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Guide childhood love
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Guide childhood love


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misma guia de amor infantil solo que esta esta en ingles y esta es la oficial escrita yo no soy dueño del material intelectual o material

misma guia de amor infantil solo que esta esta en ingles y esta es la oficial escrita yo no soy dueño del material intelectual o material

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  • 1. tiI - BEFORE YOU BEGIN ON THE EDUCATION1. Important infoBefore you begin on this education, we want to inform you about the very importance of followingthese chapters in their right order and not jump over any important information – this is importantfor both your own and most importantly the childs sake.This education is divided into five main chapters. Each main chapter has several sections – exceptfor this one. You must begin at the top left on the main index and work your way downwards. Thelast chapter is on the top right side and will be the end of this education.The chapters and sections have been placed in the best possible and most logical order so you willhave an easy and great time educating yourself about child love and paedophilia in practice.There are no direct channels for you to ask us any questions about this material. We are aware ofthis, so we have therefore tried to make it as bulletproof as possible so you will not have to askany questions. Thus you are on your own during this education and will need to think critically andrationally all by yourself – independently. Though, we are working on ways to be able tocommunicate with our students and the paedophilia community directly and officially.Please note that this education does not support rape or hurt-core. It neither supports vaginal oranal penetration at this point. This education is made for the adults and the childs best interests.Please understand and agree to everything on this page before you begin on this importanteducation about real life child love practice.II - THEORY BEFORE PRACTISE1. Child sexualityIf you do not already know it, the first thing we can tell you is that children are sexual beings withsexual emotions. These emotions are something that all children are born with. The reason for ourchildren being born with these emotions is not easy to answer except for the fact that this is thework of the evolution process – or God, if you are a religious believer.Most children, regardless of gender, will start to show sexual interest from a very early stage intheir lives. Even babies have a tendency to grab for their genitals and feel them as soon as theydiscover them – and it is very clear that they feel that as very nice. While the children are growingup, their sexual interest, needs and awareness will only get stronger and more present by the time.
  • 2. Most children will start to show a distinct and aware sexual interest and sexual needs from the ageof 3 years old – especially little girls who usually are much sooner psychologically developed thanboys. This also involves a sexual curiosity toward genitalia in general.Most sexually active children from the age of 5 will be very sexually aware with great sexual needs– and they very often seek sexual contact with adults of the opposite gender who they trust.All children are capable of reaching a sexual climax during exploration and feeling of their owngenitals – what is considered as an orgasm. Even though a lot of infants masturbate unawarely,most young children who masturbate will not get distinct orgasms before the age of 3-4 years old.Some kids do not get any orgasms at all without help or guidance from adults.When little girls get orgasms, their bodies will twist and shiver while they make moaning sounds –and they get a strong sexual release. Boys will have a similar experience, though they will not beable to ejaculate semen until they reach puberty – so they will have what is called a dry orgasm,that means an orgasm without any semen. All children from the age of 2 will in general be able tofeel sexual stimulation and arouse trough intimacy, touching and feeling.Though, there are no strict nor predictable rules for this – this is just an average coverage of thegeneral childs sexuality. But one thing is certain: our innocent little children do not only love sex,but they also have born with needs and instincts that make them what we all really are: happy,healthy and sexually active human beings.So now you know that all children are capable of both feeling and enjoying sex – even beingseductive and getting strong orgasms. Though, the children girls are the ones who usually startearliest.With these facts established – please look them up in official Child Psychology and Child Sexualityliterature if you are questioning any of them – we have always wondered why adults and childrencan not have sex together. Why can not the adults educate the children about sexuality while inthe same time enjoying it enormously and building really strong, special, close and secure bondstogether?Children need to be taught about every fundamental function of life and their bodies. Sexuality isnatural and born with. No one should be taught to fear or reject it, but instead taught everythingabout it.2. Taboos and shameWe often read or hear about children getting damaged by having sex with adults. Actually, thatmight happen if you are not careful with the child or do not respect him or her. But this is not agood argument alone for adults to not have sex with children – since children might also get hurt ifwe do not take properly care of them. So does that mean that we should not take care of them atall, just because some parents or guardians do not do it right?
  • 3. Every adult has a responsibility toward the children: to treat them as children. This is the mostfundamental rule of the nature itself. So if we do not treat them as children while having sextogether, logically they might suffer from it. But if we take into consideration that they arechildren, just as any normal and healthy parent does, using sexual pedagogy and treat them as theweakest being with carefulness and respect, then they will be essentially just fine.As every parent already should know: you do not give your children alcohol, you give them milk. Inthe same way: you do not push an adult penis inside a little girls vagina with brute force, you onlyplay gently with it until it is properly developed. Every healthy and normal adult treat children withcare and respect, and respect the childs wishes and limitations as a child.So there are no good arguments to disallow sexual relationships between adults and children,because the children can have sex with adults as long as they are treated nice and right – and askids. Sex is not, and will never be, essentially harmful.So why do so many children get mentally damaged after been having a decent sexual relationshipwith an adult? Because sexual relationships between adults and children are generally anduniversally ugly, immoral and shameful in the public eye today. This mindset is being indirectlyprogrammed into almost every child as we speak. Therefore, most children will feel these acts asugly, immoral and shameful – and logically they might get mentally ill by growing up and beingsocialized into this kind of distorted culture and mindset that we have in the modern world today.In this regard, we can scientifically conclude that it is not the sexual play and love that is harmfulon the children when it is done right, it is the public attitude toward it. Therefore it is extremelyimportant that as many children as possible get educated about the opposite: that sex is funny,delicious, special, loving and completely safe. They need to learn that they can have as much sexas they can stand during a day, and that they can come to any adult who they trust with their loveand needs. It is all about the natural laws of human sexology, and all the love and joy we all canabsorb from it. So, If the children learn about this from their birth, they will grow up outside thesefalse, wicked and human made prejudgments.At one place back in history, actually not that long ago, the human beings where hunting forwitches to kill or burn them because they genuinely thought that those women where dangerousand had to be psychically suppressed. Today the hunt has moved on to child sexuality and childlove – they are hunting down and suppressing something that is not dangerous or harmful at all.The history is repeating itself, and we all need to create a stopper for this culture.This is where our step-by-step guide and education comes to its importance and relevance. Bycarefully guiding the children trough the magic land of sexuality, the children will be able to enjoysex without getting physically or mentally hurt – and in the end grow up to be sexually educated,self secure, mentally healthy and much loved human beings. When they reach their puberty and isabout to experience sex with others, or even sex with children, they will be as educated as you willbe after having gone trough this education. And they will never be afraid or insecure about sexualrelationships.
  • 4. There are several psychological, historical and philosophical clues that lead to us humans havingalways been and always will be practicing sex with children in a great scale. Child love is eternaland very important for the childs development and feel of love and security on so many levels.There is a reason for why so many children are actively seeking sexual relationships with adults inexcitement and joy – they all just want to experience these new and exciting feelings and learn allabout them, in the same time as being loved as much as someone can be loved. And there are somany adults out there who seek and appreciate child love because our children are beautiful,attractive, cute and make us feel good. It is very easy to fall in love with a child – and vise versa.If you start today with educating yourself about child love, and finally educating a child about this,while making love together, the future world will be a much better and safer place to live in.Make love to children. Let them make love to you. Love them. We need to change the world. Thechildren need this so much.3. Risks involvedEven though this step-by-step guide and education will make you able to practice sex with childrenwithin a secure safety border, using the very best and latest child psychology and pedagogy, andeven experience from child lovers out in the field with several decades of experience, there arestill some risks that might affect both you and the child that we want you to be aware of.There are risks with everything in life, but practicing sex with children is one of the greatest risks ofthem all. Even though you do everything right, and you have your hearth in the best interest forboth yourself and the child, unfortunately things can still go wrong.The main reason for this risk being so high is firstly because of the social stigma that might affectboth the adult and the child if such a relationship should get detected. We are living in a worldwhere our mainstream culture says no to any sexual relationship between adults and kids. Thismight cause a lot of shame and mental pain.The second and just as important danger is the law enforcement. If you should ever get caught bythe law, the adult will be persecuted in court and be sentenced to do jail time. The length of thejail time is different from state to state and country to country. And being an inmate in a prisonwith a paedophilia sentence is not fun at all. You will with high certainty be harassed and even bea victim of violence. Some are even killed, in the more harsh prisons.In most cases when sexual relationships between adults and children get detected, both of thescenarios above will hit you hard.In some really rare cases, the paedophile actually gets away with it without ever going to prisonnor getting psychically hurt or killed. When this is detected within some families, the ones whodetect it, or the childs guardians, choose to ignore it or solve it internally. They simply do not wantit to get out and harm the familys name. It also might happen that the paedophile will be forgiven
  • 5. by a very tolerant person – while others get chased out of the family forever. Do not put too muchconfidence in these latter scenarios – you should treat child love as if the worst scenario couldhappen to you.If we look closer at the social stigma, the adult might get excluded from his or her social networkforever – even after having done a prison sentence. That means the risk of loosing family, friends,occupation, career and forever be marked as a child predator/molester and a paedophile – for therest of your life. In some countries, especially some states in the US, your personal ID might alsoget entered into an official and public record of child predators/molesters – and even get yourhouse or mailbox officially marked by the government so everyone will know what you have beensentenced for. There are also some Internet services in the US that links these databases topublicly available maps – making you a forever potential target of harassment and/or attacks.If we look closer at the prison scenario, we can promise you that this will not be convenient norcomfortable in any way. Though, it does depends on the state or country that you are living in –not all places have that harsh rules or prisons. Generally spoken, a paedophilia prison sentencewill sooner or later get you into trouble inside the walls regarding mental trauma and/or violence.Unfortunately, the child might also get affected by the stigma – because everyone will try to tellthe child that this was wrong, you have been hurt, you are damaged, you need help, and so forth.Eventually the child might begin to believe it, and tragically get hurt in a way that the societywants the child to get hurt.Why take these risks then?Because we should not let a distorted culture ruin the most special set of gifts to the human kind:children, love and sex. There is a fine line between love and sex, especially with the unique andclose bonds that exist between adults and children. So when a child and an adult is loving eachother and both want to express that love fully, sex can only do it all the way. That will feelenormously powerful for both the adult and the child. They will be tightening the bonds betweenthem and make them closer and closer for each sexual experience they share together. And thechild will eventually learn and be educated about sex and sexuality in practice.As you might see, there are too many pros for everyone, even the future of the mankind, todisallow and reject these important relationships. We all need to change this twisted culture thatis still doing witch hunts, just in another way, and marking sex as something disgusting, dangerousand hurtful – and causing a lot of unnecessary anger and pain. Therefore we can not allowourselves to be suppressed and attacked by the modern day witch hunters. The more adults andchildren who practice child love together, the sooner our today sexual culture with all its sexualtaboos will disappear.We know there are parents out there who want to express sexual feelings toward their ownbiological children. Unfortunately, this causes an increased risk for the child that you must beaware of and take into consideration before you begin on the practical part.
  • 6. All relationships between biological parents and children are very close and socially sensitive, thuswhy there is and will always be a greater risk of post traumatic stress for these children comparedto no family sexual relationships in our present culture. In this regard, we strongly recommendthat you follow some specific and really important rules if you plan on having sex with your ownbiological children or any other close child relatives.Incest between biological parents and children was actually an accepted sexual and social norm inthe Antic Greek – and there are no historical evidence of children having ever suffered from posttraumatic stress during their regime. However, it was only allowed with father-daughter, mother-son and brother-sister relationships – which means crossing the genders as a rigid rule.So if you are planning on having sex with your own biological child or children, you should thenstick to the Antic Greek rule for the childs security. This is also supported by the nature itself:father teaching his little daughter about sex and reproduction while mom and son are doing thesame. Then sister and brother can continue or in the same time practice and enjoy each other.Maybe later on, uncle and ant, or the grandparents, will want to join the fun too? This is also apart of the human history and development.If you are a father and having boys, and you prefer boys over girls, we strongly suggest that you tryto find a little boy lover further out in the family tree or someone outside the family. The samegoes for mothers and daughters of course. Stepchildren is ideal for this kind of love if you want tohave sex with your own kids.Also note that in Antic Greek, gay sexual relationships where also normal and very welcome – butthen again outside the family tree. Still no historical evidence that support any kind of posttraumatic stress among young boys, either as young or adults.Another important rule to prevent risks for the child is to always respect the weakest individual’schoice. That means you should only practice sex with children who want to do it and want to letyou do it with him or her. Not all children want to do it because they are are all different fromeach other and have different trust and relationships toward adults. If you pursuit a child whohave rejected you obviously, or you insist on having sex with a child against his or her own will, orcausing any pain to a child, you might hurt it on a permanent basis – and then we get real sexualabuse.Regarding all these risks, it is very important that you pay close attention to this guide andeducation during your study – and in addition being careful and critical toward whatever youchoose to do in real life.4. When to start – what age?You might be wondering about what age you should or should not start practicing sex withchildren at. It is an important question regardless – and it is an important part of this education.
  • 7. If we start at the absolute youngest, there are adults out there who appreciate and want toexperience child love with newborn babies. This is actually very rare, but it still exists – and there isactually nothing wrong with this except for the fact that it is a very rare kind of child love. The onlyproblem with this setting is that newborn babies are extremely fragile and sensitive to physicalhandling. Therefore, this guide and education does not allow nor support child love with childrenbelow the age of 1. An 1 year old will still be considered as a baby, but not a newborn, andtherefore be much safer to handle for child love practice.The best sexual experience between an adult an a child can only be achieved when the child is oldenough to be capable of communicating well with the adult and having a sexual awareness.Therefore, our official minimum age of recommendation is children at approximately 2 years ofage when practicing this guide.You might also be wondering about when children can swallow male semen without gettingstomach trouble. The swallowing of semen might happen if the child wants to do oral sex – andsome children even like to eat semen during oral sex. Semen is completely harmless for anyhuman being to swallow and digest, all the way from the day when he or she can eat and digestsolid food.For security reasons, we do not recommend any swallowing of semen for children below 2 years ofage.The bottom line regarding when to start is that all children from the age of approximately 2 cansafely experience child love without any physical risks when it is done in the right way. They will beable to feel sexual stimuli and enjoy it very much – and these kids might even reach their climaxesand get strong orgasms.But – and here comes a big one – most children in the age of 2-4 might not be keeping any secretsfor a long time. These little ones are just starting to express themselves verbally, and thereforethey usually tell everyone about everything that goes on in their lives. They are not doing thisintentionally, they just love to talk at this age and do not know any better. They might not tellabout your sexual relationship directly, but they still might say or do something indirectly thatmight rise suspicion. Thus it is not that unlikely that you will get yourself into huge trouble if thechilds parents or close family members, or even a daycare teacher, should hear or see somethingsuspicious from the child. It is not like this is fated to happen as a rule, but the risk of unrevealingis greater at this age group than any other age group – most risky toward the age of 2.If you can not resist a particular child in this age group, and you really want to perform thepractical education of this guide with such a young child, like with a 2 year old, you can actually doit. But then it must be stated that the younger the child gets toward the 2 year limit, the harder itwill get to communicate with the child on the advanced level that is actually required for the guideto be safely performed regarding secrecy and telling. But if you want to take the risk of gettingsuch a secret unrevealed, our step-by-step chapter can be perfectly applied to 2 year olds – as longas it is done correctly as it educates and as careful and loving as possible.
  • 8. An important tip if you plan on practicing our step-by-step guide on children between the age of 2-4, is to use codes for your actions. That means calling the adults genital a troll, or anythingcreative and harmless word like that, and something for the childs genital. So if the child shouldtell about your actions, it should not raise any immediate suspicions. It still can be risky though, ifthe child should tell that it has licked daddys troll – that will definitely raise red flags and alertmost guardians or adults nearby.Our official ideal age of recommendation to start practicing sex with children is from the age ofapproximately 5 years old. When the kids reach this age, their sexuality will be very present andactive, they will have a strong and self secure personality, and a very good sexual and eroticawareness – thus both of you will get very much out of sexual intimacy and training. Another veryimportant factor is that they will now be fully able to understand the idea of secrecy. Though,children are different from each other, so this might apply to even younger children too, hencewhy we write approximately. We have heard of successful sexual relationships in fully secrecy withchildren younger than 5. But the rule will always remain: The younger the kids are, the harder itwill be to keep the secret.As long as you stick to our step-by-step guide and education, and children at approximately 5years old, then you should be just fine. You might be just as fine even with 2 year olds too, butthen you must be more careful and review our warnings in this section.III - WHERE DO I FIND A CHILD?1. IntroductionThis is a very important chapter – since for you to be able to practice child love, you will need tofind a child, just like anyone who seeks a mate or lover needs to find someone to share theirfriendship and love with. You will therefore need to find or choose a child to share your friendshipand love with.There are children everywhere, so finding a child is not difficult. The important rule of thumb hereis that you should not find a child, but a child should find you. This does not mean that you can notlook for and contact children, but regardless of how you get in touch with a child, the child mustwant to come to you and be your special friend. This is how the childrens mentality work: if a childlikes an adult, he or she will go to that adult. If a child dislikes an adult, he or she will stay away –and so should the adult if the latter is the case. This is a neat and great way to find that veryspecial angel in your life that will like you and absorb your love.
  • 9. Another very important thing regarding this rule of thumb is your secrecy and intimacy: there areplenty of statistics – this is even supported by official Child Psychology – showing that childrenwho love and need the adult they are having a sexual relationship with, are the children who areleast likely to tell about it. On the other hand: children who dislike the adult they are having asexual relationship with, are the children who will most likely tell.These underlined statements are the facts that will make your child love and its secrecy blessedand sealed, along with a special friendship and erotic relationship.The secret key here is to find a child who loves you and needs you, and build a special relationshipfrom there. Look at this as the strong and solid base to build on. If you manage to do this, you willhave very little to fear regarding the general risks of real life child love practice.This rule of thumb, as mentioned on the last page, is the one that will decide your destiny duringyour search for and practice of child love. Just to sum it up and repeat it: make sure that the childwho you have chosen is willingly coming to you – and best of all needs both you and your love.Before we start to go trough the options about how to find children, please let us be very clear onone really important thing: do not, in any circumstances, try to find a child on the Internet ortrough any digital mediums like cellphones. This is the number one paedophilia entrapmentmethod of the law enforcement agencies world wide. You might get an offer on the Internet, likein a chat room with kids, that might be too tempting to leave alone – just leave it alone.In general, try to be wise, rational and practice patience during your pursuit of finding a child inour big, wide and exciting world.2. Having own children or family equal accessIf you have your own children and want to engage a sexual relationship with any of them, pleasetake our previous warning into consideration regarding the antic, but still relevant, child love rulefor close family relationships on page 14.In this regard, you will not need to do much to find a little lover, because you obviously are havinga child, or even several children, within the warmth and safety of your own home or family.It might be that you have your own children, but you might not want to engage a sexualrelationship with any of them. In that case you do not need to worry at all – because having yourown children equal access.When you have your own children, you will firstly have access to lots of other kids trough yourown, as your own kids have mutual friends who will run in and out of your own home. Secondly,other parents will trust you automatically since you are a parent yourself, so you might babysittheir children and gain access trough trust.
  • 10. If you are a male parent who shows an interest in other children, as in general, you will quickly getto be your local community’s hero who will melt everyone’s hearts being a male that showsinterest in kids and doing cool things for them. Being a woman is just a peace of cake, regardless.Thirdly, this trustful life situation might also get you easily into playgroups, daycare, preschools,schools, free time activities, sports coaching, and etc, as a teacher or a voluntary helper/worker –yet again melt people’s hearts and be the community hero. We will go deeper into the second andthird option later in this chapter.All in all – this kind of life situation is the one that makes it easiest to engage a sexual relationshipwith any child at any age. In most such scenarios, you do not have to move even a finger, just restin your favorite living room chair while the children are coming straight to you trough your owndoor of your own house. Or at least it will give you easy access to children in general.Then we have other family members.Most sexual relationships between adults and children are actually close family members. Justthink of it: most families contain a lot of kids here and there, either you have your own children, alittle bother or sister, nephews, nieces, cousins, grandkids, or whatever. And most families trusteach other automatically without any hesitations or baseless suspicions – meaning that access tokids in your very own family is extremely easy and convenient in general.If you have kids in your family, but you do not yet have a close relationship, it might be a good ideato carefully start to visit those people and start to show a friendly interest in that particular family.But do start carefully and try not to make it too obvious, like going straight for their kids and play.Build up trust and friendship with the parents over a period of time, and see where this takes you.Though, the risks get pretty high when things are happening so close to you, your family, and yourhome. Having your own kids, or kids in the family, is definitively the easiest and most convenientway to practice child love – but it might be the most dangerous too. Therefore you might want toconsider our other options too – or at least read trough them, regardless, before you make anydecisions.3. Single parents and moms with kidsUnfortunately, not all of us are blessed with children in our lives, as in having our own children orchildren in the family. But do not worry, that is not a show stopper. What if we told you that youcan get your own kids in an instant even without making any? Well, it is true – so here we come tosingle parents and moms with kids.Official statistics tell us that over 50% of all romantic relationships between adults are fated tobrake – and eventually these do brake. And a lot of those relationships are parents with kids.
  • 11. Usually, the moms are the ones who get the daily parenting rights and have the kids for the mostof the time – the dads then being part time parents every second weekend or so. So we end upwith a lot of single moms with kids out here.Another happy news for us paedophiles is that the usual guy does not really like single moms witha lot of kids running around. So these moms are therefore usually suffering from the lack of men,love and self confidence. Some are even desperate for a man and a father to their children – notto mention economical problems: it is not easy to survive alone with a lot of kids if you have amiddle class income, or even lower, and live in a country with very few welfare rights, like in theUS.With other words: this is by far the easiest and even the best way for some of you to gain access tokids if you do not have any around at this time. And as we previously have stated: when you havekids, you will also and automatically gain access to others.So, where do we start from here?This is almost ridiculously easy: find a website or a section in a magazine or paper with dating ads.Then start to search exclusively for single parents – or just try anyone who you think is suitableand learn if they have any kids or not. Finally sort out the best candidates for you to meet in reallife on a date. When you start to date and meet these single moms, you can eventually see whowill fit you best, as this is a long term engagement.You can also do it in the other way: make a dating ad of yourself and emphasize in the ad that youlike and appreciate children and taking care of them – in the same time as emphasizing that youappreciate the inner values of people rather than the outer. Then the e-mails might start to roll infrom desperate single moms.We want to apologize in advance for this statement: the uglier and fatter the moms, the easier itwill be for you to get into that family. Sorry if we offended anyone. We are not the thinnest norprettiest people around ourselves, but this is just the plain and raw truth that goes both ways.If you should find a partner, and then realize that it did not work out like you thought it would – orthe kids have grown older so you would like fresh, new and small kids again – you may justseparate yourself from that family, and then try again by searching for another one in the sameway. So this is actually very easy and not that demanding. It should give you your own kids prettyfast.These dating ads are just like shopping marts for child lovers.This might sound very rosy and glory at first review, but as with most things in life, andunfortunately as it is, this scenario do have some significant disadvantages that you must be awareof.
  • 12. There are disadvantages with this option – and for some of you, any of them might be somethingthat you just do not want to sacrifice. Firstly, you are about to find a girlfriend and a lover. The lastword tells us that your partner will most probably expect a romantic and sexual relationship. If youare having big problems with such adult relationships, or if it sounds disgusting to you, this maynot be the best option for you. Secondly, you will get the responsibility of a family man and astepparent. In other words: you should not expect any kind of Harem or Paradise – you will needto struggle and suffer as most of these men do to keep the wheels turning. But it is of course notall that bad – these are actually the only two significant drawbacks that there is, unless there aresome other than these that you feel as negative that we have not mentioned.Just make sure that you meet the kids and spend some decent time with them before you makeyour decision. You must have a good chemistry with the children, as in getting along and feelingcomfortable with each other, before you get into a relationship with their parent. Spend timetogether as a family, or at least demand to do this, since you would like to see how the chemistryis first.Do not show too much interest in the kids at once, that might raise a yellow or red flag, and mightspoil your chance on that attempt. Though, you must still let the parent know that you do like andappreciate having kids around – just try to find a suitable balance.4. Babysitting, daycare and schoolsAs we have covered in the first section of this chapter: accessing babysitting, daycare and schoolsis very easy if you are a parent. Such a social role and status will give a lot of automatic trust. Butthis is not required to get into these professions though.Generally, you must be prepared for some strange looks and skepticism when you apply for suchprofessions without being a parent yourself – especially if you do not have a girlfriend either, notto mention if you are middle aged or an elder without any experience or education on your CVregarding these professions. Babysitting is actually not a profession, but it is still relevant here. Ifyou are a woman, it is, again, just a piece of cake. So it is crucial in general that you, as a male, sayexactly what they want and expect to hear, and act as a nice, warm and child caring fellow whenyou apply for either. Just be nice, polite and humble during any job interview, meeting or requestwhen applying for these jobs.BABYSITTINGBabysitting is the easiest and most convenient option if you already know someone who have kids– and that you know them well. Babysitting in your own family should be a piece of cakeregardless of your life situation and age. This might even give your sleepovers. It should be just aseasy outside the family if you know the parents well, like if one of them is your close friend,neighbor or work fellow.
