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  • Video collaboration technology is a critical element of telepresence, taking it to a whole new level Tandberg brings important technology and sales capabilities to Cisco With the Tandberg acquisition, we offer customers greater choice and a richer solution set, as well as broader channels of distribution. This combination gives Cisco a distinct advantage in the Collaboration market FROM THE EBC DECK NOTES: I’d like to discuss briefly Cisco’s broad collaboration portfolio. What you probably know Cisco well for is the communications area of our portfolio. We pioneered IP communications and today are the market leader with a broad range of end points and applications. We’ve extended our portfolio into mobile applications , bringing control and management for IT and a better experience for end users to the most popular business smart phones on the market from RIM, Nokia, Apple, and Windows Mobile. Extending from that, we’ve grown into contact center solutions – Customer Care – where we are innovating by bringing social networking capabilities into customer service. TelePresence is the latest addition to our real time communications portfolio. Here we are driving the same innovation as we did with voice, atscale and with the same reliability, into the most lifelike video conferencing on the market. What you may not be familiar with is the breadth and depth of our collaborative applications. Beginning with conferencing , you may be familiar with the solutions available through our Unified Communications portfolio, providing on premise solutions for voice and video conferencing. Adding to these capabilities, Cisco acquired Webex – the online web conferencing market leader several years ago. Today, Cisco Webex remains the market leader with over 20 million meetings hosted a month on the Cisco Webex Collaboration cloud. Next in our collaborative application portfolio is messaging . Just under a year ago, Cisco acquired Jabber and Postpath. Through our IP communications portfolio, we’ve supported messaging for many years around voicemail and presence. Jabber, the originator and leader in the open XMPP protocol, extends much richer presence capabilities into any application. We’re integrating Jabber into both our on premise and SaaS offerings. Cisco’s latest entry in messaging is hosted email. Through our acquisition of Postpath, Cisco will offer plug compatible hosted email, providing the same experience as Microsoft but with the cost efficiencies of the cloud. And now this November, Cisco adds three new offers in enterprise social software . We’ve heard from many of you that employees are using tools like Facebook and YouTube not just to connect with friends and family, but increasingly to collaborate in the work world. And many in IT have had no choice but to block these applications to prevent security and compliance breaches. But now the business is asking how these types of capabilities can be brought back. New applications from Cisco bring similar capabilities of YouTube and Facebook to your users, but with the integration, security and management needed by IT. Transition: I hope you now have a good sense of the breadth and range of Cisco’s collaboration portfolio, and that we are well positioned to meet both what is considered the traditional collaborative applications as well as the communications applications. What makes Cisco unique as a collaboration partner is our ability to bring these solutions together and deliver new collaboration experiences.
  • La telepresencia se creo con un concepto teniendo en cuenta las necesidades de los clientes, este concepto se basa en tres pilares fundamentales
  • La videoconferencia esta formda por dos grandes conjuntos de equipos, el que veremos a continuacion se llaman EP y seguido veremos la infraestructura que da soporte a los terminales.
  • Immersive: For dedicated rooms , the best environment for face-to-face virtual communications and collaboration. The category includes the flagship Cisco TelePresence System 3000 series--CTS 3000/3010 and CTS 3200/3210—for scalable deployments, and the TANDBERG T3 and T1 for a range of solutions including customized deployments. Shortly after completion of the acquisition, we will deliver high-definition, immersive, multi-screen interoperability between these systems and other multi-screen telepresence systems. Multipurpose Room: An optimum telepresence experience for the widest range of existing conference rooms and environments. The TANDBERG Profile Series will continue to deliver a broad range of options for customer choice in the meeting room, and the Cisco TelePresence System 1300 will complement the offering with a virtual in-person experience in a multipurpose conference room. Personal:  For telepresence experiences in personal office , at home for telecommuting applications, and while traveling. The portfolio of TANDBERG personal systems, the EX90, MOVI, the Cisco TelePresence System 1100 and Cisco TelePresence System 500 form the personal category. The unified set of products will meet the needs of individuals in the office and at home. Solutions Platform: Core Cisco TelePresence components for Quick Set, custom and industry solutions. TANDBERG’s C-series, MXP Codecs, set-top systems, and PC video and high-definition cameras will serve as the foundation for extensive integration options. The QuickSet components for rapid integration and deployment include the C20 Quick Set and MXP Edge. The Custom Solutions include the broad TANDBERG C-series of codecs and MXP with a set of flexible APIs and integration services. The vertical industry solutions include offerings for healthcare, education, tactical and other deployments. These solutions will all continue to be available to integrators and their customers who choose to purchase customized systems that interoperate with current and future Cisco, TANDBERG, and third-party systems.
