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Checklist Research, Term Paper

  1. 1. Checklist before the print of Research Dissertation / Term Paper book 1. Use Times New Roman font 12, main points can be 16 bold (N0 underline), Sub headings should be 14 Bold & a) / i) / bullet or arrow can be used. 2. The line spacing should be 1.15 to 1.5 & not more 3. The main categorizations can be represented with A. B. C. etc. 4. Save the file in A4 size. Top, right & down 1” & left 1.25” margin. 5. Justify page to both right & left margin. 6. Do not Border the pages. 7. Page numbers of Chapter 1234 in Dissertation & 123 in TP shall balance with the remaining Chapters. i.e. 18-23 pages for 3 Chapters in TP & 38-55 pages for 4 Chapters in Dissertation. 8. Do not give page numbers for Bibliography & Annexure/Appendix. 9. Check & set pages before print for e.g. Company Profile should start in a fresh page, adjust previous page words & shorten it ending in previous page if only 2/3 lines are left in a fresh page. 10.Do not end a page with Heading & explanation given from other page. 11.Avoid leaving a page with 2/3 lines & do not use one full page for a table or diagram & 2 sentences only. 12.Avoid leaving more than 35% blank page in analysis & interpretation unless you have sub categorized the analysis & sub category ends. 13.Type table no or chart no at the bottom of table should be numbered by “chapter no. Space table/chart number (e.g. T: 4.01 for first table in chapter 4 or C: 2.03 for the third chart in second chapter). All Table & Chat should be numbered in all chapters. 14.Electronic underlines are observed for no spacing after point number, double spacing or no spacing, check them & correct mistakes. 15.British & American English should not be mixed, for e.g. paragraphing, language etc. Use Indian English for the spell check. 16.Give the Index page, Table index & Graph/Chart index with correct numbers
  2. 2. 17.Craterisation can be - I Introduction, II Review of Literature, III Company Profile, IV Methodology, V Analysis & Interpretation, VI Findings, VII Suggestions & Conclusion. 18.Give Title page without number before each Chapter. 19.In the beginning of analysis & interpretation give a page introduction & then use one common table to represent complete demographic profile. Explanation of Demographic Profile is not necessary & if explained it should not follow more than a page. 20.Page no should be displayed at the right hand bottom of the footer. 21.Give the proper name of the Organisation & use the constant name in entire book. 22.If full-stop is given after initials, follow the same pattern for entire book. 23.If you highlight page no in the Bibliography for books referred, then it has to be highlighted to all books & if it is highlighted to Journals only, do so for all Journals. 24.For Bibliography APN style should be followed, i.e. surname, name, title of the book in Italic, Publisher’s name, year if publication or/and Edition. 25.“Knowing Personal profile” is not the objective of the study, it only helps to analyse data with personal characteristics. 26.Do not show personal profile as your findings, unless it is important for independent analysis. 27.Give clear titles, for e.g. “Trainers knowledge based on Age” has to be “Age wise Opinion about Trainers knowledge”. 28.Give the complete extension for the web site referred, i.e. 29.Avoid giving dark colour background & dark colour interpretation representations, when you print in black & white the difference cannot be easily noted, for e.g. maroon & blue look the same. 30.Don’t print all the copies simultaneously, instead print one & after the corrections from the guide, check the mistakes & get it corrected by classmates. Then print the required copies. All the best