  • 13. So you will first need to make yourself available as a babysitter. This might be a little bit tricky,since you will need to be careful and a little bit bold in the same time.The first and best option is to have your eyes and ears open, and grab the chance as soon as itcomes. It might be that one in your family, or a close friend, is planning an evening out or a shorttrip without the kids – and then you can tell them that they can just call you if they need ababysitter. Sooner or later, that might happen, and if you manage to break this first wall, then youwill be their first choice of babysitting since you will be extremely cheap and trustful. You will alsoget a reference from the first ones who let you babysit their children that will be very valuable ingeneral to have.If you lack this kind of patience, or you might have waited very long without any chances, let uslook at the second and the little more trickier option. You may actually bring the subject up byyourself. You should bring it up on the fly, so it looks more like spontaneous rather than wellplanned. You then have to tell the person in mind that you are available as a babysitter if theyshould ever need one.But now we have an important warning: unless you are seeking a job at a babysitting agency, youshould only make yourself available as a babysitter toward those who you know well, and that youall know each other well and have a lot of trust between you.If you start to make yourself available as a babysitter toward less known people, or even strangers,you might be marked as a potential paedophile or child molester. Then rumors might start tospread all over your town or area. It is actually not illegal to contact anyone regarding this matter,but it is best to stay safe.Even though you do know the parents well – either it is your own close family or your closestfriend ever – and you are about to make yourself available as a babysitter, you must be preparedfor a question like this: “why would you like to babysit our children?” It is very unlikely that closerelatives who trust you well will ask this question – this will be more likely with parents outsideyour family. But you should be prepared regardless, just in case.This is why rhetorics are so important. In other words: make sure that you convince them to letyou babysit and do not give them any reasons to suspect your true goal. So it might not be thatwise to prepare a long speech, because that might raise some suspicions. The best thing to do isnot being too short about it, neither too long. Just try to be yourself and act casual – thus ananswer like this one should be very appropriate: “I would just like to spend some time with kidssince I dont have any of my own yet. Actually, I miss taking care of kids and I think it wouldvebeen very cool to do so.” If you are too old or it is very unlikely that you are going to raise a familyin the future, you can just exclude the “yet”. It does not have to be exactly like the sentence above,but something in that neighborhood – and just stick to that opinion in general if any otherquestions should be asked.
  • 14. What you want to do is not act like you really really want to, but rather that you are just generallyinterested in children and interested in taking care of them. That is actually a positive thing and itmight be very charming too, especially on women, that a male shows this sort of interest.Remember that it might not be as critical as we make it here – it might just go completely smoothwithout any raised eyebrows nor suspicious questions. But you should be prepared for the worst.If they should take you off guard with such questions, and you suddenly get unsure about what tosay and begin to halt, then they will definitely get suspicious at one or another level.DAYCAREDaycare centers are definitely not the easiest nor most ideal ways of getting into child love. Thereare several reasons for this: Firstly, most of them are very open and transparent. Most of thesemodern centers are aware of child molesters, and is therefore built to protect the children fromguys like us who want to do child love. Bathrooms and changing rooms, where you obviouslywould gain easy access to nude children, are often fully transparent with several windows and/ordoors that cannot be locked at all. All rooms might have such windows and transparency. Secondly,daycare centers have very young children in general, so it might be hard to arrange any meetingsor any sessions alone outside the center – which by the way is how this guide is designed for tobegin with. Thirdly, these centers are very supervised. They might even have cameras, either openor hidden ones, that they regularly check.Though, by getting yourself inside such a profession, it might just open some doors that againmight lead to child access elsewhere. You might meet a single mom trough this work – but you willmainly be a person that many people will trust automatically because of your profession andstatus as a daycare worker. This might even lead to very easy babysitting. So this is still well worthconsidering.But there are some pearls here and there, especially in the less urban areas, like up in the countrysomewhere. Such centers are less aware of molesters and less suspicious in general, and mightcontain less children too, compared to a big city center. And there are daycare centers that haveso few children that you will be alone with the kids at certain periods of the day – or even forwhole days, like those small and private family daycare centers that is often placed in regularhomes in those very small communities. So with some patience and mobility, you can search allaround and just try to get inside one of these rare but very nice centers.If this is what you want to do, first of all, you need to get into one. Getting into one should not bedifficult. Of course, we always come back to the advantage of either being a parent yourself orhaving some kind of experience or degree on paper that raises the trust. Regardless, there are twoways of getting into a daycare:1. You know someone who runs such a center or work there, so it will be easy to get an assistantor teacher position there.2. You apply like most others do, either by your own or by ads.
  • 15. If you know someone inside such a center, it should be a piece of cake getting into one – and youshould have a lot of trust already.Applying to daycare work in the traditional way is a bit more tricky. But still, there is not a crimeapplying for such a position. And this should not mark you as anything negative unless you givethem a very good reason to do so.So when you apply for a daycare position, you will most likely need to meet up for a job interview.And please note that most of these centers do a check on you trough the police, to check if youhave been earlier arrested or sentenced for child molestation.During any such job interview, it is very likely that you will get the famous question: “Why are youinterested in working with children? So we get back to this rhetoric thing, and you need to beprepared. When you are at the job interview, there is nothing wrong in giving a little speech,contrary to babysitting for family or friends, since now you are in a completely different socialenvironment. So our recommendation as an answer to the famous question would be: “First of all,I love children. And since I dont have any of my own yet, I really feel like Im missing out onsomething very important in life, that is being a father and having the role of taking care of andgiving safety to children. I would really like to have this opportunity since I look at this professionand role as a gift.”Here you have given the daycare center a very credible reason. You might get further questionsabout this, but just stick to this reason in one or another way. There is not much more to add,really. Just be generally prepared to get interviewed about your interest and engagement towardchildren, and motives about this position. Most of these job interviews are not all that bad.One really good news for us paedophiles is that most daycare centers, or any similar institution,look at men as a positive thing. This is because they want the children to have male role models –this is actually a very important subject in children pedagogy today.It might sound like, once again, that we are exaggerating this issue to such a level that there areseveral things that could go terrible wrong for you. Actually it is not like that at all – at least notduring a regular daycare job interview. We are only preparing you for the worst, again, since thereis no way of knowing in advance what kind of person that is going to interview you. You mightmeet a really nice and tolerant person, or you might meet an old and intolerant one with lots ofprejudgments toward male roles in daycare – so it is very important to be very prepared forpotentially embarrassing situations.If you should get provoked or even personally insulted in any way during the interview, do not actprovoked as in angry or aggressive. Just keep it cool and go trough the whole interview as calmand natural as possible. Some might actually do this just to test you – if you start to sweat or getangry, they might think that you are there for other reasons than what is expected. This is not verylikely to happen either, but as been said, just be prepared.
  • 16. Working at a daycare should be a very valuable and important thing for any paedophile. You willbe surrounded by a lot of kids and be able to take care of, have fun with, and generally enjoy thesecute and sexy little creatures who we love so much. It is very nice to have small children crawl allover you each day.Though, this can be pretty hard too, having a lot of temptations all over you and not being able tomake love with them. If you are a person who lacks self control or self discipline, or is veryimpatient by nature, this might not be the best choice for you in the end.When or if you get a position at a daycare center, your first priority must be to just take it reallyeasy and slow at the beginning. Do not start with anything for a long while even if this should bepossible. You will need to gain trust – and this can only happen over time.When you start to gain trust, you will also gain more access to the more intimate parts of thedaycare routines and roles – and you might be left in more unsupervised situations. When youhave gained all the trust there is to gain, the fun may begin – if possible.We actually do not recommend daycare centers to practice child love unless you know the daycarevery well so you know that this is where child love could be practiced. Though, if you just want tobe with children and you have lots of time and patience on your hands, it might actually be reallyrewarding if you should ever get into one.Daycare centers do offer something important: lots of different kids at different ages, sizes, colorsand personalities – so you are bound to find a mate there sooner or later, but it can definitely betime consuming, challenging and dangerous.If you are able to be alone with a child for a long enough time to be able to practice sex with kids,by following our step-by-step guide, and that you are able to repeat these sessions indefinitely,then there is not much more to say about daycare centers other than the best of luck to you – andstay safe.SCHOOLSFinally we have schools. This is sort of similar to daycare centers, but there are some importantadvantages at this domain that make this a really interesting place to seek sexual relationshipswith kids. Daycares and schools will of course differ a lot considering the different age groups, sowe will be talking mainly about elementary schools here with children from the age of 6-12 yearsold.Let us first take a look at some interesting assets regarding schools:Firstly, schools are usually quite big in general, so there will be a lot of children versus adults on adecently big arena. Though this will differ a lot from school to school – big city schools will be thebiggest while small town schools will be way smaller and intimate. This ratio of few adults andmany kids at one big closed arena will make it very easy for you to blend into the crowd and not
  • 17. raise any questionable attention from other teachers or adults while you are searching for childrenand trying to establish a connection with one. If you think of it: teachers who talks to kids atschools, either being outside or inside, is kind of natural and pretty usual. Several child lovers havestated that this is almost like fishing in an aquarium. Secondly, it is very normal and usual forteaches to speak alone to the kids, like after or between the classes – so if you sense a niceconnection with one of the kids at the school, you can then just ask to speak with him or her alone.Thirdly, and as with daycare, you will have a lot of different kids compressed into a small arena, soit should be pretty easy to find a spouse sooner or later.This sounds like a really good deal, does it not? Actually, there are drawbacks here as well. Firstly,if you want a full time teacher position, they are most likely going to demand some kind ofeducation or degree from you. Secondly, being a teacher can be a very difficult and demandingtask if your responsibility covers the older children. The older the children get, the moreindependent and cocky they get. Thirdly, older kids can be both unpredictable and difficult tohandle – so if you seduce the wrong kid of the older ones, even if you thought it was okay andsecure, hell might brake loose and they all might mark you as a paedophile or something reallynegative trough rumors. Then they might make your life very difficult – even if you have notbroken any laws. Though, all these drawbacks increases with the childrens age, thus they are notthat heavy regarding the younger ones.Getting a job at a school should be pretty easy – this is usually a very ungrateful and underpaidprofession in general. The process of applying and doing job interviews is very similar to what wehave already gone trough with the daycare profession – though we guess schools are less strictand suspicious to men. Obviously, you can not expect to be a full time teacher without anydegrees or experience, since most schools will require this. But it should be easy to get atemporary job as a replacement teacher or a helper.You might consider taking a teacher education to be able to get a job at a school. If you areconsidering this only to be able to practice child love, then we want you to reconsider it. This willhave a pretty high risk in general, just as with any public institutions with kids, so you might use alot of time and money on something that might just blow up – hence why it is better to just applyas a helper.Please note that if you communicate or maintain contact with the school children troughcellphones or Internet, something that gets more and more usual for teachers and pupils in thesemodern days, be aware of spilling digital evidence all over the place that might get you caught orbe used against you as evidence later in your life. This might be difficult to avoid, since mostmodern children are using cellphones and Internet as primary communication between each otherand with adults. But there are ways to secure oneself when communicating trough these mediums.Firstly, use a false SIM card in a cellphone that can not be linked to you at all. Secondly, try tomake up some secret codes that you and your child will use – most children will think that this ispretty exciting anyway. Thirdly, on the Internet, use an anonymity service like TOR with a secret e-
  • 18. mail and a secret community account, like on My Space. Also make sure to use an encryptedcomputer operating system and encrypt and/or hide any laptop or crucial information.ENCLOSUREThe number one recommendation for this section would be to try babysitting for people. Here youwill be able to be alone with one or several kids over a decent duration of time. Our number tworecommendation will be daycare, preschool and school institutions. Schools might be the best wayof the latter, and a pretty neat way in general, to find a little spouse – and then arrange meetingsafter the school or in weekends, either outside or at your own home. Schools might be the mostneat and easiest way of finding kids, but then again, it sure is risky – especially if you work at alocal school. There might be other institutions as well, like orphan homes and summer camps –and these will be pretty similar to the other ones.5. Children out in the wide open worldMany paedophiles who want to get in touch with children are looking actively for children out inour huge world. The world is very huge and there are lots of communities, towns and cities outthere for you to search for children at – maybe not even far away from your own home. The moremobile you are, the more children will be available to you, and the more secure it will get.This might actually be the safest approach of them all to choose – since here you will have theopportunity to travel some distance from your own home and community, thus be anonymousand be able to pull back in time and get away without ever revealing your identity or true goal. Ifyou are the kind of person who does not like to take risks and likes to sneak around as a lone wolfby yourself with a large security border, this is the ultimate way of finding kids.Still though, this kind of approach means that you must have a lot of patience on your hands andbe able to practice self control as in being very careful and relaxed. It is also a major advantage tobe mobile, like having a car or a second anonymous car for the searching only, though neither arerequired to use this option at all.This is going to be a very comprehensive section since there are so many variables here. It alldepends on where you live, how far you want to go, how serious or long you want the relationshipto be, etc. Regardless, this section is about finding a little spouse outside your own family andpublic institutions – out in the wide open world.Before we can begin on this section, we must first use a little time to go trough some importantsecurity issues:Even though there are no laws against approaching and communicating with random children inmost parts of the world, people in their upside-down minds will not look at this as innocent. Youmight be confronted, or even attacked, by an aggressive person if being seen – or even a mob of
  • 19. people if you are very unlucky. Therefore, as spoken, you must be really careful and relaxed duringthis type of search for children – being stealthy is very important.It is a kind of paradox: in one way you are very safe by taking this path, regarding your privacy. Inanother way you are very unsafe, regarding witnesses and people’s unpredictable reactions – notto mention the police or community guards. But still, this approach is all in all the safest one if youare careful and observant. Actually, we recommend this approach over any – since here you canhave a certain distance to your home, which means you get a distinct separation between yourchild love activities and your own home. You do not need to obligate yourself to anything either,you can just try this out and see where it takes you over time, thus being a very useful option tothose of you who are inexperienced or uncertain.Try to have an excuse made up in advance just in case you should get confronted by the police,community guards or local residents.In general, everyone should be able to walk around anywhere without getting arrested for usingtheir freedom, but the fear of child molesters have made many people paranoid and very aware.When you are about to find children outdoors, there are mainly three options for you to choosefrom:  1. Your own house and lot  2. Your own neighborhood or local town  3. Remote neighborhoods and townsThe difference between the last two options are mainly related to the distance between yourhome and your child love activities regarding the search for children. Each one has its own uniquepros and cons, so you will need to make a final decision for what you think will fit you best.Actually, you can try all options if you like.Your own house and lotYou do not even need to leave your own house or lot to meet new children and child lovecandidates. If you are bound to stay at your house, and preferably living alone, you can actuallyget the kids all the way to your front door – and even inside. It might be that you have a medicalcondition that makes you very little mobile, or other explanations for this immobility – but do notfear, it is still possible.This might even be a very safe option too – since as soon as you get the kids inside, no one canwatch your activities from outside. Though, on the other side, you might also very easily getarrested and marked as a predator if something should go wrong during this option – since nowyour home address and name will be involved.There are three ways of getting in touch with children without leaving your own home and lot:
  • 20. 1. Wait until some kids ring on your doorbell. They might be asking you to borrow something ofyours, or they are selling lottery tickets, cookies or whatever. Though, this is almost like lotteryitself, since it might take a while for it to happen.2. Put up an ad at the local mall or at any gathering place, asking for a young helper for any sort ofeasy and child proof work. It might be general garden work like watering the flowers or plantingstuff. If you want to try to get the kids inside your house, you can advertise for housekeeping work.If you can not travel to put up ads, try make someone do it for you, and there will be nothing tosuspect from that at all. Also consider getting a pet that can be watched or walked. Children bothlove and need money, so they are willing to stretch pretty far to get it – even if it is not much.These two options are the ones that does not require you do look actively for the children outsideyou door, but rather having them coming at you own door with very few risks involved at thisstage.3. Make yourself visible out in your garden doing different stuff, maybe something interesting.Sooner or later, a kid might approach you and make contact. Having one or several pets will yetagain make your lot a kiddie magnet.We will be going deeper into pets and dogs later in this section, since this is a generally importantasset for outdoor searchers.Your own neighborhood or local townBy living in any sort of community, like most people actually do, you will most likely have severalneighbors. And those neighbors are most likely to have children – at least some of them should.And those children will most likely be playing outside and all around in the community. Andparents who have lived in a community in happiness for a longer period of time will have a feelingof trust and security toward their community, thus having most of their guards down and allowingtheir kids to play all over the place without that strict supervision. Though, this varies amongplaces and parents.So just by living in an average community, you actually do not need to travel further than you areable to walk to be able to find kids. Though, as spoken, when you are searching in your own localarea, the risk of suspicion, and even being marked as a predator, is higher compared to travelingto other communities further away. This is because when you are traveling, no one will be able toknow who you are and where you come from – in other words: your personal identity is muchsafer.Though, if you live in a small community or town, where most people know each other, you mighthave a huge asset: you might have a lot of trust and confidence from your neighbors and othercommunity residents who know you well and like you – thus you will not raise that much ofsuspicion while walking or traveling around.
  • 21. You will also know your surroundings well by searching in your home community, hence makingthe search pretty easy in general.Remote neighborhoods and townsNow we get to the most exciting and exotic part of finding children out in the wide open world,and that is traveling around and finding children outside your home community and local area.Here you will have the great opportunity of taking all the time you need to search for the rightplace and the right child. It might take a while, as with the other two main options, but the rewardwill be great in the end.This approach will provide you with the great security of protecting your personal ID and privacy,since people will not know who you are nor where you live when you travel to an unknown place.Though, on the opposite side, you might rise some attention by just being a stranger in any town –as in opposite to searching in your local community and area.The first advice that we will share regarding this option is to have a reasonable distance betweenyour home and the place you have marked for searching. In this way you will be very saferegarding your ID and privacy.Our second advise, if you can afford it, is to use an anonymous second car that no one knowsabout. If you can not afford this, you should alternatively park your primary car at a place where itis hidden and not connected to you and your activities.You may of course use your car during spotting, but never approach any children with your car – ithas a brand, color and registration plate that might be remembered by a lot of witnesses, andlinked to you. You should also park your car at a spot where it is easy to get to if you should everneed to escape in an emergency situation.It would be a good idea to prepare yourself for travel in advance by buying maps or a vehicle GPSunit with several maps installed on it. Then use all the time you need to look at the maps and lookfor cities, towns or communities that have a certain distance from your home area. But it isimportant that you chose a place where you have not been before, so no one there will know whoyou are – what is the major asset and point of this option to begin with.The amount of distance is really all up to you and your capabilities, and general resources, but therisks increases when you are staying over night at hotels or motels and leaving ID traces all around.Regarding distance and security, you really do not need to travel very far to be safe. The safestoption might be to travel a distance that lets you return the same day without sleeping. If you doneed to sleep over, then we suggest sleeping in your car if possible.A GPS unit is generally a priceless tool for this type of search, and it will be a great investment ifyou do not own one already. It will firstly give you an interactive map for your whole country withgreat details and active road directions. Secondly, you can program an instant and quick escaperoute in advance if you should need to get quickly out of somewhere – or get lost. Thirdly, a neat
  • 22. feature on these units is the possibility to mark spots for you to get back to later if you should everpass one. Fourthly, and at last, the importance of marked speeding cameras, to avoid a hugebummer of getting your car and face photographed on the way.You can also use Internet for map use, but this is really not recommended because you might thenleave digital traces behind you that might link you to your activities later – even much later.The greatest tool of them all during any search for children outside would be a laptop. On thiscomputer you can store lots of info and research both in advance of the search and during thesearch.When you are using any computer to store notes and information related to your search forchildren, it is very crucial that you have a completely encrypted computer so no one can recoverany data that is stored on your computer related to the search – especially if your laptop shouldget stolen during the search.Make sure that no one knows about where you are traveling, and do not use your credit card normake yourself visible on any surveillance cameras, like on gas stations. Use psychical money if youmust buy something on the road – but most ideally, make sure you have a full gas tank and all theprops you will need for the trip in advance so you do not need to stop anywhere to buy stuff.Do not to ask anyone for road directions during any search. Any sort of communication withpeople during the travel and search will leave witnesses that might describe you and your car.We do not mean to scare you, but you must be prepared for the worst. If the worst should everhappen, you have then done all the important things to avoid any negative consequences from it.6. Other creative methods and some final wordsThere are even more ways to find kids in this world.Establishing a playgroupThis might be the least likely thing that a male person can start and run without anyone raisingtheir eyebrows. Though, if you have your own children or have a lot of children in your family, itshould be doable to a certain degree. On the downside, playgroups are mostly for toddlers – andthe parents might also go with them – but still you might find a way to run one and be able to finda spouse. Any sort of references, or even an education, might be needed too.Establishing other activity clubsHere it gets a little bit easier. There is a lot of creative potential in establishing free time activitiesfor children from the age of 5 or so. A boy or girl scout club could be a nice idea to think about. Asalways, with your own children it will be very easy to establish. Without your own children, theparents might here as well raise their eyebrows, or at least demand some references or education.
  • 23. Establishing a sports clubsThis might be the easiest way to establish an activity club. If your community should lack footballor any other sports clubs for kids, most parents would probably love to see it happening. Though,it requires some basic knowledge about the chosen sport. This will be a great way in general tobuild trust between you and the parents, something that might lead to building other clubs in thefuture that might be too challenging for a male adult to run at first.Running a summer or winter campIf you are able to and have the economy to buy a whole camp, like a summer or winter camp, withcabins and props, then there is always the possibility of opening and running a children camp. Thiswould have been heaven regarding this guide – since then you would be running the camp as theadministrator, thus have all the keys and access to everything and everyone. And each season, abus load of new kids comes to you. But it requires a lot of resources and should ideally be run witha female partner and spokesperson.Running an orphan homeThis is also something that requires a lot of resources, not to mention education or educatedemployees. But it is actually doable with enough boldness and money as an investment. This ismaybe the ultimate heaven to start practicing child love within, as you will have continuous accessto children that need care and love more than any – kids in all ages.These latter options are maybe a little bit too much of a dream and a fantasy rather than reality.Still, the fun part of all this is that both scenarios are actually doable.Running a daycare or babysitting serviceHere we get back to what we previously have been into regarding searching for children, exceptfor now you are running a daycare or a babysitting service yourself, hence you will gain moreaccess and control compared to being a worker or volunteer only.Running a babysitting service might be a very interesting option, since then you will be traveling toother people and babysit their kids – or best of all: having the kids brought to your own home.If you are a single male who runs such services without having any kids yourself, this will definitelyraise some eyebrows. You might here as well be asked for references and an education on paper.Then again, it helps a lot to have your own children, or best of all a female partner andspokesperson in the business.Some final wordsBeing creative is a huge asset when you are about to search for and get in touch with children, andstart to build a loving relationship. We are very sure that we have by now covered most ways of
  • 24. finding children. If you should find another method, please go for it, and try to use this guide asguidance as much as possible regardless of method used.Finding children to love might turn out to be easier than most of you think, especially those of youwho are inexperienced or first timers. As this education continues, you will be lead by ourcompetence and experience to find that special child of yours.7. The 4 important advantagesIn the professional paedophilia community, there are 4 well known and very important advantagesthat you should learn about. These advantages are very important because they provide somefundamental assets for every adult who are searching for children and child love – and they willindeed make your search a lot easier.  1. The advantage of owning an animal  2. The advantage of searching in poor communities  3. The advantage of finding sad and lonely children  4. The advantage of using schools as starting pointsThe advantage of owning an animalGetting yourself an animal should be the very first thing to consider if you are serious aboutfinding a child love candidate, either if you plan to have the children come to your home or searchoutdoors. Animals are what we like to call child magnets.Any type of animal will work as a child magnet, but we will focus on dogs in this education sincethese are the most versatile and best investments you can ever make regarding searching forchildren. It is a crucial tool that will help you more than you think – and it should not beunderestimated.If you are bound to your own house or lot, and you have animals, especially outdoors in visibility,and of course cute or kind animals, these animal will attract a lot of children. It will be a seriouschild magnet, or a honeypot if you like, especially rabbits if you plan to have the children come toyour own house and lot. And of course, dogs will do the trick as well in this situation.A male person with several rabbits, or a nice dog, will be considered as an animal lover too – andconsequently gain a lot of automatic trust among other adults and parents in the community. Ifyou are about to search for kids outdoors, either if it is in your local community or you plan totravel, a dog is what you will need. A dog will be your passport for walking freely and safely aroundin any neighborhood at almost any time of the day.
