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The work we do - Data collection, Data Processing and Research Consultation - calls for a balance of people skills, creativity and methodological rigor.

Our Clients tell us time and time again, that Logit beats its competitors in terms of service, responsiveness and price. http://logitgroup.com/

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Logit 2014

  1. 1. [Logit] There’s no room for error in any economy. The success of a proposal, campaign, or your business can come down to this: The quality of your data collection. You need a rock solid and perceptive data collection partner who gets your needs. Who asks the right questions and knows all the right sources.
  2. 2. About Us The Logit Group has handled numerous large-scale research projects for a variety of well-known brands. Our team is passionate about and committed to winning in the marketplace. We’re not trying to be the biggest. Our ambition is to be the best, and that entails producing consistently valuable insights for our clients and providing them with the intelligence to continue dominating their field. We adhere to the professional standards for data collection and analysis as set out by the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA), and are a Gold Seal Accredited Agency (the highest standard for industry regulation) and has developed a cohesive team approach to managing projects to ensure high quality results and keep within required budget and time constraints. All senior team members are involved at critical stages of each project. Our researchers are experts at interpreting complex data using advanced statistical techniques and delivering concise and easy to understand reports that contain intelligent and actionable recommendations for improved decision-making.
  3. 3. The Logit Group Inc. The Go-To People for On-Line, On-Phone & On-Site Data Collection For over 15 years, The Logit Group has been a leader amongst North American data collection and an ongoing commitment to develop and administer industry-best technologies as part of our research. We cover all the methodologies, OnPhone, OnSite and OnLine and are independent, experienced and quality-oriented. Our approach to research combines a spirit of innovation with the latest in established research methodology and technology. Our creative thinkers devise accurate and powerful research methods suited to your specific needs. Our results are among the fastest, most accurate, and most useful in the industry – we plan, execute and monitor the whole process with the utmost care. Our principals and senior staff are members of the MRA/MRIA and maintain strict quality control in accordance with the guidelines established by these organizations
  4. 4. What’s the Logit Difference? 1 Established 16 years in the business 2 3 4 Experienced Independent Technological Senior Team has over 100 years experience Logit is not affiliated with any other groups or companies We have our own Software Development company 5 6 7 Partner-focused Capacity Quality-Oriented We have over 100 loyal and satisfied customers Over 2 million surveys carried out each year MRIA Gold Seal Accreditation
  5. 5. Senior Management Team Collectively we have over 100 years of Market Research experience! Anthony Molinaro Sam Pisani Chief Executive Officer molinaro@logitgroup.com 416.236.4770 x224 President pisani@logitgroup.com 416.236.4770 x223 Aref Munshi Marcus Turner David Attard VP, Sales & Research Services munshi@logitgroup.com 416.236.4770 x249 VP, Sales turner@logitgroup.com 416.236.4770 x267 VP, Operations attard@logitgroup.com 416.236.4770 x229
  6. 6. In House Resources Logit has all the necessary resources in-house: Q-FI Data Processing Software Project Managers Specialized Data Processing Personnel We have our own leading edge, CAWI and mobile platform, Q-FI. Full Project Management Team for Client Service Field Services Programmmers 150 call center seats across 2 locations 350 Interviewers, 20 Supervisors/Managers Dedicated Programming Resources
  7. 7. 360o Solution OnLine Own Platform & Developers Custom Modules OnSite Mall, CLT, On-Site Exits, iPads + QuantiFi OnPhone 150 Stations Toronto/Montreal Voxco + Dialer
  8. 8. Online Data Collection Q-FI Q-FI Software Secure & Safe Our very own software to develop advanced, customizable surveys Hosted on state-of-the-art, fully protected mainframe servers Global Reach On-Staff Programmers Custom Modules Multi-Country tracking Develop HTML5, JavaScript, PHP Easy to suit the research need
  9. 9. Telephone Data Collection 150 CATI Toronto & Montreal Voxco CC3 Internet Enabled Stations English, Multilingual, French/Quebecois, Spanish Command Center Advanced Dialer Live Recordings 24/7 Live Feed Integrated Predictive Dialer 100% Recordings of Interviews Remote Monitoring
  10. 10. In-Person Data Collection Mall Intercept Wireless Devices Live Updates CLT, OnSite & Exit Interviews Interviewers use iPads & other tablets to connect wirelessly to Voxco Platform. All updates, data retrieval and interviewer communication is on-line and in real-time Highest levels of data accuracy, materials presented in a professional and consistent manner
  11. 11. Multi-mode Data Collection Whether it’s a blend of phone/online or phone/online/onsite methodologies, we’re prepared and we’re experienced When an online panel is not robust enough and you have a need for a targeted respondent for an online project – consider a blended option of recruiting via phone and directing the respondents to your online survey. This option is especially valuable when working from client lists and the need to include visual components is present in the project design. Logit collaborates with clients to determine what methodologies are most appropriate to capture the required data and ensure the highest level of success in research objectives, and in accordance with the guidelines established by these organizations
  12. 12. Quality Control Standards We believe quality control procedures must be systematic and comprehensive. Consequently, Logit’s approach to quality assurance in survey research is based on Total Error Reduction. Total Error Reduction requires an analysis of all of the possible sources of error that can be introduced in survey research. These errors include: substantive or conceptual problems introduced during a survey design: for example, • an incomplete statement of issues, or • poorly worded questions • They also include operational and procedural problems such as variations in interviewing techniques and data processing mistakes
  13. 13. Logit Service Essentials Working with Logit, you can expect the following benefits: Flexibility Firm Costs Full Internal Quality Control Regular Client Control Fast Turnaround On-Time Delivery Follow-up
  14. 14. Methodologies The Logit Group is methodologically agnostic We don’t sell a set of pre-packaged methodologies. Our methodological flexibility paves the way for the best possible research design by allowing your specific situation and objectives to determine our course of action. We custom tailor a design based on a wide range of available methodologies to deliver actionable and unique strategic insights entirely determined by your business needs and objectives. We are experienced in using a variety of data collection options: • Telephone interviewing • Online quantitative surveys • Qualitative focus groups (in-person, online) • Quali-quant online bulletin boards • Executive and thought leader interviewing • In-person/Onsite interviewing with iPads/handheld devices
  15. 15. Practice Areas Logit Group is able to determine which research approach is most likely to deliver results for your organization’s particular research and marketing objectives. In essence, what we do is akin to scientific investigation, and is just as reliable. Our practice areas include: • Usage and attitude • Product and service development • Communications testing • Advertising testing and tracking • Brand development and repositioning • Brand equity research • Segmentation • Customer satisfaction • Concept testing • Proprietary custom panels/communities