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Online Reputation Management, Angie Pascale, Power of eMarketing
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Online Reputation Management, Angie Pascale, Power of eMarketing


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Online Reputation Management presentation by Angie Pascale, social media manager at Location3 Media. Presentation was created and delivered at 2011 The Power of eMarketing conference in San Francisco. …

Online Reputation Management presentation by Angie Pascale, social media manager at Location3 Media. Presentation was created and delivered at 2011 The Power of eMarketing conference in San Francisco.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • It will get aired in social media, so make sure to clean it up!You can also find this dirty laundry you may not have known you had.
  • Listening to and learning from social media monitoring provides invaluable insights into overall business situations, and allows you to proactively address issuesResponding to one negative comment may prevent loss of one customer, but proactively fixing issues and making widespread changes can prevent loss of thousandsSocial media monitoring can serve as evidence for making company-wide or operational changes that can retain these customers and generate new ones
  • Learn about specific locations that may not be following proper procedures, allowing you to address issue privately before it becomes a lawsuit Proactively listening to online sources may allow you to nip situation in the bud by reaching out to customer directly and resolving issue outside of courtroom
  • Eagerly and proactively helping customers resolve problems can change their opinion and create a lifelong brand advocateResponding to positive comments can be extremely effective at reinforcing good experiences and encouraging continued brand evangelism
  • Provide efficient channel to effectively handled customer service issues that were relatively unheard in the pastDiscovered potential pricing inconsistencies or other false advertisements, which may lead to further negative chatter, loss of business or even a lawsuit
  • Identify location(s) not following proper procedures, which may cause highly visible customer service issues; take steps to ensure all locations know, understand and abide by corporate policiesIdentify areas of product/service inconsistencies, take steps internally to remedy Locate other areas of confusion among customers, staff and public, and devise plan to improve these areas and communicate to public at large
  • Discover media coverage and keep a close watch as stories unfold, allowing you to react quickly and appropriatelyAlert necessary individuals and departments, identify size/reach of story and consumer sentiment, proactively develop official statementIdentify new and unique ideas for PR efforts or stunts based on customer sentiment and user generated content
  • Quickly recognize the need to implement new marketing initiativesFoursquare is a good example; may companies do not realize how many individuals checkin on a daily basis, providing a unique opportunity to further increase customer loyalty and generate in-store traffic with specialsIdentify other creative marketing strategies or tactics, and understand when to abandon those that are not performing wellIn 2010, GAP customers complained so vehemently on social networks that Gap ditched the new logo and stuck with the old.
  • Warning: These are not quick solutions that will get instant results.
  • The entire second half of the first page of results are all branded microsites that we developed and nurtured with great content, internal SEO strategy, link building, resource sections and continuous updates.
  • Do not want to respond on most forums; they are exclusive sites with loyal users, who get angry when brands become engaged.
  • Last stat is according to Brett Hurt of Bazaarvoice
  • Just make sure you follow up with user or general statement to address issue once you find answer.
  • Keep track of changes in position for various assets.
  • Brands mentions divided by total mentions
  • Transcript

    • 1. eManaging Social Media:Reputation Management
      Angie Pascale
      Social Media Manager
      Location3 Media
    • 2. @AngiePascale#EMARepMgmt
    • 3. What is online reputation management?
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 4. Identifying conversations about your brand that are taking place online
      Learning from these conversations
      Taking steps to control and steer these conversations
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 5. Why is it important?
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 6. Social User Stats
      147.8 million social media users
      64% of internet users are on social
      Older boomers are fastest growing segment of social users; 32% increase
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
      Source: eMarketer, Dec 2010
    • 7. Attitudes about Social Interactions
      “I value the opinions other people share on social media”
      • 68% - millennials
      • 8. 50% - older boomers
      “I feel important when I give my feedback out brands, products and services in social media”
      47% - millennials
      30% - older boomers
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
      Source: eMarketer, Feb 2011
    • 9. What People Do in Social
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
      Source: Forrester Research, 2000
    • 10. Social Traffic Stats
      • Social Traffic increased approx. 180% in one year
      • 11. Google traffic decreased approx. 15% in one year
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 12. Do you have dirty laundry?
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 13. What can you learn?
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 14. Beyond Customer Service
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 15. Benefits of Listening
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 16. Lawsuit Prevention
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 17. ReduceNegative Chatter
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 18. Enhance Customer Experience
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 19. Improve Corporate Policies
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 20. Enhance PR Efforts
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 21. New Marketing Initiatives
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 22. Role of seo in rep mgmt
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 23. @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 24. Outranking Negative Content
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 25. Create Profile on Social Networks
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 26. Create Microsites
      Develop new online assets to rank for brand terms (or other desired phrases)
      Purchase branded URLs
      Write compelling copy
      Optimize site architecture with key phrases
      Anchor text backlinks
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 27. @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 28.
    • 29. How to monitor
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 30. Monitoring Software
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 31. Manual Monitoring
      Customer Review Sites
      YouTube Comments:
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 32. How to respond
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 33. Delete comment
      Deciding When to Respond
      Did they use profanity or sexual language?
      Delete comment
      Obvious spam or advertisement?
      Respond with appropriate information and links.
      On channel your brand controls?
      Public site where anyone can create profile?
      Respond in timely fashion
      Can you use common knowledge to respond?
      Note and take necessary action, but don’t respond.
      Track down info and respond when available.
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 34. Deciding How to Respond
      Decision tree
      FAQs for employees; great for large teams
      Develop online FAQ and continually update; use as resource when responding
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 35. Transparency
      Open and honest
      Take responsibility if it’s really your fault
      Explain how you’ll fix it
      Negative reviews may convert more effectively; consumers place more trust in brand that will provide honest feedback
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 36. Negative Responses
      Do not delete conversations just because they are negative
      Responding shows that you are attentive to customers, concerned with their experience and willing to work in public to resolve issues
      Offer apology, factual details, links or other info
      “We’re looking into the issue” is completely valid
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 37. Positive Responses
      Don’t just concentrate on unfavorable reviews
      Responding to positive comments also shows that you are alert and gracious
      Thank user for mentioning your business and their continued support
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 38. Community Guidelines
      Create page on website that describes how you handle conversations on your social networks
      List reasons you will remove content (e.g. profanity, sexual reference, etc.)
      Use disclaimer indicating your discretion for deleting any conversation
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 39. @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 40. Facebook Moderation
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 41. Customer Review Sites
      Higher review numbers can positively affect ranking
      Non-conversational reviews makes approach slightly different
      Always include contact info for follow up with current and future customers
      Certain reviews can be flagged for spam, but must follow each site’s content guidelines
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 42. Local Review Site Traffic Stats
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 43. Measuring success
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 44. SERP Positioning
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 45. Conversation Share
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 46. Sentiment Tracking
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 47. Review Tracking
      None of the monitoring software pulls results from all customer review sites
      Must manually monitor these listings
      Note any new reviews during month, those with large number negative and positive reviews
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 48. listen and learn
      build online assets
      measure success
      @AngiePascale | #EMARepMgmt
    • 49. Questions?