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Leveraging mobility - turning enterprise wireless into a business enabler


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Mobility is no longer about the provisioning of remote access or BYOD. Mobility is about enabling organisations to communicate with customers in different ways, create new revenue streams, reduce …

Mobility is no longer about the provisioning of remote access or BYOD. Mobility is about enabling organisations to communicate with customers in different ways, create new revenue streams, reduce infrastructure costs and obtain a competitive advantage in the market, without compromising on security or manageability.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Leveraging Mobility Martin Lindeman
  • 2. Our Vision for Mobility Architecture: From this…
  • 3. this!
  • 4. Agenda 1. Today’s Mobile Environment 2. Why “Enterprise Grade” Wireless? 3. Why Cisco? 4. Mobility Service Layers 5. The Power of Analytics 6. Why Logicalis? 7. Q & A
  • 5. 15 billion Networked Devices by 2015 90% of Organisations will Allow PERSONALDevices for Work by Eo14 100% of IT staff STRUGGLE to keep up with mobile needs of OECD information workers spend time working OUTSIDETHE OFFICE 56% Today - Demand for Mobile Access
  • 6. Today - What I Hear from My Customers… Reduce Security Risk Improve End-User Productivity Increase Operation Efficiencies  Drive Down IT Costs  Standardise on Architecture and Vendors  Support New Tech Directions  Differentiate Themselves from Competition  Give Staff Better Access to Info They Need  Improve Communication Between Staff  Let Staff Work the Way They Want To  Utilise Their Assets More Efficiently / Effectively… Business People
  • 7. SiSi SiSi Wireless NMS Access Points Wireless LAN Controllers Wireless Network Devices Endpoint DevicesNetwork Applicationand Management Active RFID Tags Access Switches Chokepoint  Ubiquitous Connectivity  “Good Enough” Performance  Reasonable Security  Reasonable Management AD Integration Wireless Table Stakes
  • 8. Q: Wireless Devices and the Network - What Do They Have in Common? SiSi Access Points Wireless LAN Controllers Wireless Network Devices Endpoint DevicesNetwork Active RFID Tags Access Switches Chokepoint
  • 9. A: The Network Touches Everything… SiSi Access Points Wireless LAN Controllers Wireless Network Devices Endpoint DevicesNetwork Active RFID Tags Access Switches Chokepoint
  • 10. Why Cisco? Not All Wireless Infrastructure Is Created Equal
  • 11. WiFi Design for Location Services is Critical A WIFI device seen by one AP could be located on anywhere in this circle When a device is seen by two AP then location must be in this line When a device is seen by four AP then location must be at this point. Accuracy highest when a device is seen by at least four Access points
  • 12. Here is How NOT to Do It…
  • 13. Here is How NOT to Do It…
  • 14. Here is How NOT to Do It…
  • 15. Mobility Service Layers
  • 16. Mobility Overlay Services
  • 17. Secure Mobility WHENWHAT WHERE HOWWHO Identity Security Policy Attributes Centralised Policy Engine Business-Relevant Policies User and Devices Dynamic Policy & Enforcement APPLICATION CONTROLS MONITORING AND REPORTING SECURITY POLICY ENFORCEMENT
  • 18. BYOD / MDM Integration Get users safely on the network quickly and easily! Guest Access Provide guests limited- time and limited- resource access Secure Access on Wired, Wireless and VPN Control with one policy across all access types! Gain Device Visibility Know who and what is on your network! Secure Mobility: What Cisco ISE Can Do Today
  • 19. Secure Mobility: User Demands vs. IT Wants 19 User Demands Instant file and data access from any device File sharing (with anyone) Easy and familiar (love Dropbox) IT Wants Security Control No data leakage (hate Dropbox)
  • 20. Data Management Solution: ShareFile  ShareFile gives IT enterprise control, security and auditing  ShareFile gives you data access from any device  ShareFile is easy for Users
  • 21. Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)
  • 22. Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)
  • 23. What Does Analytics Give Us?  FM - What areas are busiest?  Popular Areas vs Time of Day  Can staffing be Optimised?  Visitor Guest Access via Facebook Logon  Leading to…
  • 24. Cisco Confidential 24 Customer Experience WiFi Analytics Monetisation Discovery Technology WiFi & Location Analytics &