  • The entire package is easy and includes Codec C20, PrecisionHD 1080p camera, Performance Mic 20, TRC5 remote control and cables. Add this to an HD Display and be ready to have a meeting.
  • La Camara 1080p es la gran protagonista del éxito de la serie C Full HD, tinee una capacidad de ZOOM de hasta 12X, un maximo de resolucion de 1080p 30 fps y puede montarse de forma inversa, como es el caso de los equipos de telepresencia.
  • I now want to present a possible integration solution using the C90 which we will be referring back to whilst going through the various aspects of the codec and the API. Quite advanced integration scenario with multiple screens and video sources. This scenario shows a large group discussing content from two separate sources (document camera and PC). We have one local site running a C90 codec acting as the multisite host, or bridge, and three other remote sites using different endpoints. Goal for integration: Create a large group discussion forum, where all participants (local and remote) sees each other and the presentation . Codian September 7, 2012
  • Everything is made for video conferencing. To enable the best experience for the users. Positioning of camera, screens, and audio module. The profile is not only about the codec, camera, speaker or the screen – it’s a fully integrated system that will provide a consisten user experience every time.
  • TANDBERG redefines the meeting experience with Total Telepresence. From the feeling when entering the room, to the sensation of being at the same table, to the simplicity of starting a meeting, the focus is solely on the experience of the executive. It’s visual collaboration taken to an entirely new level, where thousands of details work together to provide an exclusive, natural forum for collaboration. Behind the scenes, innovative technology and services work together to make sure each meeting runs perfectly every time.
  • Our basic offer for T3 and T1 is the free standing systems as you see on the picture, together with the ceiling lighting to give a more consistent lighting of the participants. Customer and partners is the free to design and enhance the room as they like. We offer a room requirement for the base unit, but think it would be good if we going forward could align these requirements with what you do for the CTS-3000.
  • In addition to the base unit we offer the customer do by the specially designed environment which we have optimized for T3, with the blue wall, wall panels in addition to seating and doc cam. The attach rate so far for the immersive room has been on 71%.
  • Now, based on our success and market demand, we are introducing the long-anticipated Telepresence T1. Same great experience, smaller footprint.
  • Let’s now take a look at the infrastructure products.
  • Both companies’ entire lines of infrastructure products will continue to be available to integrators and customers. The integrated set of Cisco TelePresence Infrastructure products provide improved interoperability with other vendors’ solutions, while providing the robust call control and management for Cisco TelePresence deployments. The line also includes the underpinnings for intercompany, integration with digital media and collaboration solutions from Cisco and other companies. The infrastructure products include Call/Session Control : Comprehensive Cisco TelePresence session control via Cisco Unified Call Manager and TANDBERG Video Communication Server for a complete set of capabilities for intra- and inter-company collaboration. This means that combined with the Advanced Media Gateway, customers today have a complete solution for bridging between Cisco TelePresence endpoints and PC-based video clients like Microsoft Office Communicator, MOVI with Precision HD camera or Cisco Unified Personal Communicator. Management : Complete management with integrated scheduling, network and element management and reporting capabilities, including ROI tools. Management today comprises two platforms: Cisco TelePresence Manager and TANDBERG Management Server. Media Switching : Industry-leading switching capabilities via the Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch for large and scalable multipoint meetings with security, meeting policy and event controls and UC services gateway capabilities for CUVC and WebEx interoperability, web sharing and audio add-in,. Media services includes: Any-to-any interoperability via multiple offerings including the Codian MCUs and Cisco Unified Video Conferencing. Gateways for IP, Unified Communications and ISDN connections. Network-delivered media experiences via the Media Experience Engine and Cisco TelePresence Recording Server for services like multipoint, recording, streaming, transcoding, video analytics and tagging.
