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Magnet Program Overview
Magnet Program Overview
Magnet Program Overview
Magnet Program Overview
Magnet Program Overview
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Magnet Program Overview


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A detailed overview of CCNG Magnet Program resources, programs, initiatives and benefits. The Magnet Program is the best way to build and leverage an industry-wide network of top contacts and …

A detailed overview of CCNG Magnet Program resources, programs, initiatives and benefits. The Magnet Program is the best way to build and leverage an industry-wide network of top contacts and best-practice insights. Through the Magnet Program you’ll create high-value professional relationships with peers who can help you build more effective programs, higher performance, and better results tested through their personal experience. This is how good contact centers continue to get better.

For additional information contact Lon Hendrickson, Executive Director, CCNG Magnet Program,

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  • 1. CCNG MAGNET PROGRAM OVERVIEWShare the Knowledge of an Industry-Wide Network of LeadersThe CCNG Magnet Program is a unique extension of CCNG’s mission to connect the contact centerindustry. Through the Magnet Program you become part of an executive network that shares bestpractice insights and experience with peers from top contact center organizations throughout theindustry. Magnet Program members understand that peer-to-peer discussion and sharing can oftenprovide a more effective and less expensive way to improve performance. They connect to explore newideas, raise performance, and spread success.The Magnet Program is the best way to build and leverage an industry-wide network of top contacts andbest-practice insights. Through the Magnet Program you’ll create high-value professional relationshipswith peers who can help you build more effective programs, higher performance, and better resultstested through their personal experience. This is how good contact centers continue to get better.Connections to Contact Center LeadersA key element of your participation in the CCNG Magnet Program is the ability to connect with peersand colleagues from throughout the industry. We work directly with you to develop high-valueresources within the Magnet Program; throughout the broader CCNG member network; and across allgroups, associations, and networks in our industry. 〉 Participate in the Magnet Program Online Network and Interactive Directory featuring 24/7/365 discussion forums, document/file sharing, and peer-to-peer connections. Reach out individually to other members, or collectively through the discussions. 〉 Key Point-of-Contact registry. Each Organization in the Magnet Program has a primary point of contact. That person should have a full list of contact information for other key contacts in the Program. I recommend you try to work through the primary point of contact first as they can be extremely helpful in putting you in contact with the best resource in their organization. 〉 Participate with peers, colleagues, and industry advisors through CCNG’s Online Professional Community Networks. The Magnet Program uses LinkedIn as a great tool to connect contact center leaders and executives throughout the industry. Ask questions, offer insight, share answers, and build professional relationships that expand your professional reach and impact. 〉 The Magnet Program will make personal introductions to help members build valuable connections with other members of the network and with colleagues throughout the industry who have common interests, areas of responsibility, and initiatives.For more information contact Lon Hendrickson, Executive Director719.505.8389,,
  • 2. CCNG MAGNET PROGRAM OVERVIEWPrograms to Leverage the Experience of the NetworkThe Magnet Program provides you with a unique set of programs and activity for sharing insight andexperience. Programs are developed and matured based in great part on direct member feedback. Yourideas, input, and suggestions are incorporated into our planning and formal programs. 〉 Member conference calls / web-sessions where we examine different approaches to a special- interest topic important to program participants. These calls provide insight from members and often include perspective from an industry expert invited to participate in the discussion. 〉 Webcasts live and on-demand – Over the course of the year there are numerous live webcasts and on-demand programs that provide valuable special-interest information. You’ll receive notification as they are announced. They include Magnet Program events, CCNG produced events, and general industry events that are consistent with the interests of Magnet Members. When appropriate we’ll provide links to the on-demand webcasts in the Magnet Program Online Network site so you can view them when it’s convenient. 〉 Concierge Support gives Magnet Program members additional knowledge and bandwidth to address special requests. Concierge Support can replace days or weeks of internal time and effort by providing you with high-value, on-point resources and connections to specific subject matter experts. Concierge Support helps connect you and your team with peers and subject matter experts; identify available research studies; locate articles, papers, and research from the Magnet Program Resource Library; and more. It you effectively leverage the full network of CCNG members, colleagues and partners to address key areas of interest. 〉 Individualized assistance with special projects. We can help connect colleagues in remote markets, solicit industry input on sensitive issues, develop peer meet-ups, assist with arranging site tours, and reach throughout the full industry network. 〉 Benchmarking opportunities. The Magnet Program provides you with opportunities to benchmark programs, practices and performance in peer-to-peer discussion, group reviews, industry benchmarking studies, and special projects. We indentify and recommend participation in industry-wide benchmarking initiatives that provide full final results to all qualified participants. 〉 Industry exposure and recognition. The CCNG Magnet Program provides numerous programs and opportunities to showcase your contact center organization and the people who drive its performance. CCNG and the Magnet Program often works with members to take advantage of opportunities for industry exposure through respected programs and forums including: • Share best practice programs, achievements, and initiatives through Magnet Program webcasts and member conference calls, and through the CCNG Webcast Channel and the CCA Queue Cast (webcast) program • Share white papers, case studies, tools and practice-guides directly with members through our Online Resource Library • Share insight and perspectives through online forums and social media channelsFor more information contact Lon Hendrickson, Executive Director719.505.8389,,
