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Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
Business Intelligence for SaaS
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Business Intelligence for SaaS


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. BI for SaaS Empower Your End Users with Self-Service ReportingFeaturing Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)
    7900 Westpark Drive, Suite T107 McLean, VA 22102 |
  • 2. Welcome
    Thank you for joining us
    • Everyone will be muted to cut down on background noise
    • 3. Please use the “Questions” component of the webinar client to ask questions of our presenters
    • 4. We will have Q&A at the end of the webinar
    • 5. Any questions we don’t have time to address will be answered and distributed to attendees after the webinar
    • 6. This webinar will be recorded and distributed to attendees
  • 7. Agenda
    • Introduction
    • 8. David Abramson, Director of Product Management, LogiXML
    • 9. Case Study: Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)
    • 10. David Litzau, Systems Analyst, MGMA
    • 11. Wrap Up and Q&A
  • 12. LogiXML
    Founded in 2000
    First to market with web-based BI
    Headquartered outside Wash. DC
    Offices in Los Angeles and UK
    High customer ratings in Gartner BI Platforms User Survey
    Software & Support Quality
    Overall Customer Experience
    Over 700 customers worldwide
  • 13. MGMA Case Study
  • 14.
    • Premier membership association for professional administrators and leaders of medical group practices
    • 15. Since 1926, MGMA has delivered networking, professional education and resources, and political advocacy for medical practice management
    • 16. Serve 22,500 members who lead 13,600 organizations nationwide in which 280,000 physicians provide more than 40% of the healthcare services delivered in the United States
    • 17. Provide industry-standard annual survey reports and practice management benchmarking tools
  • 18. Business Challenges
    Previously built custom reporting app using ASP.NET as add-on to survey tool
    Lacked advanced navigation and visualizations
    Required significant IT consulting time to get reports up & running annually
  • 19. Requirements
    Way to easily aggregate data
    Provide analysts with self-serve reporting
    Design reports internally without IT development
    Improve interface & navigation
    Create easier development platform for survey operations department
  • 20. Why LogiXML
    Ability t o build web pages internal to the tool without having to have some other web support for the report. / Without having to build additional navigation or menus outside of report for customization.
    Elemental design
    Ability to enable analysts & non-developers to build reports
  • 21. Results
    Able to build other tools in stages
    Meet member needs for utilizing data & managing practices
    Increase value of membership:
    Help members run practices better
    More interactive reporting
    Improve survey data obtained, therefore improving reporting
    “Enhancements made as a result of embedding Logi allow us to provide greater value”
  • 22. Customer Feedback
    Fills a definite need
    Easy interface to work with the data
    Ability to link to multiple different data sources
    Easily combine data to perform calculations & comparisons
    Saves time:
    Aggregate data
    Identify coding issues
    Perform functions such as getting comparison data, producing graphs
  • 23. Revenue Impact
    Products sold annually as data is updated
    Embedding LogiXML provided greater pricing flexibility:
    Role-based access enables dynamic control over access to tools
    Enable purchase of only portions of the tools required
    Segment the market
    Reach wider customer base
  • 24. The Logi Difference
    The Fastest and Easiest Way To Create Dynamic Information Applications
    • Out-of-the-Box Functionality
    • 25. Rapid creation of sophisticated embedded BI applications
    • 26. Easy to build and maintain
    • 27. Minimizes need for custom coding
    • 28. Beyond Traditional BI
    • 29. Alerts, workflows, and database write-back capabilities
    • 30. Hundreds of pre-built and interactive charts, graphs, analysis tools, and dashboards
    • 31. Support for exporting, widgets, file templating, and much more
    • 32. Easy to Deploy and Manage
    • 33. Open, web-based, high performance XML architecture
    • 34. Unmatched integration, customization, and extensibility (e.g. single sign-on, white labeling)
    • 35. Cross platform support on .NET and Java and browser-independent
  • 36. Thank You
    Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)