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LSS'09 Panel Local Content Monetisation
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LSS'09 Panel Local Content Monetisation


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Local Content & Monetisation – A View from Europe …

Local Content & Monetisation – A View from Europe
The local media landscape in Europe is unique in many ways and in particular is different to the US market. However, Google still dominates on the search side (both in terms of advertising and traffic volumes) in many European markets and is particularly strong in the UK. Yet Google is also a great source of traffic and revenue for many local publishers. In this panel we examine what makes local media different in Europe. We will explore how media owners are attracting users and growing traffic. Will look at innovative partnerships and business models. In addition we will discuss what strategies are working for attracting local advertising revenue and look at where growth is coming from 2010 and beyond.
Moderator: Ben Barney, Akesios

* Simon Greenman, MD – Online, European Directories
* James Thornett, Development Manager Location Services, Mapping, BBC Local
* Joachim Helfer, Müller Medien
* Roland Bryan, Associated Northcliffe Digital

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transparency on prices becomes more important (auction principles)Opinions of other users become more important for making selectionsReviews, ratings and other consumer feedback is important
  • Transcript

    • 1. Local Social Summit 2009
      Local Content & Monetisation
      The View from Europe
      Ben Barney
    • 2. Google’s dominance
      Google has 70% market share in US
      In most European countries this rises to over 90%
      • Google is a threat from a content perspective eg. News aggregation, 10 (7) pack of local businesses
      • 3. Publishers response is to resell AdWords or build their own competing pay per click platforms
      *The Sunday Times, Hitwise
    • 4. Social – Big Opportunity
      *Estimate – based on 0.8% Qype share in UK, and received 80k uniques per month
    • 5. Tapping into Usage
      • 75% of Tweets come from 5% of people
    • 6. Tapping into Usage
      • Only 8% of Tweets are deemed “Good” and RT – worthy.
    • 7. Tapping into usage
      Local social activity still focused on major conurbations
      No critical mass outside of these areas to create a useful service
      Source: Qype Blog 12/10/09
    • 8. Tapping into Usage
      • Local social activity still focused on limited number of verticals
      • 9. No critical mass outside of these areas to create a useful service
      Source: Yelp Metrics as of June 2009
    • 10. Effectiveness
      10% conversion rate from visits originating from Facebook Ads (StoreQuest Self Storage)
      Over 12 months we generated nearly $40,000 in revenue directly from a $600 advertising investment on Facebook. (CM Photographics)
      Average campaigns result in CTR of 8 - 12%. Facebook Ads resulted in a 25% CTR. (All Nippon Airways)
    • 11. Akesios Platform
      The Akesios Platform – Making Implementing New Products Easy for Publishers
    • 12. Summarizing the Opportunity
      Google loves Social!
      Factors to improve organic ranking for a local merchant
      Citations from major data providers eg. Yelp & Twitter etc
      Ratings & Reviews; Google and 3rd Party
      Video & Photos
      Enabling local merchants for social advertising
      Opportunities for publishers to sell more 3rd party products to tap into sites who are engaging with the local audience in innovative ways
      Publisher and social network content partnerships
      Utilise their sales forces to increase content for each merchant.
    • 13. Panelists
      Roland Bryan, Associated Northcliffe Digital
      Simon Greenman, European Directories
      Joachim Helfer, MüllerMedien
      James Thornett, BBC Local
    • 14. Local Summit2 November 2009
      Roland Bryan
      Managing Director, Localpeople
      Tel: 020 7 752 8466
    • 15. s
      What is Localpeople?
      • Local, issue-based community sites
      • 16. Users as the primary content creators
      • 17. Targeted advertising products for local SMEs
    • s
      Localpeopleaims to address a consumer demand for local content in small communities …
      Q: What Type of Area are you most interested in receiving local news and information about?
      My street
      My ward/parish
      My village
      My town/suburb
      My city
      • Consumer appetite for local online propositions …
      • 18. … allowing local people to debate / discuss issues that matter locally
      • 19. Poorly served by news media today
      My county
      My region
      Q: How many people do you think of as living in this local community?
      Less than 5,000
      5,000 and 20,000
      20,000 and 30,000
      30,000 and 50,000
      50,000 and 100,000
      Over 100,000
      Q: Is there a single website that you feel provides you with all the local news & information you require?
      Less than 5,000
      5,000 and 20,000
      20,000 and 30,000
      30,000 and 50,000
      50,000 and 100,000
      Over 100,000
    • 20. s
      … and a small business need for cost effective, targeted advertising space
      • 2.6m small business advertisers in the UK
      • 21. Average spend of £2k per year – giving a market opportunity of £5.2bn
      • 22. Only 7% of spend currently online -- want to be online but do not know where or how
      • 23. Most of these businesses want local advertising opportunities with low wastage
      • 24. Few happy with range of local marketing opportunities available today
      • 25. Localpeople wants to address this opportunity: online, low cost, response focused, low wastage
    • s
      So how do SMEs currently spend their marketing budgets?
      Marketing Spend Mix in a Typical 20k Town100 = Total Spend in Town
      Split of Local Spend, by Media Channel%
    • 26. s
      What do we need to do to increase local spend online?
      Local Advertiser Objectives?
    • 37. s
      Contact Details
      Roland Bryan
      Managing Director, Localpeople
      Tel: 020 7 752 8466
    • 38. Moving into New Business Models
      Simon Greenman, MD Online
      European Directories
      +44 208 987 8137
      s.greenman @ europeandirectories . com
    • 39. Introduction
      Simon Greenman – MD Online, European Directories
      European Directories:
      2008 €800M local search and lead generation company
      Operations in eight countries – Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Czech, Slovakia and Poland
