Presentaciones soluciones de Colaboración Logicalis 2010

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Presentación expuesta en todos los eventos de Colaboración organizados por Logicalis en el año 2010.

Presentación expuesta en todos los eventos de Colaboración organizados por Logicalis en el año 2010.

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  • Transcript : let's begin by talking about some of the trends and transitions and collaboration in our industry that we think are going to become more and more pervasive over time. First is mobility, clearly mobility is a very, very high priority. I think it is safe to say now with 4 billion active cellular plans around the globe that the tidal wave of mobility has already come. In fact, if we look at us shipping about a million-and-a-half phones a quarter, and Nokia shipping around a million phones a day, I think it puts in perspective just how pervasive mobility in fact really is. I was struck also by the fact that mobility has moved well beyond voice. I remember from our C-Scape presentation that was done by Dick Lynch, the CTO of Verizon, back in December, he was talking about SMS messaging and I found some of the statistics to be quite amazing. To start with, Verizon did about a billion text messages in the year 2002. By 2004, they were doing a billion per month and by 2008, a billion text messages per day, unbelievable metrics around mobility and the utilization of various different media types extending well beyond just voice. So mobility is a key element of any part of our strategy, and integrating into literally any mobile device over time will become more and more important as part of our overall collaboration strategy. I'll come back and talk more about mobility in a moment. Video must become more pervasive as well, I was up in Minneapolis a few months ago with Andy Monin and others, and it was fascinating to see that I would say two-thirds of the companies that we met with up there had moved to laptops that now included eyeball cameras built into the bezel. Now for those of us who have Macbooks, we've had those for some time, but now with Sony laptops and Dell laptops and others, we are starting to see more video cameras get built in. Video is becoming more common for end-users to utilize in everything from video telephony to various different other usages, obviously from YouTube to video streaming that becomes more critical. Video surveillance is an added piece of our strategy for collaboration overall, and of course TelePresence, with an array of endpoints that extend from the high-end down lower and lower as we go through. And I saw Chuck Stucki on the agenda here for PSSVT to talk more about that during the next several days as well. So video clearly becoming a more common media of communication. Social networking is becoming also more common at work. In fact, I see many of you with Facebook pages. How else would I have known as an example that Laurent Philonenko would have been enjoying the sunset on Friday night other than from his Facebook entry. Or a Joe Burton thinking about buying a time trial bike to begin extending his 200-mile bike rides into 500-mile bike rides so that he can actually get into a more aerodynamic position. So these are what we learn from Facebook, but increasingly what we're also going to be adding are collaborative communities. So Julie O'Brien on Cara Wilson's team is in the process now of getting ready to launch both externally and internally a whole series of collaborative communities that I believe have an incredible opportunity to in some sense change the way we collaborate and we allow our customers to collaborate and communicate between themselves and among themselves as well. Social networking is going to become really much more critical as we go. Server and client virtualization for cost savings and other purposes like IT management, ease of deployment, will become more important as well. In virtually every conversation that I have with customers these days, they're talking about Data Centers, they're talking about server consolidation. And in fact they're talking about thin clients so that they don't have to manage the desktop environment quite so closely across a whole range of different desktops. So virtualization is more important. SaaS may be the number one trend of all. We see in certain studies, like the one recently from RBC capital markets, that an estimated 23% of a $120 billion software market is going to move SaaS by the year 2010 or 2011. These are very significant trends that play well to us through what we are doing as an example in CSG with WebEx and beyond. And then many other macro trends that we have from green to compliance, globalization, intercompany collaboration, all of these aspects are critical trends and what they all point to is an increased need in the environment for collaborative tools. Author’s Original Notes:
  • © 2009, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • © 2009, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.