  • 25. Just think of it: if you where to notice a male walking around in your neighborhood with his handsin his pockets and just glancing around, would not that have been suspicious? At least to a certaindegree it would. What about if you where to notice a male walking his dog around in yourneighborhood instead? Then you would not have been all that suspicious, even if it had been astranger. Most people would not have thought about it as any suspicious at all. So do you seewhere this is heading? Thanks to our programmed society, anyone who is walking around with adog, is suddenly not a threat, at least a very small threat compared to a dogless person doing thesame.A dog will also make it easier to approach children in general since most children love animals –especially little girls. Smaller dogs and puppies are some really powerful little girl magnets.Though, on the downside, by owning any sort of animal, you might end up with some unwantedwork and responsibility. But it is well worth it as a child magnet and community child searchpassport. It will make things so much easier for you, thus why all of you should seriously considerit.Animals might even be free to get, since there are lots of animal centers out there with orphandogs or kittens – or farms that give away newborn rabbits, kittens or whatever. So if you are shorton money, you actually do not need to pay anything for this at all, just search all around foranimals and act like a true animal lover. Though, it will cost some feeding and taking care of theanimal.You must get a friendly animal, like a nice dog that is not that big. Do not get an angry Dobermanor a huge wolf like polar dog.The advantage of searching in poor communitiesThere are several different communities out there – some are small and some are big. There areneighborhoods, small towns, big towns and even huge cities with a lot going on.All these communities are different from each other, but some of them are more suited for findingchildren than the other – which is the poor areas, and poor as in low economy.The golden rule of poor communities regarding searching for kids: the poor areas are the areaswith the highest amount of kids and lowest amount of caring and concerning parents.If you are bound to keep your search at where you live or you are not able to travel, then wesuggest, if you are not already there, moving to a poor part of your country and into a crowdedcommunity with lots of families with children. This will be a general advantage since there will be alot of kids running all over the place and few parents who have control over their kids. This alsoregards those of you who plan to search for kids outdoors, meaning that you might want toconsider finding such low economy communities.
  • 26. The odds of finding a child there are really high, compared to the more richer and lightercommunities – and the odds of not being noticed or caught are just as high. This is the number onerecommendation for anyone who are lacking general resources. But even if you should have a lotof personal and economical resources, just by getting a second home in such a community will bea huge asset if you should lack the motivation of traveling around.The bottom line here is: these poor communities are filled with poor people with personalproblems and/or very few to none resources. They either care less about everything or are toobusy with surviving, compared to other and more fitted people. Alcohol and drug abuse is acommon factor in such areas – not to mention domestic violence and child abuse. Thus, their kidswill be left very often alone and unsupervised. And these children will be much more open for lovefrom other adults, even total strangers, compared to kids from the more fitter areas.You might not want to enter the most poor ghettos out there, to avoid the danger of a high crimerate, but rather find a general poor but still kind of family friendly community.If you should live in a more decent or upper class neighborhood, you will need to be more discreetand careful during the search. This of course also regards those of you who are traveling around.These parents have much more resources and much less social and personal problems, so they willbe way more capable, supervising and careful parents with a much higher intellectual standard.This does not make it impossible though – but the better the community is, the more difficult itgets to find children outdoors. Though, in the very wealthy communities, it sometimes happensthat kids gets overlooked by their parents – like the old clicheÌ• goes: I had all the money in theworld, but no one to love nor care for me.But there are communities that fall right in between the poorest and the finest, also known as themiddle class communities, which represent the majority of communities in the western worldtoday. These are the communities that most of you will likely be living in or run into whentraveling around. These people are in general not that poor, but neither that rich. So we aregenerally talking about nice and clean communities with lots of children playing around, but alsolots of caring and careful parents.We do not recommend big towns or cities, just as we do not recommend very small ones either.The big cities are too noisy and crowded with too much of glass and concrete – so nowhere to hide.The smallest towns might give you too much unwanted attention.The standard and size of a community does impact the possibility and simplicity of child loveenormously. So the perfect community would be a poor or a poor to middle class medium sizedcommunity outside a big city with a lot of families with children in it.The advantage of finding sad and lonely childrenThis might be the most important information of this whole chapter:
  • 27. It does not matter how or where you want to find children, but sad and lonely children are thechildren who you would want to look for. This will not only make your search and approach veryconvenient, but in addition to that: extremely safe.These children are simply perfect and almost too easy to approach. They will be easy contactsubjects since they will most probably be lonely or sad in lack of adult attention and parenthood –or they are being teased and left out of a social group. They will be more interested in findingadults rather than children, and they will be very insecure in this huge world, hence why thesechildren are often to be found alone in the first place – in their own little worlds.Finding such a child is not just good for you, but also very good for the child itself and its future.Most of these children are suffering from one or several important lacks in their lives – so yourrole, with your important gift in life being a paedophile, is to take away all that pain and give thesechildren friendship, care, love and sexual education at once – a perfect and well suited fit. All suchchildren will absorb every grain of your love – and he or she will give you just as much love inreturn. These are children who will almost eat you up if you give them as much as a friendly smilealong the road. They are in desperate need of love, so your search and journey is actually veryimportant because of all the lonely and unloved children who are existing out there and just waitfor you and your genuine love – and your born with gift being a paedophile.Do not worry if you do not find such children at once or at an early stage of your search, becausethey do exist – and you would have been surprised to know how many there actually are. If youare patient enough, you will meet one eventually. You might even meet several if you are verypatient and observant.The general traits of these children are firstly the oblivious: they are usually alone. You will seethem walking or playing around, either to and from school or just around in the neighborhood, allalone. Secondly, everyone will just sense from a long distance that they are attention seekingcreatures. They look at adults, trying to establish contact with their eyes – and might even justcome to you for no other reason besides their tender loneliness. Thirdly, they will give you a lot oftrust in a very short time. Most of these children will stick to you like glue from the very firstsecond you meet.So what can be better than this, really? It is easy to make contact and maintain contact since theyprefer adults over other children in their search for love and care – and they will stick to you likeglue. That is the beauty of these kids and the paedophilia orientation.Most importantly: These are the ones who will be most dedicated to you – and these are the oneswho are least likely to reveal or tell about your special relationship and intimate secrets. Becausethese kids will do anything to keep your attention, friendship and love.This does not mean in any way that this is the only type of children for you to look for – you canalso look for any other kids who seem to like you and your care toward them. But the sad andlonely kids are the ones who will make your search very easy and very safe.
  • 28. The advantage of using schools as starting pointsWhen you are about to find children outside, either if it is in your local area or by traveling, it willbe extremely advantageous to use schools, such as elementary schools, as starting points. Theseare what we like to call Children Hot-Spots.Schools are in general every communitys central and heart of kids.These centrals are usually placed in, yes, the geographical center of the communities themselves,thus making them such great places as starting points. If you draw a circle on a map around anyschool in any community, you might cover even more Children Hot- Spots where kids hang out – itcould be parks, playgrounds, sports fields, or any place where the children might gather and hangout. You will also cover several of the childrens homes within this circle.So the first thing you should do when you have found a community to search for children at, localor remote, is to locate the school(s).Then the surveillance begins. You will need to survey the school from a safe distance and position– and at first just look at it and learn how it is and how it works. Then you must continue to surveyso you can see which routes the children are using to travel home from school. So you might wantto consider buying a nice pair of binoculars to get a closer and better view.Many children though, especially in the US, are using school buses. If you are about to follow thesearound, you must be very careful. Even though there are no laws against driving around, it stillmight give you unwanted attention from the residents and the police.By following the children after the school is over, you will suddenly find out where everyone, oranyone of your choice, are living. From there you can continue to survey and eventually find theirgathering places – or even their secret places if you are very lucky. You will learn every childsroutines by watching their homes.Now you see how important schools really are – they will give all the info that you need to find theright child for you. From there you will be guided trough and learn all the routes, roads,playgrounds and miscellaneous places where the children hang out. Should you find a child whoyou want to have a closer look at, then you will know where that child lives and be able tosupervise further from there. This is so fun, exciting and pretty exotic. You might just find a childwhere you least expect it.It is extremely crucial to be careful and discreet while doing all this. Especially in the US, both thecitizens and especially the police are paranoid regarding the children – so do act discreet. Ifanyone should confront you during this stage and wonder what you are doing, just make up astory, like you are looking for houses for sale or anything like that – and then leave that area forgood.
  • 29. Note that it is perfectly legal to travel wherever you like in most parts of the world, so no one canever prove that you are doing what you are doing, and therefore not arrest you for just driving orwalking around in any community. Actually, you do not need to give anyone any reasons for whatyou are doing, because you are a free human being that is allowed to travel wherever you want toand experience the world. But it is wise not to provoke anyone, so just be polite, humble and havean explanation made up in advance.8. Survey, approach and create a relationshipBy now we have gone trough the important sections and options of where to find children – all theway from waiting for children in the comfort of your own home toward exotic and expensive ideaslike buying and starting a camp or orphan home. We have also been into the four importantadvantages that have given you some really important info to make your search as easy and safeas possible. Regardless of method used, and if you have not done so already, you will now need tosurvey, choose a child, and finally confront the child and establish a special relationship for thefirst time.We have already been talking a little bit about surveillance during the section by using schools asstarting points and finding other Children Hot-Spots in a community or town. We have also beentalking about some security issues regarding surveillance, like being very careful when followingschool buses. This is anyway the most exciting part of finding children outdoors – and we will betalking more about surveillance in this section.Confronting a child for the first time, especially an unknown child, might sound very scary anddifficult for first times. This might even sound impossible for some of you. But please do not fear –our guide is created in a way that this approach and establishment can be considered as safe andlegal in most parts of the world, since you are not about to do anything sexual toward any childrenyet. Thus, this will be exciting and fun for everyone – and you also need to remember that childrenare some really special creatures with a high rate of openness, trust and curiosity that is utterlyunique. Every true paedophile has the natural gift of communicating well and having a goodchemistry with most kids in general.Finally you will need to create a relationship if the chemistry between you and your selected childis well. This is something that all of you will need to do, whatever way you choose to find children,if you do not know the child well enough nor know him or her at all. We will of course guide youtrough all this during this section too.The surveillanceAs soon as you have found a community, town or any place where there are children, thesurveillance must begin.
  • 30. This will require strong patience and some time – sometimes even a long time. It is important tobe stealthy and careful, and be aware of people who are glancing – and especially be aware ofcommunity guards and police cars that might be passing by or drive around.A good start would be to just drive trough your selected place with your car and get a roughoverview of the place and its layout. If you should not own a car, you may walk around, or evenuse any public transport within the community or town, like buses or cabs. But be aware aboutusing any public transport, since you will leave more witnesses and traces behind if used, so becareful about that.If you have a map or a GPS unit, try to find the local elementary schools, and some other ChildrenHot-Spots where these little ones might hang out, and learn about their locations. Try to find adiscrete surveillance spot at all these Hot-Spots, especially at the schools, so you are able to surveythe kids from a safe distance when the master surveillance begins. Ideally, you should invest insome long binoculars so you can survey safely from a long distance.It would be very wise to do this on a weekend, like on a Saturday or a Sunday, so you can get closeto the schools without alerting anyone – and thus be free to study things thoroughly the first time.If you think that your selected community or town is suitable, then park your car and start to walkaround the schools and all the Children Hot-Spots that you have found – try to learn all the roadsand paths leading to and from these.Just try to get to know the place, in general, so you later on will have this knowledge during themaster surveillance.Please remember and strongly consider the importance of having a dog while walking around atany time during your survey – this will make your survey generally much more safer, discrete andeasier than by not having one.The next step from there will be to start surveying the children.You might actually find children even the very first time you drive trough your selected place, butwe recommend getting a little bit familiar with the place before you actually start to survey orfollow anyone. Though, you are perfectly allowed to start immediately if you should find somereally good candidates at the very beginning. In that case, try to be careful – and very careful ifusing a car.It would be wise to start surveying the kids on a workday, because then most adults will be atwork so you will be more secure and free during any stalking of children – and of course thechildren will be at school and the recommended main starting point.You have already learned about the schools being a really wise starting point for finding children,especially the elementary schools, so start to use your surveillance location at a school and justwatch the school and the children inside its fences.
  • 31. Now you will be able to see how that particular school works by studying and learning about itstimes, routines and the general activities among the children.You will be seeing a lot of children out in the yard during brakes between classes, along withchildren coming and leaving – and here it is very important to try to find any child who stands outas in not being a part of any group. That means searching for those sad, lonely and maybe teasedchildren. That might take a while, so patience will be your most important tool now.Almost every single school will have at least one child who are left out of the social groups, andmaybe being teased by the others. Most likely every school will have several such kids. And thesekids will be looking desperately for new friends, even adults.As soon as you find a sad and lonely child out in the yard, keep your eyes and focus on that childfrom there on. Those children are usually walking home alone – or if they use a school bus, makesure that you follow it and sees where they get of and where they live.It could be very wise to have a bird book on you, in case someone should confront you whilewatching the school or the surroundings. In that case, you can just tell them that you are watchingbirds and are new to it – and they will get a big problem proving your wrong.When following children around, either it is by foot or with your car, or by following school buses,it is better to loose them a couple of times instead of following them too close and apparent –since the latter might reveal your true goal. So always stay as far behind as possible and try toavoid using any repetitive patterns.To sum it up: firstly find a child love candidate. Then try to learn its walking path to and fromschool. And finally try to find his or her house and home address.Sad and lonely children are the number one candidates, because these are very apparent and easyto find. But you also have children that do not look sad or lonely, but they still lack parental care oradult attention. These latter ones can be hard to find, since they will not show their problems thatapparently, thus you might want to search for default children too – not only the lonely ones. So itcould be wise to first try to find the sad and lonely ones, and if you do not find anyone, try to picka random child that looks like having the personality and the looks that you prefer.If you think this advanced surveillance is a bit too much or too risky, like if you are very cautious bynature or a first timer in the field, please note that you do not need to do all this to find a child.Just by driving or walking around in any community, town or city, you will sooner or later find achild – because they are everywhere. This will definitely be the safest and most easy way, but alsothe way that might take the longest time to find that perfect child, since you must rely on pureluck alone. But there are lots of child lovers in the field who have found children in this way too –some have even found a child by just looking out of their home windows.Children tend to have secret places too, like a secret spot inside a forest, either alone or withseveral children, where they temporally escape from adult supervision. These spots are especially
  • 32. important to find, especially regarding the sad and lonely children who are often to be found atsuch places all alone – and indirectly just wait for a new friend or an adult to take care of them andlove them.Sooner or later, you will find a child love candidate outdoors, either you search at the schools,general Children Hot-Spots, or just drive or walk around anywhere where there are families andchildren.In general, just try to be creative and try to look all around you. In the same time, stay as discreetand safe as possible while being ready for both positive and negative surprises.Approaching a childBefore you can approach a child, you must first find one. By now you have learned a lot aboutwhere to and how to find a child. Therefore, we will now assume that you have found a child andthat you want to approach that child and make contact.When you are about to make the first contact, it is crucial that you act calm, friendly and innocent.By being a true paedophile, this should be very easy since children generally like kind paedophilesand their attitude. This is because every paedophile has a little child inside him or her, and this issomething that all children sense with their very sensitive emotions. Hence why it is a well knownphenomena that children feel such big comfort among paedophiles.We will start by looking at the safest option on how to approach an unknown child outdoors – buton another hand, this might require strong patience and some courage, not to mention some lucktoo.During the surveillance, if you have seen and located a sad, lonely and friend seeking child, or anychild for that matter, who has a secret place that he or she goes to alone, then you have really hitthe jackpot. Even though this seems kind of unlikely at this point, we can promise you that thereare a lot of such lonesome children who have such secret places or runaways to play at or be aloneat.Be careful and explore the childs secret place in advance when the child is not there. The placeshould ideally be private and undisturbed with no tracks, paths or roads nearby that can see you.As soon as an opportunity opens, you can approach that child as carefully and friendly as possiblewhile the child is there. Remember the importance of having a dog here. A wise thing to do firstwould be to just say hello there in a friendly way and then maybe ask for his or her name. Youshould tell your name too, but for security reasons you might want to use a nickname, like Joe.If that child is friend or adult seeking, things should go very well and smooth. But it is veryimportant that you both feel comfortable together, so use this quality time to get to know eachother. Do not worry if the child is a bit shy or insecure, just try to act gently, slack and not tooengaged – and then see how things go and develop.
  • 33. If things seem to work very well between you, then you can ask the child if he or she would like tomeet you again another time. This will be an important question, because now you will see howthe child really feels about your presence and friendship.If you should notice that the child feels very uncomfortable by having you there, or if the childshould want to leave, or it does not want you to meet again, then you should strongly considersaying goodbye – and then try to find another child.Most of these scenarios work out well, even though they are rare, because the child will be alonely soul and be seeking for friends or adults to begin with.The next time you meet, you can just start on the creation of a special and secret relationship andfriendship – something you will be reading all about later in this section.There is another method of approaching a preselected child. Though, this approach is less securein overall, but then again it does not require that much of courage either. Here you will actually beable to just practice, with no risks what so ever, if you are new to this and/or a bit cautious bynature.This method is an alternative to the previous one if you should find a sad and lonely child, but thechild does not seem to have a secret place or a hideout. This will work on any type of kids, by theway. It is based on making the first contact look like a coincidence – like when you are notapproaching a child actively nor directly, but rather meet accidentally on a path that the childtravels on by feet or bike regularly. This can be a very neat way in general to find that perfect childwho are searching for an loving adult, just as you are searching for a loving child in your life.This option needs some preparations to work fully. Since this child does not seem to have a secretplace, you will first need to find one in advance of the first approach and meeting. So when youare surveying a child of your choice, it is important that you find a location not too far from thatchilds home or school that is hidden and undisturbed. This will be the location and secret placewhere you will meet later on after the first approach.It is also important to have your car hidden or parked not far from that location the same day andtime you are about meet there. It is also recommended to have a GPS unit that is preprogrammedwith an instant escape route that is not too oblivious – and let the GPS take you safely away fromthat area if you should need to escape.This method will require a lot of surveillance and planning too – because not only will you need tofind a suitable location for the approach, but you will also need to wait for the child to get to thatlocation in the same time as you are there. Another important thing is to only approach the child ifthe child is alone and when there are no other people around that might see you. If one of thelatter should be a problem, do not panic or be bold, just try again later.The whole idea is to pretend, as in role play, that you have lost something important of yours –and then try to lure the child away from the path so both of you get temporally away from plain
  • 34. view. Most ideally you should be totally out of anyones view. Surveillance is the key for thisoption – as soon as you find an interesting or a suitable child to approach, and as soon as youknow where that child is traveling by feet or bike, you will need to find a spot on that particularroute for where to encounter that child.It would be very beneficial to find a spot along the childs route that is hidden from plain view andpreferably with very few by passers. Most ideally you should find a road or path with thick woodsat each side, making the country side a neat area to search in general – and why we do notrecommend the urban cities to do this. It does not have to be thick woods along the path either, itcan also be a variation in the terrain that makes you able to leave the path at one side, or both,and disappear from plain view. Or it can be a hiding object there, like an abandoned building orfarm nearby, big rocks, or anything that you can hide behind to get temporary alone with the childon the first meeting and approach.You might look at this as very difficult and hard to achieve, but then again we get back to theimportance of patience. It might take a while to make all this fit, but it will be worth the patiencewhen you finally one day make it. Though, patience is not always required, since manypaedophiles have found a good child love candidate and a suitable location for approach prettyfast too. And with our previous advices taken into consideration, like finding sad and lonely kids,and using a dog, this might be easier than you think.We are talking about a route here, ideally a small track or path without much of human traffic onit, which the child uses either to and from school, to and from training, to and from friends, or etc.The most convenient for you would be to find a path that the child uses regularly – and especiallyat predictable and static times.Where do we go from here, after having done all the preparations? You will of course need to getto the ideal spot before the child does and just wait there or walk repeatedly up and down thepath. It could be wise to start at once when you get there with the role play and pretend that youare looking for something along the road. In this way, you will have a perfectly good explanation ifanyone should confront you – and it will in general make it more credible.It is important that you pretend to have lost something of real value, like a set of keys or a wallet,or anything creative like that. And of course, you will give a salary to anyone who finds it so thechild gets motivated to help you search – even off the path.Sooner or later, the child will come traveling along the path – and then you will be left with twochoices:  1. Stay safe and do not approach the child, just start on the role play and make sure that the child sees that you are really looking for something. If the child is adult seeking, or Just curious by nature, he or she might stop and contact you. If this should happen, not only will most of the hard work already be done, but it will also be a security insurance, since
  • 35. then you will know that the child will be very dedicated to you as in being interested and/or friend or adult seeking.  2. Be a little more bold and approach the child if the child does not stop and/or does not take any interest in your role play. You might just say hello and tell the child that you have lost something important of yours. Now the risk of failure is considerably higher, and it will not be as easy to know if the child is interested in you or not. Therefore, the first choice is recommended for inexperienced and cautious child lovers – especially first timers.It might just happen that the child does not want to have anything to do with you, or it might looklike that. If that happens, we strongly recommend that you find a new child by either change thelocation or choose a completely different place. Some kids have been thought by their parents tobe aware of strangers that make contact – and if this is the reason for the child rejecting yourapproach, then you might save yourself from trouble by leaving.When you manage to make contact with a child, and if you have not done so already, you mustfirst tell the child that you are looking for something that you have lost – something important andvaluable. If the child asks what you have lost, tell about it and then ask if the child would like tocome with you and search. If the child does not ask, still tell about it and ask for help to find it. Themost important thing is to add that he or she will get a reward if it is found.Since you have picked a discreet spot, both of you should be able to disappear from the track orpath while searching together for the false lost object. So suggest that you would like to look alittle bit off the path, and just start to walk toward the discreet location. If the child does not seemto like getting off the path with you, just tell that it is okay and just continue to walk – maybe he orshe will re-decide when seeing that you act kindly and is not threatening.Be aware if the child uses a bike – and if so, try to hide it from other possible by passers before youstart to search off the path. Tell the child that you do not want his or her bike to get stolen, so youeither take it with you or help the child hiding it from plain view.Now you are moving toward the more risky part of this option. Thus it is crucial to time this welland be observant, and make sure that no one see you getting of the path. There are no lawsagainst talking to children, but as soon as you and the child starts to walk into a forest or off anypath or road together, you are suddenly overstepping a boundary that would be hard to explain ifcaught. Therefore, take a last good look right before you and the child goes off the path and try toget out of sight as soon as you can – making it wise to choose a path with a short way to thediscreet location.Please note that when we now talk about the discreet location, we are not talking about thehidden place that you have found in advance – we are talking about a discreet location along theroute for you to speak with the child at during this first encounter.As soon as you get alone, or at least at a safe distance from the route and away from glancing eyes,use all the time available to talk to the child and be friendly. Try to find out if you have a good
  • 36. chemistry and confidence between each other. It is important that you both feel well together andcan talk easily, since communication is the primarily tool that you have with this guide.Do not drag this too long so you alert any adults who might expect the child, unless you know thatthe child will not be excepted by anyone for a while. This will differ a lot by the age of the child –older and more independent children will give you more time to do the role play and hang outtogether afterward.The purpose of this encounter and meeting is to start to build a trustful relationship, so you willobviously need to meet the child again so you can start creating the relationship itself.Make sure that you suddenly find the object as a part of the role play and act happy about it. Thentell the child that he or she will still get the reward since he or she was so kind to help you find it.As soon as the child gets the reward, tell the child that you think he or she is such a kind, great andcool person that you would like to meet again at another place – and that you would like to showhim or her a special and secret place of yours.This will be the ultimate test: either the child will agree to your suggestion, or it will not. If thechild agrees – like if you have found a friend and/or adult seeking child, or just a child that likesyou – then you have found your child love candidate. If not, leave him or her kindly, and then tryto find another child at another place.If the child agrees to meet you at your secret location, you must then arrange a meeting at acertain time at the place you have prepared in advance.The most important thing now, and before you separate, is to ask the child to keep all of this asecret so no one else will find your magic and secret place – not even to friends. Emphasize thatthe child must not to tell his or her parents about any of this, because they will not allow the twoof you to meet later.So there you go, now you have found a child love candidate, and everything should be set to startcreating a special relationship.Let us just emphasize that you are now about to take a significant risk, since you will now need totrust the child and trust that he or she does not tell about this. So if you are able to supervise thearea a good while before you are about to meet, from a safe position, in case the parents or eventhe police should get there, do it. Though, if you should get caught, as in worst scenario, you haveactually not done anything illegal yet other than meeting a child as a special friend – so it shouldbe pretty darn difficult to lock you up. But still, be aware and stay safe. This will definitely be yourhighest adrenalin kick ever.This usually goes well, especially if you met a child who stopped and made contact with you at itsown will – and if you in addition sensed an excitement within the child while suggesting to meet.So this is why it is such important to find children who really need friends and/or adults in their
  • 37. lives. They can really be trusted. Hence why option 1 on page 68 is the very safest option tochoose.So the whole idea with all this is first to find a child, then create a relationship, and finally meetrepeatedly at a secret place together. Hence why it is so important to use surveillance and stalking.You might find children just by chance too – and then you will need to find such a secret placeafterwards if the child seems to like you.Those of you who are searching for and meeting children by having them come to your own home,either randomly or because you have lured them there, will obviously not need to approach norconfront anyone actively, but rather have the meeting happen very naturally by itself andmotivated by the child – hence logically being much easier and much more convenient thansearching outdoors. You will not under these circumstances, nor if you search outdoors in yourown neighborhood, need to have a secret place outside either, but rather invite the children insideour own home and start to build the relationship from there – and finally start on the steps.Though it is a bit more riskier to do these things within your own home and local community,compared to those of you who travel and thus having a bigger room for escape and a decentdistance to your homes. But generally spoken, neither have to be that risky after all if things aredone correctly – as this guide is teaching.Creating a relationship from scratchBefore you can safely start to practice sex with a child, you must first build a very important base,being a close friendship with trust. Such a friendship is so crucial, because it will firstly make thechild trust you and let you come within his or her personal borders, like being able to hug, kiss,touch and cuddle without making the child feel any discomfort. Secondly, it will make the childappreciate you, respect you, and most importantly respect the special and intimate secret thatyou finally will be sharing together.The more dependent the child is on you, like finding a very sad and very lonely child who seeksfriends and/or adult attention, and sticks to you like glue from the very first meeting, the morelikely you will succeed creating such a relationship and keeping it secure. So it is really importantto find children who really like you and/or really need you.Now you should be at the point of where you have made contact with a child that you feelcomfortable with, and you feel that this comfort goes both ways, so everything is ready to startbuilding this very important friendship and relationship. So we will now go trough some easy stepson how to do this, because this is actually not that comprehensive nor time consuming at all. Thiswill more or less make itself happen without any difficulties or hard work from neither of you. Thisis how most friendship works – it is like going downhill and just letting the gravity pull you in theright direction. But you will of course still need to steer a little bit and make some smalladjustments on the way.
