{_:                                               tl   tr       c.       l^A    u" rzl      rc*(zc vA(                    ...
(uri9l Q/-1 sv-;clc.^- l,éeQ c^ t E.{Í ::- -:-* L^... a-Z ..J v-a;                                                      g_...
)v^                        / . U-.,^ . c-t      gLcvj                    |-     Épc            He-^guli              >s   ...
v          "f llgtt e   5      É?l.,..-,,:l I kp-o*-,a-t_                          S:.:v..i c-f {,.."(-.                  ...
ta.a                                      lT ez.rF-Le^                     t-c-rn                              ^ctrt   l)n...
i-_-__---     l-t    rc f in^. ot uvíÍ>,LO                        l )"L                             C  li.t               ...
I                                                                nL I      FEU.                               F-(q fb     ...
-__-z-f   vrr<- pé? -wt L"tl                         I        ic(          |a   er^-t   ereL                      ,^,OerH ...
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Orosz forradalmak


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Orosz forradalmak

  1. 1. {_: tl tr c. l^A u" rzl rc*(zc vA( {";.tÁ-t9 l-+ . tar.. , l9oa -<> Ja,l.r* ; .u.o v iÁÓgr€- is ÁtteP 1{r ^Á.. 0} : i( g u- a--- Á : t i{ztir, I re.07l Pö y- ü( .^á.c to:.{oc o czücti rd>z aurzr t- o- <V t ii-e-ft-,i L, tsrT . rz,l)usu, er,* ^ (/á". cc (,.a; h, u -, ?ctlet..,otn Lna.a , nÖ cl t -) ,,^^c<,,_ ce-pl it e iA( Fe)rr,^.b [". llp-iÍ ^t tdtcru.c - "téo.^aic_.f kn - ö!e,^ va,^. . - r el4 -
  2. 2. (uri9l Q/-1 sv-;clc.^- l,éeQ c^ t E.{Í ::- -:-* L^... a-Z ..J v-a; g_-t^^6 u!^,, L- pcl(ú-.z- Ltc z z.- C !oc:...^ i--,-r: / L, s.ir",l{ ti; ; .- dl r} , *i ,.-, .t:l*-,-- i . -l--l (. L,"i J-€Jgf,ie,.. t ("-o{. C.Cs u-.: .^2-. 1- --- .l-, Uc.-rc lr rr^?iYr:T,I {2,.),1 {-c t- leJ e ) F u- ::,:-t -r- * i / V, 7,?r:s t -1r- ptri rJvr ?-t r-,-.ta * f , L*,^€:i^.cL I i-{. tgrd l r- c"l. L., Úc,<u ( Li C2 tÁe t1 t. . t c r. -* cic.! ed,-Ö y J r tv-r1-e7 ) [.r."--r wic2t %frk le 7*t.luL ;" tc(Árt-.r (o-t u- Au,*o"oa[Zl: :othotor, f .L (.jr !-ou. ,-.-uLs ÍA A."