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A presentation on the challenges around BYOD – and more importantly how to make a successful transition to the next-generation workspace that addresses the technology, security, legal and change management aspects.

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  • - leading with space - architects key- culture / how people want to work / project team / stakeholder interviews / what's wrong- technology to support this
  • Logicalis BYOD Briefing

    1. 1. BYOD Business BriefingMay 2012
    2. 2. Our BYOD Panel Stan Sotiropoulos is Data Centre Ross Miller set up the IT department at Practice Manager at Logicalis, and is GPT Group in his previous role, where responsible for developing the Logicalis he led a complete transformation of Virtual Workspace solution. Stan has GPT’s IT environment to support an worked within the IT industry for more activity-based workplace. After a long than twenty years and has extensive career at a senior level in Finance and experience in delivering IT infrastructure IT in Lend Lease and GPT, Ross is now solutions to organisations, from end user MD at NOI Strategies, a global services computing, enterprise storage, company, where he assists companies enterprise management and consulting embarking on programs to deliver the and support services. workplace of the future. Stuart Driver is Director, WW Regional Dudley Kneller, Partner at Madgwicks, IT Operations at Citrix Systems. A specialises in technology, intellectual member of the Citrix APAC geo property, telecommunications and executive management team, Stuart is outsourcing transactions responsible for the IT operations of the in Australia and overseas. Dudley regional data centres at Citrix (located in advises on all aspects of information Sydney, Bangalore, London and Silicon technology, intellectual property and Valley) which support the business telecommunications transactions and outside of Citrix corporate HQ in advice work. He also advises clients on Florida.. Having worked in various IT their regulatory obligations including roles over the past 13 years at Citrix in privacy, spam, data security and EMEA and Asia Pacific, Stuart was also document retention. responsible for designing and deploying Citrix’s BYOC program.1
    3. 3. LogicalisVirtualWorkplace
    4. 4. Trends and Expectations CIO • Employee productivity • Global competitiveness • Strategic value through TCO IT: Server Manager The Evolving • Control, manageability, and security Workplace • Reduction in new deployments and data center sprawl Landscape: • Initial purchase and lifecycle costs  Heterogeneous end-point devices IT: Desktop Manager • Control, manageability, and security  Mobile workers • Deployment speed and versatility with reduced costs • Near-native experience  Geographically dispersed resources End User  Windows 7 migration • Geographically dispersed users expect LAN performance  Data leakage and loss • Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device prevention • Alignment to Existing Desktop Experience3
    5. 5. Market Assessment - Secure mobility is a key CIO Challenge Desktop virtualisation a key part of IT strategy  45% of respondents to Logicalis survey indicate plans within 12 months or part of IT strategy  44% of respondents to Fujitsu CIO survey indicate “mobile working solutions” are of High or Top interest  Desktop virtualisation a “Top 5” technology – 20% users implementing next 12mths / 40% next 24mths [IDC] 91% of organisations to have implemented some form of desktop virtualisation by the end of 2013 [Citrix] 62% of Australian organisations planning to procure tablets next 12mths (compared to an APAC average of 31%) [IDC]  Countries like China, Germany, the US, India, Australia and NZ have the most aggressive client virtualisation deployment plans [Forrester] Adoption of BYOD models by major Australian companies like Suncorp and Qantas4
    6. 6. Traditional PC Challenges Difficult to Manage • Standardising on physical desktop is becoming increasingly complicated Mobility • Users want access to everything, everywhere High TCO • Low CapEx is offset by high OpEx • Costly to deploy new software, patches Difficult to Secure • Lost or Stolen equipment • Users fail to backup Inefficient use of Resources • Underutilised hardware resources and cannot be shared • Green IT5
    7. 7. Business Case for Virtual Desktop Hardware Costs • Extended the life of desktops or deploy thin clients Compliance and Data Security • All data contained and stored in the Data Centre IT Productivity • Centrally managed reducing operational administration Growth • Instantaneous deploying of new desktops Resilience • Virtual Desktops provides fault tolerance and improves DR Mobility, BYOD and Branch Office Enablement • Anytime, Anywhere access via a choice of end point devices6
    8. 8. Virtual Workspace Architecture7
    9. 9. Citrix BYOCSupporting Slides
    10. 10. Stuart DriverDirector, WW Regional ITOperations
    11. 11. What our users In the past… demand #@!* $
    12. 12. Why offer a BYOC program • Employee chooses the laptop & OS • Same experience as a managed device • Reduce dependency on IT • Self Service via our BYOC website • Control the service, not the hardware
