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Your maritime automation partner
Your maritime automation partner
With several years of experience in delivering auto-
mation solutions for the global mari...
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In recent years, our product development has
enabled our customers to give input to our
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Logimatic Engineering - Your maritime automation partner


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Logimatic Engineering - Your maritime automation partner

  1. 1. Logimatic Engineering A/S Your maritime automation partner
  2. 2. Your maritime automation partner With several years of experience in delivering auto- mation solutions for the global maritime industry, Logimatic is the obvious choice when you must select an automation partner. Our professional staff has through several projects obtained unique know-how within maritime automa- tion solutions as well as maritime design of larger systems. We have carried out projects for various types of ships such as: • Gas tankers • Chemical tankers • Ferries • Bulk carriers • Container vessels • Cruisers • Naval ships Know-how We have vast experience with significant automa- tion projects and we are system integrator in all phases of a project: • Project management - Completion and finance • Design and specification - Specification of solution - Hardware and software design • Software - Engineering, operator stations, PLC systems, network • Hardware - Administration tools, censors gauges, actuators etc. - Panels • Installation and implementation • Documentation • Quality control • Training • Service Who are our customers? We have delivered numerous automation solutions to different segments within the maritime industry. However, our customers are typically identified as: • Naval shipyards • Commercial shipyards • Shipping companies/ship owners We have e.g. developed an IPMS system (Integrated Platform Management System) for naval ships that is used by the Danish Navy. The system is used at the Navy’s Flexible Support Vessels and will beinstalled at the new Frigates. Based on our IPMS solution, we have also developed a CMAS system (Control Monitoring Alarm System) with commercial ships as target group. IPMS IPMS is a common computer based platform integrating the following applications: • Power management • Propulsion control • Ship systems automation • Ship systems remote monitoring and control • Alarm system including Extension Alarm Panels • Damage management • Conning displays • Loading and Stability Computer • CCTV camera system The type approved Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) to navy ships is based on Commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) products. The system can be sup- ported worldwide. Functional scope The system is configured with COTS products and consists of a number of PLCs and input/output that are placed in outstations on various positions onboard the ship close to the physical censors and actuators. All outstations are connected through a redundant fiber network that enables communication even though a network error should occur. The operating interface is realized through marine approved PCs that are placed in the control room, at IPMS network
  3. 3. Product development In recent years, our product development has enabled our customers to give input to our development plans. We regard the input from customers as an indispensable vehicle in our drive to make a better solution. Technology We use technologies that are scalable and future proof. The bullets below are just some of the technologies that we use: • PLC - Allen Bradley - Siemens S7 - Modicon - Mitsubishi • SCADA - RSView - Factory Link / Monitor - IGSS - WinCC - Vijeo Citect - InTouch • Databases - Microsoft SQL - Microsoft Access - ORACLE Why work with us? We wish to be regarded as a profes- sional and loyal partner. The custom- ers’ needs are our starting point, and with this philosophy combined with our staff’s know-how of our customers obtain: • Constructive dialogue and pro- fessional project management • A high quality, scalable solu- tion • Professional support and a high level of service Hence, many of our custom- ers consider us as their ideal automation partner and return to us with new projects. This leads us to believe that we bring value to our customers and strengthen their competitiveness. At one of our gas tankers, Gerda Kosan we had prob- lems repairing the cargo alarm system. This because it was phased out and no spare parts were available. We contacted Logimatic to assist us solving the problem, and they inspected the alarm system onboard the vessel. After a week, Logimatic came with a suggestion how their CMAS system could replace the old alarm system, and this without changing the existing aux equipment. A quotation was delivered together with the suggestion. After Logimatic had done their preparations, one automation engineer joined the vessel and installed the new alarm system on a short voyage between 2 European ports. Since the day Logimatic installed the new alarm system, we have not experienced any problems with the alarm system. We are satisfied with the work carried out by Logimatic, and especially when keeping in mind, that often retrofit installations are more difficult to handle than new installations Logimatic was carrying out the job in a professional way from beginning to the end. Simun Erik Johannesen Superintendent Lauritzen Fleet Management Lauritzen Fleet Management the bridge as well as other strategic sites onboard the ship. The operating stations are also connected through a redundant fiber network, on which it is the aim to keep the plant running for as long as possible in case of damage on the plant. CMAS Based on the know-how used in the IPMS solution we also offer an automation solution called Control Monitoring Alarm System (CMAS). CMAS is developed for commercial ships, and we have worked on various projects for both: • Newbuildings • Retrofit Our solutions are based on standard products (COTS) with type approvals for maritime use and we use stand- ard functionality whenever possible, which shorten both implementation and go-live. Through the years we have delivered various CMAS solutions. Hence, we have experience in participating in a partly or complete replacement of an automation solution regarding retrofit. Functional scope By retrofit projects our experienced staff will start with the current installation and make a project proposal that is both technical and financial attractive for the ship owner. The CMAS solution for commercial ships is very flexible. It can be designed and expanded as needed. A common CMAS project will be based on the follow- ing elements: • One or several terminals with touch display • Decentralized alarm panels that are placed onboard the ship (e.g. bridge/ECR) • Reporting • Historical alarm log • Printing • Remote connection through satellite/GSM Service and support Onboard your ship, the demand for timely, professional help-desk services is always high. To address these vary- ing needs now and in the future, we have our Service Support team, specifically designed to help you maximize the efficiency of your automation solution. This service combines the latest technology with a staff that has deep application knowledge and technical experience - a win- ning formula when it comes to reducing system errors.
  4. 4. Logimatic Værløse Kirke Værløsevej 20 B DK-3500 Værløse Denmark Logimatic Sofiendalsvej 5 DK-9200 Aalborg SV Denmark Tel.: +45 9634 7000 Fax: +45 96 34 7001 E-mail: lmc@logimatic.dk www.logimatic.com Logimatic Main office Logimatic worldwide Logimatic Bremen Universitätsallee 5 D-28359 Bremen Germany Logimatic Beijing Beijing Oriental Kenzo, 11J No. 48, Dongzhimenwai Dongcheng District Beijing 100027 P.R. China Logimatic North America Inc. 3565 Piedmont Rd. ne. Suite 400 Atlanta GA 30305-4657 USA Company profile Logimatic is an international engineering and IT company with main focus on sales, imple- mentation and support of in-house devel- oped IT solutions. Logimatic presents the shipbuilder and ship- owner with a variety of different electrical designs as well as engineering and consulting services. Furthermore, we focus strongly on system integration and consulting services within the fields of: • Automation • Maritime design Within the field of maritime automation we have several years of experience and have worked on various projects for e.g.: • Ship owners • Maritime consulting companies • Shipyards We wish to be regarded as a professional and loyal partner with a high level of service towards our customers. Throughout the years many of the customers have returned with new assignments. At Logimatic we acknowledge the importance of quality within the working procedures. Hence, we have been certified according to the ISO 9001 since 1998.