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Over the past 15 years, Melton International Tackle has grown from a school project to one of the world's most well respected retailers/catalogers in the high profile world of big game fishing tackle.

While attending the USC School of Business Tracy Melton participated in the Entrepreneurship program. As part of the program he was given the assignment to "start" a fictitious business. Combining his love for big game fishing with his interest in business, Tracy developed a range of jet head style trolling lures (that would eventually become know as Melton Jets) to build his project around. Eventually earning an "A" on the project, Tracy realized that there was an opportunity to pursue his dream of actually establishing a high-end big game fishing tackle business. With the input and guidance of Christopher Hall, one of the former managing partners of Harbord Tackle Supply in Sydney, Australia, Tracy put together a 12 page catalog featuring a limited variety of hard to find, custom trolling lures along with a small selection of high end tackle from manufacturers such as Shimano, Penn and Fin-Nor. This small publication was distributed to 10,000 anglers throughout the US with the initial orders, being filled by Tracy and shipped out of his parent's garage.

From these humble beginnings Melton International Tackle increased its volume of busy to a point where a 1994 move to a commercial warehouse in Los Alamitos, California was necessary. Keeping a personal touch, every member of the staff took orders and handled customer service inquires. In addition we were consumed with producing catalogs in 1994 (52 pgs.) and 1996 (88 pgs.) and increasing circulation to 100,000 internationally. The 1997 edition of the Melton International Tackle master catalog was 102 pages in length and was mailed to over 150,000 of the world's most serious big game anglers!

It was at this juncture that we began to expand our offerings and our horizons. The Melton Rods rod shop was opened in Feb. 1997, where we continue to build some of the very best fishing rods for a variety of angling situations. Featuring a range of rods from inshore light tackle to heavy tackle stand-up and tournament angling Melton Rods quickly became one of our staple products and today can be found onboard many of the world's top sportfishing boats. We also began our search for a proper headquarters. We had found that as our reputation grew, more and more customers would find us in our commercial warehouse and come knocking to get a look at our world-class product range. This was flattering, however this made it difficult to service our walk-in customers properly and continue building our mail-order business. In November of 1997, Melton International Tackle moved from a little warehouse to Anaheim, Ca. The location featured a 2,500 sq.ft. retail showroom, at the time, enabling us to adequately showcase the world's finest big game fishing tackle.

By early 2006, it was obvious that we had outgrown the building we occupied, seeing as business had quadrupled since we moved in eight years prior. It was sometime around mid 2006, that we started looking for the next Melton Tackle headquarters. After months of searching far and wide for a building that would accomodate our operation, we found our new location. Located only about a mile away, the new building fit the bill, allowing for ample space to effectively serve retail customers and mail-order customers alike. Mail-order operations occupied the building in September of 2007 and found the new building to be more than adequate to house our inventory, sales, rigger, customer service and warehouse teams.

Lastly, we have continued to offer our customers the very best in customer service and product selection, allowing us to become one of the world's most well respected and fastest growing big game fishing tackle catalog/retailers.

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Sitebrand - Case Study Melton Tackle