  • Now let’s take a look at the deployment options and cloud services available for cisco telepresence.
  • For intercompany capabilities, Cisco now provides either directly or thought partners including global service providers: Do it yourself: TelePresence as a Service : Cisco TelePresence Exchange and Cisco TelePresence Public Suites offerings will continue to provide high scalability and security to connect across organizational boundaries. Today, many service providers across the globe work with Cisco to deliver intercompany services that connect Cisco and other companies’ endpoints. Do-It-Yourself options for limited extranet and intranet capabilities include Expressway (VCS), Cisco Unified Border Element + CUVC, VPN extranet connectivity and ultimately potentially other options such as Cisco Internet Media Engine. Hybrid on premise and managed options for teleworker/mobile user and small office deployment include Callway and hosted Cisco TelePresence WebEx Engage Fully Managed Exchange Service solutions include Comprehensive Managed Intercompany service offerings from providers with global reach, reliability and security as well as technology migration and cloud services
  • In addition, you can add a second screen for more content viewing real-estate, multiple content sources can be connected at once so you can flexibly move between all of your discussion points..
  • Available soon for room systems!
  • Additional information Great RF resistance Low self noise 3.5mm four-pin mini-jack 7.5 meter cable
  • MutliSite TM is not available on the Quick Set C20. The Quick Set C20 is designed to be supported with services in the infrastructure, 1080p HD multiparty meetings will be a simple software upgrade to the Codian Bridge. Ad hoc multiparty calling will be available soon with Multiway (VCS/Bridge). SMB/SME can also work with a partner that provides services including bridging, and large organizations are more likely to invest in the infrastructure that supports the multiparty meetings.
  • Presentación Collaboration Video Cablevisión Day 2010

    1. 1. Soluciones de Video y Colaboración Martín Cancelare Business Development Manager 2010 Business and Technology Working as One
    2. 2. Un poco de historia…  1997 Nace la videoconferencia  Problemas de uso  Bajo BW disponible  Poca calidad  2004 Videoconferencia HD!  Mejora el manejo de la tecnología  Aumento de BW  Excelente calidad  2008 Telepresencia y Desktop Video  Simplicidad y calidad como premisa  Baja escalabilidad  Nace el Desktop video y UC  Mundos aisladosPage 2 Business and Technology Working as One
    3. 3. Actualidad 2010 Portfolio completo Integració n con High Definition Interoperabilidad desde la PC a Webconferencin es una completa en Telepresencia g, Carteleria necesidad Video (TIP) Digital y aplicaciones de videoPage 3 Business and Technology Working as One
    4. 4. Arquitectura de Colaboración de Cisco IP Mobile Customer EnterpriseCommunications Applications Care Telepresence Conferencing Messaging Social Software Page 4 Business and Technology Working as One
    5. 5. Improving Collaboration Building Relationships in a Globalized World When Collaboration Value First meetings, final contracts In Person Most impact  Critical negotiations  Cross-cultural  "Life-like" experience Productivity Cisco TelePresence  Simple and Intuitive Interactivity communications  Deploy scarce expertise  Reduced travel and carbon quickly footprint Video Faster, more informed Relationship Building decisions Audio & Web Detailed explanations More data Conferencing Quick, short messages IM Instant Standard communications Voice Familiar Not time critical E-mail UbiquitousPage 5 Business and Technology Working as One