  • 1. Soluciones de Colaboración Juan Pablo 2010 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 2. Agenda Introducción IP Communications Movilidad Mensajería Colaboración (audio, video y web) Software Social EmpresarialPage 2 Q&A Business and Technology Working as One -2-
  • 3. Soluciones de Colaboración IntroducciónPage 3 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 4. InternetBanda Ancha Móvil Banda Ancha Internet MovilidadPage 4 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 5. Colaboración 1.0 Colaboración 2.0 Centrada en Documentos Centrada en PersonasPage 5 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 6. ¿Qué significa Colaboración?  La Colaboración es un proceso recursivo donde dos o más personas trabajan juntos y con objetivos comunes.  La Colaboración no requiere líderes.  A veces se obtienen mejores resultados a través de la descentralización.  Trabajar en grupo es mejor que trabajar solo.Page 6 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 7. Tres Niveles de Colaboración  Coordinación: nivel básico donde las personas trabajan juntos para completar tareas predefinidas. Envío de mensajes, archivos y documentos entre personas para compartir información. Conferencias, e-mail, fax, voice mail, Web, etc.  Cooperación: dos o más partes trabajan conjuntamente para alcanzar una meta definitiva. Se comparte la información de una manera más interactiva. Foros de Internet, Chat Online, Mensajería Instantánea, Telefonía, Video, etc.  Colaboración: dos o más partes comparten un nivel de confianza que les permite intercambiar libremente ideas y conocimientos. Facilita y maneja las actividades del grupo. Calendarios electrónicos, Project management, sistemas de workflow, extranet, workspaces, etc.Page 7 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 8. ¿Qué es una herramienta colaborativa?  La lista comprende desde herramientas tradicionales como el teléfono y el correo de voz, hasta aquellas basadas en Web 2.0 como wikis, blogs, redes sociales, foros on-line, entre otras.  Se suman la mensajería instantánea, los sistemas de coordinación de documentos, los calendarios electrónicos, los sistemas de video tradicional, de sala y de Telepresencia, los espacios de trabajo compartidos, y otros.Page 8 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 9. Herramientas de Colaboración Colaboración 1.0 Colaboración 2.0 Muchas Redes Telepresencia Foros de Sociales Discusión B2BNumero de personas Comunificaciones Unificadas Wikis Video a Blogs Contact demanda Center Email TelePresencia Chat Conferencias Documentos Una Mensaje de vozPage 9 Herramientas de Colaboración Business and Technology Working as One
  • 10. Elementos escenciales de la Colaboración From… To… Multiple sources, multiple devices,Primarily single source multiple applicationsLargely asynchronous Non real-time and real time, interactive Dispersed teams,Inside my organization outside my organizationStatic and pre-defined networks Communities Dynamic teamsYou find information, people Right time, right people, right resource Inclusive,Inside the firewall, walled off selective, fluidPage 10 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 11. Ventajas de la ColaboraciónProject PRD Checkpoint Beta ProductKickoff Complete Meeting Available DeliveredPage 11 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 12. Aceleración del ResultadoProject PRD Checkpoint Beta ProductKickoff Complete Meeting Available Delivered Pequeñas mejoras producen un gran impactoPage 12 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 13. Nuevas Dudas  Las dudas típicas de las organizaciones respecto al uso de estas herramientas apuntan básicamente a tres frentes: Productividad Seguridad InversiónPage 13 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 14. Roaming de Teléfonos Móviles  Cuando un ejecutivo viaja es primordial que siga comunicado, por lo que lleva su teléfono celular con roaming habilitado. El resultado es una cuenta abultada: típicamente entre 5 y 10 minutos de uso por día fuera de la oficina, con casos en que se llega fácilmente a los 20 – 45 minutos de promedio.  El costo del minuto de llamada mientras está en un aeropuerto o en un hotel o cualquier lugar en el que haya una red inalámbrica (llamado “hotspot”: típicamente en cafés, bares, aeropuertos y lugares públicos) podría fácilmente reducirse a 0.  