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LSS@Social Media Week: Paul McCrudden Social Media And The Consumer Opportunity
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LSS@Social Media Week: Paul McCrudden Social Media And The Consumer Opportunity


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social media and the consumer opportunity @crudden Paul McCrudden Local Social Summit @ Social Media Week: The Science of Social Media February 2010
  • 2. Social media and the consumer opportunity The evolution of social media, growth in mobile and GPS, and individuals‟ maturing confidence in their online identity are resulting in new opportunities for consumers to challenge brands. Brands need to start identifying how to respond effectively.
  • 3. Imagination  Brand experience agency  Digital-Physical experiences  Interactive installations  Online experiences  Social media campaigns
  • 4. Eyesponge  Aggregates our team‟s social media content 
  • 5. The social sponge  We absorb content  We release content  We need to make sense of our social media „give and take‟  Real-time  Long-tail
  • 6. Content and identity Facebook:  55 million updates per day  We share 3.5 billion pieces of content every week  Over 2.5 billion photos uploaded each month “Thanks to easy-to-use interfaces and fine- grained privacy controls, social networks have been transformed into vast public spaces where millions of people now feel comfortable using their real identities online.” The Economist, January 2010
  • 7. #sixweeks  Recorded all the time and money I spent as a consumer  Invoiced companies to pay me for the time I spent with them
  • 8. #sixweeks
  • 9. #sixweeks  Used Twitter and blog to challenge companies
  • 10. #sixweeks  Pret A Manger‟s most effective PR spend of 2009  First time some brands involved in this space
  • 11. Feltron Report 2009
  • 12. The power of your data  275,000 users  65% increase per month, Jan 2010 (30% Jun 09)  Game scenario against other consumers  Rewards
  • 13. FourSquare office
  • 14. Case study: Brand ambassadors  Awareness-raising campaign to support product launch  Local & social in 3 German cities  Created multi-channel Love Ambassadors  551 Flickr photos, 4,774 YouTube views in two weeks
  • 15. Case study: Local space  Broadcast Twitter-style update to show environment; users can also send updates into social media spaces  439 total comments posted in social media sites, with an estimated total reach of 28,324 people
  • 16. What friends are for
  • 17. Never the same network
  • 18. The new behaviour
  • 19. Value in your data How do you make your data work for you?
  • 20. Value in your data How do you make your data work for you?
  • 21. Value in your data How do you make your data work for you?
  • 22. Blippy: Money talks
  • 23. Find the value in your data “To tell people - friends, acquaintances, maybe even strangers - a little bit more about you.” Philip Kaplan, Blippy co-founder on Blippy I reckon: You should tell companies more about you.
  • 24. Some data‟s out there  Re-Tweets are posted most at Friday 4pm  Personalised social media analytics currently lack meaning
  • 25. Aggregate Aggregate your own social media content and metrics:  Time  Location  Relationships  Key words Unlock the value in your social media data & use it to challenge companies No site currently aggregates your social media content effectively Semantic web will help
  • 26. „Friends‟ as commodities @whoever this month has:  Checked in at Apostrophe 8 times  Bought a Superdry jacket  Mentioned me in 2 tweets How can this relationship bring near-future tangible value to me?
  • 27. How should brands embrace this?  Deeper marketing segmentation  Cross-industry partnerships  Understand ROI on word of mouth  Measure the quality of influence - am I more likely to go to Apostrophe?
  • 28. Real-time and Future-time  „Decision-making present‟  Compete for consumers‟ near-future attention  “I am doing this next”  Instant, automatic analysis of real-time consumer data
  • 29. Attention auction  Open, two-way real-time communication for your attention  Location, time and relationship specific  Multi-faceted rewards: price discounts, (un)branded content  Cross-sector partnerships
  • 30. Your ROA  Significant consumer opportunities exist in the near-future, through unlocking the power of social media content and the science within it  What is your Return on Investment?  What is your Return on Attention?  As we continue to evolve with brands in the social media space, this Return won‟t just be financial
  • 31. Thank you @crudden Local Social Summit @ Social Media Week: The Science of Social Media February 2010