  • 38. Some of you might already have a close friendship with a child, with all the trust that you will everneed, but we still recommend that you read trough this section regardless. There might still besome things that might come in handy before you start on practicing sex and erotic love with yourlittle spouse and honeybee.As soon as you have a date with a future spouse alone, the first and main thing to do is to buildtrust and comfort both ways, and do this over time with self discipline and patience. It is soimportant to take things slowly and not rush it by starting to sexually touch or cuddle with thechild at once. This is just as important even though if the child should allow you to cuddle closetogether. You may hug and cuddle together, or tickle each other and flirt, if the child wants to, butno sexual acts or moves at this point. It will finally be worth all the self discipline and patienceputted into this when the day comes to start on the practical sexual steps of this guide.One huge advantage is, as soon as possible, to make sure that the child knows how dedicated andfaithful you are to him or her. Children are simple beings with a simple look on things, so if youbring them a nice gift – it might be just some cheap jewelry or anything small that shines and looknice – you will melt their hearts and ensure them that you really like them. Children can be easilycharmed with gifts – so it would be a nice move to bring such a gift at your very first true date.Further you must make sure that you generally show a high interest in the child and making thechild the center of your universe – but that should not be that difficult anyway.Also make sure that they immediately learn that you are a safe and trustworthy adult who has aloose, worryless and kind attitude. Be very kind, humble and let the child be more or less in charge.Never try to convince or put any pressure on a child who does not want to do what you want to do– you will want to give the child a lot of control and space to feel safe as your special friend.And this is it, really. You will pretty soon discover how things develop, and you can do all thiswithout braking any laws in most parts of the world. If you have found that special child, it will bevery easy to build this base and close relationship.How long you should work on this base is unfortunately hard to say. This is because there are toomany different situations and children out there to be able to make one predictable rule. You willreally need to feel your way trough this one yourself and be independent. Such independence ismore or less required all the way trough this education, so you will need to think just as much byyourself as we are teaching you. But it might actually not take that long in general, since most ofthese sad and lonely children will be just as motivated to be your friend as you are motivated tolove them – thus these kids will pretty fast let you enter their lonely lives and magic worlds – alsoknown as the Children Fairytale Kingdoms, consisting of magics, fantasy, curiosity, childishness, sexand love.Be patient – the picture on the right is the reward for your patience.
  • 39. IV - THE PRACTICAL STEPSIntroductionWelcome to the practical steps!Before you can begin on the most important journey of your life – that is establishing what mightbe your very first sexual relationship with a sweet little child, in the comfort of knowing that thechild will not get hurt by it, while staying safe regarding the laws, and that both of you willexperience something enormously powerful and intimate together called true love – we will firsttake some time to write a little bit about how this chapter is set up and how it will point youtoward and guide you all the way trough heaven itself.This chapter is going to educate you about how to start a sexual relationship with an innocent littlechild who you have a friendship with in real life, by using a step-by-step guide. These steps aremade by a group of specialists who have created this guide to prevent damage on the children,and other negative consequences for both parties, which might happen during such relationshipsin general if not being done in the right way.An important requirement for this chapter is to have a secret place for you and your little lover todo these steps together. It should be at an anonymous and discreet location or at a place whereyou know that you will be alone and not get disturbed during these sessions.Please do not start on these steps immediately, you should first read trough this education at leastonce in advance. Actually, you should read trough it twice before doing anything in real life. Youshould also highlight or take notes of all the important tips and warnings that you have learned.Up to this chapter, we have been talking about children and life, facts and philosophy, and younow have the basic knowledge about how to find a child and establish a relationship together.Therefore you should now be ready to be guided trough this practical and physical part with anactual child in your life – if you should have it. Even if you do not have a child in your life yet, thiswill still educate you and should be much enjoyable to take part of regardless.This chapter is made with five main practical steps. Each main step will contain a set ofinstructions for you to put into practice with a real child of yours. This chapter will work as apractical manual for teaching a child about everything there is to know about sex – and that sex iscompletely harmless, fun and very enjoyable. It will also give you, the adult, the opportunity tocreate and establish a safe sexual relationship with any child. All this is known as child love.
  • 40. Each one of these steps and sections are literally illustrated with a text story to make you see howthis could work in practice with added unexpectedness and unpredictables. This will make it mucheasier and safer for you when taking this education into a real life scenario with a real child.Do not be nervous about this – these steps are created carefully by professionals and are made sothat the child will gradually learn and get used to this kind of human interaction and intimacy.It does not matter if you are a male or a female, or if it is a boy or a girl child who you are about topractice child love with. This can be used in any situation or place where you have a positive andtrusty relationship with any child.Though, these steps are optimized for little girls and little boys in the age of approximately 5. Thisis the most ideal age to start educating children about sex – since then they will be old enough tounderstand secrecy, and they will be young enough to not yet been socialized into our modernsociety that tries to brainwash the children to believe that sex is harmful and shameful. So theyounger the children get from this ideal age, the harder it will be for them to keep this a secret.And the older they get, the harder it will be to do these steps because they might be sexuallybrainwashed.It is very important that you do these steps in the right order and do not skip any of them if youget impatient. And it is just as important to understand these steps fully and do exactly as you aretold. By not following the right order or skipping any parts of these steps, you might put bothyourself and the child at general risk.These steps are made so that if the child does not want to practice child love with you, it will leavelong before it actually gets sexual – so the legal risk factor is close to zero for both of you. This isthanks to child psychology, pedagogy, science and real life experience.The child used in the illustrated stories is a blond five year old preschool girl named Emilie whousually wears pigtails. The adult is a muscular male with dark short hair who is the little girlsstepfather who met her mom some while ago. So from now on, we will be talking about an adultmale and a five year old girl while educating and illustrating. Though, and as already been written,this guide is universal and can be applied to most similar situations with children of different agesand genders.Just some last words of philosophy before we actually begin:If you are a true paedophile, then you got the greatest gift on earth! Adults can be beautiful,certainly. But a child is even more beautiful! Because children are very special. They are small likedolls, innocent and pure like salt of the earth, clean and round, fresh and pink, and they make usgo “aw” all the time. Children are harmless, they do not judge you, they do not care about yourlooks, they only care about your inside, they do not care about your social status or your money,they do not have a second agenda, they just love you fully and truly regardless – unconditionallyand genuine. They always smell sweet, they are always soft like velvet – they are true living dolls.No adult can beat that! And many of them need you and are waiting for you and your unique love
  • 41. toward them as we speak. You must find these angles with broken wings, and just love them asyou where born to and put into this world to do.Happy educating, from the theme!1. Step 1 (The first physical contact)We will presume that you now have a child in your life who you love, and that he or she loves youback and feels secure about you. If you have just recently met, we want to remind you about theimportance of building a trustful friendship over a certain period of time. The longer time youspend building up this friendship, the more likely you will succeed. The amount of time to do this isvery difficult to say, since all such relationships are very different from each other – as the kids arevery different from each other too. You will need to feel your way trough this one and use your gutand common sense. In most cases, it goes just fine.The practical stepsAs soon as you are at your secret location with your little spouse, and you are meeting again tospend some time together and have fun, make sure that you are all alone and undisturbed for atleast 30 minutes or so. Then make yourselves comfortable by sitting down at a decent spot. Youshould now sit in front of the child, face to face, so you will communicate well together.The very first thing you will need to do is to introduce a new game to your special friend. What youare about to call this game is very important, because children might decide if they will or will notplay a game judging by the name alone – we also have the importance of a good first impression.Therefore you will call it: The Love Game. When a child hears a name like that, it will first of all feelit as a safe game, but it will also get really curious about it, since there are just no games in thewhole world with that special name. If you are unsure about naming the game, in case the child isvery young or it might slip its tongue in the future, you may just call it a game.The most important part of this session is to establish the secrecy. This game needs to be a secretand the child needs to understand that. Do not continue until you know for sure that the child isaware of this and understands this fully. While you are announcing the new game, tell the childthat this game has to be a secret if she wants to play it. Then ask the child if she knows what asecret is. Most children from the age of five and above should know – regardless, tell the childabout what a secret is and that this game needs to be such a secret. Do not act serious or gloomywhile doing this, or show any sort of authority, just try to act calm, kind and positive.As soon as you have told the child about what a secret is, it is very important to highlight that agame does not need to be bad or wrong just because it is a secret. Some children might look atany sort of secret as something bad and shameful – so tell the child that a secret just makes athing very special.
  • 42. Then you will have to tell a little bit about the game, but do not tell everything at once. Childrenneed to digest information more slowly than adults, so just be general at this point and feed thechild only with small spoons of information. Like tell the little one that this game is magic, specialand completely safe to play – and highlight that the children are the ones who decide everythingand that they can stop the game whenever they want to.Finally, ask the child if she would like to play this game with you.Now – read the fictional illustration.This illustration is pure literature and will show you a random sample of this step in practice basedon true stories from real life scenarios. You are obligated to read this during this education tomake sure that you know how to handle some potential surprises and see how this step could turnout in real life.A five year old girl, named Emilie, is playing in her room one late evening. Shes a blond little blueeyed beauty with pigtails on. The door to her room opens slowly, and her stepfather, Joe, enters alittle bit anxious. Emilie? He asks carefully. Yes? She turns her head fast toward him and smiles. Doyou want to come with me and sit on the rug for a moment? I wants to talk to you aboutsomething exciting. Okay! Im coming! She leaves her toys and goes the the middle of her roomwhere theres a round little rug ... along with Joe, her stepfather. They’re sitting themselvescomfortably down on the rug toward each other. Theyre all alone in the house this late evening.Joe knows about a very special and magic game. Its called the love game. This is a game thatadults and children can play together. But its a very special game, so it has to be a secret if youwant to play it. Do you know what a secret is, my beautiful Emilie? Yes. She looks up at Joe withexcitement in her face and in her voice. A secret is something that you can’t tell anyone! That’sright, my earth angel. A secret is something that only two people share together, and they can’ttell it to anyone. But a secret doesn’t have to be bad just because we can’t tell anyone. When wemake something a secret, that something gets really special and valuable, because only twopeople know about it. Do you understand that? Yes, I understand that. Well ... this game that I’mtalking about is a very special game where the children decide everything and they can stop thegame whenever they want to. The adults must ask for permission to do things, and the childrendecide if the adults are allowed to or not. And the game is not dangerous or frightening ... it’scalled the love game because two people who love each other can play it. So ... since we love eachother, we can play that game. Do you want to play this game with me, beautiful princess? Yes. Iwould like to do that. She has a very curious face at this moment. Maybe you would like to play itright now, if you want to? Okay! Her curious face ends up with a faint smile.Hooray! Your very first milestone has been reached!That was not so difficult, was it? As long as the child likes you and trusts you, or loves you dearly,she will only get excited by this new and mysterious game. Children just love to play games – and achild will quickly realize that this game is something else when an adult talks like this and beingpretty unspecific and mysterious.
  • 43. So we have now introduced the new game to the child – and you have hopefully managed to fireup some excitement in her too. Thus we are now ready to make the first physical contact.The first step is all about the first physical contact. Since sex is primarily physical – at least it willfeel so for the children – we need to first teach the child to get used to and appreciate physicalcontact with an adult way before any sexual contact and seducing.Even though if you know the child well and you have been cuddling a lot together, even huggedand kissed, do this anyway. Because you do want the child to get a secure feeling about this game– and the child will link this first impression to all your future actions.This careful approach is very important, since most children will get scared if you startimmediately to seduce them sexually – and then they might just freeze to ice and get permanentlyscared about it.If you do not know the child that well, or if you have not been cuddled any together, make surethat you take things really slow. Going on too fast or intense here might scare the child away – andmaybe destroy any chance of having sex with her permanently.Where do we start on the child?Children are very sensitive to physical contact, especially if they are not used to it. The mostsensitive part on the child is its head and face – so do not, in any circumstances, start off by kissingthe child on her face or on her lips, since that might cause rejection or fright.So you want to start out by touching and kissing the least sensitive part of the child, the partfurthest away from the face and head, and that is the feet.We know that the feet are actually a very sensitive part of the child. But when we are talkingabout sensitivity in this case, we are talking about the psychological sensitivity toward closeness toother humans – especially adults. Since their heads obliviously have sight, hearing and taste, theywill feel any closeness to that part as very close – and for some, it is too close if they are not usedto your or any close physical contact. Thus why we are now going to first focus on the childs feetthat are furthest away from the head.This is playing safe, and it should be done at first regardless of the relationship you have with yourlittle spouse.As you watched in the literature, Joe asked Emilie at the end if she wanted to play the game rightaway. You do not need to play it right away – it might be that you do not have the time for it or isvery unsure about all this – but we recommend doing it. If you should need or want to split thesession here, we recommend that you do the whole step again, from the beginning, the next timeyou meet.Starting the game for the first time
  • 44. Before you begin the game, try to find a prop that the child can sit on, like a big cushion or a softchair that is comfortable, so that you can sit on the floor or on the ground in front of the child witheasy and comfortable access to the childs feet. This is not required for this step and session to becompleted though, in case you should not have access to any of this – this is only arecommendation.Start the game by telling the child that this game is all about touching each other and playing withour bodies, and doing this in a way that feels very special, good and exciting for both. Also repeatto the child that the children are the ones who are in charge and decide everything in this game.Then ask the child gently if you are allowed to play with her feet.This will sound very harmless and fun, so the child will most likely allow you to do it. If the childhas socks or any footwear on, you must also ask the child if you are allowed to take it all off.As soon as you get your hands on the feet, start off by just studying them while complimentingthem. If you have not taken a close look at children feet yet, they will definitely feel cute andspecial.This easy start is important for the child’s feeling of trust and security toward you and this newgame. The child will probably giggle a lot during this session, because of tickling on the feet, butthis will just give the child a very positive first impression.Just play with her bare feet for a little while and just feel them gently with your hands all over –but stay at her feet only for now.After a couple of minutes or so, start to feel her feet erotically. If you are unsure about what thatmeans, just feel them slowly and gently while you are smiling at the child and making a kind andromantic eye contact. Then start to feel the lower leg under her knees too, but not above herknees during this session.After a couple of minutes or so with some erotic feeling of her feet and lower leg, and some sexyeye contact, you can carefully ask the child for permission to hug and kiss her feet. Since the feetfeel mentally distant to the child, you should get permission to do this.Warning! (This is really important!)This kind of touching, kissing and licking is fated to make a sexual tension inside you – especially ifyou are a paedophile newbie. This means that you already, at this early point, will need to startthinking about self control and self discipline. We can promise you that this will only get harderfrom now on.What we are saying here is: do not masturbate in hide or breathe heavily, or in any way actunusual at this point. You do not want to scare the child away. Even the child itself might feel asexual tension in her body when you are feeling and kissing her feet in this way. She might alreadybe known to masturbating and sexual feelings. So even if she invites you to feel her at other places,
  • 45. or even see her genital, you still need the self discipline at this point and tell her that we maybecan do that later.Just start off by slowly hugging her foot while you smile at her. Then start very carefully to kiss thetoes. Try to read the child’s face while doing this: if you sense any negative reactions, stop at once.If the child still smiles and looks well, you may start kissing the foot underneath it. Probably a lot ofgiggling is to be heard.After a lot of kissing, start carefully using your tongue to lick the foot that you are holding. Makethe kisses more present and less discreet – and finally start to suck on her toes while you continueto read the child’s face and her reactions to what you are doing.You really need to feel your way trough this step, because children are very different from eachother. In most cases, this goes just fine without any problems or rejections. Just be careful not toeat the foot up at once – just kiss, suck and lick it gently and increasingly.It might be difficult to hold the feet still if the child feels tickling, because then she might retracther feet while giggling. Just be patient and do not hold the feet with any force, just try to make itall a very funny and laughing part of this new and exciting game.Work on the feet for about five minutes or so from there – but not much longer. After the time isup, try to naturally shut the game down by telling the child that the game is over for now. If thechild insist on having the feet licked more, do not hesitate. As we have been into before: thechildren decide everything in this game.If the child wants to know why the game stopped, you can tell the child that this is how the gameworks, and the next time you play, something new and exciting will happen.Now – read the fictional illustration.This illustration is pure literature and will show you a random sample of this step in practice basedon true stories from real life scenarios. You are obligated to read this during this education tomake sure that you know how to handle some potential surprises and see how this step could turnout in real life.Before Joe confronted little Emilie with the new game, he had in advance bought a squaredcushion thats approximately 2.5 feet high. He surprises Emilie by taking it into her room. Wow! Isthat for me? She asks with surprise and a happy face. Yes ... and this is going to be our specialcushion for our new game. Joe puts it down on the floor ... and Emilie begins immediately toinvestigate it. Are you ready to start the new game now? Yes, I’m ready. She turns toward him andis very engaged. Okay ... cool. He sits himself down in front of her so he gets down on her physicallevel. Okay, princess. This game is all about touching and feeling each other, and playing with ourbodies, so it feels nice and special. And as you remember, the children are the ones who decideeverything because they’re the smallest, so the grownups aren’t allowed to be in charge when weplay. This is a rule. So therefore I’m now going to ask for your permission: am I allowed to play
  • 46. with your feet? Yes. She gets a little bit confused, but still excited and smiles. Okay ... nice. If yousit yourself down on the cushion toward me, I can start to play with your feet. Emilie jumps up onthe cushion, and she now sits on top of it toward Joe with her feet in their sandals dangling infront of him. Why do you want to play with my feet, Joe? Because they’re so special andbeautiful ... just like you are. Am I allowed to take off you sandals and socks? Yes. Emilie still beingexcited, and raises her feet toward him. Joe gently takes of one sandal ... and then the other. Atlast, he pulls off both her socks. Then he has two cute little nude children feet in front of him. Youneed to understand something, my beautiful Emilie, that children are very special. So are thesefeet. They’re so soft and cute, and I just can’t wait to start playing with them. Is it going to tickle?Emilie smiles widely. It might tickle a bit, but you should just relax now, because you rememberthat this game is all about touching each other so it feels good and fun ... okay? Okay. Joe is justfeeling her feet gently with his hands at first, while Emilie is biting on her lower lip and looks athim. Eventually he starts to feel her feet in a sensual way ... the giggling begins carefully. It feelsgood ... I like it. Hes touching and feeling the lower leg and foot now ... slowly, erotic and caring.Emilie? Am I allowed to carefully hug and kiss your cute little feet? Okay. She giggles. He carefullykisses her right foot while he looks at her facial expression ... but there’s nothing to worry about,she’s smiling widely and giggling with her little girl voice. Then he sticks his tongue out and startsto lick her toes ... and eventually licks underneath the foot ... while still carefully monitoring herfeelings. She doesn’t seem to mind this at all, so he starts on the more intense part of the foot play.Eventually he has half her foot inside his mouth while sucking on it really good. But suddenlythings start to get a little bit too hot and he begins to feel a sexual tension build up inside him. Heknows that it’s time to cool it down and quit the game for now. Joe, you’re eating my foot! Shesspeaks with a giggling voice. Dear God! I’ve never tasted something as sweet, cute and soft as achild’s foot before! It’s still there, Emilie, I only tasted it. And now I’ve fallen in love with these twolittle ones. He hugs her left foot while holding them both and feeling them gently. Well ... that’s itfor now. The game is over for now. But we can play it again tomorrow, or anytime soon, if youwant to ... and then we can try do do new and exciting things together, like this? Okay. Emilie hasthat rare pleasant look in her face ... a face Joe hasnt seen before. Maybe she felt something too?Congratulations – the first step is done!Now the child can have some time to think about what just happened, think of the positivefeelings and all the fun she had, and she will most probably not be able to wait until next time –which is the second step, by the way.What we are doing here is taking things step-by-step, hence the name of this education. You arebuilding up trust and mystics, erotic excitement and love, piece by piece, in the child’s mind.If you sensed any kind of unsureness within the child during play, or if you do not know the childthat well yet, then we recommend that you repeat this step one more time, or even several times,until the child seems safe about this. If not, you can just move on.How long to wait before going to Step 2?
  • 47. A day or so should do it. The child will then have some time to think about and digest what justhappened – and the waiting will work as a teaser too. It does not matter if you need to wait a bitlonger than one or two days, but if you wait several days, or even weeks, it would be best to gotrough the first step one more time before you continue on the next one – as in doing both stepsin one session.If you do not want to lick the feet, you actually do not have to. But it is strongly recommendedthough, since it will be an important part and start of this step-by-step education. And thereshould be no real problems regarding licking children feet – every paedophile should want to dothat and enjoy it enormously.Remember, when the game is over, to remind the child about the game being a very secretbetween only you and her. So now you have told the child about this three times, and it thereforeshould stick for a while – at least until the next time.This might frighten you a bit, but we do need to inform you about it: Children might know what asecret is and that they need to keep it between only the two of you. But some children might thinkthat telling other people that they have a secret is okay, as long as they do not tell the secret itself.Obviously, this might raise red flags among other adults, hearing that you have a secret but do notknow what it is because the child refuses to tell about it. Therefore you might want to considertalking a little bit deeper about secrecy with the child, like highlighting that no one can know thatyou have a secret to begin with. It all depends on the childs intelligence and age. Still though, youhave not done anything illegal at this point. And you will not be doing anything illegal for a decentwhile either. So you will pretty soon see how this issue will turn out. Just so you are warned andprepared.You should also be aware of the fact that any long term secrecy is highly unpredictable in anysituation. In other words: it is impossible to know what the child might do with this secret when heor she gets older toward youth and adulthood. But this guide is made in a way that makes childlove very consenting, harmless and beautiful. So it is unlikely that this will be a problem if thingsare done right.We hope that you and your little friend had a good time and much of fun together with this step.And we wish you all the best on the second one. We will be seeing you there.2. Step 2 (The second physical contact)Welcome back! So you are ready for the second step?We are now going to take the first step a little bit further, but not too far though. As you havepreviously learned, our primarily intention is to make sure that the child is safe and feels safeduring its small steps into a big world of lust and sexuality – and toward the final goal of makinglove for the first time.