Ésto se logra utilizando Cisco IP Communicator, un software que lo conecta (audio y video) desde su laptop a la oficina utilizando la red inalámbrica, y sin gastos de red celular.Page 14 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 15. Centralización de Comunicaciones  En las empresas con múltiples sucursales, cada una en lugares diferentes y con necesidades de comunicación, es común que se adquieran numerosas líneas telefónicas que se distribuyen en cada sitio, y se paga por su mantenimiento y consumo mensual.  Si hubiera una forma eficiente de centralizar el control de esas líneas, y que cada una estuviera disponible para todas las sucursales, es evidente que podría reducir el número de líneas disponibles.  Esa es otra característica del Cisco Unified Communications Manager: centralizar el control de sus líneas externas y ponerlas a disposición para todos los usuarios, no importa donde se encuentren.  Además, define políticas de uso de modo que optimice los costos de llamada en cada sitio y maximice la disponibilidad.Page 15 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 16. Eventos y Entrenamientos Masivos  Las empresas que deben realizar entrenamientos masivos, lanzamientos de producto, o realizar anuncios de relevancia a todos los empleados.  Aparecen entonces presupuestos típicamente elevados que incluyen alquiler de salones, traslados y catering. ¿Se pueden evitar?: Claro que sí. Utilizando Cisco Unified Meetingplace o Cisco Unified Videoconferencing, que permiten que cada empleado/cliente reciba en su sitio, ya sea en su propia computadora o en salas de conferencia, el entrenamiento o anuncio.  Ello genera ahorros que también incluyen el tiempo de traslado y las horas muertas asociadas a estos eventos.  Es similar el caso de las reuniones gerenciales que implican unos pocos ejecutivos que se reúnen periódicamente en un mismo sitio. ¿Cuánto vale el tiempo invertido para desplazarse?; ¿Es verdaderamente necesario?Page 16 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 17. Espacios Virtuales – Costo Inmobiliario  Cada metro cuadrado de oficina es otro componente de la cuenta de gastos. Un empleado requiere en promedio más de 3 metros cuadrados, contemplando zonas comunes e instalaciones complementarias. Este costo puede reducirse si el sistema de comunicaciones permite virtualizar los espacios de trabajo: el concepto del espacio dedicado a un empleado ya ha dejado de tener lógica en el Siglo XXI.  En las empresas actuales es común que al menos entre el 10 y 30% de los empleados (dependiendo de la actividad) se encuentra estadísticamente fuera de la oficina.  Entonces: ¿por qué reservar espacios dedicados?Page 17 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 18. Ejemplo de ahorro: Unified Messaging  Suponiendo la mejora de productividad por el hecho de tener todos sus mensajes en un solo repositorio, poder priorizar su lectura (o escucha), eliminar los que no le interesan y redireccionarlos vía el mismo e-mail son solo 10 minutos al día por persona:  Sueldo Promedio $3.000.-  Número de Casillas 200  Costo por empleado por día (20 días hábiles) $ 150.-  Costo por hora (8 horas al día) $ 20.-  Costo de 10 minutos $ 3,33  Multiplicado por 200 empleados $ 670.-  Multiplicado por 20 días hábiles por mes $ 13.400.-  Ahorro por año : $ 160.800.-Page 18 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 19.  Mobility is a top priority  Video will become pervasive  Social networking at work  Server/client virtualization  SaaS & Hosted Solutions  Macro: Green, Globalization, Intercompany Collaboration, etc.Page 19 Tendencias de Tecnología y Business and Technology Working as One Transiciones del Mercado
  • 20. Misión: Transformar los Procesos de Negocio con Impacto de la Soluciónlas Comunicaciones Unificadas Diseño Compra Venta Servicios Velocidad: TTM, Ciclo de Venta Virtualización Productividad Interacciones Multi-Media Mejora relación con Presencia y políticas clientes, reduce churn Movilidad Colaboración en cualquier parte/momento Integración de Apps Eficiencia en la Operación de Negocio Reducción de Costos Servicios al Procesos de Beneficios al Negocio Negocio Negocio Page 20 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 21. Nuevos Productos Marzo 2010 Cisco Unified CM Session  Cisco Unified  Any-to-any  Cisco WebEx  Cisco WebEx  Cisco Show Management Edition Contact Cisco Node for