London Commodity Markets - what are rare earth elements?


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London Commodity Markets - what are rare earth elements?

  1. 1. WHAT ARE RARE EARTH METALS A question frequently asked by new investors. A Rare Earth Element is a chemical element of the periodic table belonging to a set of 17. Named "rare" as it was previously thought they were hard to come by, but in fact cerium, for example, is so plentiful that its 68 parts per million are available in the earth’s crust, the same as copper. Promethium and thulium are among the rarest of the rare earth elements and they are commonly found during the process of mining for base and precious metals. Some are named after the scientists who discovered their elemental properties, and others after the geographical location in which they were discovered. They are commonly referred to as RE for rare Earth, REM for rare Earth metals, REE for rare Earth elements, and REO for rare Earth oxides.The Rare Earth metals are: • Scandium • Neodymium • Europium • Promethium • (Ytterbite) • Erbium • Gadolinium • Thulium • Cerium • Ytterbium • Praseodymium • Lanthanum • Terbium • Samarium • Dysprosium • Lutetium • Holmium • Yttrium USES OF RARE EARTH METALS The first Rare Earth Metal to be mined was ytterbite (which was renamed gadolinite in 1800) by Lieutenant Carl Axel Arrhenius back in 1787 in Ytterby, Sweden, and along with the other rare earth elements are increasing in demand for use in smart phones, computer hard drives, TV screens, green technologies like LED light bulbs, wind turbines, hybrid cars, military hardware like lasers, radar, missile-guidance systems, satellites and aircraft electronics. As a result of this high demand prices are soaring making it an ideal time to reap the benefits of Rare Earth investments. For more information on any of the Rare Earth elements or the benefits of investing in Rare Earth commodities, why not open a trading account today and one of our experienced and helpful team will be in touch with advice.
  2. 2. RARE EARTH METALS Vs GOLD During times of volatile global markets and financial uncertainty, investors have traditionally looked to safe havens such as gold. Investors have been trading in gold bullion for many years, but recently there has been an increased interest in rare earth metal trade.Rare Earth metals Rare earth metals (rare earth elements, or REE) are a set of 17 chemical elements in the periodic table composed of the 15 lanthanides as well as yttrium and scandium. Note that these elements are not actually that rare in the earth’s surface, but the fact that they are not found in large concentrations and are generally only extracted as a by product of other mining activities means that supply is limited. Demand however is high, and increasing, due to the reliance of modern technology on these materials. If you have been trading in gold, it is worth considering trading in rare earth metals as an alternative. Exchange trading in gold has been going on for a long time and strategies have been developed and refined over the years. The infrastructure (such as trading markets) is also well developed. However, gold investments do not offer any tax advantage, they do not offer an income potential, the investment is subject to confiscation (collectable coins), gold is not always liquid, and the gold supply is prone to manipulation. ADVANTAGES OF RARE EARTH METALS One of the greatest advantages of trading in rare earth elements over trading in gold is that trade in rare earth metals is relatively new. Those who get in early are likely to benefit the most. The fact that many people are still new to the trade and that strategies have not yet been devised means keen traders stand to benefit. The fact that rare earth elements are not exchange traded (they are sold on private markets) means trade is restricted to a few people. The exclusivity removes amateurs from the trade and eliminates unscrupulous and fraudulent traders. Investing in just one commodity, such as gold, means investors are subject to the performance of that one market. London Commodity Markets offer investment packages including several of the 17 rare earth elements that you can trade, meaning you have more options than you do with gold. China produces over 97% of all rare earth metal supplies, with most of the mining taking place in Inner Mongolia. China has been politically stable for many years now and its booming economy is the envy of many in the West. Opportunities abound. Investing in rare earth metals therefore provides an ideal way for investors to get involved.ADVANTAGES OF RARE EARTH METALS
  3. 3. HOW TO INVEST Investing can seem daunting. Many people make investments based on a hunch. But relying on gut instinct is a risky way to invest. Making money requires planning - knowing how much you want to make and by when. With the proper professional advice and guidance, investors can develop successful strategies and build a profitable portfolio whilst minimizing their risk exposure.Rare Earth Elements investments London Commodity Markets are the UKs leading specialist in rare earth elements investments. Our team of experts also benefit from 11 years’ experience in alternative investment markets. Our professional investment team is dedicated to making sure all clients receive the best investment advice and develop a positive business relationship with us. Our representatives take the time to make sure the needs and wants of each client are considered. Whether you choose to get involved in the exciting new opportunities opening up in rare earth elements, or opt for one of the more traditional investments of gold or silver, our advisors will work with you to help develop the most suitable strategy for your requirements.NTAGES OF RARE EARTH METALS QUALITY ASSURANCE At London Commodity Markets we place great importance on making sure that all information that is relayed to our clients is of the highest quality and is completely accurate. Regardless of the reason for the investment, clients will know they are making sound decisions and will benefit from the extensive research that has been done. • The first stage to investing in rare earth elements is to open a trading account with London Commodity Markets. • This can be done online quickly and easily. • Once this is done, one of our advisors will contact you to discuss your investment portfolio requirements in detail. We make sure to take the time to get to know each individual investor and take pride in helping clients achieve their financial goals. Open a Trading Account Now! Visit our website at Citibank Tower 25 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5LQ T: 00 44 (0) 203 514 6000 F: 00 44 (0) 203 514 6001