Local Search Optimization


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Enabling high-value customers to find your local business first.


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Local Search Optimization

  1. 1. The local advertising channel has changed
  2. 2. Why your business needs local search optimizationPotential customers are searching on the go, right now. Mobile devices will be the most common web-access device by 2013 – Gartner When they find what they’re looking for, they’re ready to buy. 82% of local internet searches follow-up offline with an in-store visit, phone call or purchase – TMP/Comscore If your business isn’t on the first page of search results, you’re losing money. 94% of users clicked on a first page Google result and less than 6% clicked on a second page result – Chitika
  3. 3. The value of local search optimization•  Increases your ranking results for local keyword search results•  Promotes your business through citations to Google•  Creates additional business exposure on high-traffic loyalty sites•  Ensures your business is found on emerging mobile applications
  5. 5. Analyze and optimize for best search results BASELINE SEARCH ANALYSIS  A comprehensive local search analysis is done for yourbusiness with a variety of keyword phrases, on Google,Yahoo, and Bing. We also check your existing business’s online profilesfor prominence and accuracy on the top-tier searchdirectories, the online Yellow Pages, and social mediachannels. The results determine the best opportunitiesto improve your businesss local search optimization.Your baseline analysis serves as a historical record formeasuring the success of your business’s local searchoptimization over time.
  6. 6. Evaluate your website LSO strengths WEBSITE EVALUATION  We evaluate your existing website and create adetailed analysis of your sites LSO strengths andweakness. Providing specific actions that should "be taken to improve your local search ranking results. Forward your LSO site evaluation to your websitedeveloper. Taking action will improve ranking results,enabling more customers to find your business first.
  7. 7. Localeze premium enhanced subscription A sample* of the 100+ search platforms localeze premium subscription " is distributed to and its influence on keeping your business first. Bring customers to your door with increased visibility. Localeze is the largest provider of core data to search portals, navigation system databases, mobile device databases, and online directories covering up to 90% of the 3.4 billion monthly local searches that occur online and with mobile applications. Included in all Local Search Optimization products: " Localeze Premium Enhanced Subscription " — a retail value of $297. *Subject to change based on directory availability, performance, and popularity  
  8. 8. Submission of master listings Local Search Specialists, based in MASTER LISTINGS Santa Barbara, California, create your SUBMISSIONS   business profile to review sites, search portals, online directories, and social media channels, with an attention to detail not found anywhere else.Your accurate, enhanced, Master Listings aremanually created and submitted to the top-tier Enhanced profiles include all pertinent and accurate data, photos and videos.search directories — saving you hours of timewhile connecting your business first to high Master Listing sites include*:value customers when they search online. local   local   Phone verification sites include*: Social sites include*: *Subject to change based on directory availability, performance, and popularity.
  9. 9. Creation of mobile local identity site LOCAL MOBILE IDENTITY SITE  Your Local Mobile Identity Site is highly optimized "for local search and the ideal place to send yourcustomers when requesting them to give you "reviews online.•  Links to your website•  Provides an amplified LSO business presence•  Delivers your business to mobile devices•  Displays multi-site star ratings and reviews•  Reinforces your brand•  Includes photos, video*, hours of operation•  Generates map and direction functionality•  Links to social media and review sites•  Access to reporting and LSO status"*Not included with basic package
  10. 10. Building online “votes” for your business CITATION BUILDING  A citation is like a “vote” for your business whenGoogle crawls other websites and finds yourbusiness name, address and phone number (NAP).The more “votes” Google finds, compared to yourcompetitors, is part of Google’s decision makingprocess to determine which website is rankedhigher in search results. Each month our Local Search Specialists generate a report with the your current local search ranking position and total Google citation count. From that report, we evaluate the top ten competitors in your market and analyze their citation profiles. We then add your business profile to the search portals where your competitors are found and many more where they are not.
  11. 11. Managing your business reputation REPUTATION MANAGEMENT  Find out what people are saying about your businessonline easily. Giving you the opportunity to respond quickly toreviews with email alert notifications.Reputation and "social buzz" monitoring system:Monitor when people post about your business onreview sites, social media sites, and video comments.Competitor tracking:For competitive markets, tracking tools allow clientsto compare their online presence against theirmajor competition.
  12. 12. On-going reporting of your business’s LSO ON-GOING REPORTING  Provides the information needed to evaluate your"local search optimization service and measure how "we improve your business’s ranking results for "local searches.•  Includes search engine positions, citations, " and enhanced listing completeness•  Complete description of work performed•  Specific instructions for “next steps” needed to keep your business first in your local market•  Delivers your baseline LSO grade and your current LSO position to monitor gains made
  13. 13. Delivering value and choice for your market DELIVERING VALUE AND CHOICE  If your business is new or well established, in a ruralmarket or highly competitive urban community, we "have quality Local Search Optimization products "that deliver results, guaranteed.Our suite of tools and services enable your business tosimplify its online marketing needs, not complicate them.
  14. 14. Guaranteed results with no risk GUARANTEED RESULTS  If you’re not happy with our service within 90 days, "we ask that you communicate with us first to give"us a chance to make you happy.If we can’t, you get your money back.
  15. 15. Why choose local search optimizationLocal businesses need a trusted and cost-effective partner to deliverthe most effective online local marketing services, no matter what thetrending technology is today.Local Search Optimization is that trusted, innovative, experienced,adaptable partner that puts your business first.
  16. 16. My business firstAsiri Desilva | Owner | Independent Automotive Group Inc.“With the death of the Yellow Pages, we chose LSO to take our business’s marketing to the next level.It’s reassuring to see our local presence online, in hundreds of places, while letting me spend more timerunning my business rather than figuring out how to do it myself.”Tom Reed | Director | Unity Shoppe“Local Search Optimization provides quality results for everyone, whether it’s a private business or a nonprofitlike us. I was ecstatic when I saw my organization appear on the first page of Google’s search for ‘nonprofitSanta Barbara’. LSO stays true to their word and delivers results. Just a month ago we had no onlinepresence and now we are on the first page of Google.”Nathaniel Acosta | Owner | Channel Plumbing“I’m always trying to set myself apart from competitors in my market. With the majority of my customerssearching for my services online, I’ve decided to adopt Local Search Optimization’s marketing strategies "early on so that I can rank higher than my competitors online. LSO is helping me get to Google’s first pageand stay on top of everybody else.”Thomas & Despina Tunberg | Owners | World Wide Art Books“We consider ourselves resourceful business owners constantly looking for novel ways to generate newbusiness. Local Search Optimization understands this vision and their expertise in their own, unique form "of Internet marketing has helped us get noticed in both local and international markets.”
  17. 17. Get Started Todaylocalsearchoptimization.com