MCS Mail and Share  SIP trunking Center TelePresence with  Hosted Social video Enterprise, HD Interoper- MeetingPlace email, system Cisco Intercompany Express, ability 8.0 native  Cisco Media Engine Customer  Cisco  Cisco WebEx Outlook Enterprise  Business to business UC support Voice Portal, TelePresence Meeting Collaboration Cisco Unified Presence 8.0 Expert Advisor WebEx Engage  Cisco WebEx Platform Center for  Dual protocol: SIP/SIMPLE and 8.0 iPhone v1.3 Connect IM (Limited  Intercompany XMPP, powered by Jabber  Customer  Web handoff  Powered by Availability) Cisco Cisco Unified Communications Care as a TelePresence from iPhone Jabber, Social Manager 8.0 Service Directory to PC UC networking for softphone business Cisco Unified IP Phones 9900 and 8900 Series  Cisco Unified  Cisco Pulse  Video enabled Personal (Limited Communicato Availability) Cisco Unified Mobile r 8.0 People and Communicator for iPhone  Powered by media search Jabber Video & Content Auto Tagging IP Communications and Customer Enterprise Page 21 Mobile Applications Telepresence Conferencing and Technology Working asSoftware Business Messaging Social One Care
  • 22. IP CommunicationsPage 22 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 23. IP CommunicationsPage 23 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 24. Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.0  Nuevas soluciones de Colaboración  Intercompany Media Engine  Unified CM Session Management Edition  Unified IP Phones 8900 and 9900 Series Phones  Mejora la experiencia del usuario  Extension Mobility y RSVP cross- cluster  Service Advertisement Framework  Policy: external call control  Flexibilidad: virtualización  Unified Computing System support on B200 M1 BladePage 24 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 25. Cisco Intercompany Media Engine Provee comunicaciones de negocios (B2B) para partners Enterprise A Video telefonía seguro con alta fidelidad entre compañías PSTN Transparente a usuarios y administradores Internet  Fácil de usar: self-learning  Misma experiencia de usuarios entre organizaciones Unified CM Eficiente uso de la red con reducción de costos (PSTN y SIP trunks) Enterprise BPage 25 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 26. Cisco Intercompany Media Engine PSTN ($$$) Unified CM Enterprise A Enterprise B Video Wideband Audio Rich Caller ID Alert on AvailablePage 26 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 27. Cisco Intercompany Media EnginePage 27 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 28. CUCM 8.0 Session Management Edition Interconexión entre PBXs Interconexión entre PBX y carriers (SIP trunking) Soporta SIP, H.323 y MGCP Sesiones de audio y video Interconexión de PBXs para otros negocios tales como social networking, Web apps, Cisco Intercompany Media Engine Control de políticas centralizado Least cost routing Reduce la carga administrativaPage 28 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 29. Unified Communications Widgets – Visual Voicemail 8.0  Cisco Unified Communications® Widgets introducidos en CUCM 7.0  Click to Call, Phone Designer y Visual Voice Mail  Nuevas funcionalidades:  Rica experiencia de mensajería en Cisco Unified IP Phone con la aplicación de Visual Voicemail  Mejoras con Cisco IP Phones 8900 & 9900 Series  Funcionalidades mejoradas  Acuses de recibo en el teléfono  Contadores de mensajesPage 29 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 30. Unified Communications Widgets – Click to Call 8.0  Nuevas opciones con Click to Call en  Citrix XenApp Virtual  Aplicaciones Microsoft Office (Outlook, Office, IE etc.)  Opciones flexibles de instalación  Mecanismos de Click to Call mejorados  Click to Call desde Tel-URIPage 30 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 31. Cisco Unified Communications Management Suite for 8.0 § Simplifica la instalación y la gestión de plataformas operativas  Alineación con UC 8.0 para soportar:  Nuevos Cisco Unified IP Phones Cisco Unified Operations Manager  Integraciones Cisco UC for MOC Continuous Monitoring and Fault Management y Webex Connect  Unified Computing System Cisco Unified Provisioning Manager Simplified Deployment and Configuration  Bajo costo del hardware y el mantenimiento con VMWare en el UCS Cisco Unified Service Monitor Voice Quality Monitoring and AlertingPage 31 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 