Above the bright blue sky


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Above the bright blue sky

  1. 1. Above the Bright Blue Sky~Albert MidlaneTheres a Friend for little childrenAbove the bright blue sky,A Friend who never changesWhose love will never die;Our earthly friends may fail us,And change with changing years,This Friend is always worthyOf that dear name he bears.Theres a home for little childrenAbove the bright blue sky,Where Jesus reigns in glory,A home of peace and joy;No home on earth is like it,Nor can with it compare;And everyone is happy,Nor could be happier there.
  2. 2. A Light Exists in Spring~Emily DickinsonA Light exists in SpringNot present on the YearAt any other period --When March is scarcely hereA Color stands abroadOn Solitary FieldsThat Science cannot overtakeBut Human Nature feels.It waits upon the Lawn,It shows the furthest TreeUpon the furthest Slope you knowIt almost speaks to you.Then as Horizons stepOr Noons report awayWithout the Formula of soundIt passes and we stay --A quality of lossAffecting our ContentAs Trade had suddenly encroachedUpon a Sacrament.
  3. 3. All Things Bright and Beautiful~Cecil Frances AlexanderAll things bright and beautiful,All creatures great and small,All things wise and wonderful,The Lord God made them all.Each little flower that opens,Each little bird that sings,He made their glowing colors,He made their tiny wings.The purple-headed mountain,The river running by,The sunset, and the morning,That brightens up the sky;The cold wind in the winter,The pleasant summer sun,The ripe fruits in the garden,He made them every one.He gave us eyes to see them,And lips that we might tell,How great is God Almighty,Who has made all things well.
  4. 4. Child, ChildChild, child, lai la lay,I’ll hold you tightly one of these days.Child, child, lorra lai,It will be a while, but you’ll be mine.Child, child, lai la lay,I’ll stroke your hair and softly say:Child, child, lorra lai,I’m here to love you and all is right.Child, child, lai la lay,You may not even be alive today.Child, child, lorra lai,But I’ll be waiting for you, child mine.
  5. 5. Wind Child Love Embracingwind child stillI see your joy laughing eyeswind child stillI see your warm eyes laughingwind child stillI see your eyes green healingwind child stillI see an emerald sea your eyeswind child stillI see your soft dove brown eyeswind child stillI see your fawn eyes new life runningwind child stillI see your dark black eyes blessingwind child stillI see your soul dark passion eyeswind child stillI see your love welcoming eyeswind child stillI see your smile universe embracingwind child stillI see your love of God’s creativity spreadingwind child stillI see stars in heaven smile in your soul eyes
  6. 6. The Child Had No TrustThe child was given a fruitBut the child did not eatThe child was given a shelterBut the child did not sleepThe child was given loveBut the child did not takeThe child was shown a pathBut the child did not goThe child was promised a futureBut the child did not believeThe fruit could be poisonedThe shelter could be a tombThe sleep could be a nightmareThe love could be abusedThe path could be an abyssAnd the future smelled of the pastThe child had no trustCan anyone make the child believe
  7. 7. Eyes of a childEyes of a childSuch gems in stonesStaring you closeStill as blue skyThey dont lieTheir sun is shiningWhile you are cryingEyes of a childDay or nightI got no lightFree as a childI can be wildEyes of a childLet them go, into the snowWithout your graceTheres a lot more to knowJust glance over their faceIts the eye of a childFree and wildChild dont think too muchAint no worry as suchJoy driven life they liveHalf-a-soul they giveIts the eyes of a childFree and wildSave me childSave me childSet me free and wildEyes of my child
  8. 8. ChildrenChildren are born now and againChildren are born and thrown away like thrashOur children are raped by their own parentsOur children are abused each dayOur children are killed each dayChildren suppose to be a great giftChildren deserves great loveChildren needs to be lovedChildren must be our strenghthChildren are the ones that deserves the love of our hearts.
  9. 9. The ChildI was the childWho got rapedI was the childThat held it all inI was the childGiving the dirty slateI was the childGiven this sinI am the childWho told a friendI am the childMy pain now endsI am the childWith a fresh startI am the childForgiveness in my heartI am the childMy love will showI am the childWho has let this go
  10. 10. The Land of Counterpane~Robert Louis StevensonWhen I was sick and lay a-bed,I had two pillows at my head,And all my toys beside me layTo keep me happy all the day.And sometimes for an hour or soI watched my leaden soldiers go,With different uniforms and drills,Among the bedclothes, through the hills;And sometimes sent my ships in fleetsAll up and down among the sheets;Or brought my trees and houses out,And planted cities all about.I was the giant great and stillThat sits upon the pillow-hill,And sees before him, dale and plain,The pleasant land of counterpane