  • 25. WiFi Demand & Stakeholders • Penetration of WiFi is high in the developed world • WiFi penetration in Australia is below the developed world • Numerous carriers and Service Providers are trying to develop business models around “free” WiFi • Current Australian market experience is that deployments are driven to match what competitors are doing • Technical stakeholders tend to be disinterested in WiFi • Marketing stakeholders tend to be interested in WiFi potential • Not-for-profit and profit-making entities are trying to value/monetise the benefit of “free” WiFi • Discovery can crystallise the value from a “free” WiFi deployment Customer Experience WiFi Analytics Monetisation
  • 26. New Income or Value Proposition • Loyalty Database System – options for acknowledging repeat visits • Customisable Landing Page with a Content Management System • E-vouchers and campaign-driven advertising injection • Targeted Advertising Campaigns across Multiple Locations • Location-Aware Apps for Interaction with Customers • Information regarding Paths, Peak Times, Dwell & Most Frequent Visitors • Staff alerts for VIP guests or problem patrons • Proxy and/or alternate to People Counting applications • Zonal capability enhances data mining and customer communication • Streaming video applications with embedded advertising • Digital Signage • Mobile hand-off capability • API integration capability allows many additional “plug-ins” to further enhance value – for example, CRM, Facebook, etc.
  • 27. What does it deliver? The portfolio is structured around three main pillars of functionality that are aligned to easier and more comprehensive business outcomes using business intelligence than are available from a standard Cisco WiFi solution. Passive Location Intelligence Location-Aware Interaction Information Services Monitoring & Reporting Retention & Analytics Mapping & Wayfinding Proximity Messaging Landing Portals & Registration Content Insertion User Behaviour Awareness User Action Response & Guided Experiences Campaign-driven Monetisation
  • 28. CCX Analytics System Design Paym ent Gatew ay WLC MSE Prime Data Collector AUTH Requests CCX Analytics Landing Page A P A P Each Site RADIUS Payments Cloud Infrastructure On-premise Server
  • 29. Landing Page Web Services for Advertisers
  • 30. Solution Architecture –integrated with Cisco
  • 31. User-friendly Analytics for Marketing • Determine the most popular zones or areas • Zone movement • Visits and New Visits • Devices, Browsers and Operating System info • Probing Users versus Associated and Authenticated Users • Peak usage hours • Popular time of the day • Location Heat Maps, live and historical • VIP loyalty sign-ups • Multi-site comparison reports • Unique & repeat visitor trend analysis • Global overview dashboards • Historical reporting • Multi-level login access
  • 32. Current Customer Case Studies Retail Centres Retail Gaming Not For Profit Health / Aged Care Entertainment Location Analytics     Early Engagement Early Engagement Customer Analytics     Landing Page     Push Notifications     Video / Advertising   Facilities Management    Heat Mapping     Dwell Time     Mobile hand-off  Digital Signage  CRM    Facebook    Surveys  People Counting    
  • 33. Q & A represents some of the most advanced wireless technology currently available to retail locations, enabling companies to enhance their customers’ in-store experience.
  • 34. Why Discovery Technology? • Established in 1997 with a strong focus on Systems Integration and Custom Software Development • Cisco Developer Network Partner specialising in WiFi value-add solutions • Our specialist WiFi practice provides opportunities through the deployment of Cisco WiFi technology and our ability to Connect with Customers • Our innovative team has become a leading developer of Location Analytics & Connected Customer solutions in Australia, now delivering the ‘missing piece’. • We have produced a unique, complimentary solution, tightly integrated with the Cisco CMX Wireless infrastructure • Vendor integration has allowed access to a wide range of customer opportunities, right around the country based on the monetisation of WiFi Customer Experience WiFi Analytics Monetisation
  • 35. Why Logicalis?  Mid Market Focus  Approximately 210 employees  100 in Australia and 110 in Malaysia  >51% of our Talent Pool are part of the Managed Services team  Differentiated by our support and managed service offerings  Over 25 Successful ISE Deployments in Australia  Major RTLS Deployments such as MECC “Intimacy and agility of a small business with the backing of a large enterprise”
  • 36. Questions?