    6. 6. Quality—Simplicity—Reliability Simplicidad Calidad Fiabilidad Unified Communications Network as the Platform Ultra-HighOne Button to Push Spatial Audio Reliable, Resilient, & Secure Definition (1080p) - Easy to Use – for Executives Experience Virtually theIn-Person and Everyone Cisco is an best choice, globallyPage 6 Business and Technology Working as One
    7. 7. Broad Endpoint Portfolio Any to Any Interoperability Cloud Services Endpoints Infrastructure Scalable and Complete Portfolio Reliable, Secure and Comprehensive Global Reach ArchitecturePage 7 Experiences Solutions Applications Business and Technology Working as One
    8. 8. Cisco Telepresence The Combined Endpoint Portfolio Immersive Multipurpose Personal Solution PlatformsFor dedicated rooms, An optimum For Telepresence Core Cisco the best environment Telepresence experiences in Telepresencefor face-to-face virtual experience for the personal office, at components for communications and widest range of home for customized and collaboration existing conference telecommuting vertical applications rooms and applications, and environments while traveling All products remain in portfolio Comprehensive integration roadmapPage 8 Business and Technology Working as One
    9. 9. Personal Telepresence Portfolio On the Road Telecommuter / Office Executive Presence PC Mobility Desktop Appliance Immersive Office Movi with Precision HD 1700 EX90 CTS 500 CTS 1100 Broad portfolio options for many user communities Extends Cisco Telepresence to IP Communications 9900 SeriesFlexible Bandwidth options for scalability E20 Voice moves to Video….!Page 9 Business and Technology Working as One
    10. 10. TANDBERG EX90 Revolutionary Personal TelepresencePage 10 Business and Technology Working as One
    11. 11. Tandberg Cisco EX 90 Calidad Innovación Colaboración Video personal con la mas  Control a travé s de un  Colaboració n sin alta calidad, pantalla de 24” Touch Panel de 8” precedentes con 1080p 30fps  Mismo concepto que T1 & resolució n WUXGA y hasta dos fuentes Rich, natural audio (2x T3 Telepresence  Compartir documentos Speakers + SUB) como estar en la misma sala con la cámara documentosPage 11 Business and Technology Working as One
    12. 12. Tandberg EX 90 Features 8” TANDBERG inTouch for simple control 1080p30 and 720p60 video resolution for the Telepresence experience at the desk High quality 24” PC screen with clear WUXGA resolution enables a seamless, one-tool desktop 4-way* 720p30 HD MultiSiteTM with continuous presence brings everyone into the picture PrecisionHDTM camera with optical zoom ensures video clarity and optimal field of view 2 front speakers and subwoofer for superior quality audio Integrated document camera allows for easy sharing of physical documents and objects with quick flip of the main camera Multiple digital inputs (DVI and HDMI) allow for flexible sharing of various content sources Dual display capable (HDMI out) enables a second screen that can be dedicated to content Included wideband handset or headset input for privacyPage 12 Business and Technology Working as One
    13. 13. Cisco Telepresence CTS-1100  Telepresence-class video for 2 users  Multiple uses: CTS, digital signage, in room display, audio conferencing  (Optional) high-definition data display  Uses existing table  65” screen size  Upgrade path to CTS-1300Page 13 Business and Technology Working as One
    14. 14. Cisco Telepresence Solutions Portfolio For Custom and Industry Applications Quick Set Custom Solutions Industry Solutions Broad AV Codec Series C90 Education C20 Quick Set Tactical C60 Healthcare MXP Edge C40 Bundled components Simple integration Flexible APIs DIY option Integration Services Fast Deployment Integrator Solutions New Experiences Replicable Solution Differentiated Service New Business ModelsPage 14 Business and Technology Working as One
    15. 15. Cisco Quick Set C20 and C20PlusPage 15 Easy, Complete Package Business and Technology Working as One Add to an HD Display and say Hello!