*_.t t-o,Ílv-zvr iráy-+r t61koa cés , loLL."zu 7a1.-r,*6)ri-i u elfuJt !vo[,.ct _1 kc-|clrbzo[l *á-^.]-"aI rtueÍeIt .^. L.ilJn ?-et Ü az [A.i iv^:lci gt(g.-fulFq ,*..tf .(t,.(,^"o l(^ vel t{ ^*" c)e1c rt [-lc t_*^ á ,% u, .,. (s .l q I L, Z tft ie.te,.-Fate Lct-z "-tt .-V,., p. (i L u),q !<sn c,.n ui(1Li-JZg1, / | - Gqc-> V-Pu I L., { i i.l o cruot cr !,{:cv^ ot.n-u, " i-, {o po(acln ai C 9zru ,1} c-."r-i sz(tr I t; ,), tro.<1,-t t p$tt s, t".. t. (u ,--,- le,t *.lts ,i1,- .|-- H e-L{se-t!,t.r <>.l<l+t-. lJ* t _r h(o.i"t ? í4v !- 9 v -*zcxceÍ ( -oL *iu" P.Í, t n.. bcd( :.flvor^ ),^-1"c) ctíl)l.r*"-l(J t sstaj)"}r^) i t,".. 1 t {st.üetoo."t , f .t: .il Le[* iccc|sa ( iöu. L, Ví. í .j,. -,r*#*ilY:,J,uboiác (o- í cr.3c-r^crc. )
  3. 3. )v^ / . U-.,^ . c-t gLcvj |- Épc He-^guli >s V e-LQf 6o(se,rri [te^. )r"..rl w"eJí &z Lc-( l- tar-r d) i.a,t.r-ulÁcu- A. 9?-V íaruq"l^o.-=.-.-.---Llilrrn : Cxrb S.sezi
  4. 4. v "f llgtt e 5 É?l.,..-,,:l I kp-o*-,a-t_ S:.:v..i c-f {,.."(-. &( e u_ S ztl iL<-r- ? (ot- + ü,;"^d.1 c-: a r-u ^^c 9 - ,G ,- -. cÍ.. l-.u 1. t7 r fi L L [ö _ y-t>-ú{ uiY vhe| t e-ftrt- Q*u 1i12 "? .(i , .Y ( L>olh-i;^rd(( clcl L; k4, . c),* e- -zii l t /ei l-cj-U,rlt)-í--D ( (rJ! Wv,-.I l lz,lut^ ?-,1 It"j v.-t-,s e,t(J- L, t c t -) Wtrtt, s r v-.r J lrl r , ^ ;,t; sertTeJwq-^ i u*y "ü tc,3.Jrri lc l, n Yr->t,. L; 1 iV- ,1- vr," t wr;t i,r-&. t- ..r-ct" rS fuJl tzCI(^L-x.r,-1 ;,, {J7. t-" ( "lrQj{-t - íc1r {. Ua-z*-*" o t-.lUou- t--oL L,?rt t- elu rFTz.- Le . (c( i c try.C..t-cci t( L, rzrivLFc_{ F( ct.z ( .l . P-4,i,**. ( er* o(.- C(cll.,t Í 0r i.,. ,r, c *r fd,n.*, Lü1-&r- ^...u-.-"- ,..,F u ,Í g. L.l,é gÉ_s a.j I r( r. t r Éc( , Qr-sZ Ö-i cV-r*ot .-.h E-L-^ t-a.--,ia t Fc.uT . .^<ulr(€l_ Í( C( r,c(tC Clc1"p-tc.* sl Lf t- ?a -d^- v4., LctdcaL L) 1-t rcc t.,( scuir ^3C tA E6>^r,- vttJ-l |e^.cLo F| ".JTt€ { er..ü Ci uA}ci)g*,c.- -e1 trra,oLÍpr.-,i9L lz,"u ( cfi- <aa.(,1-r (etgrtre u.t2 "*, .lr ^tT 1-:.- r<Ér-,"kJ )2r,1 - )"r ti lc it Y-( [, Sz .IY .a - )9, 9tuar.,. it rr . € lfu.o....(,bttu.-,..J "t Zór V)rrc. tcl3 u fu (c(E ....v,(3íi.h.,(.. .i"Li...t s;g:rff-[f,]/7i l.e I "r.19 9zuVjcf vqe^re-v,L cl.clört CcL*i/zsc -? Ecc.-ra." i Oc r-ni Va"."(.!9)Lu- ho>rg -,g.,i gLcvlcf ri t, ( l1.tt , t-ci, I
