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2011 10-12whatiseutimberregulation-111018054148-phpapp01

  1. 1. What isthe EU Timber Regulation(EUTR) ?It is part of the EU Forest LawEnforcement Governance andTrade (FLEGT) action plan.It has previously been known as‘additional legislation’ or ‘duediligence legislation’LoggingOff is a joint initiative by NGOs from European and timber-producing countriesinvolved in or monitoring the implementation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan, and specificallythe implementation of the Voluntary Partnership Agreements
  2. 2. EU Timber Regulation – a history• The FLEGT Action Plan acknowledged that VoluntaryPartnership Agreements (VPAs) would not address allillegally sourced timber imported into the EU and thattherefore additional legislation was required.• This ‘additional legislation’ was meant to be presentedshortly after the Action Plan in 2003.• Despite this proposed timeline the EuropeanCommission (EC) only came out with a first proposal in2008.• Many believe the first proposal only came out due topressure from NGOs. See press releases and the report“Facing Reality.”
  3. 3. The First Proposal• The first proposal was called ‘the due diligenceregulation’ and required companies placingtimber on the EU market to be “duly diligent”in ensuring their timber was legally sourced.• The proposal received a lot of criticism fromNGOs and the European Parliament amongother things because it did not include aprohibition on importing illegally sourcedtimber.
  4. 4. The Final Proposal?• In June 2010 the Parliament and the Councilagreed on revised legislation called the EU TimberRegulation.• The revised Regulation was adopted on 20October 2010 and will come into force in 3 March2013 and is widely supported by NGOs, althoughsome loopholes remain (see next slide).
  5. 5. Scope of the regulationThe regulation does not apply to recycled or printedproducts, but the scope of the regulation may be changedin the future...
  6. 6. Content of the Regulation• Prohibition: A ban on placing illegal timber onEU market. Operators first placing timber on theEU market are prohibited from selling illegallysourced timber.• Due diligence. Operators placing timber on theEU market are required to use a due diligencesystem to minimise the risk of illegally harvestedtimber.• One-up-one-down traceability. Traders must beable to identify who supplied them and to whomthey supply timber.
  7. 7. How does the Regulation work?• Agreement on a definition of legally produced timber. Applicablelegislation is defined by the laws of the country of harvest that broadlyrelate to the harvesting of timber including regional or internationalconventions in force in the country.• Penalties will be decided at Member States level.• Monitoring and accreditation. Monitoring organisations will be set up, andaccredited at the EU level.• National level competent authorities will carry out checks and ensureenforcement of the regulation• Forest certification doesn’t automatically qualify. Importantly, companiesbuying from certified operations still have to prove their timber is legal.• Timber with a FLEGT VPA licence automatically qualifies, as does timberwith a CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species)permit.
  8. 8. Built to complement VPAs• The EU legislation follows the enactment of theLacey Act amendment in the US making it a crime totrade illegally sourced timber into the US.• Together the EU and the US are very influential as theycover a large percentage of the international importmarket.• The Timber Regulation is expected to be one of the“sticks” which will complementary the “carrot” of FLEGTVPAs, by stimulating countries to start negotiating aVPA.• We will know in 2013 what its real impact will be.
  9. 9. If you would like furtherinformation about the FLEGTaction plan and how it is beingimplemented, please contactSaskia Ozingat +44 (0)1608 651864e saskia@fern.orgYou will also find moreinformation about EU TimberRegulation and other relatedissues at www.loggingoff.infoLOGGINGOFF is a joint initiative by NGOs from European and timber-producingcountries involved in or monitoring the implementation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan,and specifically the implementation of the Voluntary Partnership Agreements.LOGGINGOFFOnlineresource forinformationon VPAs