"Sur la terre" publication - Feather and Mane exhibition - Ak Photography


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"Sur la terre" publication - Feather and Mane exhibition - Ak Photography

  1. 1. R EVU E A RT FEATHER AND MANE Four pearls Laura Hamilton discovers the natural talents of Doha-based photographers, Aurélie Korady and Marie-Josée BédardAt the tail end of last year, there was a short exhibition at the Grand approaches to photography complemented each other, and thus, aHyatt called Feather and Mane. You will be forgiven if you missed it, partnership was born. They find that as expatriates and photographers,but it is not excusable to live in ignorance of the two artists behind the they can cast a fresh eye on their surroundings.show, Aurélie Korady and Marie-Josée Bédard, two French professionalphotographers living in Doha. Feather and Mane focuses on two symbols of Arabian culture: the horse and the falcon. After moving to Doha, the two became enamoured ofAfter an auspicious but coincidental meeting - their children are in the the most romantic elements of traditional Qatari life. Aurélie is notsame class at school - Aurélie and Marie-Josée found that their different actively involved in falconry, although it’s something that is easily52 . sur la terre . revue .
  2. 2. Aurélie Korady .. sur la terre . revue . 53
  3. 3. participate in, but as Aurélie and Marie-Josée explain, practice makes perfect. “It’s such a joy to teach high school students, they’re so enthusiastic!” praises Marie-Josée. “They’re very good at the technical side of things,” says Aurélie. “People always say, ‘Where did you see that?’ when they see our photographs,” says Aurélie. “It’s because photographers have to look at things harder to fi nd the shot. We take our time... and look a little closer,” explains Marie-Josée. For more information, visit www.aureliekorady-photo.com and www.marie-joseebedard.comMarie-Josée Bédard ..appreciated from afar, and a trip to the falconsouq/hospital would certainly pique anyone’sinterest. Her photographs of falconry inQatar show a strong connection betweenthe bird of prey and its owner, juxtaposedagainst a lonely background of endlesssand. The muted colours - black and whiteis her preferred medium - further illustratethe contrasts; the results are beautiful andstriking. Marie-Josée, a horsewoman herself,offers a peek into aspects of culture thatthe ordinary viewer might have missed. Shemanages to both anthromorphise the equinebeauties and catch their graceful movementon fi lm, which is no mean feat.The two charming French women also teachworkshops. Photography has quickly becomevery popular in Qatar, perhaps because it issomething that anyone with a camera can54 . sur la terre . revue .