      Have over 700,000 SMB customers serviced by over 2,500 sales representatives
      Majority owned by Macquarie.
      Commercial in Confidence
    • 40. Changing Search Behaviour Consumers
      Internet and mobile usage are growing (location based)
      Google is main entry to the web
      Physical products: looking for a company Vs. looking for a product or service
      Services: looking for a solution Vs. looking for a company
      Search via verticals and social networks
      Content needs to be rich, complete, and comparative
      Strategy: generate local commercial search usage from multiple products and in multiple media to sell leads to our advertising customers:
      yellow pages, white pages, verticals, IYP, search, SEM, social local… are the products and
      print, online, mobile, satnav… are the media – not the business.
    • 41. Skype – European Directories Strategic Partnership
      Announced October 6th partnership with Skype
      Objective is to help turn online search for businesses into calls to businesses
      The new offering for Skype users:
      Skype has 480 million users globally
      Those users can now call from Skype directly to participating European Directories advertisers
      Using existing Skype Phone Number Recognition (PNR), Skype can recognise specific advertiser numbers on any web page and turn them into free business click-to-call buttons
      Users do not need to have “Skype Out” credit to call
      For advertisers:
      Get access to a huge Skype user base, without changing their telephone numbers
      Have an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors to generate greater call volumes.
      Commercial in Confidence
    • 42. Skype – European Directories Strategic Partnership
      Commercial in Confidence
    • 43. New Products - - RFP/RFQ Vertical
      Commercial in Confidence
      request via email / sms
      accept Y/N
      handymen bidding process
      • Market place for handymen - Projects ‘in and around the house’
      • 44. Number one in Netherlands
      • 45. App 4000 subscribers pay monthly fee
      • 46. Free for consumers
      • 47. 30,000 consumer projects in 2008
      • 48. Revenue growth - over 100% in 2009
      • 49. 25% EBITDA margin already in growth stage
      • 50. Plan to roll out into other markets
    • New Social Local Products –
      Commercial in Confidence
      • Social local directory sites with large numbers of user ratings and reviews of businesses
      • 51. Launched in Austria and Netherlands with over 200,000 monthly unique visitors
      • 52. Will rollout out to other operating countries in Q4
      • 53. Made a small investment in to bring more innovation into the European Directories “family.”
    • Summary
      Commercial in Confidence
      Our business is Local Commercial Search and Lead Generation – not print or online
      Consumer usage behaviour is changing – mobile, search, verticals, social local, content…
      European Directories will offer new products on new media to stay relevant to the consumer
      Our salesforces and customer relationships are our key competitive advantage. We can monetise both:
      Our core products and usage
      New products and even 3rd party usage and…
      Superior execution of strategy and operations creates the opportunity for future revenue and profit growth.
    • 54. 27
      Local Social Summit – Museum of Contemporary Arts, London, November 3rd
      Local Content & Monetisation – A View from a directory publisher
      Joachim Helfer – Business Development Online – Müller Medien
    • 55. 28
      Strategic decision of the directory publishers in Germany
      The local aspect in the growing search business is getting more and more important
      This market is dominated by performance-based business models
      Global players such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft rule the market
      In the local area they are a threat to media companies, newspaper and directory publishersas well as TV and radio stations
      Through a pure integration of 3rd party ad feeds we loose the
      direct customer connection
      Therefore the directory publishers decided to invest in the future:
      Own entity
      Own local search engine
      Own search technology and index
      Own PPC-based ad-platform
      Own network of local websites
      Own new performance-based products and teams
    • 56. 29
      The three pillars of success
    • 57. 30
      Local sales people with regular customer contact
      Integration into traditional sales cycles, infrastructure
      Backup by special sales force
      Product Concepts
      Click packages like flat fee models
      Budget based campaigns as the next level
      Online Presence with Profile pages
      Combined with online directory offerings
      Tracking & Reporting
      Training the sales force to
      Think online, Live online, Work and sell online
      Customer Retention with online marketing seminars
      Success Factor Sales
    • 58. 31
      Success Factor: Networks
      Nucleus is high quality local search index + map
      Combined content and monetization distribution
      Online directories, local search, classifieds, etc.
      Sub-networks of local publishers
      Additional network of profile pages
      Network reach currently 40 MM searches
      Customer Base approx. 6,000+
    • 59. 32
      Success Factor Technology
      Controlling of own auction-based ad platforms
      License of Fast AdMomentum/ Microsoft
      Development of specific widgets
      Blending of ad feeds
      Configuration wizard
      Geo-coding for mobile navigation
      Market place for exchange
      Status as „Beta customer“
      Co-Founder of local search group
      Exchange and support of new developments
      Official X10partnership for AdMomentum in the D-A-CH region
    • 60. 33
      Examples of our social marketing platforms
    • 61. 34
    • 62. 35
    • 63. 36
    • 64. 37
    • 65. 38
      Thank you for your attention! mailto:
      Local Social Summit – Museum of Contemporary Arts, London, November 3rd
    • 66. James Thornett
      Executive Product Manager, Local & Location Services
      BBC Future Media & Technology
    • 67.
    • 68.
    • 69.
    • 70. Engaging local audiences
    • 71. “Please enter your postcode”
    • 72. Q&A
    • 73. 2010 Predictions
      Roland Bryan, Associated Northcliffe Digital
      Simon Greenman, European Directories
      Joachim Helfer, MüllerMedien
      James Thornett, BBC Local
    • 74. Thank You