Analysis of tv listings double page


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Analysis of tv listings double page

  1. 1. Analysis of TV Listings Double Page George Loftus, Dan O’Riordan and Jess Thorpe
  2. 2. Analysis of TV Listings Double Page 1 Anchorage TextTitle Text that explainsThe title, “Class what the image isWarrior” relates to showing and whothe part that she is it is.playing in the Contentprogramme, a Introduces tomiddle class wife. It what thealso creates an programme Isimage of what about and thecharacter she is role that, Maxineplaying in this role. Peake, plays in the programme.Subtitle The languageIntroduces the role used is quiteand what the informal as itprogramme is seems to beabout so the more of aaudience can be conversationhooked straight styled interview.away to read thearticle. Layout The layout is simpleTitle of but affective, theProgramme, Time main image cre3atesand Channel a friendlyThis is situated right Main Image atmosphere and theat the top of the Whole page image of the main actress in the Colours writing is neat with apage so it is easy to programme shows a recognisable face to the public Simple colours only Black and White used might 3 column stylesee. so will make the programme more popular and fans show how the programme is like but creates a look of creating a look that of this actress will be more likely to watch it. The simplicity. the show might be image is not from the programme so people can similar. relate to her in the real world.
  3. 3. Analysis of TV Listings Double Page 2 Title The title, “A diary Colours of Courage” The colours shows the first are simple in look of what the the sense of programme is like the article just and links to the black on white. story that is The images created In this create more programme. colour through the article. Subtitle The subtitle is the Layout first point that we get The layout is simple the definition of what using 3 images to the programme is capture the essence about and if we are of what the going to enjoy it and programme is about link to the and the writing programme. below in columns makes a simplistic view.Programme Title, Timeand DateAt the top of the text sois one of the first things Main Image Content and Stylethat you see clear in shows main character and the first impression of the story The content explains what the show is about and is inbold text and simple to that is in this programme. The image is a photo of the main the style that the programme will be in like a dairysee. character in his bedroom showing the stereotypical life of a extract. The language is simple and is more informal university student. than formal.