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  • 1. The history of cup cakes stretches back to eighteenth century. The cupcakes are also known as fairy and patty cake. The aim of preparing this was to serve a single person. A cup cake is usually baked in aluminum or thin cups. Sprinkles are decorations on these desserts which simulate the decorations on a large cake. Amelia Simms mentioned in the"American cookery" that cakes can be baked in small cups. That is when the cakes came in to existence. It was addressed as cupcake in theearly 19th century. Prior to the availability of themuffin cups pottery cups were used to bake the cupcakes. Because of being baked in a cup size it took the name cupcakes.diaper cakes
  • 2. Because of the fanciful description and design of the cake it is knownas fairy cake too The other name cup cakes are made by measuringthe volume unlike the cupcakes which are measured as per weightUsually these are baked in tins or loaves
  • 3. The cupcakes baked in kitchen are also known as quarter cakesThe materials used in making the cup cakes are butter, sugar, flourand eggs
  • 4. One can prepare these at home and they would taste great Youcan also buy it from your favorite bakery
  • 5. Those who are allergic to eggs can avoid using eggs in the cakesand can use gel from edible agar to make the cake There is alsoother similar kind of cake available in the market named as poundcakes
  • 6. Pound cakes used lesser butter and eggs and thus they are cheaperthan the cup cakes If you are preparing these at home then you canuse the same recipe as you use for a layer cake
  • 7. One can bake it faster as their small size is appropriate to absorbheat and bake faster Originally ramekins were used to bake the cupcakes and now also some bakers use the ramekins
  • 8. In internet forums a cake in a mug gained popularity and was widelydiscussed and from this the popularity can diaper cakes be judgedAnother type of cup cake is butterfly cake
  • 9. It is called so because it has wings like projections Another type is acake ball and forms a portion of the dessert
  • 10. Mixture of crumbled dessert mixed with frosting makes this type ofcake
  • 11. diaper cakes