Where are we now? - Using Google Street View for immersive virtual learning activities


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Short presentation on Using Street View in teaching and learning
Presented at JISC Turbotel 2013

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Where are we now? - Using Google Street View for immersive virtual learning activities

  1. 1. (Using Google Street view in Teaching and Learning)YouAreHere!Where are we now??(Image from Google maps street view)Lawrence Westland, eLearning advisor – City of Bristol College
  2. 2. How do they do it?dodecahedral camera arraywith multiple cameras thatsnap 360-degree views, plusGPS units for tracking location,mounted on…(Images from Google images via CC Search tagged‘labeled for commercial reuse with modification’)
  3. 3. So What can you use it for?Virtual Tours – Geography awareness projects,language learning, Geology and HistoryMapping exercisesTreasure/scavenger HuntsDirection finding – Public Transport, driving,biking, walkingCreative photography/art projectsThe immersive nature of street view provides a ‘real’ connection forusers, which arguably enhances learning potential.
  4. 4. Where are we now??Geoguessr – a virtualtravel guessing gameHyperlapse – timelapse of a journeyExamples
  5. 5. (Image from Google maps street view)Strange street view image 1 – Horse Boy Aberdeen
  6. 6. Language Learning –Virtual Field Trips, tourguide, sign translationetc…Where are we now??
  7. 7. (Image from Google maps street view)Strange street view image 2 – Dog stuck in Gate (locationunknown)
  8. 8. Maths in Madrid – Use of‘My Maps’ to create realworld maths activities.Where are we now??My maps allows you to create your own maps for free andcollaborate with others.The example above involved making a ‘crowdsourced’learning activity for maths teachers.
  9. 9. (Image from Google maps street view)Strange street view image 3 – Horse Boy Aberdeen(again!)
  10. 10. Art – Google ArtProjectStreet view ArtistPhotographer JonRafmanGo inside and see the art close up using ‘museumview’
  11. 11. (Image from Google maps street view)Strange street view image 4 – Seagull Brighton
  12. 12. Where else are we now??Grand Canyon Street ViewGalapagos Islands ProjectShackletons HutHeron islandAll potentially useful in teachingacross various subjects.
  13. 13. What about the legal situation when usingstreet view content?‘Google has stated that it will notpursue anyone using its imagery forartistic purposes’ (the Independent July 2012)Street View imagery may be incorporated into your project if1) the imagery comes directly from the Google Maps API (ApplicationProgramming interface)or 2) the imagery is embedded or linked to on your website using the HTMLand URL provided on Google Maps. These solutions ensure that if Googleedits or removes imagery in response to user requests, these changes willbe reflected in your project as well.You may print Google-owned Street View content from Maps and Earth forpersonal use but not for distribution to others. If your project is both academicand non-commercial, you may also print a small number of Street View images(10 or fewer panoramas) for use in your materials, if the imagery does notcontain people or identifiable vehicle license plate numbers. In all cases, youmust attribute the imagery to Google.(Google permission guidelines for maps and earth)
  14. 14. But what about our Privacy??Google blurs faces and number plates automatically to prevent identification,some are concerned about their homes being viewed by ne’er do wells (sometownspeople in Germany have requested entire streets of buildings blurred outon streetview).It’s not as if the images are current , certainly not in real time anyway – or arethey……………..?(Video from Youtube – by the vacationeers)Here is a video on the subject
  15. 15. You can embed street view in your powerpoints too! – just download the liveweb add -in for ppt at http://www.howtogeek.com/This presentation was just a short collection ofpossibilities and ideas to encourage teachers andtrainers to start thinking about using this brilliant(free) resource in their teaching – by exploring youcan discover new ways of engaging and enthusingstudents.Lawrence.Feel free to contact me and share ideas/ask questions:lawrence.westland@cityofbristol.ac.uk