  1. 1. Sitebrand Case Study Melton Tackle High-end catalogue sellers Melton Tackle generate a huge conversion lift using Sitebrand’s web and email solution to deliver relevant online experiences. Melton International Tackle began in 1992 after founder Tracy Melton created the company Privately owned, multi-channel catalogue as part of a University business project that incorporated his love for fishing. In no time, company for high quality fishing/tackle products Melton was operating an 18 page mail order catalogue out of his garage. Today, Melton Location International Tackle has grown to offer the finest fishing/tackle products available with Headquartered in Anaheim, California exclusive manufactures/products found only through, their two showrooms (Hawaii and Anaheim) or via their annual catalogue. Keeping focus on visitor needs and customer experience Key challenges: Customers of Melton International Tackle are loyal to the fishing/tackle company because Need to deliver personalized online experience of the premium quality of products sold and the personal relationships built through Low conversion rates for new and catalogue, phone, and in store orders. Melton returning visitors Grow email database and increase email International Tackle has always made it a priority to “We wanted to speak to our delivery rates customers in a relevant way. deliver the best customer experience possible. Solution: We take pride in adding Since was launched in 2000, the Segment&Serve™ Web Personalization additional value to our site for company has made every effort to ensure the online Segment&Serve™ Email Channel our customers and Sitebrand Targeted messaging to specific segments experience replicates the high quality service, is an extension of that” Sitebrand reports to track results and ROI expertise and knowledge found in traditional Melton of web/email campaigns Jason Levine International Tackle sales outlets. Jason Levine, Director of e-Commerce Results: Director of e-Commerce for, Increased conversion rate for new and returning visitors began using third party tools to help showcase products, descriptions and reviews to Rapid growth of email database through enhance the online experience and drive site conversion. It was then Levine was referred to loyalty program Improved email delivery and Sitebrand Inc., a leader in personalizing customer experiences with relevant messaging. conversion numbers Lost shopper/navigation campaigns to drive upsell opportunities Several weeks later, Levine and Melton International Tackle found themselves building their
  2. 2. Sitebrand online marketing strategies around Sitebrand’s web personalization and email marketing channels.’s challenges included a need to deliver a personalized experience to each web visitor, to grow conversion rates for both new and returning visitors, to boost the size of their email database and to see an increase in deliverability on email sends. Figure 1 Figure 1: Sitebrand controlled dynamic content appears in Zone 1, under the main navigation on the home page of New visitors, returning visitors, email loyalty campaigns (and more) launch in this embedded content zone when triggered by any number of segmentation rules. Segment traffic by displaying personalized messaging to different audiences with unique needs. The ability for Melton International Tackle to offer relevant messaging to its world-wide traffic is critical to providing the best customer service possible. Driving Home Town Sales As a result of delivering geo-targeted messages to visitors with Sitebrand’s “ Sitebrand treats like it’s Segment&Serve™, Melton International Tackle acknowledged an increase in conversion rates, most notably in California. “Our California business has jumped as a result their own business … of using Sitebrand” says Levine. Levine and his team had identified thousands of California The big thing about based visitors browsing every day but had no way to differentiate that Sitebrand’s support team experience from any other visitor around the world. Digging deeper into analytical reports, is they care about Levine discovered a large segment of California visitors used Spanish as the primary “ success.” our language in their web browsers. Levine believes this simple Sitebrand campaign plays a huge role in the Melton International Tackle’s online success. “By presenting either content Jason Levine Director of e-Commerce or a greeting message in Spanish, we’re able to start a framework for dialogue with our visitors. That’s part of the personal touch Melton International Tackle is known for and Sitebrand helps us achieve this in the online world”. Online Customer Service Is A Top Priority “Above average customer service is an absolute must. It’s something we feel very strongly about” Levine cites. Levine attributes the company’s steady growth to the ongoing relationships they’ve built with customers year after year. Initially, Levine struggled to bring
