Hope Is Not a Backup Strategy


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Welcome to our Logicalis Technology Briefing – this presentation will take you through the challenges of backup, trends, best practice and how Logicalis can help you relax and improve your golf handicap as we take care of your backup headaches.

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  • Logicalis provides backup solutions as part of our managed infrastructure portfolio – we are a global IT solutions and managed services provider, with >$1BN in revenue and partnership with leading vendors like EMC and Cisco.
  • We’ve partnered with EMC to cover trends and challenges – EMC are leaders in Data protection, with 60,000 storage systems installed globally across more than 45,000 customers
  • If you look at the common challenges, a few are consistent across most customers:Performance – growth of data and old technologies like tape mean that organisations cannot meet backup windows, or deliver reliable restore service levelsYet, Cost is increasing, especially with older technologies like tapeAnd the administration and management of the infrastructure represents both a risk and a distraction from your core business. If you have remote sites to back-up, you’re probably not doing it well, or not at all.
  • These same challenges are reflected in a recent study, which revealed that managing growth and capacity, and the associated increase in costs, are the top 3 challenges today. Most of these pain points – including the top 5 – are addressed by Logicalis with our managed backup offerings that we will cover shortly.
  • So, you’re starting to see challenges – and you are probably facing many of these today.A recent study by the Enterprise Strategy Group shows companies want to both consolidate more servers via virtualization but also want to improve the backup and recovery of those virtualized servers.
  • And, technologies are changing – as well as declining in usage, tape represents a very expensive option for backups, in administration as well as the media and media transport. Tape still has it’s place for long-term archival, but if you are using tape for primary backup you’ll realise significant operational cost savings in moving to disk and utilising de-dupe technologies.
  • So, what does EMC think is “best practice”. We would suggest organisations ask themselves 5 fundamental questions:When was the last time you checked your backups – not just by looking at the reports, but doing a full restoreCan you meet your backup window – now and also in the future based on your current growth of dataDo you have defined restoration timeframes, and are you confident you can meet them?Will the current backup solution scale as you grow?What are your SLAs to the business and can you consistently meet them?
  • You’ve seen the overview of the challenges and drivers for change, now let’s have a look at how the Logicalis backup portfolio addresses the issues faced today by many organisations.
  • A traditionalbackup architecture is typically made up of many different components and moving parts, including Backup agents, media servers, management and master servers, disk staging area, tape libraries and tapes, and off-siting tapes. A solution can involve up to five (5) different vendors which all requiresoftware require patching, and constant up skilling and administration.With this complexity, if something fails, who do you call? Who is responsible? It can be very hard to troubleshoot.Logicalis’ backup suite of products take this pain away and replaces it with:Business focussed service based on SLA’sOperational efficiency by allowing your staff to focus on adding business value with new projects / initiatives instead of “keeping the lights on”Reduced risk as Logicalis provides full management, monitoring and reporting of your backup service
  • Our three backup offerings cover primary Data Centre Servers (including virtual and physical environments), small or Large remote offices as well as Desktop and Laptops.All data is located in Australia..And we provide flexible deployment models to meet your specific business and IT requirements.
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS) provides a fully managed backup and recovery service of customer data. We provision all required backup infrastructure and provide management of the backup andrestoration services, with a predictable fee based on volume of data charged monthly.The solution is based on EMC Avamar, with an appliance at each customer site where data is backed-up. We can optionally replicate to the Logicalis Cloud, which is located in a secure Datacentre in Australia, and also provide a tape-out service for long-term data archival.Our offering comes with strict Service Level Agreements based on Recovery Time Objectives, or RTO, with penalties if we miss these, to give you peace of mind if you need to recover data.We also provide monthly and on demand reporting.
  • Backup replication Service (BRS) provides replication of backups to the Logicalis Cloud, of your existing EMC Avamar technology or as an option to our Backup as a Service offering. This provides a further level of backup protection and data retention , with your data held off-site.Again, these are backed by restoration SLAs and we provide detailed reporting.
  • Finally,Managed Backup provides proactivemanagement of customer-owned EMC Avamar infrastructure. Our 24x7 monitoring and management provides fault management, configuration management, performance management, capacity planning and reporting, again with restoration backed by SLAs.It takes the pain away of managing and administering your backup infrastructure.
  • So, if we go back to the typical challenges, how do we address these?Can you guarantee the integrity of your backups?The Logicalis solution is based on disk technology for on premise and the Logicalis cloud components, which is much more reliable than tape. Built into the solution is also continuous fault-detection and self-healing ensuring data recoverability to meet your SLAs. We also performs regular restore tests to validate the stored data.Do you meet your backup window?Logicalis uses de-duplication technology to “identify and eliminateduplication within sets of data”. This dramatically reduces the backup windows required to protect your servers as only unique data is sent to the Logicalis appliance. It also allows us to replicate the data much more efficiently over a WAN to the Logicalis Cloud, meaning we can do this effectively over a WAN link.Can you scale to meet your business growth?Our backup solutions encompasses capacity management, so we will add the required infrastructure to cater for your needs as you grow.Do you have SLAs and are you meeting them?All our backup services are based on Service Level Agreements which are subject to penalties if we do not meet restoring the data in the time specified. So you can confidently offer restoration service levels back to your business.
  • In summary, Logicalis solves traditional backup challenges, from virtual environments to laptops through a scalable solution based on proven technology.All our services are based on strict SLA’s,backed by penalties – and backed by trained and certified staff inour 24 x 7 Global Services CentreAnd we do this via a cost effective (Op-Ex) model.
  • So, talk to us to find out more about how the Logicalis Backup Services can assist you in providing a more efficient cost effective backup solution We can perform a complimentarybackup assessment that looks at your existing backup environment including data sizes and retention periods, and develop a solution specifically for your environment.
  • Hope Is Not a Backup Strategy