  • 48. We will start off by first telling a little bit about this step:This step is about closing into the more sensitive parts of the child. We have already made the firstphysical contact, so the child is now used to such contact with an adult as an exciting and funnygame, so therefore she will not get any big surprises during this step.We are still going to play with the child’s body, without braking any laws yet, and taste it while weare on our way to heaven itself.Before we start on the actions that you are going to do in this step, you should be aware of oneimportant thing:If you sensed, or still sense, any kind of insecurity within the child, please repeat the the first stepone more time or as many times as it takes for the child to get more secure about this. Since everychild and every relationship is different from each other, the tempo that you will need to followmight be some different from this guide. If you should be insecure about if you should repeat it ornot, it is much better to repeat that step, exactly as it is, rather than moving on while the childmight not be ready for it. Repeating step 1 will be an insurance regardless, unless you arecompletely sure about this.We who have made this guide have a responsibility toward the children, but so have you who areputting it into practice. Please be careful and sensitive toward the little angel doll of yours.In the last step you introduced a new game to your little friend and you played that game for thefirst time. You felt and tasted the child’s feet, and we bet the child liked it just as much as you did.We are now going to another part of the child, but we are still going to do the same actions as inthe last step – more or less.As you remember from Step 1, we said that the most psychological sensitive part of the child is itshead and face. Therefore we started at the feet that are furthest away. Now we will beconcentrating on the arms – and maybe we will get our hands on the tummy too if the child wantsto go that far. We cannot see any good reasons for the latter to be a problem, unless the child is abit insecure.The practical stepsThe next time you meet and are all alone together at your secret or preferred location, and thatyou have at least 30 minutes of undisturbed time together, ask the child if she would like to playthe game again today.Now you will need something for the child to lay down on, like a bed or a coach. It is importantthat the child rests during this step and feels safe and comfortable in your hands. Though, asbefore, this prop is actually not needed for this step to work out. Just make sure that the childrests comfortably down on its back wherever you are.
  • 49. Remind the child about the important rule that the children are the ones who decide and can stopthe game whenever they want to. You should actually do this at the start of each step, regardlessof being a repetition of a step or a brand new step.Tell the child that the last time you played this game, you where playing with her feet – but nowyou want to play with her arms. Tell her that you would really like to feel them, smell them, andmaybe kiss them carefully if you are allowed to. If she should ask why you want to do this, becausethat might happen, just tell her that her arms are just as special as her cute and beautiful feet.Compliments always help and should be used during these steps.If the child consists, ask for permission to undress her so her upper body gets nude – but nothingmore of course.The child might actually react negatively to undressing. If she does, ask to only take of her sweaterand leave her t-shirt on. Or just ask her if she would like to pull up the arms of her sweater, if shelooks very insecure about this. If she is already in a t-shirt, you really do not need to undress her atall. But this might be a good time to just test her a bit and see how far she is willing to go. In mostcases, the child will not mind at all undressing her upper body.If the child should ask if she should take of her pants too, or even get all naked, because the childmight already feel that she is ready for this, just say that we maybe can do that later.Now you should have a half nude child in front of you. That is not bad considering that we are onlyon the beginning of Step 2 and have not broken any laws yet – in most parts of the world at least.Remember what we have talked about earlier when it comes to self discipline – having a half nudechild in front of you in this setting might fill you with sexual lust. And it might get even worse whenyou begin on her arms. As before: do not masturbate while doing this. Act natural and usual, andtry to hold off until later. Also try not to shake or breathe heavily. If you think that this will be toohard to do without getting too horny, you should consider masturbating right before this step tocalm yourself down – as an insurance.Even the child might be sexually aware and active, so she might want to go further at this pointtoo. But still, just follow the guide. If this happens, just say that we maybe can do that later – thatwill boost the security and trust that she already has toward you.Begin the game by feeling her hand a little, and then touch her arm carefully upwards until you getto her shoulder. Then go down again – and repeat this for a while, up and down. Feel her in anerotic and loving way. She will instinctively know that this is erotic.After a couple of minutes of feeling her arm, lift the arm up some and smell on it. Smell it in thesame way as you just felt her arm.
  • 50. You might want to ask the child for permission before smelling and kissing it, even though thechild already has consisted. This will make the child feel as much safe and secure as possible, thusmake the ride to heaven go as smooth as possible.After a minute or so of smelling her arm, you can begin to kiss it very gently and carefully.Kiss carefully and shallowly at the beginning. Try to read her face while kissing it, as we have beeninto before, to see how she reacts to this. Kiss in the same way as you touched and smelled it.If she signals a negative reaction to this, just continue feeling her arm with your hands a littlelonger before you try again. If that does not help, shut the game down slowly and naturally, andredo this step the next time you play.If she signals a positive reaction to the kissing, or being neutral, you can taste the arm a bit furtherand less shallowly – try to lick it and get a real good taste of this little doll arm.If you are really careful and know that the child feels very positive about this, you can also try tosmell a bit into her hair while you are at her shoulder – and even try to kiss her neck. The childmight resist a bit when you are getting that close to her head, but that is nothing to worry about,just pull respectably back. Regardless, just tell her that her hair smells really good. If she does notresist at all, just kiss her neck for a few seconds, and then kiss your way back and down from hershoulder toward her hand. This is yet a good test to see how far you can push it. But do not kissher cheeks nor kiss her anywhere on her face during this step.Children just love to be the center of an adult’s attention. In most cases, this step will go just justfine without any negative reactions or rejections – but you must try to read the childs face andfeelings.As we stated earlier, you may be allowed to taste her stomach too.If everything has gone alright so far, and the girl is happy and excited about what you have doneup to this point, ask her gently if you are allowed to kiss and taste her stomach.Actually – the stomach is a sexual zone on the children, especially on little girls right below thebellybutton. This means that children can get sexually aroused if you rub them there. But even ifyou manage to get her sexually aroused, and even get yourself aroused in the same time, you stillneed to practice self discipline and only do what this step tells you to – as mentioned several timesearlier. Please note that some children are really sensitive on this part, so they might actually getorgasms if you rub this part hard enough and long enough. We actually recommend that you stayoff this part at this point so the child do not get scared or frightened in any way. That meansstaying above the bellybutton and being careful.Start to feel her stomach carefully all over – and try to avoid the sexually sensitive zone below herbellybutton. This will most probably make serious laughter because the child will get tickled. But
  • 51. laughter is your friend during this step-by-step guide – it is like a green traffic light that indicatesthat everything is okay.Then start to hug it and kiss it in the same time as you still feel it with your hands. Just make lovewith her stomach – and keep your hands away from your genital. Neither should you touch thechild on any private parts at this time. Focus on the stomach only and keep in mind that the grandprice is closer than ever at this point.The second and last thing you can try to do beyond her arms, if the child seems to be totally okaywith what you have done so far, is to kiss your way carefully up to the childs breasts and nipples.Just kiss and suck a little bit on the nipples, just a few seconds, before you get down to thestomach again. This might be a little bit risky, just as with the stomach, since some children can bea little bit overwhelmed by all this touching and kissing on their bodies. So only do this if the childreally likes this game and do not look insecure in any way. If you should be a little bit unsure aboutthis, just stick to the arms during this session.Just do all this for a while and have fun together, maybe a little bit longer than the first step. Youdo not need to rush anything as long as the child still consists and feels good about it. When youfeel like stopping the game, or as soon as your time is up, stop the game just as you stopped it inthe previous step.Warning! (This is really important!)This step must be repeated at least one more time before you move on to the next and third one.Repeat it one or two times as separate sessions – the more times you repeat this, the better.A good idea, and our very recommendation, would be to combine the first two steps the next timeyou repeat this step. That means starting on her feet, and then doing her arms – and eventuallyher shoulder and neck, her tummy, and finally her breasts.In other words: you must have at least three such sessions done in advance of the next and thirdstep.Now – read the fictional illustration.This illustration is pure literature and will show you a random sample of this step in practice basedon true stories from real life scenarios. You are obligated to read this during this education tomake sure that you know how to handle some potential surprises and see how this step could turnout in real life.The early and bright next morning, Emile is up and is ready for preschool. She opens the curtains infront of her windows ... and a beautiful little face is showing from inside the window, looking atthe twiddling birds that are hovering outside her bedroom window. Then she starts to play like shealways does every morning before her mom travels to work and Joe drives her to preschool ...until ... Emilie? Yes? She turns herself toward her bedroom door and sees Joe standing there and
  • 52. closing the door behind him. There you are, my angel doll. Joe! Shall we drive to preschool now?Joe walks toward her and sits down in front of her. My dear little baby doll, what do you say aboutstaying home from preschool today so we can play our new and special game again? Would youlike to do that? Yes, Joe! Yes! I want to do that very much! Cool. Mommy has left for work nowand were all alone in the house, so maybe we can play the game right now, if you want to? Yes!Emilie smiles and seems pretty motivated. Joe pulls the cushion to the center of the room. Today,princess, you can lie down on the cushion on your back so youll rest comfortably. Do you want todo that? Emilie goes onto the cushion with no hesitations ... and she lies herself down on her backwith her feet hanging down at the front. Are you going to play with my feet again today, Joe? Shesmiles at him. Today I want to play with something else on your beautiful little body, but only if Ihave your permission to do so. But before we can start, I want talk to you about somethingimportant. Are you resting comfortable, little one? Yes. I love this cushion, Joe ... it’s so soft. Shelooks very excited and happy now. Thats good to hear. Princess, you remember that the childrenare the ones who decide everything in this game and can stop it whenever they want to? Yes, Iremember that. Do you also remember yesterday, when I felt and tasted your cute little feet? Yes.That was very funny because it tickled! I know. But today I want to play with something else onyour beautiful and special little body. Today I want to play with your beautiful arms ... and maybekiss them a little bit. Do I have your permission to do that? If you don’t want to do it, you don’thave to. You are allowed, Joe. She smiles and look very definite. Nice. Maybe you can take off yourt-shirt so I can access your arms better? But only if you want to. Okay! She pulls off her t-shirtpretty fast ... and suddenly shes lying there with her upper body completely nude ... and giggling alittle bit. While sitting right beside her, on her left side, he carefully starts to feel her left hand alittle bit. Then he starts to feel her arm gently upwards to her shoulder and downwards again ...repeatedly. My God! This arm is just like a little doll’s arm! Its so soft and cute! Emilie giggleswhile watching him feeling her. She bites on her lower lip again ... he isnt sure, but he thinks hecan sense some sensual vibes coming from her. Are you sure you’re not a doll and have beenfooling us all this time? I’m not a doll, Joe! Now you’re being silly! More giggling. Well ... okay. CanI smell and kiss your arm a little bit, baby princess? Yes! He starts to smell her soft left armcarefully, and smells the sweetest smell in his life so far. Her arm is so tiny, soft and cute too. Afterhaving smelled the arm up and down between the shoulder and the hand for a little while, hestarts to kiss and lick it very gently in the same way. Emilie seems to enjoy it very much, so hecontinues to taste it less discrete. Then he kisses further up, passing her shoulder, and smells alittle bit into her hair right before he starts to kiss and suck on her neck. Joe, what are you doingnow? She has a slightly concerned voice. He needs to control himself, so he pulls carefully back,difficult as it is, starting to get sexually aroused again. My dear angel, I hope I didn’t scare you. Areyou all right? Yes. You tasted my neck too. I know. I just wanted to taste a little bit more of you,since you are so pretty and tastes like candy. Oh my! What do we have here?! A little tummy?! Asoft and chubby little baby tummy?! He starts to tickle her tummy a little bit ... and the girlscreams out a short giggle. Do you think Joe is allowed to kiss it if he’s really careful and onlytastes the tummy this time? Okay, you’re allowed to taste my tummy. She is close to giggling again,and her smile is panoramic. He rests his head on her warm and soft stomach for a little while tocalm things down a bit ... and looks at her precious little round child face and her chubby cheeks.
  • 53. He thinks that this blond little beauty is just overwhelmingly attractive and hot. He gently puts hisright hand behind her neck and below her hair, and starts to tickle it softly. Then he just goes for it.He takes a huge jaw of her stomach, and sucking on it and kissing it. She screams and giggles of joy,and twisting her body, while it tickles. Suddenly, while shes screaming and giggling with her thinlittle girl voice, he starts to loose control. He starts to shiver and has a powerful erection inside hispants. All he wants in this world right now is this sexy little preschool body in front of him ... but healso knows that he can’t destroy the most important thing in his life that he’s working on now. Sohe once again pulls back. Emilie, I needs to go to the bathroom now. And I needs to go there fast.So we need to end the game now. He has a shivering voice, but he smiles and tries to act casual.Emilie seems to be very happy and doesn’t care about him shivering or acting some unusual. Shegets that strange smile again and starts to touch his chest with her left hand ... like she wants morebut is a little bit too shy or doesnt know how to express it. Do you need to pee, Joe? Well ... thattoo! And then he flees the room and heads for the bathroom ... before he does something thathell regret.Congratulations – the second step is trough!Let this ending be an important reminder: as you noticed, Joe started to loose control toward theend. This kind of loss of control could have ended fatally if he had seduced this little girl and hadsex with her at this point. Such a fatal act could have destroyed any chance of enjoying sextogether in the future – in addition to have risked the childs wellbeing too. You really need tothink about self discipline before taking these steps into practice.As before, you should wait a day or so before playing it again.Arrange the game as you did at the beginning of this step and say that you would like to play it onemore time. If the child consists and wants to play it again, you can start right back on the partwhere you started to feel her arms – and continue from there. Or as we recommend, and if youshould have the time, do both step 1 and step 2 over one session.The reason for repeating this step is because it is a great insurance for the next and way morecritical step to go as smooth as possible. The next step is a huge one to make for both you and thechild, so the more you both are prepared, the more likely it will succeed.So bare Joes lack of control in mind and have fun with your little friend – and we will be seeingyou soon in the third step.3. Step 3 (Exploring the childs genital)Welcome back!We are now about to move on to the third step – and the most important and critical step of thiswhole guide. This step will also be a very big and comprehensive step, so you will really need tostay focused and concentrated during this section of the education.
  • 54. Warning! (This is really important!)When you take this step into practice, there is just no way back. This is the point of no return. Nowyou are about to brake an international law and start practicing sex with children in real life.Even though this step-by-step guide is carefully designed to make such relationships as safe and assuccessful as possible, it just can not guarantee anything. There are so many variables and factorsin sexual relationships between adults and children, and this guide can simply not handle them all– that is physically impossible.If you have any concerns about taking this step into practice, you should listen to the concerns andre think what you are about to do now, rather than later.We do not mean to be harsh about this, or scare you, but we all need to be realistic and think thistrough – not rush into it. We do actually care about you and your life, thus we are being suchdown to earth and honest toward our students.If you have much to loose, you might loose it all if something goes wrong during or after this step.Even your own health and life might be at risk. But regardless of any threats or dangers, rememberthis: high stakes make high rewards.If you have followed this guide precisely toward this point, and will keep following it just asprecisely, this step and the future ones should be perfectly safe for both you and your littlespouse(s).Most people like to share good news – so do we!As you might already have understood by now, you are now about to start practicing sex with kids.This will definitely change your life forever – also the life of your little angel. But the change will bepositive, because sexual feelings are one of the most powerful and ecstatic feelings that ushumans possess. It is the one and only drug that you can use as much as you can, adults aschildren, with no negative side effects – except for being caught of course.We want your sharpest attention on this step since it is the most critical one: the transition from abasic relationship to a sexual one.At the end of the last step we told you to repeat that step one or two times before proceeding tothis one. As you might remember, this is because it is a huge jump for both you and the child bygoing from Step 2 to Step 3. The more times you repeat Step 2, the more successful this step willbe. In the end, it all depends on how well you know each other and how close your relationship is.This step is going to be more or less like the previous ones, except for now you are going to playwith the child’s genitalia. This will be by far the most exciting part of this guide, for both of you,because now you are actually going to play with the child’s main sexual body part. So both of youwill now experience a very loving, intimate, exciting and powerful moment together.
  • 55. You might need to take this step really slow – and even do it over several sessions – it all dependson the child’s personal borders, personality and relationship toward you. The child might be bodyshy too, especially the older kids. So you might only be able to see the child’s bottom first. Thenyou might see the vagina – and eventually feel it with your hands. Or you might just get it all in onepackage during one session. As been said: it depends on the child.Because of all this, you really need to have your attention on the child and prioritize the childabove your own feelings and sexual needs during this step. You must open your senses and lookfor any insecurity, shyness or rejection. If you sense any of these, at least take things very slowlyand carefully. If any of these get really apparent, you must consider splitting the game up over twoor more sessions, as mentioned and suggested above. We will help you with splitting up the gameat the right places during this step.The child might already be known to orgasms. Either way, this session might give the child anorgasm. If this is going to be the child’s very first orgasm, the child must be mentally prepared so itdoes not get frightened or neurotic if it should happen.A child’s first orgasm can be the scariest thing ever – or the greatest thing ever. It all depends onwhat the child knows about sex in advance and what personality the child has – some children aremore experienced and/or more brave and rough than others. Though some children are veryinsecure and get easily frightened by even the smallest thing outside the ordinary. But if the lattertype of children know what an orgasm is in theory, they will definitely not get that frightened by it– even though if it should get somewhat frightening the very first time.If your child is very self secure and knows what an orgasm is in practice, and ideally is veryexperienced with masturbation, this step should be very easy for you to complete.Most children from the age of 4 should know what an orgasm is – in their own way – andtherefore not be afraid of it.Many children experience their first orgasm alone or with other children without any adultpresence. If a child gets scared by such an orgasm under these circumstances, it might affect itssexuality negatively for a long period of time and make it unsure and afraid for its own sexualityfar into its youth – and even adult life.Therefore it is ideal when an adult is with the child and is the one who are giving the child its veryfirst orgasm – and making it feel safe and comfortable during and after its very first sexual climax.This is why it should have been obligatory for adults to teach children about sex. Adult teachers atthe children preschools and elementary schools should have had such roles to teach preschoolersabout sex, and continue to practice sex with first graders during their first years. It is such a pity tobe a helpless witness to a highly disturbed world where something as natural and beautiful as sexis such a forbidden thing made so disgusting. Sex creates bonds between adults and children in away that simply can not happen in any other way. Your love together will be lifted to a level thatmatches the heavens – this is something that both you and your child will feel after this education.
  • 56. The practical stepsThe first approach you will need to make in this step is to contact your child and ask to speak withher. Make sure that you are alone and will not be disturbed for at least 1 hour – ideally 2.You may want to sit comfortable down with the child on your lap at a cozy place while talkingtogether.Do not act too serious while speaking with her, which might make the child unsure. You must beself confident and sure about this during this talk – and make it as an exciting part of your new andsecret game.Start by asking the child if she likes the game so far and if she wants to play it any further. Thismight be a good opportunity to see what the child thinks of this game in general – before youmove on to this critical step.If she should not like it, something that is not very likely at this point, you must ask why and try tounderstand what the child means. Maybe you need to take different approaches or repeat the laststeps more times – or even think about quitting, since this step is so critical, and find another childinstead. Most likely, the child will like to play it further and be very excited.Repeat to the child that this game is all about touching each other and playing with our bodies soit feels good and exciting. Tell the child that you have now played with her feet, her arms, andeven her tummy. Now you would like to look at her bottom – and maybe look at her pee-pee too ifyou are allowed to. Do not mention that you want to touch her bottom or pee-pee yet, only lookat them.If she should ask you if you are going to touch any of them, you can say that only if she wants toand allows you to – and that this would not be any dangerous to any of you. If she does not askthis, just let it be for now and continue.The older the child is, the more likely it will be body shy – not to mention brainwashed by asexually distorted culture. So use the word maybe as much as possible during this talk to give thechild a sense of control and security. In other words: the difficulty of this step will increase by thechilds age – hence why we recommend approximately 5 year olds for starters.Ensure the child that it will be only the two of you and no one else who will ever know about thisgame because it is your very special and secret game. With the older children, older than nineyears old, it would be wise to emphasize that this is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about,and that this game is harmless.If the child seems a bit unsure or negative to the idea, you can carefully feel your way trough byasking if it is all right for you to only look at some of her bottom if she pulls her pants just a littlebit down – and then take things from there or just split the game and try to go further the nexttime you play.
  • 57. If she reacts completely negative or does not want to play it at all, or even looks insulted, youmight want to consider not going any further, as in ever. If you push the child or force it, then youwill be abusing it and placing yourself and the child in huge danger. Most likely, the child will notreact like this, but the older kids might.If the child seems positive to the idea, ask the child if she wants to play the game right away.Before you actually start, you must be absolutely sure that no one sees you or will be disturbingyou for at least the next hour or so. Be sure that this session is well planned – especially if you arehaving a spouse at a secret place outdoors. You do not want anyone to open the door or pop upduring this step and session.No props are needed, but it could be nice for the child to have a comfortable chair or a cushion tosit on during the game, like in the previous step.Start the game by asking the child for permission to to see her butt. Suggest that she can pulldown her pants while she is facing away from you so you can see it better – and that she willdecide how much the pants shall be pulled down. Make sure you are in an arms length to the childfrom behind.Just let the child make the decisions, while you are only suggesting, and in general be a passiveplayer of the game with no authority. The more you manage to do this, the more likely this stepwill succeed – and without having to split the game.As soon as you see it, compliment it and study it for a minute or so. Then ask if you are allowed tocarefully feel it with your hands.Milestone 1This chapter is going to be the first one that has milestones in it. A milestone is a place where youwill need to decide, by using your social senses and common sense, if the game should be split andcontinued the next time (and next day) you play.If the child acts a little bit quiet or shy, or unsure about what is going on, the best thing to do is toshut the game down at these milestones and continue the next time. In this way, the child will beable to digest these steps and slowly get used to nudity and sexual intimacy with another humanbeings – especially adults.Otherwise, you may continue to the next milestone – and make a new decision there.If you are allowed to feel it, put both your hands on her bottom and feel and squeeze it very gently.If you ask her to bend forward, you will be seeing her vagina from behind – that will make yourheartbeat increase, as we can assure you. Carefully pull the bottom apart to see her anus – andjust continue feeling it a little bit more.
  • 58. After you have felt it for a couple of minutes or so, take your thumb and start feeling her anusopening gently. Just rub it with a light pressure up and down. Ask her if she likes it, when you aretouching her like that, to confirm that she is not uncomfortable with it.Your next question and move will be to ask to see her pee-pee – or whatever harmless and funnyname you have for the child’s genital in your language and culture.Milestone 2Now it will be great if she sits on a chair or on a cushion in front of you, so you can sit on the floorin front of her and study her vagina.Ask her if she would like to pull her pants all the way off – though it is not required for this step towork.If she has her legs together while sitting in front of you, do not try to separate them yourself or dothis by force if she should resist. Neither try to talk her into it or convince her, just let her decidethat all by her own.Just look at her vagina, as it is, and do not act too engaged or sexually aggressive.After a minute or so, ask her if she can spread her legs a bit so you can get a better view of herpee-pee. You could also be bold enough to feel her legs in a sensual way – this might really turnher on and make her horny. Though, it might scare her too – so make sure that you know she isconfident and safe enough to get her legs felt.Milestone 3If she spreads her legs, or if she did spread them at once, you will now have a pretty good view ata child’s genital in front of you.Now you will really need to control yourself and be careful.Just look at it and feel her legs a bit without coming too close to the genital, just to raise thetension and excitement in her. Getting her horny is a very constructive thing for this step, thoughnot required.The girl might just explode too. Not literally though! She might be known to masturbating, and youmight have turned her seriously on by now, so she might just go straight for her vagina with hertiny little doll hands. In that case, you are a really lucky man or female.Most likely, she will just be sitting there in front of you pretty quietly with an excited look in herface – and you should just continue feeling her legs and looking at her vagina while complimentingit.You might also compliment her looks, her face, her body too. Little girls, especially, need this to beself confident sexual beings.