  3. 3. Sitebrand the same level of customer service to as found in their stores or over the phone. Levine believes the personalized feeling Sitebrand has given visitors is a big reason why web sales have grown to represent 50% of total business. “We’ve seen a steady growth in our online sales since launching our site in 2000. We’ve been able to quadruple our sales Figure 2: year over year.” Sitebrand’s collapsible content in Zone 2 appears in category pages, above actual brands and various products. Choosing The Right Partner Melton International Tackle use this content zone as a way to further “We really liked Sitebrand because they talked about earning our business. We think it’s the engage visitors with relevant right approach to take with clients because we look at it from the same perspective with our messaging pertaining directly to the customers.” Levine describes the process of working with Sitebrand from the initial referral individual web session in campaigns promoting top selling products and call all the way to ongoing weekly meetings, “The sales process was great. I was never left highlighting their vast inventory. wondering and Sitebrand made so much sense for us.” Although software integrations can often be troublesome, Levine couldn’t be happier with the smooth and quick transition Sitebrand offered. Within days, Sitebrand was live on with the professional services team sharing best practices, tips, and proactive online marketing advice to help Levine succeed. Levine concludes, “Sitebrand genuinely care about Figure 2 their clients”. Growth from multiple campaigns As noted in Figure 4, three of the top performing Sitebrand campaigns generated incredible percentage lifts between 47-61% for revenue incurred. The Shopper Navigation campaign alone added an additional $12,461 within a one month period. This campaign appeared as collapsible HTML within category pages of (Figure 2). Each campaign and subsequent conversion increase ran between March 30 – May 1, 2009. With a professional Collapsible HTML campaigns target visitors with services team ready to optimize your online marketing strategies and a versatile tool that relevant messaging within category can launch an unlimited number of campaigns, the investment in Sitebrand is telling. pages. These campaigns react to lost shoppers (high number of page views), specific keywords used, and navigation history. has been able to Figure 3 convert additional site traffic, reinforce essaging/branding, and reduce bounce rate/shopping cart abandonment with collapsible HTML campaigns. “ [Sitebrand] know the ins and outs of email marketing. They are the pros. ” Jason Levine Director of e-Commerce product pages feature message reinforcement campaigns as well as company branding campaigns to help drive sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Campaigns running in Zone 3 are often specific to the product being viewed and reactive to the visitor’s entire shopping session.
  4. 4. Sitebrand Figure 4 Campaign Revenue Lift % New Visitors $5,011.10 51.70% Return Visitors $5,112.87 47.31% Shopper Navigation $12,461.33 62.39% Customer Loyalty $1,842.03 13.69% Prior to using Sitebrand’s email solution, Melton International Tackle used an email service from their previous e-Commerce provider. “They were limited with what they could do for us” says Levine. “After speaking with the Sitebrand team, it became clear they would be a great partner and could help us achieve our goals”. Some of Melton International Tackle’s initial goals were modest: About Sitebrand View in browser & forwarding email capabilities Admin reporting (Links clicked, unsubscribe numbers, etc…) Retail focus Nine-year track record of helping E-tailers and multi-channel retailers Once these needs were met, Levine was able to roll out more effective email strategies. convert more visitors into online or in-store buyers. Levine elaborates, “Once we could clearly see what was going on with our email reports, we were able to relate and communicate to our audience. It’s much better having Sitebrand run Unique real-time technology Solutions use advanced predictive our email channel.” He goes on to say “We look at our partnership with Sitebrand as technology to personalize the someone specializing in email rather than using a bolt on product”. website experience of every visitor in real-time. Melton International Tackle sends more than 200,000 emails annually with as Comprehensive services many as four separate emails per month (often more during peak fishing season). Having Solutions are backed by professional services to ensure fast time to ROI. Sitebrand’s email expertise has been an advantage for Levine and his team. Levine and Melton International Tackle spend significantly less time on email sends and accomplish Headquarters Sitebrand better results. Levine credits the Sitebrand email team with their tips and knowledge sharing 227 Montcalm Street, Suite 200 as a big reason why the transition from email vendors was so smooth. “Sitebrand has made Gatineau, QC, Canada J8Y 3B9 it very easy for Melton International Tackle to send emails. They know the ins and outs of Phone email marketing. They are the pros”. 1-800-975-0820 Fax 1-866-357-9375 Our success is their success It’s no wonder Jason Levine and the Melton International Tackle team are thrilled with Email Sitebrand’s impact. Email marketing now accounts for roughly 10 per cent of overall sales while online sales make up more than 50 per cent of total sales. As both web and email Sitebrand and the Sitebrand logo are registered trademarks sales continue to grow, Levine can’t help but marvel at the professional services from the of Sitebrand. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Sitebrand assumes no responsibility for Sitebrand support teams. “Sitebrand treats like it’s their own business … the accuracy of the information presented, which is subject to change without notice. © 2009 Sitebrand. All rights reserved. The big thing about Sitebrand’s support team is they care about our success.”