Invisalign advantages and disadvantages


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Invisalign Braces are virtually invisible aligners that help to straightening the teeth to ensure your healthy smile.

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Invisalign advantages and disadvantages

  1. 1. Invisalign Advantages and Disadvantages
  2. 2. Cosmetic Dentistry: In the world of cosmetic dentistry, there is a new orthodontic treatment system that is creating quite a stir. Introducing the revolutionary Invisalign, the newest product from Align Technology.
  3. 3. 3D Computer Stimulation: This system works by creating custom-fitted aligners based on 3-D computer simulation of your teeth. These aligners will slowly put your teeth in the desired within a period of 9 to 15 months.
  4. 4. Invisalign Teen: Designed especially for adults who do not want the embarrassment of wearing the metal braces, Invisalign is, as the name suggests, almost invisible. If you are seriously considering getting this new system, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign to help you decide.
  5. 5. Advantages of Invisalign: Removable: Compared to the metal and rubber band contraption that make up traditional braces, Invisalign clear braces are removable.
  6. 6. Convenient You will not need worry about breaking rubber bands or brackets since Invisalign clear braces are convenient to use. You would not even need to go to your dentist as frequently.
  7. 7. Flattering Compared to traditional braces, the transparent color of your Invisalign aligners will make it hardly noticeable.
  8. 8. Disadvantages Discomfort: people who have sensitive gums or teeth will experience some discomfort when wearing Invisalign aligners for the first couple of weeks. be temporary. Fortunately, this discomfort will
  9. 9. Breakage: There are instances when a patient will break the aligners because of teeth grinding. Also, the constant removal of the aligners might put it at risk of being damaged or broken. Aside from this, Invisalign aligners are made up of a plastic material that is very durable.
  10. 10. Expensive Compared to regular metal braces, Invisalign can be relatively costly. In the United States, a treatment plan can cost as much as $9000 although a portion of this can be shouldered by your health insurance provider.
  11. 11. Some Teeth Issues:
  12. 12. There are over 500,000 Americans who have already benefited from Invisalign and many more are considering this system. It is perhaps the most convenient way to correct teeth issues and it will not make the person feel self-conscious.