32. Cisco Unified Presence 8.0 Open XMPP clients  Soporte para SIP/SIMPLE y Jabber XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)  Presencia basada en red  Compatible con IM de 3ras partes Federations  Federaciones B2B y B2C de IM (Webex Connect)  APIs abiertas para procesos de negocios basados en presenciaPage 32 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 33. Cisco IP Phones 9900 Series  Diseño elegante y ergonómico  Interactivo, multi-party H.264 business video (camera)  Display color de alta resolución (640 x 480)  Display Touchscreen  Puertos USB (x2) y Bluetooth  Unified Video Camera o USB wired headsets  Built-in Wi-Fi (IP Phone 9971 only)  Conexión Ethernet alternativa  Premier audio with HD voice  Earth-friendly (deep sleep option, recyclable plastics)Page 33 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 34. Cisco IP Phones 8900 Series Diseño elegante y ergonómico Ten tri-color feature/session keys Display color de alta resolución 640 x 480 effective pixel resolution Puertos USB Premier audio with High-definition voice (HD voice) Earth-friendly enhancementsPage 34 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 35. Cisco Unified IP Color Key Expansion Module Módulo con 36 teclas para líneas/features programables Display LCD color Estados de llamadas diferenciados con LEDs de tres colores Opción Deep-sleep para reducción de consumo Montable en pared y colores a elecciónPage 35 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 36. Cisco Unified Video Camera  Video de alta resolución (H.264 standard)  Comunicaciones de video hasta 30 frames per second  Fácil conexión mediante puerto USB  Funcionalidades Pan/Zoom y Tilt controladas digitalmente  Funcionalidad Video MutePage 36 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 37. IP Phones 6900 SeriesPage 37 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 38. IP Phones 6900 SeriesPage 38 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 39. Cisco ISR for Unified Communications Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony Key ISR G2 Capabilities 300/1200 Phones •Up to 5X more performance •Services-Ready Engine 200/730 •Gigabit fabric Phones 3945 150/250 Key Benefits 3925 •More UC capacity Phones •Add services w/o truck rolls 100/100 2951 •Reduce TCO Phones 50/50 Phones 2921 35/35 High-Density Services Phones 2911 Modularity with Performance Multiple Services Optimized for “All-in-one” 2901 Extended Modular Solution (NM-SM, NME, Connectivity (EVM, EVM, ISM, WIC/VIC) ISM, SM, WIC/VIC) Cisco Unity Express Local Auto Attendant and Low Density Services Voice Mail System with 12- 250 Mailboxes, 4-32e r uc no C Page 39 Sessions/portsBusiness and Technology Working as One 600 Hours of Storage Small Office Small Branch Enterprise Branch Office r
  • 40. MovilidadPage 40 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 41. Mobile ApplicationsPage 41 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 42. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center for iPhone v 1.3  Meeting handoff: transferencia desde una WebEx web meeting al iPhone  Tranferencia de Audio desde el iPhone al IP phone (soportado con Single Number Reach)  Join by meeting number  Permite ingresar el número de WebEx meeting en la aplicación WebEx para que el IPhone se una a la reuniónPage 42 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 43. Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator for iPhone  Dial via Office  Visual business voicemail  Mobile Connect on/off setting  Cisco Unified MeetingPlace meeting list with Call Me  Directory access  VoWLAN (CY Q1 2010)Page 43 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 44. Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator for BlackBerry  Dial via Office  Visual business voicemail  Mobile Connect on/off setting  Cisco Unified MeetingPlace meeting list with Call Me  Presence  Directory AccessPage 44 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 45. Nokia Call Connect 2.0 for Cisco  VoWLAN and VoIP over 3G  Cambio automático entre redes (WLAN – GSM)  DTMF Mid-Call Features  XML Application Support  Interoperable con Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator  Reduce el costo de la red móvil con Dial via Office y VoWLANPage 45 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 46. Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage  Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage 7.1(3)  Multi platform support (WM6 SE, BlackBerry, Symbian, iPhone)  Bulk provisioning tool  Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage 8.0  Cisco Unified Compute support  Desktop and mobile IM/text interoperability  Scales to 15,000 mobile usersPage 46 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 47. MensajeríaPage 47 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 48. MessagingPage 48 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 49. Cisco WebEx Connect IM  Entrega Mensajería Instantánea, Unified Communications y funcionalidades de Colaboración  Arquitectura híbrida on-demand/on- premise  Integración con Cisco Unified Communications  WebEx Connect usa XMPP (estándar IETF para presencia/IM)  Integración mejorada con WebEx Meeting  Manejo de políticas y administración mejoradasPage 49 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 50. Unified Personal Communicator 8.0 § Single Multi-media UC Client for Rich Borderless Collaboration  Interfaz de usuario mejorada e intuitiva  Basado en estandares de audio y video de alta definición  Federación B2B con Microsoft Office Communicator, IBM Sametime, WebEx Connect, & Cisco Unified Personal Communicator  Federación B2C con servicios basados en el estandar XMPP (i.e. Google Talk)  Intercambio de mensajería instantánea entre Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator y clientes XMPP de 3ras partes (e.g. Adium & Pidgin)Page 50 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 51. Protección de la inversión y mejora de la colaboración IBM and Microsoft IBM: New Lotus Sametime plug-ins  Cisco audio/video soft phone, hard phone control  Phone presence awareness  Click-to-conference: Voice, web & video  Add embedded video in Sametime Microsoft  Simultaneously Ring: U.C. Manager calls simultaneously ring on MOC client  Business to Business Federation  Unified Mobile Communicator on Windows Mobile  Click-To-Call from Office, IE, Outlook, SharePoint  Add embedded video in MOCPage 51 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 52. Cisco UC Integration™ for Microsoft Office Communicator 8.0  Permite registrar el MOC por medio del protocolo SIP como endpoint del CUCM.  No es necesaria la instalación del Presence Server ya que la presencia es manejada por medio del OCS.  Los MOC endpoints podrán tener control de admisión.  Sobre la PC donde esta instalado el MOC debe instalarse un cliente de Cisco el cual traerá la información de presencia de los IP Phones. Audio Call Control Presence Unified Client ServicesPage 52 Framework and Technology Working as One Business
  • 53. Cisco UC Integration™ for Microsoft Office Communicator 8.0  Softphone totalmente integrado  Control del IP Phone Mich Cannon  Cisco IP Phone como calidad de audio y Available Cisco Systems call control  Presencia del IP Phone en Microsoft Office Communicator  Notificación de los llamados entrantes  Click to call desde Office y browsers  Client call history  Voicemail MWIPage 53 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 54. Colaboración Audio, Video y WebPage 54 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 55. Virtual Meeting Environments Voice ConferencingTechnology Availability Meeting Frequency - Voice & Web Conferencing Voice, Web & Face-to- Video (Desktop Face and Room) Meetings Conferencing TelePresence Page 55 Capabilities – Richness of User and Technology Working as One Business Experience
  • 56. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Collaborative Soporte para múltiples funciones Presentaciones, Training & Webinars  Templates Standard & customizados Presentation  Features y vistas variables por tipo de reunión, role de usuario WebinarPage 56 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 57. Colaboración - Suite de Aplicaciones Cisco WebEx – SaaS web conferencing with various Audio options Cisco Unified MeetingPlace 8.0 – on-premise audio and video with Webex SaaS or Webex Node for MCS Cisco Unified MeetingPlace 7.0 – for customers who require an entirely on- premises audio and “Flash” web solution or Webex SaaS Cisco Unified MeetingPlace 6.0 – EoS July 2010 Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express – EoS May 2010Page 57 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 58. Unified MeetingPlace 7.0 Hardware Media Server Deployment Option Desktop Integrations Audio/video Application, Web & Audio & Video - endpoints Integration Servers Hardware Media ServerMeetingPlace & WebEx Web Conferencing  On-premises Audio, Video and Web (Flash based)  WebEx (SaaS) integration Page 58 Business and Technology Working as One  Scalable –1500 Audio, 1000 Web, 300 Video