  • 59. After a minute or two of studying her vagina with her legs spread, ask her gently if you are allowedto touch her pee-pee if you are very careful with your fingers.Do not tell her or act like you really want to do it, since that might put a pressure on her – just askcalmly and give her room to decide.Milestone 4Ask her to come a little bit closer if she is not close enough. Spread her legs gently if their not fullyspread already. Just act calm and slowly, no fast or aggressive moves, since children are verysensitive to adult behavior in general.Do not rush it – take your time and start off by just feeling her inner ties very gently. Then workyour way in toward her holy cherry.Now it is a good time to go trough some facts and tips regarding a little girls vagina, if you havenot been into one before. You should read trough this regardless of your knowledge so you do notmiss out on anything important.A little girl’s vagina is basically similar to an adult womans vagina. Though, it is smaller, hairless,and feels way more cleaner and nice. It has two outer lips that is more or less closed together,which make that typical chubby little girly pee-pee with a crack right in the middle of it. These lipscan be opened to each side – and you do not have to be afraid of hurting the girl, the vagina isvery soft, elastic and flexible this way.When you open these lips, you will see the vagina canal entrance at the bottom and a little tipright over the canal that is the little girl’s clitoris and urine tube. The clitoris will expand when thegirl is aroused, and the vagina canal might get lubricated – even a stream of lubricating substancemight come slowly out of its lower part.Do not stick your fingers or any objects into the vagina canal now. This version of the step-by-stepguide does not support any sort of penetration into the child’s vagina and anus, as this might givethe child pain and even physical damage – thus destroy the important love and confidencebetween you.Though, you may carefully use your finger to rub the vagina a little bit inside the entrance whenyou get to that point – but as soon as the child says ouch, or anything like that, just apologize andthen be more careful.You can rub the whole vagina with your fingers or hands pretty hard with the confidence of nothurting anything. You would be surprised to know how hard little girls are rubbing themselveswhen they are masturbating – especially if they get really horny while doing it.Remember that the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the vagina. Playing with the clitoris mightgive some really interesting results, and pretty fast sometimes.
  • 60. If the girls vagina gets lubricant, just smear the lube all over the vagina and use it to youradvantage. You can also smell and lick your fingers while doing this – kiddie pussy juice is heaven.Just do whatever you want to with the vagina, or the penis, by using your fingers, as long as thechild is older than 1 year old and that you do not penetrate anything. Regarding little boys andtheir penises, you must be very careful with the testicles while rubbing – and try to avoid pullingback the foreskin, as that might cause pain.While you are feeling her inner ties, it is a good time to prepare the child for its first orgasm. Soask the little one if she has ever played with her pee-pee before with her fingers or hands.If she has, ask her what happens with her body when she does that. And then you will get theanswer. If she describes an orgasm in any way, you can just ask her if she wants to feel that rightnow – and we bet that she will want one.If she has not played with her pee-pee before or seems not to have experienced an orgasm yet, oranything close to it, you must tell her what might happen when you start to play with her pee-pee.Because an orgasm might just happen.Try to avoid the word orgasm, in case she should let her tongue slip among other kids or adultslater on.Actually we recommend telling her about this anyway, just to be on the safe side – you will thenbe giving her an explanation to what is happening with her body when she plays with her pee-pee.Most children would want to know this regardless.Explaining masturbation and orgasm to a child is actually very easy. Tell the child that it might feelreally nice when you start to feel her pee-pee, and that she will feel this nice feeling all over herbody. Emphasize that this is a good feeling and that she does not have to be afraid of it – it is aperfectly normal feeling that is very funny and feels very good. Tell her that It feels even muchbetter than eating candy. Wow, she will think then.Then tell her that this nice feeling might get so nice that she might start to shiver a bit and feelsomething strange happen to her body. But once again, it is not dangerous. Tell her that she canhold your hands while you give her that good feeling, and that you will be right beside her andlook after her while it happens.It will regardlessly feel safe for the child to have something and someone to hold on to if thefeelings get a little bit out of hand, which a very strong orgasm might do. Both children girls andboys are fully capable of multi orgasms, which means that they might get a series of orgasms in arow and really loose control.And that is all, really.
  • 61. Now she will know what might happen with her body when you start to play with her pee-pee.And she will know that this is not dangerous – and that you are there to hold her hands and beright by her side if it should feel a little bit too much for her.To begin with, feel three fingers up and down over her vagina while the middle finger is gently intothe crack and slides over her clitoris and her vagina entrance. Just do this for a while and see howthe child reacts.The child might begin to moan and twist her body, since you are now stimulating the little angelsexually. But this really depends on the child itself, since all the excitement and what we callpositive fear might hold back the sexual feelings during this first sexual play. Just do not expect anorgasm right away – but on another hand it can happen pretty fast too if you are really fortunate.Actually, what you choose to do with her vagina is more or less up to yourself and your owncreativity, as long as the child continues to consist and that you are taking things slowly and gently.Enjoy this powerful moment and just explore the vagina as long as possible. You will love it, andthe child will love it too – that is the beauty of teaching children about sex.As soon as the child starts to moan or show arouse, or after a while of exploring with your handsand fingers, you may ask the child if you are allowed to kiss her pee-pee.Milestone 5We do not see any reasons for why she would not want you to do that at this point, since she hasalready allowed you to touch it, so we will assume with great confidence that she will give you thepermission that you will need to do her orally.Now you can start to taste her – but be careful not to stick your tongue too far inside her vaginacanal. Just lick her vagina like a sweet and cold lollipop ice on a hot summer day. You will drive hermad, and even drive yourself mad in the same time. She might also giggle a lot since it might tickleher, but that is just fun.To be on the safe side, grab her hands, if she wants to, and hold them tightly so she will feelsecure and have something to hold on to if she gets her first orgasm – and especially if it getstotally out of control, which might happen with little kids who are very horny.Now you are probably wondering how a man can survive something like this without gettingcompletely mentally insane?We would have been out of our minds if we had demanded you to not grab for your penis in asituation like this. It would have been like telling you to go out from a cliff, and demanded you notto fall.We have three words for you now: Go for it!
  • 62. Either you are a man or a woman, now you are allowed to masturbate – the child will be occupiedwith getting her vagina licked like mad. But still, please be discreet and try your very best not toshow it. If you are able to rub your pants only, that will be the best. Thus it might be a wise idea toput on a condom in advance, and use pants that are pretty soft and elastic.This does not mean that you must masturbate, but that you are allowed to if you can not holdback anymore.If the child gets an orgasm, and this is the child’s first one, be sure to hold the child’s hands tightlywith either both of your hands or just one of them, depending on if one of your hands is busy ornot. If you are able to, tell her not to be afraid and just let it come, as soon as you sense that she isabout to get one. The general signs of an orgasm among children are: uncontrolled shiver andkicking with their legs, heavy breathing, and a crying like moaning.Here comes a really important note: the child might start to cry during or after its first orgasm.Your first thought would normally be to panic and think: what have I done now? But do not panic.This is not dangerous at all and the child is not in any real pain or fear.Children might cry when they do not know how to express their feelings in words. A first orgasmmight give a child so strong feelings that the child does not know how to express them, except forcrying a little bit. Do not feel bad or get afraid about it, just lift the child onto your lap and comfortit. Tell the sweet little child that she is a big girl now and there is nothing to be afraid of, becauseyou are there to comfort her.This might sound cruel and less emphatic, but children are children, they do cry a lot – and cryingis rarely any signs of real pain or fear, just their way of expressing complex feelings.She will be just fine if this happens as long as you are there to comfort her. So do not misinterpretsuch a reaction or panic if it should happen.After the orgasm, if she gets one, it would be a great time to shut the game down for now. Just lickit a little bit more, so you do not waste any holy juice, and then shut the game down naturally.Try to smile at her to calm her down and reassure her that everything you both did right now andeverything that happened is okay and just fine. Feel her body a little bit as you shut the gamedown and ask her if she liked it and if she is all right.Hold her tightly and comfort her if she needs to.If the child does not get an orgasm, you can just lick her as long as you like – just use your time toplay with her body and vagina. A good time to shut the game down could be when you get yourown orgasm inside your pants.You might want to lick her butt during this step too. Please feel free to do exactly that if you wantto. Just feel and lick her all over the genital and butt. But do not kiss or lick her face during thisstep.
  • 63. Warning! (This is really important!)Please note that bacteria and general dirt from the anus might infect the childs vagina whilecombining the two during sex play. Any infection in this area will cause discomfort for the childand might put yourself under suspicion. To avoid any potential vagina infections during such acombination, always wash your hands and wipe the childs anus with some wet baby tissues, orany mild genital cleaning products, in advance. This also regards bacteria from your hands if theyare not clean during vaginal play only.If the child does not want to shut the game down, you could always play it even longer thanplanned. This is, regardless, a very positive sign and means that the child really loves the game andis very sure about what both of you are doing together.If the child would like to see your genital, tell her that she maybe can do that the next time youplay – but only if she asks.As been written before: this guide is designed with a five year old preschool girl as the mainexample – and it is optimized for children girls in this age group. Still, this guide is universal andshould fit every child between approximately five and twelve years old, either if you are a man ora woman, or if the child is a boy or girl.When having sex with a little boy or an older child, it should not be any difficulties converting thewritten situation in real time.Now – read the fictional illustration.This illustration is pure literature and will show you a random sample of this step in practice basedon true stories from real life scenarios. You are obligated to read this during this education tomake sure that you know how to handle some potential surprises and see how this step could turnout in real life.Its late afternoon the next day, and Joe has arranged for him and Emilie to be alone for a coupleof hours. Joe had grabbed the opportunity to go through the next and most important step in theguide when he suddenly got the chance to be all alone in the house with his stepdaughter. Hesnow sitting on the cushion inside Emilies room, leaning his back toward the wall, with Emilie onhis lap. My pretty little angel, what do you think of our special and secret game so far? It is veryfunny, Joe! I like it very much! Good. Do you want to play it more and do new and exciting stufftogether? Yes, Joe ... I want to do that. Thats cool to hear. You know that this special game thatwe have together is all about touching each other and playing with our bodies so it feels good? Yes.It is very funny because it tickles! Emilie smiles at him. I know, I know. By now, I’ve been playingwith your cute little feet, your soft little arms, and even your cute little tummy. Now I would like tolook at a very special part of your body ... and that is your butt ... and maybe look a little bit atyour cute little pee-pee too ... if I’m allowed to. Emilie gets a serious look in her face, but a smile isstill shining somehow trough. Grownups aren’t allowed to touch the childrens pee-pee, Joe!Mommy has told me that! Oh. How about we brake that foolish rule and do it anyway, because its
  • 64. so exciting, and then keep it as our precious little secret so no one will ever know about it? Emiliegets a little bit quiet for a while, still looking seriously at Joe, but eventually confirms carefully.Okay. This is a special game, you know, and this is not dangerous at all to do ... its only a stupidrule that some grownups have made. So are you cool with this, do you allow Joe to see thesespecial and secret parts of your body? Yes, youre allowed to. Emilie smiles with one fingerchildishly in her mouth. Cool. Maybe you can stand over there with your back toward me, andthen pull your pants down a little bit so Joe can see your butt? Joe points at the middle of theroom Okay! Emilie jumps down from Joes lap in excitement, and ends up in the middle of theroom with her back toward him. Are you ready, Joe? Oh my God. I hope so. Just kidding! Joe getsdown on his knees right behind her. Are you sure you’re okay with this? If you don’t like this, youdon’t have to play it anymore. You’re allowed to, silly Joe! Emilie giggles and seems to be ready tostart off the game. Dear God. Inch by inch, her little kiddie bottom gets revealed. Joe sees thisbright, soft and hairless butt reveal in front of him ... and he already can feel the sexual tension inthe room. Emilie is very engaged while she giggles. And there it is! A child’s bottom right in front ofhim ... completely revealed ... with the pants pulled all the way down to her feet. Oh my God,Emilie! Joe is starting to feel the pressure and is only inches away from grabbing her bottom andsqueezing it. But he reminds himself of the very importance of self discipline in this step ... andstays off. Though, he must feel her a little bit so he grabs her tiny soft arm carefully and strokes it.That is one beautiful little bum Emilie! Emilie giggles more now and hides her face with her handswhile being a little bit shy and embarrassed. Emilie, do I have your permission to carefully feelyour butt with my hands? Joe is still stroking her arm and acts gently with a soft and sensual voice.Okay. Why not. She giggles even more. Nice. Why don’t you take your pants all the way off andcome with me to our special cushion? Then you can lie comfortably down on your stomach so Ican play with your beautiful little butt. Do you want to do that? Okay. Emilie goes straight to thecushion after Joe moves it to the center of the room. And all the way off the pants go. Emilie issuddenly standing there half nude and scratching her butt while looking at Joe with a that rarelook again, and flirting behind those beautiful innocent children eyes ... not that innocent after all,it appears. Are you sure Joe is allowed to carefully play with your butt for a little bit? Yes! Silly Joe!The room gets quiet when Emilie gets on the cushion. The excitement in that girl is rising by everyminute ... she is definitely ready for this. Joe is just sitting there with his fleeting look, almost cantbelieve whats happening, also being a little bit afraid of the feeling of loosing control again. Butnow he knows that masturbation is allowed and safe to perform ... which increases the sexualtension even more. He carefully puts his right hand on her right bottom part, feeling the softestand most elastic little thing ever ... a child’s warm butt! He uses his other hand to feel her left tieup and down, to raise the tension and temperature inside her. My God! Do you like it when I dothis, Emilie? Mm, I like it very much. She answers a little bit quietly. He opens her bottom carefullyand sees this pink tiny hole getting revealed. He continues to have his hands in motion and feelsher butt in a circular move. Emilie closes her eyes and seems to enjoy it, obviously feeling very safeand confident in Joes hands and presence. Wow! Nothing can beat this softness, cleanness andcuteness, Emilie! My perfect little doll. The beauty of this body position is that her child vaginashows from beneath. And what’s even more beautiful is that he can now see a tiny stream ofnatural lubricant coming out from the inside of her vagina, making it glance. He takes his thumb
  • 65. and starts to rub her anus very gently up and down. Emilies body gives an instant and intensiveshake right when the thumb presses against her anus opening. He can hear that her breathing isincreasing a little bit, and he just knows in relief and enjoyment that this is going in the rightdirection. He can feel the sexual tension himself and gets concerned about how strong this feelingreally is now, and how difficult it would be to just stop now, so he tries to concentrates as much aspossible on self discipline. Emilie, can you be a good little girl and get up on the cushion and turnaround toward Joe? Without much as a reply, nor much of hesitation, Emilie jumps up on thecushion and turns around toward Joe, with excitement glowing out from her big doll like eyes andround face. Do you think Joe is allowed to look closer at your beautiful little pee-pee, little darling?Okay. Emilie replies immediately and moves fast ... obliviously consenting. She sits down in frontof him and spreads her legs wide open. She shows her vagina to Joe, while biting on her lower lip,with great pride and total engagement to this game. Her lust is all the way transparent by now.She suddenly looks dead serious. Joe is trying to keep track of space and time while staring rightinto a lubricated little five year old girl’s vagina. He continues to feel her ties while just glancing atthe cherry ... lost for words and ready to get all over her. After a little while of just enjoying theview, he asks her: Do you think Joe can touch and feel your pee-pee with his fingers, if he’s reallycareful? Emilie hangs for a few seconds, while staring deeply into his eyes. It looks like she’s a littlebit unsure. But then: Okay. While Joe feels her with his hands, closer and closer toward the vaginaon the inside of her ties, he uses the opportunity to prepare the little girl for an orgasm. Emilie,have you ever played with your pee-pee before? He asks with a clam voice. Yes. It feels really good,Joe, when I play with it! What happens to your body when you play with it for a while? It feels sogood that I can’t stop. And then something strange happens to my body, but it feels so good so Ilet it happen. Thats perfectly normal, Emilie. Everyone feel just like that when they play with theirpee-pees. This is a gift that we humans have gotten from God ... and we can do this as much as wewant to. Its not dangerous at all ... everyone should do it all the time. Do you want Joe to give youthat nice feeling now while we’re all alone and playing our secret and special game together? Yes.She replies with moderate confidence. Without ever before having touched a little child’s vagina,he just lets his three fingers glide from the bottom and upwards over the lubricant vagina ... firstover a little hole and a tiny crack ... and then over this little mountaintop of an expanded clitoris.Then something happens with Emilie ... she starts to moan with a crying voice while twisting herhip a bit. Joe continues for a little while, stroking his three fingers up and down over this totallywet kiddie vagina, while seeing something huge and powerful build up inside this little living doll ofhis. He just knows what’s about to happen now! I know that you like this now, Emilie. I like it too.So do you think Joe can lick and suck on your pee-pee now, just like he did on your cute little feetand toes? I promise you that it will feel very nice. Mm. She replies with her crying voice behindsealed lips and moves her hip toward Joe. She lifts her legs up and is ready to squeeze her hiptightly around Joes head.She just knows what’s going on ... and she knows what she wants and needs! Now he really didloose track of time and space! He could even feel the sweet smell from her vagina right before helaid his whole mouth over it and started to lick and suck it like nothing else. Soft and wet, salty andjuicy, sweet as a spring morning in Hawaii. This is something that he could have done forever
  • 66. without stopping ... a slight peace of heaven right there. It smells sweet and horny. It tastes evenhornier.Emilie drops herself backwards and falling heavily down on the cushion with a face of delight ...surrendering herself sexually to a huge aggressive male ... letting herself get conquered ... andloves every bit of it! The little girl starts to breathe and moan like a little porn star, and twisting herhips, while Joe tries to hold her stationary so he can lick her well ... a little struggle between ahorny little girl and a horny adult man ... a struggle that only both can eventually win. Joe just can’tstop at this point! He just can’t get enough of this smell, taste, softness and wetness! Thischildishness, this innocence, these thin little girl moaning sounds. He just can’t get enough ofeating this little precious and innocent girl up! And Emilie just can’t stop moaning either ... gettingher pee-pee licked as good as it gets for the first time in her life ... experiencing something reallypowerful and exciting without any borders. Sure, this little girl child is afraid, but her hornyfeelings have taken over her body completely and she’s now on the most frightening, as in thesame time most exciting, roller coaster of her life. When the little girl feels like she just can’t takeit anymore, moaning and crying in the same time, she crouches herself forwards and grabs Joe’shead while she rides of her biggest orgasm so far ... and letting it all come out. Joe feels like cryinghimself ... doesn’t really know what’s up or down, but knows that his explosive and rock solidpenis must be emptied pretty soon. Then his right hand let’s go of Emilie.He starts to rub his pants desperately with his right hand while licking this vagina, so wet that itdrips down on the cushion underneath. Emilie gets a huge relief after her powerful orgasm. Shehad to help out a little bit with her small fingers ... after all, she’s the expert when it comes to herown vagina! So Joe is now licking both her vagina and her little fingers. He just wants to eat thewhole child up at this point! In between slurping and wet sounds, a loud male grunt is heard fromthis little girl’s bedroom.He pumps and he pumps out sperm inside his jeans like it was never going to end. He’s shakingand is very close to loosing his sanity at this point, but is saved by the end of his orgasm and feelsthe same relief as Emilie obviously did ... and does. Emilie is just lying there now and trying tocome back to the livings again. She gets a little bit up and looks at Joe with this really strange look.Her face is blushed, she has tears in her eyes, and she breaths like she had ran a one milemarathon.Joe grabs for his forehead and tries to digest everything that just happened over the last fewminutes. He then gets worried about Emilie being frightened.
  • 67. Emilie? Are you okay? Yes. I am all right. This was very strange Joe. My dear little Emilie. He grabsher hands and smiles at her. Its very important that you understand this: what we just did nowwas beautiful. It felt very nice for both of us and we both wanted to do it very much. Just think ofwhat we can experience together when we’re alone and can play together like this. Don’t listen tomommy or anyone who tells you that this is wrong. If something feels good, if something feelsright, just like this did, and no one gets hurt by it, then we should just do it. It was strange to dothis with a grownup, Joe. I havent done that before. And it felt so good that it scared me. I felt justthe same, Emilie! I got a little bit scared too! But still, it isn’t dangerous! It’s a gift from God thatwe should exploit and use as much as possible. Its the funniest and nicest thing two people can dotogether. I am not afraid anymore, Joe. She smiles again. Thats good, my angel. Do you want toplay this game again ... another time? Maybe tomorrow, if we are alone together? Yes. I want todo that. Cool. Me too. I loved it almost as much as I love you! This game is all about loving eachother and doing magic things together. This is magic Emilie. And I love you more than anything inthis world! I love you too, Joe!How about that?By now, we can only imagine how happy and satisfied you and your little spouse are – and howexcited you both are about this game – either if any of you had an orgasm or not. Even if you donot have a child in your life at this point, you should still be pretty happy about this literature –and have something to look forward to.This step does not need to be repeated, but it might be wise to still repeat it a couple of times ifyou should have the time and opportunity – this might increase the success of the next step. But itis strictly not necessary – and it should be safe to move on.Just as with any other step in this guide, wait a day or so before you move on to Step 4. Try not towait too long before you go to the next step – it is important that the child continues to stay in thissexual mood and intimate closeness to you.Have a nice day – and we will be seeing you soon in Step 4! We promise you that the fun willcontinue – and it will only get better and hotter while you work your way trough the next steps.4. Step 4 (Exploring the adults genital)Welcome back, dear students!You have now reached Step 4 of this child love education, and now something really special isabout to happen. As a continuation from the last step, you are now about to introduce your veryown genital to your little spouse – and hopefully make him or her play with it.