    16. 16. Tandberg Quick Set C20 ConectoresMicrophones HD Display2 x mini-jack 2 x HDMI (balanced) Ethernet DVI-I Main Cam 1 x Gigabit PC HDMI Audio USB Power & RCA (future use) On/Off SwitchPage 16 Business and Technology Working as One
    17. 17. Cámara 1080p 12X optical zoom with smooth, quiet handling HDMI and HD-SDI outputs with ability to output both simultaneously  HD-SDI allows camera to be placed up to 100m from the codec Mount upside down—camera orientation automatically detected and picture flipped Mounted Upside Down pan speed: 100o/s, range: -90o to +90o, precision 0.3o | tilt speed 30o/s, range: -25o to +15o, precision: 0,15oPage 17 Business and Technology Working as One
    18. 18. Endpoints – Solution Platforms  High Definition Projects Salas estándar con agregado de colaboración vía compartir documentos en HD Codec C40  Advanced and Specialized Projects Salas High End con features de video avanzados, mezcla de cámaras e imágenes, ideal para aplicaciones de auditorios y medicina Codec C60  Telepresence and Collaboration Projects Salas y Auditorios de ultima generación, video scaler, audio & video mixer, superposición de imágenes y control en vivo Codec C90Page 18 Business and Technology Working as One
    19. 19. Tabla Comparativa Línea CPage 19 Business and Technology Working as One
    20. 20. An advanced integration example using C90 QCIF HD CIFPage 20 Business and Technology Working as One
    21. 21. Multipurpose EndpointsPage 21 Business and Technology Working as One
    22. 22. Profile 42’’ – Profile 52’’ – Quality experience High quality videoconference Profile 65’’ – for small rooms for meeting rooms For large meeting rooms and collaboration space Room Size # of participants NPP included on All Profiles PerformancePage 22 Business and Technology Working as One
    23. 23. al l al sBusiness and Technology Working as One W tu ew Page 23 ew ep Vi Vi nc ra p C To Co ame DE C CO it or on le Ms b a Ta er m Ca s ne ho op icr M ll ca int ipo ult M or int Po to int Po a en we et yb ar tv no es do S CTS 1300 Voice Switched Functionality CT t he of lity na tio nc fu e
    24. 24. Immersive Rooms Cisco Telepresence Introducing the CTS 3010 and CTS 3210  Updates to the award- winning CTS 3000 and CTS 3200 endpoints  New 40” LCD for data sharing  New light shroud and diffuser  40% Faster Install time  25% more energy efficient  More serviceablePage 24 Business and Technology Working as One
    25. 25. Page 25 Cisco Telepresence T3 Business and Technology Working as One
    26. 26. Telepresence T3/T1 Base Unit Includes: Integrated system and table Touch collaboration screens Ceiling-mounted studio-quality lightingPage 26 Business and Technology Working as One TANDBERG Confidential
    27. 27. Telepresence T3/T1 Accessories Immersive Room Package TANDBERG Blue lighting walls Warm Wood walls Other optional accessories: Chairs Bench for additional seating Ceiling-mounted HD Document Camera 71% Attach ratePage 27 on immersive room as One Business and Technology Working TANDBERG Confidential
    28. 28. Page 28 Business and Technology Working as One Cisco TelePresence T1
    29. 29. Infraestructura integrada Any to Any Interoperability Cloud Services Endpoints Infrastructure Scalable and Reliable, Secure Complete Portfolio Comprehensive and Global Reach Architecture ExperiencesPage 29 Solutions Applications Business and Technology Working as One
    30. 30. Call & Session Control Management Comprehensive Cisco Complete management Telepresence session with integrated scheduling, control via a complete network and element set of capabilities for management intra- and inter-company and reporting capabilities, collaboration. including ROI tools. Media Switching Media Services Network-delivered media Industry-leading experiences such as switching capabilities multipoint, recording, for large and scalable streaming, transcoding, multipoint meetings video analytics and tagging with security. Any-to-any interoperability via multiple capabilities. Comprehensive Architectural desPage 30 Business and Technology Working as One
