Webinar - 7 Ways to Prepare for the Mobile Marketing Explosion


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This webinar, presented by former Sony Senior VP of mobile marketing, Jason Wells, discusses what businesses must do to prepare for the mobile marketing explosion. Specifically, how to measure leads with call tracking, improve close rates, optimize conversion rates and track success.

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Webinar - 7 Ways to Prepare for the Mobile Marketing Explosion

  1. 1. 7 Ways to Prepare for the MobileMarketing ExplosionJason Wells, CEO, ContactPoint
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing Explosion Mobile search will surpass desktop search by 2013. - Google, 2012 “In three years time, desktop search will be irrelevant,” - John Herligy, VP of Global Ads, Google (2010). @logmycalls
  3. 3. Mobile Poll Poll Question: If you were on vacation which would stress you out more, to lose your smartphone, your wedding ring, or your wallet? Results from June 2012 study:  77% said losing smartphone would be ‘severely anxiety inducing’  55% said losing wedding ring would be ‘severely anxiety inducing’  88% said losing wallet would be ‘severely anxiety inducing’ - Taylor Nelson Sofres, 2012 @logmycalls
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing Explosion Yearly U.S. mobile U.S. Mobile Ad Spend ad spend will 12 (Billions) 10.6 increase by over 10 300% by the end of 8.6 2016. 8 $ Billion 6.4 - Morgan Stanley, 2012 6 4.3 4 2.6 2 1.4 0.7 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 @logmycalls
  5. 5. Mobile Marketing Effectiveness Mobile marketing is the most effective marketing channel ever seen before. 90% of smartphone searchers have taken action as a result of a smartphone search - Google, 2011 70% of mobile searchers take action within 1 hour - Mobile Marketer 2012 53% of smartphone searchers purchase - Google, 2011 @logmycalls
  6. 6. Why is mobile so effective? We are a ‘captive’ audience, hopelessly addicted to our smartphones  91% of U.S. citizens have their mobile phone within arms reach 24/7. - Mobile Marketer, 2012  89% of smartphone users use their phone to search multiple times each day. - Google, 2012 @logmycalls
  7. 7. Why is mobile so effective? Smartphone users are ‘action-oriented’ searchers Over 90% of leads generated via a desktop computer Awareness enter the sales funnel NOT ready to buy. Evaluation Over 90% of mobile Decision leads take action immediately. @logmycalls
  8. 8. Why is mobile so effective? Smartphone users are ‘action-oriented’ searchers Two groups of people conduct mobile searches and respond to mobile ads: 1 – People who’ve already conducted extensive research. 2 – People who conduct an ‘impluse search’ The bottom line: Mobile searchers are ready to buy when they interact with a business. @logmycalls
  9. 9. The Facts: Critical to Prepare Now Fact: If you don’t have a mobile optimized site (or at least landing page) you will be much harder to find via a search by the end of 2013. Fact: If you don’t have mobile specific offers your site will fail to convert. Fact: If you aren’t running mobile campaigns you’ll miss out on traffic and conversions. @logmycalls
  10. 10. I. Develop a Mobile Strategy Don’t just start – decide what you want to accomplish through mobile marketing What is your goal?  Phone calls  Purchase  Gathering email addresses  Distributing coupons“Mobile success hinges on delivering aconvenient and fast customer experience.” - Forrester Research, 2012 @logmycalls
  11. 11. I. Develop a Mobile Strategy Do something….  The VAST majority (65% to 75%) of small businesses don’t have a mobile site or landing page.  Many (35% to 44%) of medium and large businesses don’t have a mobile site or landing page. Forrester’s Advice on Starting Mobile Marketing  “Once you’ve established goals and a strategy for mobile, other decisions will fall naturally.”  “The best mobile services deliver value through immediacy ….and simplicity.”  “Plan the user scenarios end-to-end. Think about natural actions on a mobile phone.” - Forrester Research, 2012 @logmycalls
  12. 12. II. Think Phone Call The most natural form of mobile engagement with a business is a phone call. 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call. - Google, 2012 52% of all mobile ads result in a phone call. - xAd, 2012 @logmycalls
  13. 13. II. Think Phone Call Phone Calls are High Value Leads  Only 2% - 8% of inbound web leads are ready to buy in 3 months. - MECLabs, 2012  Inbound phone call rates are 15 – 20 times higher than inbound web leads. - ContactPoint, 2012  65% of companies say phone calls are their highest quality lead source. - BIA/Kelsey, 2010 @logmycalls
  14. 14. II. Think Phone Call BIA/Kelsey Report (released June 2012)  Mobile calls to businesses will almost triple by the end of 2013.  Businesses that learn how to handle, track and leverage phone calls will make more money. @logmycalls
  15. 15. II. Think Phone Call Case Study – Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Focused on generating calls from mobile devices Tactics  Put ONLY phone numbers on landing pages and used Google Adwords call extensions Pay-Per-Call Google Adwords Results  40% increase in calls  Budget was 67% lower @logmycalls
  16. 16. II. Think Phone Call – Action Items Track Calls  Use call tracking numbers for Adwords, landing pages and your website  It is as critical to track calls via mobile as it is to track web traffic via desktop. Prepare for Calls  Make sure you’re staffed to receive more calls (because you’re going to get them). Gather Data from Calls  Make sure you have call analytics (conversion rate, close rate, detailed metrics) @logmycalls
