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15 Lessons of Creativity
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15 Lessons of Creativity



Creativity lessons for business and life. Fifteen famous and inspirational quotes on creativity for your next endeavour

Creativity lessons for business and life. Fifteen famous and inspirational quotes on creativity for your next endeavour



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15 Lessons of Creativity Presentation Transcript

  • 1. LESSONS of creativity 15
  • 2. for busiess ad life
  • 3. Everyting aoud us is te esut of soeoe’s ceativity
  • 4. But, soeties we eed inspiration
  • 5. So, ee ae fiſteen faous ad inspiatioal quotes on ceativity for your ext endeavour
  • 6. LESSONS of creativity 15
  • 7. pablo picasso “Every cid is an artist, te pobem is staying an artist wen you go up”
  • 8. vincent van gogh “If you ear a voice witin you say, ‘You canot pait’, ten by al eans pait, ad tat voice wil be sieced”
  • 9. salvador dali “Have o fear of perfection, you’ll ever each it”
  • 10. dr.seuss “ink eſt ad tink rigt ad tink o ad tink igh. Oh, te tinks you can tink up if oly you try!”
  • 11. george bernard shaw “Iaiation is te beining of ceation. You iaie wat you desie, you wil wat you iaie, ad at last, you ceate wat you wil”
  • 12. donatella versace “Ceativity coes fom a conflict of ideas”
  • 13. “Ceativity is oe tan just being diffeet. Anybody can pan weird; tat’s easy. Wat’s ard is to be as simpe as Bach. Making te simpe, awesoely simpe, tat’s ceativity” charles mingus
  • 14. “Ceativity is just conecting tings. Wen you ask ceative peope o tey did soeting tey feel a itte uity because tey didn’t ealy do it, tey just saw soeting. It seeed obvious to tem aſter a wie” steve jobs
  • 15. ray bradbury “Don’t tink. inking is te eemy of ceativity. It’s self- conscious, ad anyting self- conscious is ousy. You can’t try to do tings. You simply must do tings”
  • 16. voltaire “Oriiaity is oting but judicious iitation”
  • 17. leo burnett “Curiosity about ife in al of its aspects, I tink, is stil te secet of geat ceative peope”
  • 18. albert einstein “Ceativity is cotaious, pass it on”
  • 19. cecil b.demille “Ceativity is a drug I canot ive witout”
  • 20. george bernard shaw “You see tings; ad you say, ‘Why?’ But I deam tings tat ever wee; ad I say ‘Why ot?’“
  • 21. jack london “You can’t wait for inspiation, you ave to go aſter it with a club”
  • 22. 15LESSONS of creativity for busiess ad life
  • 23. inspired by: Twisted Siſter: 15 faous quotes on Ceativity. ttp://twistedsiſter.com/2012/03/15-faous-quotes-on-ceativity
  • 24. photo credits pictues.4ever.eu GdeFon.ru Wikiedia Comons: Albert Eistein HD Walpapers: ppe Mac Studio CAri opez: e cicus of ife D2otKh_lPz0/UOddjxBu6MI/AAAAAAAAD3Y/LpzYxf_pYw/s1600/ceative +coor.jpg Deile: ttp://pictuespoiers.fies.wordpess.com/2012/01/deile.jpg Doatela Versace: ttp://www.boiity.com El osto del arte y a ceatividad: ttp://www.bacodeiageesgatis.com Jack odon: ttp://artfordsymponybog.fies.wordpess.com/2013/02/jack- lodon039s-works-socased-at-usu-23628.jpg eo Burett: ttp://leoburettbusiess.com/ inus 1974: Private colection Pabo Picasso:LA-GALLOISE-VALLAURIS-RACE-2-JUE-1954 Ray Badbury: Ray_badbury_by_facoclun-d5zn64m. Artwork by RACO CLUN Salvador Dai by Pilippe Halsan Vicet van Gogh: vangoghgalery.com Wikiedia Comons: G.B.Saw Youtube.com: scee of Steve Jobs Dr. Seuss: Ted Geisel W tumblr n02rpsa8rC1svx5uo1 Wikiedia Comons:Votaie
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