    1. 1. Hope is not a Backup StrategyLogicalis Business Briefing
    2. 2. View presentation on-linewith commentary
    3. 3. About Logicalis Group  Logicalis is an international IT solutions and managed services provider with a breadth of knowledge and expertise in communications and collaboration; data centre and cloud services; and managed services.  Circa $1 billion in revenues.  Operations in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia Pacific.  Over 2,000 employees worldwide  Over 5,000 corporate and public sector customers.  Strong global partnerships with technology leaders - Cisco Systems, EMC, Microsoft.
    4. 4. Trends in Backup and Recovery EMC© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 4
    5. 5. Backup and Recovery Under Stress MASSIVE DATA GROWTH 2,502 How can you… Five-fold growth in four years Exabytes 2,500 • …ensure all data is backed up 2,000 and recoverable…Exabytes 1,500 486 • …for both virtual and physical 1,000 Exabytes infrastructure… 500 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 • …while controlling costs andSource: “As the Economy Contracts, the Digital Universe Expands,” increasing efficiency?EMC-sponsored IDC white paper, May 2009Physical SHIFT TO VIRTUAL Transition to the cloud Virtual© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 5
    6. 6. Traditional Backup Challenges Performance Cost Management and  Not meeting backup  Media purchases Security windows  Offsite tape handling  Losing tapes poses  Cannot provide and holding a security risk adequate restore  Tape and library (remote offices) levels upgrades  Constant  Reliability of tape  Media migrations troubleshooting infrastructure  Limited IT staff at  Requirements to  Inability to back up keep more remote offices remote offices information longer effectively  Media deterioration© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 6
    7. 7. Backup and Recovery: Hot Spots• Unabated growth of data What are your top storage pain points? overwhelms legacy infrastructure – Server virtualization is another catalyst• Challenges in capacity planning and providing performance and SLA reporting• Increasing costs and complexity of managing backupsSource: TheInfoPro, Wave 14 Storage Study, Q2 2010, published August 19, 2010; n=166 (8/11/10 F1000 sample).Note that due to multiple responses per interview, total exceeds 100%.© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 7
    8. 8. Backup is a Key Virtualization Consideration Organizations top server virtualization initiatives for 2010 Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, The Data Center of the Future, March 2010© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 8
    9. 9. Worldwide Tape Automation Market Worldwide Tape Automation Factory Revenue (US$B) $1.6 $1.5 $1.4 $1.4 $1.3 $1.2 $1.2 $1.0 $1.0 $1.0 $0.9 $0.9 $0.8 $0.8 IDC survey of organisations with 10,000 employees $0.6 moving from tape to disk backup saved annually: $230,000 on Tape system upgrades $0.4 $ 71,000 on transport costs $0.2 $ 77,000 on contractors $0.0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013Source: IDC, 4/09 Open System Tape Options are reducing: LTO Tape manufacturers: 4mm 8mm Certance ½ inch IBM IBM AIT HP HP QIC LTO Quantum DLT SDLT LTO© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 9
    10. 10. “Data protection paradigms and architectures (especially backup and recovery) must change in order to adapt to virtualized environments.” Worldwide Storage for the Virtualized Environment Taxonomy (Page 1) Benjamin Woo, Laura DuBois, Noemi Greyzdorf, IDC, December 2010© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 10
    11. 11. Best Practice: Questions to ask• Can you guarantee the integrity of backup data? – Is the backup data regularly checked• Do you meet your backup window? – Backup performance• Can you meet RPO/RTO objectives? – Recovery performance• Can you scale to meet business growth? – Seamless service into the future• Do you have SLAs? Are you meeting them? – Don’t let me down© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 11
    12. 12. Logicalis Backup Portfolio A Smarter Approach Stan Sotiropoulos12
    13. 13. Why Logicalis Backup? Business- Operational Reduced Risk. focussed. efficiency. Logicalis’ monitoring Our Backup offerings are Focus staff on “core” IT and management built on SLAs, including projects. Few organisation processes ensure committed recovery times have optimised processes that backups are when data needs to be or internal SLAs around monitored and data restored. backup and recovery. is secure.13
    14. 14. Backup Offerings Managed Backup Monitoring and management of customer backups Backup as a Service Hardware, software and full managed backup services charged as a fee Backup Replication Service Replication of local backups to Logicalis Cloud14
    15. 15. Logicalis Backup Portfolio – Backup as a ServiceProvisioning andmanagement ofbackupinfrastructure oncustomers’ premise.
    16. 16. Logicalis Backup Portfolio – Backup ReplicationReplication theLogicalis Cloud withSLA-based datarecovery.
    17. 17. Logicalis Backup Portfolio – Managed Backup24x7 Monitoring,Management andReporting ofCustomerBackupinfrastructure
    18. 18. Addressing the Challenges “Can you guarantee the integrity of backup data?” “Do you meet your backup window?” “Can you meet RPO/RTO objectives?” “Can you scale to meet business growth?” “Do you have SLAs? Are you meeting them?”18
    19. 19. Summary Reduced costs and risk Removes admin overhead Flexible approach – hosted, cloud and CPE Full visibility of performance and usage
    20. 20. Logicalis Engagement Pre-Sales Assess & Audit Design Staging Install Training & Handover Support Manage
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