    31. 31. Portfolio Unificado de Infraestructura Management Endpoints Endpoints (CUCM) (VCS) CTS Manager TMSCTS 3000 T3 Series Call Control T1 CTS 1300 / 1100 CUCM VCS Profile CTS 500 Series Multipoint CUVA / CSF EX90 / 1700 CTMSCUVC TS CODIAN e20 Intercompany Media Services MOVI CUBE IME IP GW VCS X H320 GW CTRS IP-IVR TCS AMG MXE Page 31 Business and Technology Working as One
    32. 32. Call and Session Control VCS adds important TelePresence enablement to UC collaboration CUCM Family VCS Family Bridged Trunk Plus • Platform for UC services • Advanced video and − Telephony Telepresence − Video endpoints capabilities End Point − Bandwidth mgmt − TelePresence management − Conferencing − Firewall traversal − Voicemail Centralized Dial • Full interworking with − Contact Center Plans feature parity − Presence/IM − H.323 • UC Provisoning and Mgmt CDRs − SIP • SIP and SCCP Video EP Mgmt Security • UC integration • SCCP, SIP & H.323 video − OCS HD interop interop − 3rd party PBXs • MOC integration UC Richness  Dual Approach  TP RichnessPage 32 Business and Technology Working as One
    33. 33. TANDBERG MSE 8710 Telepresence Server Blade Chassis based Telepresence Server for all types of enterprises and service providers requiring:  a highly reliable and resilient system  the ability to scale to much larger numbers of screens in the future  the flexibility to integrate with other videoconferencing blades in the same chassis Software licenses up to 16 screens  A single chassis support up to 9 MSE 8710 blades and scales up to 144 screensPage 33 Business and Technology Working as One
    34. 34. Infraestructura y servicios Any to Any Interoperability Cloud Services Endpoints Infrastructure Scalable and Reliable, Secure Complete Portfolio Comprehensive and Global Reach Architecture ExperiencesPage 34 Solutions Applications Business and Technology Working as One
    35. 35. Flexible Deployment Options For Business-to-Business Fully Managed Hybrid On Premise + Do-it Yourself ManagedService Richness Exchange Service Solution Comprehensive Managed Intercompany Global reach, reliability Hosted and security Callway Do-It-Yourself WebEx Engage Technology migration and cloud services Expressway (VCS + Codian) Integrates teleworker/mobile CUBE + CUVC user/small office deployment VPN IME** Delivers limited extranet and intranet capabilities Page 35 Business and Technology Working as One
    36. 36. Resumen OCS Integration Data Colaboration Management & UC GW Booking Tool - TMS ISD ISD MCUs Profile 65 NN EX90 SME IP GW ISDN GW Internet Internet // Content IP Server IP T3E20 Profile 52 Streaming Dual Profile 52 VCS Expressway SoHo VCS Control LAN/WANPage 36 Business and Technology Working as One
    37. 37. ¿Preguntas?Page 37 Business and Technology Working as One
    38. 38. ¡Gracias!Page 38 Business and Technology Working as One
    39. 39. EX 90 Características Técnicas Display inTouch Interface  24” WUXGA/Full HD LCD screen with low delay  8” projected, context sensitive touch screen  Dual Display option with HDMI out  480 x 800 resolution Camera  Multitouch ready  Precision HDTM 1080p60 Camera with privacy Collaboration shutter  H.239 (H.323) and BFCP (SIP) dual stream  Document Camera function  Support for resolution up to 1080p30/720p60 in Video the main stream and dual stream simultaneously  HD up to 1080p30 / 720p60 MultiSiteTM  16:9 widescreen with advanced layouts  720p30 HD, 4-way MultiSite (3-way in version1) Bandwidth  Full individual video and audio transcoding  H.323 / SIP up to 6 Mbps, point-to-point Network and Video Interfaces Audio  2 x Lan/Ethernet, 1 for PC, 1 for LAN  CD quality 20kHz with two front stereo speakers  DVI-I and HDMI for PC and other video inputs and integrated subwoofer  1xUSB device and 2xUSB host for future  Integrated full-range microphone, support for applications TANDBERG Performance Mic 20 Security  Headset, PC audio jacks and HDMI audio jack  Embedded Encryption: H.235 v2 v3 and AES  Wideband handset  Management via HTTPS and SSH  Bluetooth readyPage 39 Business and Technology Working as One
    40. 40. al al sBusiness and Technology Working as One W tu ew Page 40 ew ep Vi Vi l nc ra p C To Co ame DE C CO it or on le Ms b a Ta er m Ca s ne ho op icr M ll ca int ipo ult M or int Po to int Po a en we et yb ar tv no es do S CTS 1300 Voice Switched Functionality CT t he of lity na tio nc fu e