  • 68. Most children just love adult genitals. The curiosity and interest for this is actually overwhelming.This is because this area of our bodies is so secretive. But all children are different from each other,so it is really difficult to know for sure how a child will react to this.This chapter requires some key preparations for it to be successful. It is usually the lack of theseimportant preparations that very often leads to two very common negative outcomes:  1. Making a childs first meeting with a male penis negative, something that might destroy all your hard work up to now.  2. Leads to the adult getting caught by the law and sentenced in jail because of DNA evidence.Thus it is very important to do everything right from the very beginning of this session for it to besuccessful.This chapter will teach you in details about all these important preparations and every single stepyou will need to learn and make to get a child love your penis and love playing with it – and makeboth of you stay safe and happy into the future as lovers.The goal of this step and session is to reach two objectives:  1. Make the child see, study and explore the male penis  2. Show the child an ejaculation of semenWe will need to take things really slow here to protect the child and make sure that the child doesnot get too much to handle at once. The very first meeting with an adult penis might be a little bitoverwhelming for some children – thus you must be gradual, careful and decent toward the child.As we have been talking about before, some children are very skeptical while others are reallybrave and unafraid. Even if you should have a very brave and unafraid little spouse, do not fall forthe temptation of going further than or going past what we suggest in this step. You have alreadycome very far by now, so you must try to practice self control and self discipline to make sure thatthis education will go as smooth and successful as possible.The preparationsWhen a child is about to play with an adult penis, it will be very hard for the adult to control thesexual lust – especially if the adult is not very experienced with child love. That means it is verylikely that the adult male will have a sperm ejaculation during the play. Actually, a spermejaculation is a part of this step and play anyway, thus it is very important for both the adult andthe child to be prepared for this exciting consequence.Some children who do not know about sperm ejaculations before an exploration of a penis, willlaugh and think it is fun to watch the penis suddenly pump and spit out semen. But most children
  • 69. will not, because they where not prepared for it and got scared about it. If the latter happens,especially with little girls, you might give a child a negative first impression of an adult male penis.This might cause a child to lack motivation toward the future of this game – or even destroyeverything you have worked on so far. This might also give a child a negative experience with apenis – which might stay there for a long while into the childs youth and adulthood.The first preparation you will need to make before you start on this step in practice is to buy Kefir.It does not have to be Kefir, but any similar milk product that has the approximately samesubstance – a white color and a thickness right in between milk and yogurt. Another importantthing about this milk product is that it must be neutral in taste, which means no special taste likestrawberries or anything like that. Ideally a neutral Kefir with a white color.Therefore buy a bottle or carton of Kefir and put it in the fridge.The second preparation is to practice a very good self hygiene during this step. The children do notneed to do this, since they will taste sweet anyway. But it is very important for the adult to becompletely clean and have a totally clean penis or vagina before practicing this step. This is soimportant because children have an extremely sensitive smell and taste, especially children belowthe age of 8 – so a not recently washed adult genital, or a dirty one, will definitely make the childwrinkle its nose and stay away from it.Take a decent shower and make sure to clean your penis with a suitable soap all over andunderneath the foreskin. Also the anus. Do this the same day as you are about to practice this step– ideally right before you begin, just to be on the safe side.The third and last preparation is the awareness of semen residues. Your semen contains your DNA,which is a unique genetic code that can be used against you in the court of law as bulletproofevidence. Look at it as your unique fingerprint that will stay on anything for a very long time andbe a link to you. If anyone should find such residues later on the childs clothes or any belongings,or even on the child itself, and that these residues can be linked to you, then you are in big troubleand you will most likely end up in prison.It is therefore extremely important to make sure that you do not spill any semen on the child or onthe childs clothes unless you are able to wash all of these after the session is done or if you havetotal control over the situation in general. This is regardless extremely important for anyone whoare pursuing and establishing relationships with kids out in the field, outdoors.Okay, let us sum this up:  1. Buy a bottle or carton of neutral Kefir with white color  2. Wash your penis (under the foreskin too) and your anus  3. Be aware of and try to avoid leaving any sperm residuesThe practical steps
  • 70. As usual, you will need to arrange the game again with the child.This time you will need some decent time to complete the step, so make sure you have got at least2 hours of undisturbed time with your little spouse at your secret place. It is much better to wait afew days before you begin on this step, if you need to do that to get this ideal time, rather thanhurrying and then maybe getting caught by a surprise or frightening the child during stress.When you are finally alone with the child, it is time to talk to the child and prepare the child for itsfirst encounter with a penis.Make yourself comfortable by sitting down in front of each other and ask the child if she wouldlike to play the game again today. Most likely, the child would want to do that. Then tell the childthat you would like to do something really exciting this time, and that is to show your pee-pee toher and let her watch it and explore it. Do not mention any touching yet, we will let this happen byitself. Finally ask the child if she would like to do this.If the child should resist at this point, something that is really unlikely, try to comfort the child withthe fact that the penis is very harmless and she does not need to touch it if she does not want to.Or you can suggest repeating the last game you had together and see where things will lead fromthere.If you get a green light, then you can begin on the preparations.Start by telling the child that the adult male penis is very special and it can do special things. It isvery kind and it loves to play with little girls – or little boys for that matter. Mostly it is soft, butsometimes it can grow and get bigger and harder. If you squeeze and touch the penis, then itmight grow.Then continue to tell that the penis is very special because it has seeds in it, and these are theseeds that can create new babies when it is planted inside an adult girls tummy. These seeds lookand taste almost like Kefir, and anyone can touch it and even taste it if they would like to try that.Now it is time to ask the child if she would like to see how these seeds look like before she seesthe penis – so have the Kefir from the fridge ready and nearby. Ask the child to reach her handsout, then take a spoon and drip some Kefir into one of her hands. Do not drip too much Kefir intothe hand at once, just a few drops. Then tell the child that this is exactly how the seeds look likeand feel like when you touch it. You can tell her to lick it from her hands if she wants to. If shedecides to lick it of her hands, something that is very likely that she will do, tell her that this is howit tastes like. The Kefir will not taste anything special, but it will not taste bad either, thus the childwill get a nice first impression of male semen.Now tell the child that you would like to drip some seeds onto her tummy, so she can feel howthat is like. Ask her to dress off her upper body, and then drip some Kefir on her tummy. You canwipe it off with a cloth or some paper when done.
  • 71. Finally ask the child if she would like to have some seeds in her mouth too – and if she wants to dothat, tell her to lean her head backwards while closing her eyes. Now drip some Kefir into her openmouth from a couple of feet or so, but only a few drops so it does not feel unpleasant. Also dripsome on her face on purpose.This should be a lot of fun for both of you and a very important preparation to teach and preparethe child for the ejaculation that is about to happen pretty soon, and also for the last step of thisguide. And you will now be able to see how the child reacts to the seeds in general, and see howshe thinks of all this.Unfortunately, though it is extremely rare, some children will not like this at all. It can be severalreasons for this, but it is much better to notice this now instead of later. If this should be the case,you should really reconsider going any further at this time. Since you have already done theprevious steps with success, you could always repeat any of those and see where that leads you.Or you can show the penis to the little one and make sure it does not ejaculate – and hopefully heor she will gradually accept this. You will regardless have to think this through and then make afinal decision if this should happen.When you are done playing with the Kefir, you may ask the child if she would like to see your penisnow.This will be a very excited moment for the child, since almost all kids out there are really curiousabout male penises, or vaginas for that matter, and especially male semen and ejaculations.There are two ways of doing this, and it all depends on how close and trusting your relationship istoward each other and if you can afford spilling any semen on the child or not.  1. Having the child on your lap, ideally both being nude, with her face pointing away from you – like you would sit when watching TV close together. Then the child will be able to have your penis between her ties and legs, and easily play with it while both of you are very close and intimate. You can also shoot your semen all over the childs upper body.  2. Having the child stand or sit in front of you with her head at the approximately same height as your penis. In this way, the child will get a really close view of the penis while still having a little bit of distance from you – and you will have a much better control of where your semen will go.As you might see, the first option is for those of you who firstly have a very close and trustingrelationship with a child, and secondly do not need to be afraid of spilling any semen on the kid oron the kids clothes or belongings.The second one is the safest option since it will not be that intimate for the child and you will havefull control of where the semen is heading, as in being able to turn away from the child and pumpout the semen wherever you should find it suitable.
  • 72. You will need to make a decision based on what you feel is most right for you and your littlespouse. Beginners or first timers are recommended to use the second option – but not obligatedthough.The best thing for you to do before you begin to undress is to repeat to the child about the rulethat the children are the ones who decide everything and can stop the game whenever they wantto. This will make the child feel safe and comfy, and being in control.If you are using option 2, it is recommended that the child is the one who opens your pants andtakes the penis out. In this way, you will be creating a very excited moment and the child will havethe feeling of being a part of that excitement – not to mention having a feeling of personal controland security toward the game, since here the child can decide the tempo and how far he or shewould like to go to begin with. If the child should be a bit skeptical about doing this herself, justtake it out yourself carefully. Thus it is wise to use soft and elastic pants while doing this step.It is best not to give the child any direct orders or instructions from this point, just let her look at itall by herself and be in charge.If she does not touch it by her own after a while, you may tell her that it is okay and not dangerousat all to touch it and play with it by using her hands – and that she is allowed to do that.Another cool ting you can do is to show her that the foreskin can be pulled back, and then ask herif she would like to try that too with her little hands.You may in general suggest things carefully and talk a little bit as you go along. You can speakcalmly to her while she is exploring it, like this: “Look, there it grows. Just like I told you. Isnt thatcool?”If you have chosen option 1 and is having the child on your lap and being close together whileplaying the game, you may feel her arms, legs and pat her head to create a secure, intimate andwarm environment around you. If you have a really close relationship, you may also carefully hugand kiss her cheeks – and in general squeeze her into your body and create a really close andloving moment while doing this. Though, we recommend that you do not feel her vagina ormasturbate her, since that might distract her too much – we need the kids attention on the penisin this step.What to do further from here is actually mostly up to the child. In most such scenarios, regardlessof option chosen, the child will start to explore it carefully by first looking very intensively at it –and then start to pinch and squeeze it with its small doll fingers and hands. Some children will bemuch more brave and just grab it at once and then start playing with it seriously – it all dependson the childs personality, as we have been into before.After a while of exploration, or as soon as you feel that you are about to come very soon, tell thechild that the seeds are coming, and if she squeezes it and pulls it, it will come out.
  • 73. Then try to let the child make you come by showing her how to use her little hands, and finally lether see the seeds shoot out.Some child lovers, especially the fresh ones, might be so nervous during this step that they fail tocome – though this is pretty rare. If that should happen, do not worry, just tell the child that it didnot come now, but it might come the next time you play. Do not panic if this happens, it is normalto be anxious or nervous the first time.Some of you might be so nervous that you even fail to get an erection in the first place. That is alsonormal and nothing to panic about – since we all have different nerves. As been said, just try againthe next time and do not put any pressure on yourself.The beauty of doing this with children is that they do not and never will put any pressure on you orexpect anything from you – they just think that this is funny and exciting regardless. They are soinnocent and harmless that you should have nothing to fear at all.If you are a woman and is disappointed now because we have only been talking about penises, donot worry. The reason for not making a vagina guide for the first adult genital exploration is simplybecause the vagina will not have any of the penis functions and surprises. The vagina is muchsimpler and easier for a child to explore and play with the very first time. You can just skip all themale preparations and just show your vagina to the child and let the child do whatever he or shewants to do with it. Though, you will still need to practice a good personal hygiene, as the malesdo.Some of you might be tempted to suggest oral sex to the child during this step and session. We donot recommend this, since this might be too much for the child the first time it explores a penis.Now – read the fictional illustration.This illustration is pure literature and will show you a random sample of this step in practice basedon true stories from real life scenarios. You are obligated to read this during this education tomake sure that you know how to handle some potential surprises and see how this step could turnout in real life.Joe comes trough the front door with Emilie, on their way into their house, after having collectedEmilie from preschool a couple of hours earlier than usual ... he wants to go trough step four ofthe step-by-step guide, so he needs this time alone together. Emilie is excited because Joe hasalready spoken to her about the game in the car on their way home, and he asked if she would liketo play their secret game again this early afternoon ... and she wanted that very much. Not verysoon after they enter the house, theyre going into Emilies bedroom to play the game. Joe iscarefully locking the door behind him, just to add another layer of security in case of a surprise. Doyou want me to take all my clothes off, Joe? So that you can play with my pee-pee again? Joe takesher hands carefully and guides her down on the floor, and sits down in front of her. Today, Emilie,Joe wants to do something really really exciting, and that is something new that we yet haventplayed together. Emilie gets huge eyes while looking at Joe. Shes getting even more excited now.
  • 74. What is that, Joe? You know that we boys and men have a pee-pee too, just like you girls have,right? Yes! And that is called a penis! Emilie giggles. Right! And today Joe wants to show you hispenis so you can see how it really looks like. Emilies jaw drops a little bit, but in the same timewith a smile. Then she starts to bite on her underlip, as usual when she gets excited. Most littlegirls havent seen that before. So ... would you like to take a closer look at a male pee-pee, littleprincess? And really see how it is and how it looks like? Emilie smiles a little bit embarrassingly,and her head drops a little bit sideways. Yes. She is obviously interested, but a little bit skepticaltoo ... so Joe decides to take things very careful and gradual from there. Cool! But before you cansee it, and explore it, youll need to learn some things about it first. Okay? Okay. Im going to getsomething that Ill need to show you while you learn about the adult male pee-pee ... and this willbe funny! Joe goes down to the kitchen and gets a carton of Kefir from the fridge that he boughtthe day before as a part of the preparation to this step. He also picks up a spoon from the kitchendrawer. And He goes back into Emilies bedroom and locks the door again. That is a Kefir, Joe!Emilie points at it while Joe is sitting down in front of her again. Thats right, my little baby beauty,and youll soon know why Ive brought it here. My little Emilie ... an adult male pee-pee, that iscalled a penis, is a very special thing and its very kind to little girls. Emilie giggles again whileholding one of her hands in front of her mouth. It can do special things that are very funny ... like itcan grow and get big and hard, and it can shrink and get small and soft. It also has somethinginside it called seeds. These are the seeds that can make little babies if theyre planted inside anadult mommys tummy. The male penis can spit those seeds out if you squeeze on it or pull on itfor a while. And thats very funny! How does those seeds look like, Joe? Well, let me show you thatbefore you see the penis. Okay. Come with your hands, and Ill show you. Emilie reaches her handsstraight outwards towards Joe, smiling widely and being very interested in whats happening. Joeopens the Kefir and pours some into the spoon. Does it look like Kefir? It looks exactly like Kefir,my baby doll. Just like this. Joe pours some Kefir into Emilies hands. Its cold. I know. The Kefir iscold since it has been in the fridge all the time. The seeds from within the penis is a little warmerthough, but they both look, feel and even taste practically the same. Do you want to taste theseeds while licking it off your hands? Emilie licks the Kefir off her hands while looking at Joe with asmile and excitement in her eyes. Then she tastes the Kefir in her mouth. It tastes almost like theyogurt we eat at preschool, but this one doesnt taste anything. That is exactly how the seeds fromthe penis are like. If you take off your sweater, Ill pour some seeds on your tummy, and you canfeel how thats like. Would you like to do that? Okay! Emilie pulls of her sweater pretty fast and issuddenly sitting there with a nude upper body ... still smiling and having fun. Just lean a little bitbackwards ... and this will feel funny. Emilie leans backwards, and Joe pours some drops of Kefirover her breast and tummy. She screams a little bit and giggles. Its so cold, Joe! I know. Thereforethe seeds inside the penis is a lot nicer, because those are a little bit warmer. Emilie uses herfinger to clean up the Kefir ... and eats it. Now we can do something really funny, and that is to getthe seeds in your mouth. If you want to, you can lean your head backwards and close your eyes.Emilie does what Joe suggests without hesitating. You can reach out your tongue too if you wantto. Her pink little tongue goes all the way out, and shes laughing a little bit with her mouth openand her tongue outside. When she gets some drops of Kefir into her mouth, she laughs loudly ...then tastes it and eats it. And she opens her mouth again to get more dripped into it. She laughs
  • 75. even more when Joe drips some Kefir on her face on purpose. She continues to laugh a little bitmore while she smiles at him with yogurt dripping from her face. Wasnt that funny or what? Theseeds from the penis looks and feels just like that, and even tastes just like that. It was very funny,Joe! Would you like to see the penis now ... and explore it for the first time? Mm ... okay. Shes alittle bit unsure, but then again she still have that round and little curious face. And you rememberthat the children are the ones who decide everything and can stop the game whenever they wantto, right? Yes, I remember that. She says it quietly, but still excited. How about we both undressourselves all nude, and then you can sit on my lap and explore a penis for the first time? Emiliestarts to undress, while looking closely at Joe with her curious look while hes undressing too. Shegets her big eyes and somewhat dropping jaw again when she sees Joes big penis come out of hisunderpants, halfway stiff. He sits down on her bed while resting his back toward the wall ... andEmilie approaches him slowly, while biting on her underlip again, and crawls carefully into Joesarms. Joe lifts her up and onto his lower abdomen, and his growing penis goes straight betweenher warm and soft ties while shes looking distinctly at it while it points straight up and toward herhead by now. He starts to feel her arms and talk to her: See ... do you remember that I told youthat the penis can grow and get big and hard? Yes. And she smiles widely. Shes almost in a tranceby now, of pure excitement and curiosity. Youre allowed to touch it if you want to, and even playwith it with your small hands, but only if you want to. While smiling widely, Emilie takes her indexfinger and just touches the penis carefully one time. Then she looks at Joe and smiles. Did you feelthat? Yes, I did. And it felt nice, just as when I touched and played with your beautiful little pee-pee yesterday. Dont be afraid of touching it more, if you want to. Then she takes a brave griparound the upper part of the penis with her right hand and moves it a little bit around ... forwards,backwards and sideways ... until she lets it go, and it goes straight back to the original position,pointing up and towards her. Joe grunts a little bit, and a clear drop of lubricant fluid can be seenon the top of his penis. Is that the seeds, Joe? No, thats just a lubricant fluid, just like your littlepee-pee gets wet when you play with it. Its the same fluid. Can I touch it? She looks at Joe withher question. Sure, just put your finger in it and then taste your finger. Emilie does what Joesuggests and tastes the little fluid thats there from her finger. It tastes strange. Joe feels suddenlyan immediate and strong urge of ejaculating. Would you like to see the seeds now, princess? Andmaybe even make them come out by using your little hands? Okay! How do I do that? Let meshow you. With some light shiver in his hands, he leads her right hand to the lower part of thepenis ... and then her left hand a little bit up. Just squeeze it good with both your hands, and thenmove them up and down, just like you do when milking a cow. Emilie laughs. Like this? She sayswith her soft beautiful little girl voice and starts to masturbate the penis in a little bit flimsy way,but still effective enough. Yes, thats fine. Oh my God. This feels so good, Emilie, just like when Ilicked your pee-pee yesterday. Just continue to do this and the seeds will come. Joe starts tobreathe more intensively, but still tries to avoid scaring her, and squeezes her into his body. Hesmells into her hair and hug her soft right cheek ... while the little girl masturbates the penis withher cold and small hands. He then pats her head, hair and feels her all over her body, while shemasturbates that big male penis with lots of excitement. She leans herself into Joes chest andfeels very secure and comfortable ... and they get a very arousing and intimate moment togetherin her pink baby girl room with dolls and toys all over. Everything has to come to an end, so Joe is
  • 76. suddenly feeling a huge and powerful orgasm build up, the penis gets rock hard, and then hegrunts out and pumps several loads of semen all over little Emilie ... over her tummy, chest ... andeven some on her face. Emilie screams and giggles, and turns her head away while stillmasturbating the penis. Joe! That was so funny! How did you do that? She looks at the penis again,and suddenly gets a very strange look. Joe, is your pee-pee broken? He looks at it, and sees thatshe has managed to pull back the foreskin. And he has to laugh ... and he kisses her soft rightcheek. No, my little princess. That is just one more cool thing that the male pee-pee can do. Letme show you how. He pulls the foreskin forwards and backwards to show her. Cool! Can I try thattoo? Of course. You can do whatever you want with it. Emilie is dripping of cum, but shes tooexcited to even notice all the semen that have been spitted all over her nude little child body. Sheplays a little bit more with the penis while Joe dries the semen off her body with his t-shirt. Wasntthat fun, Emilie? Yes, I love playing with penises! Can we do this more, Joe? Look ... the next timewe play this game, if you want to do that, then we can do something really fun with our pee-pees,okay? Yes! I would like to do that! Can we do that right now? Please? Im sorry, Emilie, but wehave to wait at least one day before we play again. No! Why? Emilie gets a little bit pouty. Well,then we will have something to look forward to. Right? Then you will have something to lookforward to. Okay. She accepts it, but the pout is still hanging on her. My good little girl!And now you should be pretty much finish with this whole step.We hope that everything turned out as planned and that our professional advices have helped yougetting your very first orgasm and cum shot either with a child close to you or just in front of you.It should be a very hot and unique moment regardless.You do not need to repeat this step, since now the child should be very custom to this game,hence the next step will not be that much of a surprise or a change for the child. Still though, itmight be wise, just as Joe did at the end of the illustration, to shut the game down and make surethat the girl does not get too much at once the very first time she explores the penis – as with littleboys. So shut the game down after a while, ideally when you get an orgasm, and wait at least oneday before redoing it or going to the next step – we recommend going straight to the next step.The next and last step will be the icing on the cake and finally give you a complete child loveeducation so you can start calling yourself a professional child lover.We will be seeing you very soon in Step 5 – and so long for now.5. Step 5 (Making love for the first time)It is our pleasure to welcome you to the fifth and last step of The Mules step-by-step guide! It hasbeen a pleasure being with all of you students so far, and we look forward to guide you trough theeasiest and most delicious part of this whole guide.If everything has gone successfully to this point, this step will be easy to go trough, since this stepwill combine all the previous steps into true child love and making love with innocent children.
  • 77. Though there are a couple of new elements that this step will introduce to your game, but thisshould go perfectly fine.Warning! (This is really important!)This step might end up with the child performing oral sex on you, and even swallowing your semen.Oral sex is considered, in most parts of the world, as a complete and fully sexual intercourse. Inother words: if you should get caught by doing this, you might be sentenced for premature rapeand a fully sexual intercourse with a child as in child rape. Such a sentence will be much higher andin general way more serious compared to any other sexual play between adults and kids. Thatincludes a way longer prison term. In some parts of the world it can give you a lifetime jailsentence, especially if you get caught after several oral sex intercourses.Please take this into consideration before you start on this step. If you agree to the danger thatthis step will increase, well, then it is just to change to the next page and have a lot of fun!Since our innocent and precious little children do not have properly developed genitals, especiallylittle girls, oral sex is a very special, intimate and arousing way for an adult and a little child tomake love together and create the strongest human bonds possible. Most kids enjoy sucking onmale penises, especially little girls, because it is firstly very intimate and loving, and secondlyexciting, arousing and hot. Most kids will be instinctively horny by doing this.Oral sex is not dangerous as long as you are following this guide precisely and do not have anygenitalia health problems. It can be performed by a child on an adult as much as both can stand.This step does not need any preparations for it to be successful, since now you are mostly about topractice things that you already have done together – except for two new things:  1. Sensual kissing on the childs face, lips and tongue.  2. Letting your little spouse suck you off, as in oral sex.These new elements might not happen during this step if the child does not want to – but he orshe should manage to finally build up the braveness to do it after several plays together. So youmust be prepared to respect the childs limits and generally be patient.Please note that making love can actually be done without any penetrations, like oral sex. We willteach you all about this during this step.As we have written on the former page, you do not need to make any preparations for this step tobe successful – though, we will provide you with alternate options for this step that will requiresome preparations. What option for you to choose when you are about to make love to your littlespouse for the first time, will be very much up to your situation and personal resources. Whateveroption you choose to use, it will be just as successful as the other.Let us look at these options right away:
  • 78.  1. The easies and recommended option for first timers and inexperienced child lovers – just creating a simple but still powerful love making session while you are alone together.  2. A higher level of complexity that is recommended for more experienced users – creating a romantic environment in advance, like setting up a tent with a soft mattress in it or preparing a nice and comfy bed ready for making love, with some flowers in it and a rose on the pillow. And a jewel gift.  3. The highly advanced option – a romantic diner and dessert, dress up, makeup, perfume, candles, jewel gift, slow music and dancing. Using a whole evening. And finally go to a bed with flowers and candles all around, and make love.We are not saying that first timers and inexperienced users can not choose option 2 and 3, but wehighly recommend not using them. This is because all these options can be performed in latersessions. This choice only regards your first love making, then you are free to choose another onethe next time – or try all three if you want to.Regardless of option chosen for the first love making session, the child will anyway love it. Thechild will feel like being the center of the universe, and it will feel more loved and needed thanever before in its life. This will be especially important if the child is one of those sad and lonelykids with very little to no adult attention or friends in its life – then you will be giving that child ajust as big and important gift as the child will be giving you as a paedophile.If you have chosen option 3 at page 148 as you first love making session, then you will need toplan this well trough and make sure that you will have a whole evening alone with the child insidea house or an apartment – and preferably a whole night, though a whole night is not required. Andyou will need to make this evening a romantic evening with dedication, romance and love in theair. The latter should not be difficult anyway, as you now are in love.The advantage with kids is that they do not expect that much and are happy with almost anythingyou serve or create for them. Though, we have some preparation tips if you want to practice thefull romance package:Place a little table inside a cozy room, like a living room, and place two candles on it. Dim or turnoff the lights in that room for the diner and dessert. Also decorate the table with pink or blue stuff,and add some red colors to make the air sexy and hot. Put on some romantic music, as in a slowand delightful rhythm. Make a nice and somehow expensive diner with a dessert – or order suchfood.You can also buy some makeup and ask the child if she would like to be a pretty little lady thisevening – and even buy a beautiful dress or whatever clothings that fits the gender of your spouse.You may also do something with the childs hair, like putting on cute pigtails on a little girl, ormaking a little boy a hansom little doll. We also recommend some sweet perfume for the child,but that is anyway completely up to you and your taste – not required.
  • 79. When the child is bathed and/or clothed, with a nice makeup and hair style, guide your littlespouse to the dining room and just make yourself comfortable by the table with candle lights andnice music.Give the child as many compliments you can creatively invent, and remind him or her that youlook forward to play the game together again later that evening – and that you love him or hervery much.Especially all girls from four years of age and above will really be able to sense this romance andmake that affect them socially, sensually and sexually – this is their basic human instinct working.After the diner, dance a little bit close together to the slow music. If you are having a little spouse,you can lift him or her while dancing close together. You may also try to carefully kiss the child,while dancing, on both the cheeks – and very carefully on the lips.After some minutes of dancing, or as long as you prefer to dance, give a special gift to your spouse.It should be a nice jewel or something – little girls will love that enormously, and this will also workas a loving foreplay and really turn her on and fall for you. Little boys will appreciate any cool toys,for that matter.Finally it is time to lead the child to the bedroom and its first sexual intercourse with an adult.If you want to prepare the bed too, you can make it very enticing by using red colors on the sheets,and even put flowers on the bed and around in the bedroom. You can also buy aroma candles tomake it really aesthetic and hot for both of you.Use your creativity and in general try to create a very sensual and aesthetic environment andevening for you and your little spouse.If you have chosen option 2 on page 148, you will not need to make all the previous preparations.But you can still make it romantic.We suggest that you bring a lot of candy to your secret place when you are about to meet, andjust spend some decent time together, like eating a lot of candy and just having fun. In this way,you will be creating and building up some romance and tension in the child.You should also consider bringing your little love a gift, even though if you have previously donethat already, like a nice jewel or something else nice, to make the child feel special andappreciated. Give the gift to the child before you start to play your secret game. Tell her that youlove her while you are giving her the gift. This will really lift your friendship and love to a higherlevel.Optionally you may prepare a bed for the two of you with some flowers and aroma candlesaround. Or setup a tent in advance with a nice and soft mattress in it, if you are doing thisoutdoors.
