Next-gen games retail - Martyn Gibbs, CEO at Game Retail Ltd


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Slides from Martyn Gibbs' keynote at November 2013's London Games Conference.

How GAME is combining the best of the high street and digital channels, driving deeper customer relationships

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Next-gen games retail - Martyn Gibbs, CEO at Game Retail Ltd

  1. 1. The digital content landscape is evolving rapidly… …necessitating deeper customer knowledge… …and deeper relationships… …and deeper engagement… …which… …redefines the specialist retailer’s business strategy and importance…
  2. 2. Accessing gaming content is no longer linear… Xbox Physical PlayStation Digital Download NDS Wii Digital Add On / Items Over 40 gaming purchase options! Mobile Subscription PC / Mac Streaming Facebook Free 2 Play
  3. 3. …with deeper and more diverse access to content… Social integration Movies Streaming Back catalogue
  4. 4. …yet we try to think it is as easy as music… 1964 2013 No real complexity!
  5. 5. …which means we hope that customers… …have a credit card …do not want or appreciate spoken advice …believe human interaction is unnecessary …believe that gaming is simply about access and not experience …only play one format …are prepared to use their credit card …are prepared to shop in numerous online locations
  6. 6. …yet such choice brings out individual behaviour… Licensing Pre-owned Indie content Subs New Releases Accessories Points Exclusives Charts Japanese games Hardware Movies Range Console Streaming/ Handheld Social/ PC MMO Mobile Tablets digital boxed digital boxed rental casual digital product Full Game Download Micro Transactions DLC Warranties
  7. 7. …which indicates the purpose of specialist retail… Passion Engagement Service Increasing Customer Lifetime Value Range Consumer insight Discovery
  8. 8. Insert VT
  9. 9. Passion
  10. 10. Consumer insight
  11. 11. Consumer Insight We’ll get really excited it’s the most exciting time of year with releases we’ve waited months for We’ll be pestering our parents or saving up for a new console We’re likely to start shopping earlier for the bigger gifts like consoles We’ll be researching, talking with friends, reading and watching reviews – everything to decide what to spend our money on We want reassurance that we are getting the right gift and that the stock will be there when we need it – whether in store or online We don’t have much time, so anything which simplifies the purchasing of consoles or games will be a huge benefit
  12. 12. Consumer insight Gen x & y Established gamers Gifters Awareness of digital HIGH HIGH LOW Understanding of digital HIGH MEDIUM LOW MEDIUM MEDIUM LOW MEDIUM HIGH MEDIUM Cost is a barrier Complexity of the offering Gifters unaware (but only 15% would not consider buying digital as a gift) COST MODEL SIMPLIFICATION EDUCATION Digital usage Future purchase intention Insight Source: GAME focus groups and surveys - 2013
  13. 13. Relationship with digital Consumer insight Uses digital at home (TV, mobile) Buys season pass or subscription Buys season pass or subscription Medium Have bought points before Buys DLC or micro transaction Buys DLC or micro transaction Low No evidence of digital behaviour No evidence of digital behaviour Just starting out High Gifter Casual gamer Relationship with games Intense gamer
  14. 14. Discovery 10% off xBox Accessories in store
  15. 15. Discovery Streamed content Touch screen to access content Content to play Increased space for digital
  16. 16. Range A SIGNIFICANT PROPORTION of our active 1 year base shop across multiple formats
  17. 17. Service Accessing digital – cash is key Cash, tradein, Reward points Credit and debit cards
  19. 19. Engagement Over 9m customer interactions every week
  20. 20. Specialist retail builds customer lifetime value Build a relationship Reward Upsell Support Follow up Communicate
  21. 21. The call to arms! Make Service every Passion piece of gaming content available to Engagement every customer Consumer insight Fully utilise the Discovery specialist retailer as your smartest use of accessing Range digital purchases