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Magento checklist presentation
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Magento checklist presentation


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My presentation to the Magneto London Users Group,, in January 2013. An overview and list of the checklists I've found & used over the years.

My presentation to the Magneto London Users Group,, in January 2013. An overview and list of the checklists I've found & used over the years.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Magento Checklists Mitch GoldmanLondon Magento Users Group 2013
  • 2. Introduction Mitch GoldmanProduct Owner, Project & Test Manager, Scrum Master co-organizer London Magento Users Group 3 years on Magento projectsKookäi, Hillarys Web-Blinds, Wedo Shopping
  • 3. E-commerce sites are complex SEO! Design! Products! and much more...
  • 4. Magento e-commerce sites are complex Payment Gateway! Caching! Newsletter! Transactional Emails! Indexing! Shipping! Taxes! and much much more...
  • 5. check·list /ˈCHekˌlist/NounA list of items required, things to be done, orpoints to be considered, used as a reminder.
  • 6. Usefulness depends on... Your ROLE- Developer checklists- Sysadmin checklists- SEO checklists- Designer checklists- Project Manager checklists- Tester checklists
  • 7. Usefulness depends on... Your GOAL- Building a new site- Launching a new store on an existing site- Changing or adding new functionality- New GUI / template / responsive design- Migrating to Magento from another platform- Upgrading from Community to Enterprise
  • 8. 4 types of checklists 1. Site Launch 2. SEO 3. Design & Theming 4. None of the above (Got a better way to organise them? Let me know!)
  • 9. 1. Site launch checklists Detailed site launch checklists- "Detailed checklist for moving your store to Magento"by Rayozo "37-point Magento pre-launch checklist"by Tom Robertshaw (Meanbee) "Magento launch checklist"by Retail Evolved Cord Strategies (dupe?)
  • 10. 1. Site launch checklists Detailed site launch checklists (p2)- "Magento pre-launch checklist"by Woolley "Magento pre-launch checklist"by Maximus Business
  • 11. 1. Site launch checklists Basic site launch checklists- "Pre-launch system configuration checklist"by Magento "5 Ultimate checklist for Magento store owner"by Lotus Seeds Design "Magento pre-launch checklist"by Cord Strategies
  • 12. 2. SEO checklists SEO checklists- "Magento SEO"by Yoast "Top secret eCommerce checklist"by Orange Collar Media "Magento SEO checklist"by Turnkey eCommerce "Magento website SEO checklist"by Trimark Solutions
  • 13. 2. SEO checklists SEO checklists (p2)- "7 common Magento SEO mistakes"by Inchoo
  • 14. 3. Design & Theming checklists Design & Theming checklists- "Magento checklist" (for theme customisation)by Impulsis "Magento checklist for design elements"by Sonassi
  • 15. 4. Other checklists Other checklists- "PCI compliance guidelines"by Magento "The Magento project managers playbook"by Groove Commerce
  • 16. Know any others? Send your checklists to the London Magento Users Group Thanks for listening! --Mitch