    41. 41. seamless collaboration for improved productivity  Move fluidly between content sources for an engaging, productive discussion  Content details are clear to everyone with Full HD content sharing  Quick flip of the camera and you have an instant HD document cameraPage 41 Business and Technology Working as One
    42. 42. so simple with inTouch  A glide of the finger to make and manage calls  Intuitive control with clear, context- sensitive functionsPage 42 Business and Technology Working as One  Consistent experience with T3 and T1(Link to interactive tool)
    43. 43. Telepresence – Non immersive rooms Salas Multipropósito  Video como valor agregado  Colaboración HD  1080p Full HD  Full tunning  No modifica arquitectura ni mobiliarioPage 43 Business and Technology Working as One
    44. 44. Cámara 1080p 12X optical zoom with smooth, quiet handling HDMI and HD-SDI outputs with ability to output both simultaneously  HD-SDI allows camera to be placed up to 100m from the codec Mount upside down—camera orientation automatically detected and picture flipped Mounted Upside Down pan speed: 100o/s, range: -90o to +90o, precision 0.3o | tilt speed 30o/s, range: -25o to +15o, precision: 0,15oPage 44 Business and Technology Working as One
    45. 45. Cámara 1080p Cont.…. Power Visca Visca HDMI HD-SDI Ethernet 12V DC Daisy Chain Camera Control Video Out Video Out 10/100Mb 2.5 mm & PowerPage 45 Business and Technology Working as One
    46. 46. Personal Endpoint Portfolio Mass Deployment No compromisePage 46 Business and Technology Working as One
    47. 47. Multiway vs. Multisite  Multiway  MultiSite – Escalabilidad – No se necesita MCU, disponible en – Menor ancho de banda requerido en los el terminal remotos – Siempre disponible – Recurso compartido – Perfecto para desarrollos pequeñosPage 47 Business and Technology Working as One
    48. 48. TMS Analytics Extension Data Archive SQL Data Cube TANDBERG Management Suite Microsoft TANDBERG Analytics Extension SQL Server VCS Control Cluster standards compliant Access through Industry Standard Telepresence solution Interfaces: Choice of application:  Microsoft Office Custom Applications  Any OLAP, ADOMD, ADOMD.NET Compatible AppPage 48 Business and Technology Working as One
    49. 49. TANDBERG Performance Mic 20  Diseñado para comunicaciones de video  Micrófono Omni-directional, de mesa  Botón de mute incluidoPage 49 Business and Technology Working as One
    50. 50. Tandberg Quick Set C20  Resoluciones de video hasta 1080p30 y 720p60  Contenidos WXGA  Audio wideband  Dual display option  Dos opciones de zoom para cámaras de 4x y 12xPage 50 Business and Technology Working as One
    51. 51. Tandberg C60  Full High Definition Video con hasta fuentes 4 HD  Audio de alta calidad con la flexibilidad de hasta 4 micrófonos directamente conectados al codec  Equipo profesional  Integración de aplicaciones mediante APIPage 51 Business and Technology Working as One
    52. 52. Tandberg C90 Full High Definition Video con hasta 12 fuentes HD Audio de alta calidad con la flexibilidad de hasta 8 micrófonos directamente conectados al codec Colaboración con hasta 5 fuentes HD simultaneas Conectores profesionales Integración de aplicaciones mediante APIPage 52 Business and Technology Working as One
    53. 53. Tandberg C60 y C90 Los Codec C90 y C60 son 5 productos integrados en uno solo  Codec 1080p 30 fps  Matriz de video digital y analógica  Escalador de video  Mixer de audio con cancelación de eco  Compositor de hasta 5 imágenes Ventajas  Reduce puntos de falla  Solución mas económica que equipos separados  Menos programación de componentesPage 53 Business and Technology Working as One
    54. 54. Cisco Telepresence Interoperability using Telepresence Server  Multipoint Calls via Telepresence Server  MSE 8710 TS Blade and TS 7010 options available  Up to 16 segments (today), up to 48 in a few months  Up to 720 MCU ports TelePresence Server CTS Endpoints VC EndpointsPage 54 Business and Technology Working as One
    55. 55. Endpoint Telepresence Portfolio Ultra High End Codecs for Telepresence and Integration HD Video conferencing Personal, Codecs and Room Mass Deployment Video/VoIP and PC-based videoPage 55 Business and Technology Working as One