for itThe Presidency is a big deal and you probably know even though in some ways the President can do as he may please.better than most the power that in office you can wield. Champagne toasts, A-list parties, with everyone in the finest attireWe did not get it right the first time, but you deserve were in vogue the night of the Inauguration plus an impressive buffet.another four years in office to finish what was a start. It was like the preparations for the Oscars with the finest in musicPerhaps this time all of the states will make the best of and other entertainment especially for you and your wife on full display.the occasion and celebrate it played an important part. In the spirit of friendly competition, it would be nice if each state cameI dont understand the reluctance, we know how to party up with a way to mark the occasion as they campaigned their heartsbetter than this and its a crying shame that we did not. out.I would hate to think that one night of celebration was What better way to come together in a national “Thank You” and partysufficient to mark the occasion―not a pleasant thought. hearty and share in the thrill of victory as we people scream and shout.If it were my family that won the White House everybody “Rules are meant to be broken,” or as the saying goes―notwe know wouldve been grooving and dancing in the streets. always the case and most people tend to follow the rules of law.The numbers that wouldve paled any other celebration in Not celebrating the first African American President for morehistory, cause thats how we do it and theres nothing it beats. than an evening does not seem right and is a fatal human flaw.