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Love Story Powerpoint
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Love Story Powerpoint


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  • 1. Love Story - Taylor Swift
  • 2. I ntroduction
    • Director: Trey Fanjoy
    • Video Producer: Trent Hardville
    • Genre: Country crossover
    • Characteristics of Genre:
    • Setting – in the countryside, eg. Fields / Forest
  • 3. R elationship between Lyrics & Visuals
    • The majority of the lyrics are illustrated throughout the video
    • Examples:
    • ‘ balcony of summer air’ – the shot shows Taylor Swift standing on a balcony
    • ‘ see you make your way through the crowd’ – the male in the video is shown walking through the ball towards Taylor
    • ‘ sneak out to the garden to see you’ – shows Taylor wandering outside looking for the male lead
    • An amplified message throughout the video is the idea of a ‘Love Story’ and this is shown in the narrative of the lyrics shown in the visuals throughout the video in a chronological order, like a story.
  • 4. R elationship Between Music & Visuals
    • The beat of the song is regular throughout the first half of the song and the editing of the video represents this. Shots are long and slow.
    • When the beat changes to a higher tone near the end of the song, the cuts of video become quicker and shorter. Wirth more shots as the pace alters.
  • 5. C lose up / Star Image Motifs
    • There are some close ups of Taylor Swift which show her emotions within the song
    • These close up’s are not used voyeuristically like they are used in other music videos
    • This video relates to other videos by Taylor Swift in the idea that it follows a narrative but the image of the film, set in a period of time and the use of flashbacks does not relate to other videos by Taylor.
  • 6. N otion of Looking
    • Neither the main artist or extras in the video are on sexual display. This suits the period of time in which the video is set
    • There are no references to the idea of ‘looking’ within the video
  • 7. I ntertextual References
    • The video links to ideas of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ through:
    • - Mise-en-scene -- clothing – of the period
    • -- setting - In a ball/at a derelict castle
    • Storyline that links to a traditional love story such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
    • - The Video also links to a book through the lyrics ‘The Scarlett Letter’. This is a book written in 1850 that also links to traditional love storylines.
    • There is also a link to Pride and Prejudice (2005) and the video also features the actress who played Lydia in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ in the background.
  • 8. P erformance/narrative/Concept Based?
    • The video is mainly Narrative-Based – portraying the story written in the lyrics
    • There are no performances of the artist within the video
    • The video is also concept based; Based around the idea of a story like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’
  • 9. C onclusion
    • Overall, the video for ‘Love Story’ is closely linked to popular love films to add intertextual references to make it more appealing to the audience.
    • The genre of music is portrayed in the setting of the video
    • There is a close link between the visuals and music/lyrics