  17. 17. II. Create a Mobile Landing Page If you don’t want to create a mobile site, that’s fine, for now…but at least create a mobile landing page  Simplify your call-to action  Headline length of three to five words  Keep content concise  No form fields  Phone number  Video is great @logmycalls
  18. 18. II. Create a Mobile Landing Page  Goal = Get people to visit  Two short form fields  Simple, simple, simple  They also have other mobile landing pages with phone numbers and one with an email form field @logmycalls
  19. 19. II. Create a Mobile Landing Page  Goal = Get people to call or watch the video.  No form fields, nothing to fill out  The phone number is a call tracking number so we know how many calls our mobile landing page is generating. @logmycalls
  20. 20. III. Understand Mobile Metrics How to Measure ‘Traditional’ online marketers measure: Mobile Calls  CTR, abandon rate, pageviews, etc. - Put phone numbers Mobile should measure in PPC ads  Purchase (remember they enter funnel lower) - Put phone numbers  Calls on landing pages  Opt-ins from simple forms - Ensure those phone numbers have call tracking enabledUse and measure phone calls for mobile lead - Record calls and usegeneration. analytics to score - Forrester Research, 2012 leads - Optimize and adjust @logmycalls
  21. 21. IV. Mobile SEO and PPC Mobile SEO  Get position #1 or #2  CTR dropped 90% from position #1 to #3 (Google 2012)  For standard SEO, drop off is 50% to 60%  Mobile SEO will become more fierce and competitive @logmycalls
  22. 22. IV. Mobile SEO and PPC Mobile PPC  Getting started  Define your mobile conversion. Lead- Gen, App Download, Buy Now, Phone Call or In- Store Visit  Start fresh. Don’t assume any similarities with desktop campaigns @logmycalls
  23. 23. IV. Mobile SEO and PPC: Keys1. Mobile searches include more misspellings and shorter keyword phrases2. Start broad to discover mobile keyword phrases then use negative keywords and phrase matching to optimize3. Do mobile specific research using advanced options and filters4. Lower bids than normal PPC5. Geo-Targeting – Take advantage of location awareness6. Device Targeting – Tablets, smartphones7. Day-Parting – Desktop off-hours are mobile on-hours. @logmycalls
  24. 24. Adwords & Call Extensions Call extensions make it easier for Call Extensions Setup customers to call you directly via your ad 1. Select the campaign for and allow you to measure the phone calls which you want to enable call extensions. that your ads generate. 2. Go to the Ad extensions tab. Call extensions are an ad feature that 3. Select the Call allows advertisers to include additional Extensions view from the drop-down list. information about their offers within text 4. Click New extension ads. 5. Type your business phone number or your LogMyCalls tracking Call extensions give you additional real number, and the estate within a search result, and allow country where the searchers a way to connect with your number is based. business. 6. Click “Save and Continue.” Call extensions increase both your CTR and your close rates. @logmycalls
  25. 25. IV. Mobile SEO and PPC Case Study – Esurance Focused on generating calls from Adwords campaign Tactics  Use call extension in ads (phone numbers in ads)  Used ‘Call now’ and ‘Call today’ in ad copy. Results  Saved 30% compared to other marketing channels  Calls were 4 to 5 times more likely to convert @logmycalls
  26. 26. V. Mobile Offers Don’t Offer  Do Offer  White Papers  Click-to-Call  Ebooks  Location locator  Research  Social Media  Long articles engagement  Full-scale pricing  Email opt in and sign-up  Video @logmycalls
  27. 27. VI. Think LocalMobile Behavior is Different  70% of people use their phone to search for products in a store - Google, 2011  58% of travelers search within 2 miles of their hotel - Priceline, 2011  80% of mobile searches have local intent - Google, 2012 @logmycalls
  28. 28. VI. Think LocalWhat does this mean for you?  Utilize Geo-Targeting for Adwords and social media  Encourage integration with Foursquare and Facebook ‘check-in’  Prepare for phone calls (locals will search and call small businesses)  Prepare for more walk-in business @logmycalls
  29. 29. VIII. SMS Marketing 7.8 trillion text messages were sent in 2011. The number will be 9.6 trillion in 2012. - Portio Research, 2012 Consumers will read a text message from a business 94% of the time. They will respond 23% of the time. - Consumer Preference, 2012 95% of texts that are read will be read within 15 minutes - Moto Messaging, 2012 @logmycalls
  30. 30. VIII. SMS Marketing and LogMyCalls Within LogMyCalls you can send a text to any mobile caller Set up different text messages associated with different tracking numbers  One text for website caller, another for direct mail callers, PPC callers, etc. Just type it. What should you say?  Include links, coupons, offers, phon e numbers, social media links, or even just say thank you to them for @logmycalls
  31. 31. Mobile Marketing  15 Minute Custom Demo logmycalls.com/request-demo  Call us at (866) 811-8880 @logmycalls
  32. 32. Next Webinar Thursday, July 19 – 2 PM EDT Title: 6 Keys to Successful Click-to-Call Mobile Marketing  How to develop a click-to-call campaign  4 ways mobile leads differ from regular leads  Examples of how companies are using click-to-call  How cheap mobile click-to-call can beLogMyCalls.com/webinar @logmycalls