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  • 1. There are many countries in this world. Every country has its own set of cultures, values andfood habits. The food items which originate fromone country can be found in another country. But the taste of the food dishes change in every country. Crab cakes originated from the UnitedStates. Crab cakes first originated from the area called Maryland which is located in the famous city of Baltimore. This preparation started inUnited States in the coastal area where crabs are being found in large quantity.www.howtodiapercakes.com
  • 2. The main ingredient of crab cakes is crab meat The meat should befresh so that the taste of the preparation becomes better The crab cakesdish is made of many ingredients which consist of crab meat, crumbs ofbread, milk and onions The milk should be www.howtodiapercakes.comcreamy and not toned as this may lower down the quality of the overallpreparation
  • 3. You may add some liquid mayonnaise and other seasonings to taste itmuch better But the basic preparation also tastes good By the name youcan see that these are cakes so as all cakes need to be baked, the crabcakes also need the same When you are baking the crab cakes do notforget to grill it
  • 4. t There are mainly two types of these crab cakes being found all overthe world One is termed as Boardwalk and the other is called Restaurant These two types of crab cakes are prepared in two different ways
  • 5. In the Boardwalk type of crab cakes preparation the bread which is beingused in the preparation is being fried deeply to have a feel like crustThen other secondary ingredients are being added to it in much quantityAfter the crab cakes have been done it is served over a hamburger bun
  • 6. This is how the Boardwalk crab cakes are being served to customersThe second type which is called the Restaurant crab cakes is preparedtotally in a different way In this crab cakes preparation the amount ofcrab meat is taken in more quantity
  • 7. The ingredients which are used to taste are in lesser quantity The maindifference between the two preparations is that the first one is bakedwhereas the second is either fried or boiled The best preparation ofcrab cakes are being done when you use blue crabs for the preparation
  • 8. These are found in specific bay regions The preparation ofsomekeyword are not only easy to make but are also good to eat
  • 9. www.howtodiapercakes.com