Mc donald's KPI
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  • 1. Overview Introduction Introduction to McDonalds What is Key Performance Indicator KPI’s of McDonalds Conclusion Key Performance Indicator - McDonalds
  • 2. Introduction Importance of KPI Analyze the KPI’s of McDonalds Success of McDonalds Key Performance Indicator - McDonalds
  • 3. Introduction toMcDonald’s  McDonald’s has been in business since 1955.  McDonald’s is the largest food chain for hamburgers.  Operates by either a franchisee, an affiliate or the corporation itself.  McDonald’s is open 24/7 for 365 days.  McDonald’s employees work hard to deliver products in the most responsible way. Key Performance Indicator - McDonalds
  • 4. Key PerformanceIndicator  Key Performance Indicator also known as KPI.  KPI is also referred to as “Key to Success”  KPI is a set of qualifiable measures that a company or industry uses to compare performance.  KPI’s vary between companies and industries.  The reason we measure KPI: › To learn and improve the company or industry › To report externally and demonstrate compliance › To control and monitor people Key Performance Indicator - McDonalds
  • 5. KPI’s of McDonald’s Nutrition and well-being Educate and communicate with our supply system about sustainability. Community Environmental Responsibility Continue to enhance children’s well-being through programs and initiatives that provide “fun with a purpose” Key Performance Indicator - McDonalds
  • 6. Conclusion McDonald’s is a franchisee business began in 1955. Largest food chain in hamburgers. Key Performance Indicators. KPI’s of McDonald’s. Key Performance Indicator - McDonalds
  • 7. Thank you!Key Performance Indicator - McDonalds