  • 59. Unified MeetingPlace 8.0Hardware Media Server Deployment Option Desktop Integrations Audio/video Application & endpoints Integration Servers WebEx WebEx Node forWeb Conferencing MCS  On-premises Audio and Video  WebEx (SaaS) integration, WebEx Node for MCS  Scalable – 2000 Audio, 300 Video, 500 Web per WebEx Node Page 59 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 60. Unified MeetingPlace 8.0Express Media Server Deployment Option Desktop Integrations Application & Integration Audio/video SW, Audio & Video Media endpoints Server WebEx Node for WebEx MCS Web Conferencing  On-premises Audio and Video  WebEx (SaaS) integration, WebEx Node for MCSPage 60  1300 Audio, 300 Switched Video, 500 Web per WebEx Node Technology Working as One Business and
  • 61. Unified MeetingPlace 8.0 and WebEx Best of On-premises and On-demandInternal Participants External Participants Cisco WebEx Collaboration Unified WAN Cloud MeetingPlace 8.0 and WebEx Node for MCS Customer Software PremisesON PREMISE Equipment As A ON DEMAND Service (CPE) Page 61 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 62. WebEx Node for MCS External Meeting  External participants connect to cloud  Single connection between WebEx Node & cloud  Resiliency – Automatic overflow WebEx Node to Cloud Internal/VPN External Single Meeting Stream to WebEx Cisco WebEx Collaboration WebEx Node WAN Cloud for MCS MeetingPlacePage 62 Audio/Video Business and Technology Working as One
  • 63. WebEx Node on MCS Internal-only Meeting  Internal users connect to WebEx Node for MCS  Maintain meeting data  Requires WebEx Contract, Signal to Cloud Internal/VPN Cisco WebEx Collaboration WebEx Node Cloud for MCS MeetingPlace Audio/VideoPage 63 Signaling Audio/ Video media Business and Technology Working as One Web meeting data
  • 64. Webex - Suite de Aplicaciones Event Sales Training Support Center Center Center Center Webinars Online Sales Online Training Remote Support Online Events and Access Meeting Center General CollaborationPage 64 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 65. Software Social EmpresarialPage 65 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 66. Enterprise Software SocialPage 66 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 67. Cisco Show and Share  Video Collaboration & Sharing  Comunidades de video para compartir ideas y experiencia  Video en vivo y On-Demand  Reportes  Windows Media, Flash (.flv), and MPEG- 4/H.264  Ventajas  Video en cualquier lugar y momento, comunicación asincrónica  Empleados, partners, clientes, estudiantes  Reduce el tiempo dedicado a reuniones y/o viajesPage 67 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 68. Cisco Pulse Limited Availability  Captura el conocimiento dentro de la organización taggeando el contenido a medida que atraviesa la red  Automaticamente navega por el contenido de video con la palabra mencionada  Variedad de aplicaciones de negocios usando APIs de OpenSocial  Ventajas  Acelera y mejora la productividad encontrando información relevante  Incrementa el revenue y el customer satisfaction optimizando el know-how de la organizaciónPage 68 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 69. Cisco PulsePage 69 Business and Technology Working as One
  • 70. Cisco Enterprise Platform Collaboration Limited Availability Directorio corporativo con funcionalidades de red social (e.g., Facebook para Enterprise) Crea espacios de equipos y entornos de comunidad “on the fly” Frameworks customizable para integración con aplicaciones de negocios y web 2.0 Integración con Unified Communication: Presence, IM, Click to Call, Click to Meeting Políticas de administración basadas en reglas de autenticación y control de acceso Ventajas Enterprise Social Software  Productividad  Agilidad  ExperienciaPage 70 Business and Technology Working as One
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  • 72. Gracias! Juan Pablo Denkiewicz jdenkiewicz@la.logicalis.comPage 72 Business and Technology Working as One