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Vodka Classifications

Vodka Classifications



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    Vodka Vodka Presentation Transcript

    • Classifications of Vodka A Lombzilla Production
    • •Lower Class vodka is the cheapest of the cheap. Popular amongst high school students, college students and some post grads with no shame. •Also known in bars & restaurants as “well” vodka, the cheap shit they give you that leaves you feeling like you were run over by a truck in the morning. •This vodka ranges anywhere from $6.99 - $8.99. If you’re paying more for these brands, you’re at the wrong liquor store. Found on the lowest shelf.Let’s meet some of the more known lower class vodka brands. TAAKA BURNETT’S MR. BOSTON McCORMICK POPOV
    • •Lower Middle Class vodka is cheap, but higher quality than that of Lower Class vodka. Still popular amongst college students and those who primarily use their vodka for mixed drinks or fruity shots. •Some bars & restaurants will use these brands as their “well” but those establishments are few and far between. •This vodka ranges anywhere from $9.99 - $13.99.Let’s meet some of the more known lower middle class vodkabrands SMIRNOFF SVEDKA Ivanabitch SKYY PINNACLE
    • •Middle Class vodka is where your real vodka drinkers start to find their calling. Popular amongst college students with jobs and those fresh from the quad and working in the “real world”. Good for your subtle mixed drinks such as vodka/soda or vodka/cranberry. •Middle Class vodka gets the job done and avoids the costly hangover. •This vodka ranges anywhere from $14.99 - $17.99.Let’s meet some of the more known middle class vodkabrands. Three FRIS Tito’s Handmade ABSOLUT LUKSUSOWA Olives
    • •Upper Middle Class vodka is where your real vodka drinkers settle on a brand. My personal favorite is Ketel One, I’d even argue that it belongs with the big boys on the top shelf, but hey, clearly I’m no vodka expert. •Upper Middle Class vodka belongs by itself or mixed with something light, such as water and a lime. Don’t ruin your vodka with orange juice, or sprite, and especially don’t use this vodka in your Bloody Mary’s, you’ll go broke. •This vodka ranges anywhere from $18.99 - $21.99.Let’s meet some of the more known upper middle class vodkabrands Ketel One FINLANDIA Rain Organic VO STOLICHNAYA X
    • •You’ve heard about Upper Class vodka, probably in a rap song, or simply because it’s named after someone famous. IMO these vodkas are purchased for show, and for a label rather than for quality. •Upper Class vodka is great to give as a gift, or if you’re looking to flaunt how much money you make. If you’re buying vodka from the top shelf and you’re not drinking it straight, well, you’re a phony. •This vodka ranges anywhere from $24.99 - $29.99.Let’s meet some of the more popular upper class vodkabrands. BELVEDER GREY GOOSE Chopin Van Gogh level E
    • Enjoy responsibly, not like these people. THE END