  • 3. CCNG MAGNET PROGRAM OVERVIEW • Share insight and perspectives in print and online through industry publications including: Contact Center Pipeline, Inbound, Call Center Times and bi-weekly eNewsletters including Queued In, Insider, and others • Share best practice programs and initiatives—or insight and case studies—through presentations at CCNG meetings and CCNG-partner events, including: Contact Center Executive Summits and Contact Center Optimization Forums. Plus the annual Contact Center Conference and other national industry events New opportunities become available throughout the year and we work with members to share their stories and knowledge.Resources to Share Insight, Ideas and KnowledgeNumerous unique resources are available you leverage the knowledge of the Magnet Program networkand the broader contact center industry. They are available to you and through you to key leaders inyour organization. 〉 Knowledge Sets. As we perform Concierge Support for individual members we are developing Knowledge Sets for all Members. These unique resources deliver available research summaries, benchmark reports, white papers, articles, webcasts/podcasts, colleagues, consultants, and subject matter experts on a specific topic. Knowledge Sets support better decisions, shorter implementations, and stronger programs for all Magnet Program members. 〉 The Magnet Program Online Resource Library gives you access to industry research, reports, benchmark summaries, papers and practice tools. We also work with you individually to locate material and sources addressing your specific question or area of interest. More than 300 documents, reports, white papers, practice guides, and research materials span key areas of interest and impact, including: • Culture and Leadership • Industry Stats and Demographics • Operations and Processes • People • Success Stories, Case Studies, and Profiles • Technology • Tools and Templates 〉 Through alliances with leading industry publications and periodicals for contact center professionals you have access to thought leaders and top industry content and perspectives. 〉 The CCNG Webcast Channel is available to you team to attend or view interviews, contact center reviews, and best-practice knowledge from contact center peers and respected subject matter experts.For more information contact Lon Hendrickson, Executive Director719.505.8389,,
  • 4. CCNG MAGNET PROGRAM OVERVIEWEvents to Build and Expand Valuable Professional RelationshipsCCNG collaborates with members and partners to deliver special events for contact center industrycolleagues across the country. The format of the events ranges from 2-hour local roundtable meetingsto full-day and half-day best-practice forums and multi-day events like the Contact Center ExecutiveSummits. CCNG also directly supports the Contact Center Conference held in the fall as an industry-wideopportunity to hear expert presentations and meet colleagues from all corners of the industry. MagnetProgram members receive priority consideration for participation and contribution in these events. 〉 Contact Center Executive Summit. This 1 ½ day executive event is hosted by CCNG and brings together accomplished leaders from across the industry to share proven strategies and innovative best practices. The CCNG Magnet Program supports and recommends the Summit. It’s a great opportunity to connect with Magnet Program members and top colleagues, and Magnet Program members can receive priority consideration and special discounts. 〉 Contact Center Optimization Forum event series. Designed for executives and managers, and IT decision-makers of businesses who need to stay informed about the latest industry trends, best practices, and rapidly evolving contact center optimization technology. Learn about industry best practices from multiple experts in the field at one time and see demonstrations of the latest advancements in call center technology. 〉 Optimizing Customer Contact event series. Designed for executives, managers, and IT decision- makers of businesses who need to stay informed about the latest industry trends, best practices, and rapidly evolving customer contact solutions. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to learn about industry best practices from CCNG member experts in customer contact. The agenda is designed for high interaction with all attendees and all presenters. 〉 CCNG Meetings and Roundtables are great opportunities to participate in networking discussions on topics vital to daily contact center operations. These 2-hour events are hosted and led by CCNG members. CCNG Regional Events give you the opportunity to see the host sites operations up close. In addition to a facility tour, these 4-hour events include a host site best practice presentation, industry experts best practice presentations, and interactive work groups. If you would like to host a CCNG event and create an opportunity to share with local colleagues please let us know and we’ll work with you to coordinate the event. 〉 The Annual Contact Center Conference. This national conference welcomes all contact center and customer service industry professionals as we explore issues and trends affecting contact centers and customer service. Special discounts are available. 〉 CCNG Partner Events. Join other contact center directors and executives for this complimentary, half-day event. Hear from your peers and learn how you can transform your contact center and transition to a smarter way of working. Special consideration and discounts are available.For more information contact Lon Hendrickson, Executive Director719.505.8389,,
  • 5. CCNG MAGNET PROGRAM OVERVIEWParticipate with Award Winning Contact Center OrganizationsMagnet Program members have earned numerous awards and recognition for their performance andprograms. They reach out and tap into this excellence to leverage best-practice experience. You can too.Some of the honors include: • Contact Center of the Year • Best Outsourced Provider • Best Large Contact Center • Best Contact Center Leader • Best Mid-sized Contact Center • Best Contact Center Trainer • J.D. Power Certified Call Center of • BCBS Brand Excellence Excellence • Best Contact Center Professional • Achievement in Customer Excellence • Best Contact Center Sales Agent (ACE) Award • Best Practice in Employee Engagement • Top Place to Work • Best Use of Voice of the Customer • Top Ranked in overall customer care • Call Center Service Quality Award performance from J. D. Power • VA Alumni Leadership Award • Best Community Spirit • Technical Support Call Center • Best Practice Award: Customer Service Satisfaction Award • Forrester Voice of the Customer Award • ... and many others. • Certified Center of Excellence • J.D. Power Top 25 Call CenterCCNG Magnet Program MembershipThe CCNG Magnet Program is a unique extension of the CCNG mission to connect colleagues throughoutthe industry. Magnet Program members actively seek to share experience and spread success, and striveto achieve: contribution to the industry, high-performance, high-quality operations, and impact andinfluence through leadership. The annual program fee is $3,000.For more information contact Lon Hendrickson, Executive Director719.505.8389,,