    13. 13. Creating a BYOC program Survey Stipend Corporate Security Program Your Policies Rules Employees
    14. 14. Start with an internal survey 1 2 3 4 5 Employees were enthused Employees were enthused Their choice was outside what IT Their choice was outside what IT offered offered Willing to take on the added Willing to take on the added responsibility responsibility Believed they would be more Believed they would be more productive productive and also happier and also happier
    15. 15. Identify existing cost, then the Stipend 1 2 3 4 5 Review your existing Procure cost Image • Identify your existing Three Year Cost: Secure costs $2,500 ~ $2,600 Deploy • Define the cost savings Monitor target • Offer a stipend that $2,100 Stipend Maintain motivates employees Back-up • Align the duration of Retire the program • Define proration policy if someone leaves
    16. 16. Review the program with HR and Legal 1 2 3 4 5• Do your existing policies apply? • Our focus was to keep the rules the same for all • Policies are in effect for managed and BYOC devices We Found That All Existing Policies Did In Fact, Apply to BYOC Participants
    17. 17. From the datacenter to the endpoint 1 2 3 4 5 Citrix NetScaler Access Receiver Gateway XenApp SSL VPN ™ Network Data Center Perimeter Firewall Intrusion Detection and Prevention User DataAntivirus (IDS / IPS) Single Sign OnTwo-factor Authentication Web Filtering Active Directory Threat Management App Virtualization Desktop
    18. 18. Develop the rules, then present theconcept 1 2 3 4 5 1. Manager’s approval 6. Antivirus required on 2. $2,100 stipend for a all laptop and 3 year BYOC laptops maintenance 7. Remote connection 3. If you leave the through the Receiver company before 3 / Access Gateway years, we will pro- 8. All apps delivered rate the stipend (online and offline) 4. Return your managed from the datacenter laptop to your 9. Provision your apps manager to create a through Receiver™ loaner program 10. All existing corporate 5. BYOC hardware policies apply issues are addressed by the vendor
    19. 19. BYOC Website
    20. 20. Self Service Website• Program description and rules• Enrollment• Getting Started• Extras Simple Website To Assist Users
    21. 21. Program Rules Page1. Managers approval2. Receive $2,100 stipend3. Laptop and 3 year maintenance4. Return your managed laptop5. Manager retains returned laptop6. Vendor addresses hardware issues7. Antivirus required8. Connect via the Receiver™/ Access Gateway 9. Apps provided online and offline10. All corporate polices apply
    22. 22. Enrollment Page• Review Policy• Check Agreement Box• Click Submit Review + Submit
    23. 23. Getting Started Page• Discount on purchases• Download the Citrix Receiver and Antivirus• Section for Windows and Mac Discounts Windows + Mac Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    24. 24. User Experience
    25. 25. Download The ReceiverDownload theReceiver from yourwebsite
    26. 26. Download The Receiver• Receiver installs multiple plug-ins: • SSL VPN • Apps & Desktop OS • Accelerator • Self-service Plug-in
    27. 27. Launch Receiver• Self-Service Application Store• Select the Apps yourself• IT manages the store Various Applications
    28. 28. User Provisions Their Apps Create Your Folders Drag + Drop Applications
    29. 29. Launch AppsFrom• Start menu• Desktop• Task bar
    30. 30. BYO Consumer Devices
    31. 31. Consumer devices• Consumer technology is useful in the enterprise• Simple, intuitive and inexpensive• Users want to bring their device to work• Beyond BYOC… to BYO-3 42% 34% 16% 6% Alert me 2% Empower me 1 2 3 4 5+ How many computing devices do you use on a daily basis Worldwide Survey of Corporate Employees February 2011, Citrix Systems
    32. 32. Same infrastructure supports consumerdevices NetScaler Access Gateway SSL VPN Network Data Center Perimeter Firewall Web Filtering User Data Threat Management Single Sign On Intrusion Detection and Active Directory Prevention (IDS / IPS) App Virtualization Desktop
    33. 33. Activity Based WorkplaceSupporting Slides
    34. 34. STRATEGY | TECHNOLOGY | SERVICES Case Study – the New GPT Work Environment 17 February, 2012Slide 34 Operational Excellence for Commercial Real Estate
    35. 35. What is does the future of Work SpaceLook Like?Activity Based Working is One Solution • Work anywhere, anytime, anyplace • Work the way that suits you best • Judged on outcomes not on being there • Many varied spaces to collaborate • Technology enables the workplace • No Allocated Desks, choose a desk every day to work at • Clean desk policy • Paperless (or significantly reduced paper usage)Slide 35 Operational Excellence for Commercial Real Estate
    36. 36. Why Would You Do It? • Overall reduction in space gives a great economic outcome • Why pay expensive rent to store paper • Enables companies to achieve great sustainability outcomes • Builds collaboration and breaks down silos • Empowers the workforce by making them accountable for their own outputs • Leverages latest technologies to improve efficienciesSlide 36 Operational Excellence for Commercial Real Estate
