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  • 1. Baby shower celebrations are famous for babyshower diaper cakes, which represent the spirit of such parties. However, what actually goes into making of a typical baby shower diaper cake? To start with, there are several ingredients used to make it but baby diapers form the most important component.diaper cakes
  • 2. A normal baby shower diaper cake consists of 50 diapers It consists ofother items such as baby brushes, baby bottles, baby shampoo, nailclippers, tethers, and pacifiers and so on Individuals mostly opt forthree-tier diaper cakes The base tier has around 30 to 60 diapers
  • 3. To make a three-tier diaper cake, you need to roll 30 -60 diapers overone another tightly, in a cylindrical shape The second tier consists ofabout 25 to 30 diapers and you need to place these diapers very carefully Build the third layer with rest of the diapers in a similar manner Next,take a cardboard palette, stick double-sided tape over it and place thebottom layer over the cardboard
  • 4. Later place the second layer over the bottom layer and fix it using babypins, tape or ribbons Likewise, place the third layer over second layerYou need to fill topmost tier of the baby shower diaper cake with goodiesand then keep a baby bottle inside it You can keep this bottle empty orfill it with some edible things
  • 5. Decorate it using different stuffs Decorations: If you have decided atheme for the baby party, then make the decorations based on your motifMake sure that you use several baby items, which are useful for thenewborn and the mother, in the initial few months To make your babyshower cake prettier, use satin ribbons, paper decorations, sparkles andso on
  • 6. Glue all these items over the diaper cake using transparent tapes Yourbeautiful baby shower diaper cake is now ready to gift You can learnhow to make a beautiful diaper cake by 2 ways One is by readinglengthy and boring books, and get tired after reading it
  • 7. Or, the second way is by watching videos how to make a perfect diapercake The concept is the same as learning to ride a bicycle, you cannotlearn it from a text book The same goes for making a diaper cake If youare going to learn how to make a beautiful diaper cake, make sure youlearn it the right way
  • 8. So do you want to learn how to make a beautiful diaper cake in just 23minutes or less by simply watching videos? Click somekeyword Or youcan diaper cakes visit somekeyword for more information
  • 9. diaper cakes