  5. 5. ta.a lT ez.rF-Le^ t-c-rn ^ctrt l)n,, t cr,tc .rrl.j tlr S C u,tl> ,*J lt . rY|(.( [,..j 11^ 7r^tr,|(Á.*,^ptk-r-^ t1 j (.{ L.arel ")ö etP!,rto t Her^ c{-tl i rQ,4 tcnzj L) ll^. - ."^e-._Fü ti q2- VÁv"-$e-(rip ,L.--.,r- . - t*9,e,e,L) lr( L; C-tw-,
  6. 6. i-_-__--- l-t rc f in^. ot uvíÍ>,LO l )"L C li.t Üy". L Esr0,, ( Le-r c,,-.2 eC,!. 7 íe ir e-Lt t C 7 i/!c{tt.-) r t- *LA, ,L, L, I s l-(,{,vi L [r " r-s Lr.et (k z al (s i/ 1.". 13 - k-..torz L...Fhl .. - ;ig, I u^,1t 1 . :* ".t:ti t.t, I l-:,, kt, ú.-cl-( ,( i ,1 {o p :- L^-.1L., i[u..ro lgi"( Áu. c-Q Ec k 2*2-*^ ; z*. .f-t . [irzzt _ Q |r.- izr-l ra ! l-,( l. ílil "i- a !c Á<c LL i at q_ C. . L, üq-u"-.- Litzle "-t:...-_ -*- a 2 ,"- ,^r l- e--+ <;F{-*.ttr -.i(r-r.al.,.) t,;r.-., ., Itr, - 1.. ,] í "^ €+r va{ IglS i-...c i. l-o-v ,Cfi( t..,.U,,.i( cic. 11 r.. L l_ L) ie-^ ,r- .Li.t i k" krLc,-**t, I tie(cu_,--siziclrL( í Lu.z!t.,- cira, iqz c. ecrtzu J tr.l:5 z.i- (e 5 l.Jic ttel"t" v-t .;c,r k vwler ).*-y L^tttpL tr*,.- iaL.Lc. g . t_( rz.z.to. S.l q" -J : k-h rn c(e9 cY (€,r-."tL g(o, i Fr1l yai.1Ltu .i e . to{., (( Lzt-( r-L E} r_ fl3i-í ,iaa .. A( la;. C,!; h i i,ü .^ *..! ,.x!c-_r<*c<rtt trq^tr kL,, c-lrr,:t..ttL c, .{qL,r,ttr tS L.g i- raulcA i i-u 5 4l,r<u.r; fS J lrt c.1"r : 6i{c*c-! lh lr.L c ti,lt trÍ[l ^9r-lt : trü^ cV ^ - c. .7,l Li/cr^__ .i((.c,-,.-.o.J i rr {-Ö.--t f..r t A(t*.,-* ,ür |..hirr.. L, tt-rrd]nzr : 3[í 61Lr1c ("r{, LiL. vr-.. , fu-1t( o.?. f tclJ _ <-tu-<q4,,! ur-+ z,:>t:zy-eLMr,,-t-i... L,,**L.-- .( fz.5 fu fla tea..-,,.ira F1 / iql í i,.ii{íL &t1sce í la[ J.:t U I uc-p- ivc,52 tr:e p e*-e-.ft2 ( ..- Lr"..Lyrl. zt-,r q?) rtr zJ r I t I gl g ."..&c . ws-i^ .i..- , k k-e r- r,6iu -) l{ o ! z. L.. x *Sz.x-,3CkZ ( - t{t.,(i^e5/r,Lz,y. ur: .."k.. fu te,.^ l! ui ar-l,1l g,., L7 !rg(1gr,l: { o, ü.,.# (c*- lUt G , el7zr G(r.-.tet tr^c!c r..,,i!,.o -rrárótL Le,."it- e{(e.-n stt crt( te.^ u^^.ert(t^_3it|
  7. 7. I nL I FEU. F-(q fb _ t*-v€4per rl - I- ,,.U)uVP<rWJ rr
  8. 8. -__-z-f vrr<- pé? -wt L"tl I ic( |a er^-t ereL ,^,OerH iL-J * tn