    37. 37. Technologies Delivered • Desktop Upgrade including Windows 7 and Office 2010 – Key challenge to remediate all apps to run on Windows 7 • Installed Cisco Wireless Technology to deliver Video grade wireless to all Staff • Relocated Data Room to support 6 green star intiative • Unified Communications coupled with OCS – Vast majority staff on softphone • Remote Access to work anywhere anytime – Using Juniper VPN with 2 factor authentication and Virtual DesktopSlide 37 Operational Excellence for Commercial Real Estate
    38. 38. Technologies Delivered • Integrated security single card to access lockers and printing • Swipe to Print • Room Booking System integrated with Outlook • Audio and Video conferencing, integrated controllers with lighting • Wireless Presenter and Electronic Whiteboards • Sharepoint Doc Management • Universal Docking StationsSlide 38 Operational Excellence for Commercial Real Estate
    39. 39. BUT… It’s not about Technology Successfully delivering a fundamental workspace change means addressing: • Culture • Process • SpaceSlide 39 Operational Excellence for Commercial Real Estate
    40. 40. The Change Management Process • Dedicated team of organisational and IT Change People • Start Early • Set Programs to engage the business – e.g. Biggest Loser, Passports • CEO and Leadership Team Support critical • Engage the doubters early and constantlySlide 40 Operational Excellence for Commercial Real Estate
    41. 41. Outcomes • Activity based Workplace • 350 desks for 322 staff reduced to only 277 desks • Paper use less than a third • Paper Storage was more than 900 lineal metres now 300 lineal metres • No major outages or technology failures • 6 Green StarSlide 41 Operational Excellence for Commercial Real Estate
    42. 42. More information onLogicalis and our Partners
    43. 43. Logicalis Overview Logicalis brings differentiated solutions to address business issues in the ICT infrastructure space utilising multi-vendor technologies  Focused ICT infrastructure provider  Integrated “architectural approach” to addressing business issues  Differentiated by our support and managed service offerings43
    44. 44. Logicalis Capabilities Overview  Certifications  Citrix Gold Partner  VMware Enterprise Partner  Cisco Gold and “MSCP” Partner  EMC Velocity “Premier” Partner  NetApp Gold Partner  Microsoft Partner (Server, Virtualisation, UC)  Vblock (First accredited Australian partner)  Cisco Technology Specialisations  Advanced Routing and Switching  Advanced Security  Advanced Unified Communications  Advanced Wireless LAN  Cisco UCS and Cisco ISE  FlexPod solutions with single number support (FlexOne)44
    45. 45. Citrix OverviewCitrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) Corporate Snapshottransforms how businesses and IT work andpeople collaborate in the cloud era. With  US$2.21B in 2011market-leading cloud, collaboration,networking and virtualization technologies,  260,000 Customers and 10,000 Partners in 100Citrix powers mobile workstyles and countriescloud services, making complex enterprise IT  6,900 Employees in 35 countriessimpler and more accessible for 260,000organizations. Citrix products touch 75 percent  100% of the Fortune 100 and Fortune Global 100of Internet users each day and it partners with use Citrix to deliver IT as an on-demand servicemore than 10,000 companies in 100 countries.Annual revenue in 2011 was US$2.21 billion.  75% of Internet usersThe workplace of the 21st century is  Year Founded: 1989undergoing a remarkable transformation,driven in part by innovation in consumer  Employees Choice - 50 Best Places to Worktechnology. People are increasingly bringing (Glassdoor, 2012)the smartphones, tablets and other devices  Top 50 Most Innovative Companies (Forbes,they use ubiquitously in their personal livesinto the workplace and expecting the same kind 2011)of rich, self-service experience they have at  Top 10 Places to Work in Silicon Valleyhome. This "consumerization" is driving rapidchange in business and IT, dissolving the lines (Workplace Dynamics, 2011_between work and play, the office, home or  Top 25 Best Tech Companies to Work Foranywhere in between. Todays "workplace" isno longer a building you go to; its wherever (Business Insider, 2011)you find inspiration.45
    46. 46. About NOI StrategiesNOI is a global services company Expert Consulting.that provides expert consulting, Established in 2002, NOI consists of the top experts intechnology, and outsourcing commercial real estate business process andservices to the world’s leading technologies.commercial real estate owners,operators, and investors. Our Technology Leadership.consultants have deep experience NOI maintains strong working knowledge and partnershipstransforming real estate processes with all of the major software solution providers in ourand applying technology to industry.improve operations: Operational Support Services.NOI has significant expertise in Customized to your operation, our exclusive blend ofdelivering state of the art activity domestic and offshore resources will help your companybased work environments. From reduce non-core FTE, increase its depth of capability, andadvice on technology to minimize technology overhead.organisational change NOI can Global Enterprise Capability.assist companies embarking onprograms to deliver the workplace We provide services to global tier-one real estateof the future companies.46