  • 80. This option is especially useful for those of you who are having a secret place outdoors. In general,just try to use your creativity and make it as romantic as possible, considering your limitations.Otherwise, if you are short on time or you do not have much of personal resources, or you aretotally new to this and just want to make things as easy as possible the first time, then you can justplay the game as before without any preparations or special props at all – which means usingoption 1 on page 148. But it will still be highly successful and delightful for both of you.The practical stepsNow you are about to make love to your child, and this will involve two new elements to yourgame: kissing and performing oral sex. These are not required for this step to be successful,therefore you will not need to talk to the child about it in advance, just try to make it happenduring the game itself by being careful and loving.Most children like to kiss and get kissed, especially those sad and lonely ones who will highlyappreciate such attention. And most children also love oral sex, since it will turn them instinctivelyon sexually, thus be an arousing and loving part of the game.You will need to arrange the game again and ideally make sure that you will have at least 2 hoursof undisturbed time if you are using option 1 or 2 at page 148. Option 3 will require a wholeevening of several hours – and ideally a whole night so you can sleep together.When you are alone together, ask the child if she would like to play the game again and dosomething very lovely and exciting together that will feel especially nice and much nicer thananything you have done previously in this game.Since the probability for the child not wanting to play the game is as low as zero at this point, wewill assume that the child wants to play it and that everything is generally well.Tell the child that this time you will be undressing yourselves all nude and get into the bed and dosomething that is called: making love together – or use a harmless code instead to decrease thedanger of the child slipping its tongue. Emphasize that this is not dangerous at all and it is almostthe same as you already have done previously, but that this time it will be very magic and special.As soon as you get nude, make sure that the child rests comfortably in the bed on its back. Thentell the child that you now would like to taste everything on her beautiful and special little body –and ask for permission to do that.Start to kiss and taste her feet. Then kiss and lick your way up to her vagina, but stop before youreach it. Continue to kiss her little hands, and compliment how cute they are – and then kiss andtaste your way up to her shoulder and neck. Suck on her neck a bit, but do not kiss her face yet.Then start to kiss her breasts and work your way down to her stomach and taste it well. Finallycontinue downwards and start to kiss and lick her vagina. Just be calm and loving while doing this,and enjoy it. Remember to use your hands to feel her all over her body while doing all this.
  • 81. As you now can see, you are really just redoing all the things you have already done during oursteps – in the right and best possible order to make the child feel safe, comfortable andappreciated.It is important not to give the child an orgasm yet, so stop licking her vagina after a while or assoon as you sense one coming.Then lay yourself down on your back and ask her if she would like to play with your penis again –and ask her if she would like to lick it and taste it this time. If she does not want to do that, tell herthat it is okay, and try to ask her again the next time you play. If she agrees to lick it and taste it,and it seems like she likes it, ask her if she would like to put it far inside her mouth and suck it well.Just let the child decide and be patient – do not put any pressure on her.It should be completely danger free for the child to blow you off, since he or she has alreadylearned about how the seeds look like and taste like in the previous session. But we stillrecommend that you ask her in advance if she would like to have your seeds in her mouth whilesucking it – if you want to come inside her mouth – and eat it like when you poured Kefir into hermouth. If she agrees, consider yourself lucky and just let her suck you off and take you to heaven.If she does not agree to it, tell her that it is okay and just save your sperm for later or let her justjerk you off when it comes.Regardless of an ejaculation or not, after she has sucked you well, or just played with the penis,tell the child that you would like to show her how to make love – and ask for her permission to dothat. When making love, just make the child lie on her back in the bed. It might be wise to have apillow or something soft under her upper body to raise it a little bit. Then crawl over her in the bedwhile standing on your knees. Spread her legs and tell her to grab for your penis, and just let herrub it over her pee-pee and butt crack, because that will be wet and feel very good.As you might see now in theory, this position will be very neat because now you can stand on yourknees while in the same time lying over her and being able to feel her face, kiss her neck, kiss hercheeks, and even kiss her lips and ask if she would like to play with your tongues. She will rub yourpenis over her vagina, and you will have a very comfortable, nice and intimate position thathopefully will make both of you come – and come and come and--Warning! (This is really important!)Any gifts you choose to give to your child should stay as a secret between only the two of you.That means if you buy a necklace or a ring to your little lover, she must agree to hide it from otheradults in her life – regardless of what situation you are in. This regards all gifts or toys you chooseto give to a little girl or a little boy of yours. Even money.In addition to this agreement between you and your little spouse, you may also tell the child that ifany adults in his or her life should find that gift, the child can just tell that he or she found itoutside.
  • 82. This secrecy should work fine since you already share a very crucial and intimate secret together.Now – read the fictional illustration.This illustration is pure literature and will show you a random sample of this step in practice basedon true stories from real life scenarios. You are obligated to read this during this education tomake sure that you know how to handle some potential surprises and see how this step could turnout in real life.Its weekend now, and Joe is alone with Emilie while his girlfriend, Emilies mother, is out on a girlparty for the whole Saturday evening. Hes a little bit unsure about how long he will be alone thisevening, so he has chosen option 2 in the step-by-step guide, and try to make this evening asromantic and special as possible. He has already bough a lot of candy and a secret necklace forEmilie that she must hide inside her secret box that she has stored under her bed, with her secretand private things inside.Emilie looks at him in a special way, since she knows that theyre going to have this evening allalone and private together. A little while after her mom has left for the party with her friends, Joeasks Emilie to come and talk with him. She climbs up on his lap and smiles at him.Do you know what Im about to ask you now, beautiful little princess? Yes ... you want to ask me ifI want to play our secret love game again. And I want to do that! Joe gets a little bit surprised, in apositive way, and he understands now that she really likes this game and that shes very aware oftheir new loving and sensual relationship. So do I, Emilie. What are we going to do today, Joe? CanI play with your penis again? Well ... today we are going to do a couple of new things, but we willmostly do the same things as weve already done, but just in another way that will be very lovingand exciting for both of us. Are you ready, princess? Yes! Okay! Cool! Ive bought some surprisesfor both you and me, so we can enjoy this evening very much together and love each other! Whathave you bought, Joe? What have you bought? Emilie gets really excited now ... and smiles whileshe pulls his hand. Youll see as soon as we get into your room. Just go up there and wait there,and Ill get the surprises. Joe enters Emilies bedroom with a bag full of candy ... and he has a littlebox hidden in a pocket of his pants. Yes! Candy! I love candy, I love candy, I love candy, Emiliejumps in her bed and is utterly happy now. Joe pour all the candy over her bedroom floor ... andthey sit down and start to unwrap and eat sweet candy together. After a little while of foolingaround and eating candy, Joe asks Emilie: Would you like to play the game now and undress allnude? Okay! Emilie pulls off her sweater in an instant. I just want to give you something specialbefore we begin. What is that? Look ... this is for you, since you are my lovely little girl that I loveabove everything in life. He takes out the mysterious little box from his pocket and gives it toEmilie. She opens the box and looks into it with big eyes. Wow! Is this for me? Can I have it? Yes,its all yours! Let me help you put it on, and then you can look how pretty it is on you in yourmirror. Joe lifts up her ponytail and help her putting on the new and pretty expensive silvernecklace. Afterwards they go to the mirror on the wall, and Emilie looks at it while feeling it with
  • 83. her hands. Wow! It shines and it looks so nice, Joe! Yes. This is jewelry that only adults can use, butsince we like to brake all these stupid rules, now you can own one ... and you will have to makethis a secret and keep it in your secret box. Okay? Okay, Joe. Can I wear it now while we are alonetogether? Yes, of course. It looks so beautiful on you, and you can wear it when we are alone oroutdoors together. Thank you, Joe! Emilie turns around and gives Joe a hard and tight hug. Yourealways so kind to me, Joe. Thats because Ill always love you, the beautiful and sweet little girlthat you are. Now, lets undress and make ourselves cozy in your bed, okay? Yes. Emilie jumps intoher bed and continues to undress ... while Joe is doing the same while standing in front of the bed.She starts immediately to touch herself carefully while biting on her underlip again ... and Joecrawls into her bed in a seductive way. Now, Emilie, I want us to do something special that iscalled, making love together. It will feel very nice. Do I have your permission? Joe feels her bodyand sees that shes horny as hell. Yes. Emilie answers quietly. Joe takes her hands away from hervagina so she doesnt get an orgasm yet. My little horny princess, lets wait with touchingourselves until we make love, okay? Okay. She smiles and takes her hands away from her vagina.Joe starts the game by lifting up her left foot, and then starts to kiss it and lick it. Emilie laughs. Doyou remember that we did this the first time we played our secret game, Joe? Oh yeah. I do. Hecontinues to lick and suck on her feet for a little while, while Emilie is giggling and trying to retractthem. Then he starts to kiss and lick her legs, and goes all the way up to her inner ties and almostto her vagina. He gets so close to it that he can smell a weak but sweet scent from it. Then hecrawls over her and starts to kiss her delicious little child arms and doll hands.He kisses her right arm up towards her shoulder and suck a little bit on her neck. He carefullykisses her cheek, and she doesnt seem to mind that at all now ... more like enjoying it. Then hekisses her chest and sucks on her tiny little nipples. He works himself downwards to her stomach ...the little girl is shivering a bit now and seems to be super horny ... and he sucks and licks hertummy while in the same time feeling her all over her warm and soft little child body.She giggles a little bit when he is at her stomach. And finally he goes down to a completely wetand lubricated vagina with a tiny clear stream of pussy juice coming out from the lower part of thegenital. He puts his mouth all over this completely wet, salty and sweet smelling child vagina andbegins to suck it well. He slurps and licks up every drop of that priceless kiddie pussy juice.Emilie moans pretty good now ... and she twists her legs around Joes neck and grabs for his headagain ... just like the last time she got eaten and got her biggest and most powerful orgasm in herlife so far. Even though he would prefer to have her orgasm later, he cant stop now because shestoo horny to even be able to stop. She is kicking her legs and moaning, with that crying voice again,and suddenly she explodes with an orgasm and moans loudly with her tiny voice.
  • 84. Ah, Joe, dont stop! Dont stop. Please!She commands him! Joe continues to lick her and cant eat enough of her pussy juice. Hes havinga serious and dripping hard-on at this point. Finally ... Joe seems to be able to stop licking her, sohe wipes his mouth with the bed sheet ... and he continues to feel her body. Emilie is just lyingthere and smiles partially with red cheeks.That felt really good, Joe. I really love this game. I dont want to stop now! Joe crawls over her andstarts to pat her head, feel her cheeks and hair. He even smells into her hair ... and is ready toejaculate. Do you want to try something cool? Yes! This will feel really nice, I promise you. Justtake your cute little hands, grab my penis, and just rub it all over your precious little vagina. Shesmiles devilish, bites her teeth, and grabs downwards for it. He can feel her cold little hands ... andthen she starts to rub his penis head against her vagina, up and down. And into her little butt cracktoo. That feels very good, Joe. But your penis is very hard now. She almost whispers. It feels verygood for me to, princess. Joe starts to smell her hair again, and carefully kissing and sucking on herchubby right cheek. But it doesnt take very long until his penis starts to stiffen up and gets readyfor a major ejaculation. Right before he is about to come, he does a bold move and kisses her lips.Emilie pucker her lips in a very cute way, since shes trying to kiss well but doesnt know how to doit that well yet, but it doesnt matter to Joe, really, he just kisses this little childs mouth, with hercute and red little lips, soft and wet, while he starts to pump out semen ... a huge load that doesntseem to end. But it did finally end, and he lays himself down and crawls into her right side and kissher and cuddle with her ... and she seems to really like this very close, loving and intimate moment.Emilie dips a finger into the huge pit of sperm, that is over her tummy and chest, among severalsmall drops all over the place, and she tastes it with her finger. It came a lot of seeds out of yourpenis this time, Joe. Why is that? Sometimes the penis can spit out a lot of seeds if a man and alittle girl really love each other and is having a nice time together. It tastes funny. She says it with alittle bit unsure voice. Theyre just lying there for about fifteen minutes or so ... cuddling, feelingand kissing ... before Joe starts to get a new hard-on. Emilie? Yes? You dont have to do it if youdont want to, but what do you think of kissing and tasting my penis, just like Ive tasted your pee-pee? Would you like to try that out? Okay. Emilie smiles a little bit of unsureness, and biting herteeth again, but she seems to be pretty curious about it too. She crawls slowly down towards thepenis ... that is halfway stiff at this moment. Then she grabs it and squeezes it well. Now its soft,Joe! Yeah, I know. Just do whatever you want with it, but you are allowed to taste it if you wouldlike to. Emilie is just touching it, studying it, and playing a little bit with it to begin with. But thenshe suddenly pushes her tongue into the tip of it. And then she starts to lick it carefully. And finallyshe starts to suck a little bit on the penis head. Just open you mouth widely, and then take it aslong as you can into your mouth, and just suck it really well ... but only if you want to. Emilie doesexactly what Joe suggests. She opens her mouth and lets it go inside her mouth a bit, and then she
  • 85. closes her mouth around the penis and just letting it stay there for a while, inside her mouth,while exploring oral sex for the first time in her life. Joe grunts quietly while feeling the most wethole in his whole life so far to have his penis inside. Emilie takes it out fast. Joe, it grows inside mymouth! And she opens her mouth widely again and letting it stay inside her mouth once again ...being pretty excited and curious about it. Joe takes his hands carefully onto her head and lettinghis fingers stroke trough her blond ponytail. Just let your head go backwards and forwards whileyou have it in your mouth, baby princess, so you can suck it right. And he carefully uses his handsto steer her head a bit and teach her how to suck well. And you can do it faster too, if you want to.Not very long after, Joe is lying on his back with his rock hard penis pointing straight upwards, andEmilie is sitting over it and sucking it pretty fast and giving him a pretty well done blow job. It lookslike she really likes it and is very excited about doing it. Having his penis blown by this littlepreschooler, and hearing the wet sounds from the blow job, makes him intensively horny.Suddenly, while seeing her sucking him with lots of engagement and excitement, Joe regret prettyhard that he didnt put pigtails on her ... but that will have to wait for the next time. He grabs forher pussy with his left hand, and Emilie moves her body a bit, in the same time as she sucks, sohell get a better grip. Joe begins to rub her pussy pretty well, and Emilie just sucks even deeperand faster while hes masturbating her. They both are breathing pretty well by now, and Emilie hasbeen seriously turned on by getting her pussy masturbated while having a stiff, wet and hornymale penis far inside her mouth. She even makes moaning sounds with the penis far inside hermouth, and sucks it like she really wants to do it and like doing it. They continue like this for awhile, until Joe feels like coming again.In the same time, Emilie gets a little shivering orgasm while sucking the penis with greatenjoyment. He forgets to warn her, and shoots a moderate load of semen inside her mouth whilegrunting pretty loudly. Emilie reacts to the semen, and she slows down a bit, but she doesnt stopcompletely, neither does she take it out of her mouth, she just continuing with curious eyes whileexploring this very hot, new and thrilling part of this game. Finally she takes it out of her mouth ...some semen comes out of her mouth ... and looks at him with a blushing face and wet red lips.Oh my God, my little baby princess ... my little beauty doll ... come to me! Emilie crawls into Joesarms while biting a little bit on her under lip of unsureness. This is enough for now. Just let us stayher for a little while in the bed before mommy comes home. Joe is comforting her and feeling herbody all over. Emilie then looks up at him. This is the best game Ive ever played, Joe! We mustplay it many many many times! And she smiles at him with sealed lips.Congratulations, dear students!You have now completed this guide and education, hopefully with great success – and you arenow, officially, professional child lovers. You are now ready to find yourself a child, wherever youchoose to, and claim what you need and deserve – while creating special friendships and loving
  • 86. relationships, saving lonely and sad children, and finally start to teach our beautiful little innocentchildren about sex and that sex is harmless, fun and that every child should do it.If you have done all these steps in real life by now, we are happy to tell you that there are no moresteps for you to go trough. From now on, your hands will be free and you can continue to play thelove game with your little spouse and lover – and you can do whatever you want to and explorenew things together without being tied to anything. And you can play this game as much as youwant to and are able to.Just make sure that you are kind and careful with your little one and respect his or her limits andfeelings.Of course, if you are about to find a new child, you will need to go trough these steps again. Thatregards every new child who you find and want to practice sex with during your life.It has been a pleasure being with all of you during these steps – and us behind this guide wishesyou the very best of luck while searching for and finding children to love. They are waiting for you!Remember to read the last part of this guide – because it continues.V - ENCLOSURE AND FINAL INFORMATION1. Before you actually beginYou have by now gone trough a child love education about how to practice child love as inpracticing sex with children and minors. So you are now educated in theory about child psychologyand sexology, where to find children in our huge world, how to approach the children andestablish relationships, and most importantly: how to teach both yourself and the children aboutsex and love.An obligatory warningWe can not promise anyone of our students with 100% certainty that any of our advices or stepswill be successful and/or keep you from getting caught. Please note that child love is extremelydangerous to practice in real life because of the harsh laws against it and the social stigma with itsnegative consequences.Since nothing is bulletproof in this world, we are obligated to give you this warning so that you arefully aware of the dangers involved and that you can not blame us if anything goes or has gonewrong.If something should go wrong during the practice of this guide, it is essentially not the guide thatwill cause it, but one or several of all the unpredictable factors surrounding any real life child lovepractice. These factors are: all the different children out there with different mentalities and
  • 87. pedagogics, different parents and communities, and different paedophiles with differentintellectual levels, patience, social competence, personalities, and so forth.You will have to make a final decision if you want to practice child love or not – and make thatdecision based on how much this is worth to you and worth these risks.Our reinsurance to you as a practicing child loverThis guide and education has been created in an unique way by several specialists to prevent anynegative consequence regarding child love practice from happening to you. You can even go prettyfar during your search and our practical steps before your actions get illegal – while in the sametime learning how much your child trusts you and likes you before you cross this important border.Therefore, by following this guide precisely and thoroughly, you will be working within a securesafety border for both you and the children when searching for children, creating relationships,and educating children about child love, sex and happy feelings. In other words, you will be as safeas it gets and much safer than those who are not using our guide.Always remember that there are a lot of children out there who need and search for loving adults– and also remember how nice it will feel to finally be able to have a little friend and lover, andfinally be able to make love to such a beautiful little child as a paedophile. Just look closely at thepicture at the right – and just imagine.You are a paedophile, and there are lonely and sad children out there who are waiting for you asyou are sitting here and reading. There are also children out there who would love to be yourspecial friend and lover, and enjoy and teach sexual play together.You live only once – so our advice is to get out there and find yourself a child to love. Claim yourright as a paedophile and save our beautiful and sexy children from our distorted culture thatbrainwashes children to believe that sex is shameful and harmful.How to keep yourself safeHow to keep yourself safe is our number one priority. We care about all you paedophiles out therewho are going to practice child love. Therefore we will here add some security tips that are toooften overlooked and are the ones that usually get us into trouble.Remember that toddlers are very verbal and bad secret keepers!If you engage an obvious sexual relationship with a wide awake toddler below the age of 5, thechild might love it and love you too, but it might also, at least with great odds, tell anyone aboutwhat you have done together in one or another way. This does not have to be intentionally, butrather that toddlers between the age of 2-4 love to speak and just does not know any better.Use codes with small children below the age of 5 – or in general!
  • 88. Since such small children are not the best secret keepers, it could be wise, and even wise ingeneral with older children too, to use codes for your genitals and sexual actions. In this way, if thechild should accidentally slip its tongue, the risk of anyone getting alerted or suspicious willdecrease significantly.Stick to sleeping toddlers or kids if you can not control yourself!Many paedophiles find themselves in a difficult situation when they suddenly and unexpectedlygain access to a child, and just can not hold back or control their urges. This is understandable andvery usual – so if this happens, we recommend that you cuddle carefully with that particular childonly when he or she is asleep.Any sleeping child usually sleeps very deep – so you can do a lot to a sleeping child before he orshe wakes up. Thus a sleeping child can be loved without even knowing it. Still you must be careful.When a child is asleep, you will not get detected. And if you do not put any traces on the child, thisshould be completely safe.Never drug children to make them sleepy or unconscious!There are paedophiles out there, who are actually kind and loving, but have still ended up killing achild. They just wanted the child to stay asleep while loving and cuddling with it, most likelybecause they where afraid of getting caught and wanted to protect the child, and therefore usedsleeping pills or similar drugs to make sure that the child was sleeping deeply. Unfortunately thechild died because of the drugs – either because of an overdose, allergic reaction, or any otherunpredictable side effect that the child did not survive.This is utterly tragic, so never ever even consider doing that. It is just not worth the extreme risk,even though you know you have got the right medicine and dose.Be aware of hidden cameras!This is mostly related to babysitters, daycare workers, and teachers in the elementary schools – orany public institution with children. Hidden cameras at official work places are illegal in most partsof the world if the workers are not informed about them – but they are still used to try to capturechild lovers. You should be especially careful when babysitting – here they are called nannycameras.These cameras are often to be found behind mirrors, inside the LCD screen of DVD-players andsimilar electronics, inside a teddy bears or a dolls eye, inside clocks hanging on the wall, insidesmall clocks standing on a table, and even very small things by using a pinhole. It can practically behidden inside whatever glass or glossy surface.Since they are hidden in the first place, they might be very difficult to spot or detect. This is achance you will need to take regardless.
  • 89. Though there are some tools you can get at the average spy shop to detect such cameras – like alaser tool that you can point at any glass or glossy surface in a room, and it will detect and informyou about any optical camera lenses behind it, like a camera being hidden inside or behindanything. And there are tools to detect audio devices too, like microphones hidden somewhere.Though cameras are what you should be looking for and be aware of.This kind of search for hidden cameras might actually reveal your true goal – but it is much bettergetting fired for a suspicion, or just leaving a place, rather than getting serious jail time forseducing or making love to a child – and being caught on tape.Have eyes in your neck when practicing child love!Many paedophiles actually get detected while having sex with kids because someoneunexpectedly shows up and catch them while being in the middle of the act – or they get so closeto getting caught that they are having a serious problem explaining what is going on. This cancause trauma for all parties, but especially for the child and its secret adult lover.Do not underestimate the possibility of being seen or getting caught red handed by other people.Double check, and even triple check, that you will not get disturbed when you are with a child.After a while, and especially when you start to feel more confident and secure about child love,you might let your guards down – and then it is too easy to get too secure, and consequentlysloppy.Also make sure to have a way out, as in an escape route or undo, in an emergency situation. This isespecially important if you are having sex with a child, and you are at a place where there mightcome people around or into your area during your session.Consider using a condom if you can not afford spilling evidence!We have already been talking about DNA evidence in your semen.One thing is to get caught, another thing is to be prosecuted in court and sentenced to jail becauseof evidence. Without evidence, there will always be a chance of going free, if caught.If you are practicing child love with a child that is not yours or you can not afford spilling anyevidence on the child or its belongings, you should strongly consider using a condom - either if thechild is asleep or awake.When using a condom, all your semen will be ejaculated and stored safely in it. And finally get ridof it in the safest possible and most destructive way later – like flushing it down in a toiletsomewhere safe where no one knows you have been.Some final words
  • 90. Try to add your own common sense during the practice of this guide and be very careful – in thesame time as practicing self control and letting the children always decide everything.Please read trough this guide at least two times before you start on anything in real life, and reallylearn each section or step in this guide before you are about to practice any of them.Please give us feedback, wherever possible, to continue develop and fine tune this guide to makeit even better.The whole team behind The Mules step-by-step guide wants to wish you all the best and the bestof luck during your search for innocent little children and performing child love practice!2. CreditsThe MuleProject leader and main writer professional writerDr.XChild psychologistDreamerChild pedagogue and specialist in socializationDaycare-AssistantExperienced daycare worker with additional experience from kindergartens, preschools, schoolsand babysittingHuntingHighNLowExtremely experienced child lover from out in the field still not caught after decades of huntingand dozens of little kiddie lovers and kiddie orgasmsImages