Word of Mouth Referrals and LocalMaven


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LocalMaven.com is a unique social referral platform connecting businesses, promoters (Mavens) and customers.

Businesses design special deals and offers, Mavens promote these deals via word-of-mouth referrals and customers redeem the deals at the merchant.

Businesses grow, Mavens are rewarded for successful referrals and customers receive great deals...it's a win-win-win!

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Word of Mouth Referrals and LocalMaven

  1. 1. LocalMaven.com We're organizing the referral economy and everyone benefits: Vendor, Promoter, Customer LocalMaven.com, LLC 315 Madison Avenue – Suite 901 New York, NY 10017 646-681-6555 Founders: Arnon Rosan Sean O’Day
  2. 2. Our story. Our appeal is universal and applies to nearly any business. Meet Phil, today he told a friend visiting from out of town about his favorite restaurant, suggested a high end flower shop for his boss’ anniversary, and took his girlfriend to his climbing gym for the first time. He’s always referring people to that restaurant but they’re not aware of it; his boss forgets what flower shop he mentioned so winds up shopping somewhere else; and there’s another great climbing gym in town that would be happy to give his girlfriend (and him) a deal, but Phil’s not aware. Enter LocalMaven – a simple platform that makes giving and receiving referrals easy and paying commissions seamless. 2
  3. 3. How Does the Referral Work? The process is simple and automated and is easy for the Vendor, Maven, and Customer. 1 Vendors create special deals and invite Mavens to participate 2 Maven promoters distribute these deals to potential customers in the form of an 8 digit alphanumeric code emailed, texted or written down for the customer. 3 The customer redeems this code at the vendor and receives the deal. 4 The Maven’s account is credited for the referral and commissions sweep weekly via Dwolla or PayPal from the Vendor’s account to the Maven’s account 3
  4. 4. Markets served LocalMaven is universal and appeals to nearly any vertical market where businesses want to grow from word-of-mouth referrals. • Travel and Tourism • Luxury Goods Sales • Home Improvement & Renovations • Charity and Fundraising • Automotive • Hospitality and Restaurants • Transportation (Car Service, charters) • Personal services (Massage, Hair removal) • Repair Services • Health Care & Wellness • B2B Sales • Professional Services • Gyms, Spas, Dance Studios, Yoga, etc. • On-line E-Commerce • Freelancers • Retail The size of the transaction can be large or small, but the concept remains the same – that Maven promoters deserve to be compensated for their referral. We will focus first on markets where multiple vendors interact on a single project - eg. Weddings, home buying, construction, Travel, etc. 4
  5. 5. Who is a Maven? 1. An expert or connoisseur 2. A trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others 3. Mavens are people in the know • Concierges • Trainers • Limo Drivers • Therapists • Retail Salespeople • Doctors • Contractors • Doormen • Service providers • Taxi Drivers • Professionals • Shoppers • Store Managers • Diners • Club Promoters • Everyone! • Bellmen 5
  6. 6. Sample Transactions 6
  7. 7. Sample Transaction #1 Printer MAVEN VENDOR CUSTOMER Freelancer Printer Company in need of printing services DEAL 10% off any project over $1000 COMMISSION: $100 FOR ANY REFERRAL OVER $1,000 7
  8. 8. Sample Transaction #2 Clothing Boutique MAVEN VENDOR CUSTOMER DEAL Client of the store Retail clothing store Friend of the Maven 10% off any purchase over $200 COMMISSION: 5% OF THE TRANSACTION EXCLUDING TAX 8
  9. 9. Sample Transaction #3 AV Contractor MAVEN VENDOR Doorman in an apartment building AV contractor New tenant DEAL CUSTOMER Free evaluation of existing system and quote COMMISSION: $50 FOR THE REFERRAL 9
  10. 10. Sample Transaction #4 Italian Restaurant MAVEN VENDOR CUSTOMER DEAL Bellman at hotel Local trattoria Tourist staying at hotel Free glass of wine with each entrée COMMISSION: $20 FOR THE REFERRAL OF 4 PEOPLE OR MORE FOR DINNER 10
  11. 11. The Charity Fundraising Model LocalMaven.com is uniquely positioned to assist non-profits in growing their business and provides a powerful platform to encourage donations. It is ideal for schools, churches, aid organizations, booster clubs, and other non-profit and fundraising programs. The process is simple: a) The non-profit becomes a Maven on the platform. b) Local businesses connect on LocalMaven.com c) Vendors create a simple campaign that offers a donation to the charity when a community member shops at the merchant. 11
  12. 12. Platform Functionality The platform is powerful and easy to use and V1 incorporates robust functionality. 12
  13. 13. Vendors and Mavens connect More entrepreneurial Mavens can forge multiple vendor connections, encourage vendor deal creation, and build networks of sub-Mavens that assist them in promoting their deals. 13
  14. 14. Vendors create unique deals The “advanced deal” page (versus the “simple deal” page) supports a number of variables, including: Deal name, deal photo, deal terms, commission to be paid to the Maven, quantity of vouchers to be issued, expiration date, commission delivery option (allowing commissions to flow to a third party), and referral code generation method. 14
  15. 15. Vendors can selectively invite their Mavens to participate in a campaign 15
  16. 16. Mavens can generate and transmit unique referral codes: Mavens are able to easily generate referral codes for potential customers and transmit these via email, SMS/Text, or verbally. These are linked to the Maven, Customer, and Vendor and are fully trackable. 16
  17. 17. Mobile is supported iPhone and Android apps are in development 17
  18. 18. Everything is Trackable 1 Vendors can view, audit, and approve commissions and see detailed analytics about the performance of their campaigns. 2 Mavens can see details on the status of the vouchers they have issued and on commissions earned. 3 Customers can keep track of their vouchers and see redemptions and expirations 18