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The script

  1. 1. George Loftus, Dan O’riodan, Jess ThorpeOpeningFast opening montage facts and pictures of cigarettesDan:- Nearly 90% of regular smokers start before they are 21.- There are over 3 million youth smokers in the UK alone.- It is estimated that each year in England around 340,000 children under the age of 16 who have never smoked before try smoking- In 2011, 25% of 11-15 year olds had smoked at least once- On 1 October 2007 the legal age for the purchase of tobacco in England and Wales was raised from 16 to18.- Despite the law, children still succeeded in buying tobacco from shops and vending machines.- There is little evidence to show that they have been successful in reducing either uptake of smoking or smoking prevalence among young people.Main PartDan:Teen smoking is a growing problem in the UK with the increased sale of cigarettes; more and moreteenagers have been able to get their hands on them.Youth smoking is an issue that needs to be addressed, there has been many funding’s for anti-smoking initiatives for teenagers. But is this enough?We visited the local college of Solihull who has, just this year, turned their college into a non-smoking campus. So we decided to ask the students about what they thought and how it hasaffected them?Vox pop: <<QUESTIONS>>Smokers only: <<QUESTIONS>> There is little value in trying to change the attitudes of young people to smoking without effectingthat change in the adult population.Smoking initiation is associated with a wide range of risk factors including; parental and siblingsmoking, the ease of obtaining cigarettes, smoking by friends and peer group members, socio-economic status, exposure to tobacco marketing, and depictions of smoking in films, television andother media.Following our questionnaire we found that there is an outburst of people smoking with 2 out of 3people smoke everyday this shows that there is an ongoing problem of youth smoking in society.However nearly 55% of youths that has tried a cigarette do not enjoy it, but everyone we studiedknew the dangers of cigarettes.We spoke to Julie Maitland, A member of the Student Development team spoke to us about herviews on smoking and how it is affecting the students at college.
  2. 2. George Loftus, Dan O’riodan, Jess Thorpe<<<Interview with Julie (Expert)>>>Of all the people we asked 90% of them had tried a cigarette and Teens who smoke are three timesmore likely than non-smokers to use alcohol, eight times more likely to use marijuana, and 22 timesmore likely to use cocaine. This shows an issue that is turning our youths out of control…In addition, we spoke to Neil Attewell, Another member of the Student Development team,<<<Interview with Neil (Expert)>>>QuestionsHow packs buy a week and what size?What make of cigarettes do you buy?Do your parents smoke? If so does it influence you?Do your friends smoke? IF so does this have an influence on you?Do you feel it has become an addiction now?Does smoking affect your relationships with your friends?