Geofencing and Location Marketing Success Stories


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Geofencing and Location Marketing Success Stories

  1. 1. Geofencing and Location Marketing Success Stories June 18, 2012 MMA Educational Series Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Overview All marketing is local. All the hard won customer insights of the past, arebeing upended by the new culture of mobility. How we work, play andshop is changing with location adding more precise demographic andsegmentation. Location technology, geofencing, social networks andmobile messaging platforms are the canvas for marketers to paint time-relevant, contextual messages and new opportunities for engagingcustomers.
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda Key Learning Objectives •  Location and geofencing technology •  Geofencing for mobile marketing •  Typical location marketing success stories •  Best practices for geofencing
  4. 4. Today’s Speakers Carolyn Hodge Chief Marketing Officer Locaid Jeff Hasen Chief Marketing Officer Hipcricket Moderator   @jeffhasen Michael Becker Managing Director, North America Marketing Association
  5. 5. Questions Answers Don’t forget to Tweet about this session using hashtag: #MMAWeb
  6. 6. Geofencing  and     Loca0on  Marke0ng     Success  Stories        ©  2012  Locaid  Technologies,  Inc.  Intellectual  Property.    All  rights  reserved.  Locaid,  the  Locaid  logo  and  all  other  Locaid     marks  contained  herein  are  trademarks  of  Locaid  Intellectual  Property  and/or  ATT  affiliated     companies.  All  other  marks  contained  herein  are  the  property  of  their  respecDve  owners.  
  7. 7. Locaid  Powers  Loca0on  Marketers   Locaid   100%  OF   EVERY  MOBILE   FOR  ANY     LOCATES     NETWORK   DEVICE   LOCATION   Locaid  runs  the   Locaid  locates  350M     Locaid  delivers   largest  LaaS     Locaid  finds  every   devices,  real-­‐0me.   ubiquitous  loca0on.   device  on  the  network.    gateway  and  carrier   No  app  to  download.   Indoors    and  out.   For  any  mobile   reach   No  user  ac0on  needed.   GPS  and  CELL-­‐ID.   applica0on.   Any  device.   For  the  Fortune  1000.   Anywhere.   Copyright  ©  2012,  Locaid®  |  Patents  pending,  all  rights  reserved  |  ConfidenDal  |  www.loc-­‐  |  7  
  8. 8. Loca0on  Marke0ng  Ecosystem   Get  special     offers  when   you’re  on-­‐the-­‐go! Text  “APP”  to   462462 Marketers 300mm+   Customers Agencies Consumers   Platforms(Smartphones  +  Cell   phones)   Get  X/Y   Copyright  ©  2012,  Locaid®  |  Patents  pending,  all  rights  reserved  |  ConfidenDal  |  www.loc-­‐  |  8  
  9. 9. Poll Question #1 Are you currently collecting customer location information in any of thefollowing ways? •  App based •  Network location for any purpose •  GeoIP •  In-store NFC, sensors or WiFi •  Don’t know
  10. 10. Primary  Loca0on  Sources   100  Million   Copyright  ©  2012,  Locaid®  |  Patents  pending,  all  rights  reserved  |  ConfidenDal  |  www.loc-­‐  |  10  
  11. 11. Geofencing:  A  defini0on  •  A  geofence  is  a  virtual  perimeter  around  a  geographic  locaDon   allowing  marketers  to  deliver  the  right  message,  at  the  right  Dme,  and   to  the  right  person           Copyright  ©  2012,  Locaid®  |  Patents  pending,  all  rights  reserved  |  ConfidenDal  |  www.loc-­‐  |  11  
  12. 12. Poll Question #2 Have you run a geofence marketing campaign? •  Yes •  No
  13. 13. Elements  of  a  Geofence  Program   1   2   3   4   5  Build list for opt- Draw geofence Setup rules for Create alerts that take Summarize and in device perimeter – any size or frequency of location location and time into analyze results in enrollment shape fixes context geofence reports Copyright  ©  2012,  Locaid®  |  Patents  pending,  all  rights  reserved  |  ConfidenDal  |  www.loc-­‐  |  13  
  14. 14. Poll Question #3 Have you ever opted into a geofence promotion and received atargeted message or push notification? •  Yes •  No
  15. 15. Typical  Geofencing  Use  Cases  •  Market  research  and  customer  insights  •  SMS,  and  MMS  campaigns    •  Event  markeDng    sponsor  promoDon  •  Banking,  retail,  gaming    hospitality     Copyright  ©  2012,  Locaid®  |  Patents  pending,  all  rights  reserved  |  ConfidenDal  |  www.loc-­‐  |  15  
  16. 16. Poll Question #4 Are you planning to do any geofence marketing in the next 6 months? •  Yes •  No
  17. 17. Emerging  Prac0ces  for  Smart  Geofencing    •  Start  building  your  database  and  opt-­‐in  for  locaDon  offers  now.     Transparency  and  relevance  trump  privacy.  •  Know  your  customer  through  locaDon  research,  understand  traffic   paVerns.    •  Hardest  part  is  creaDng  relevance    locaDon  offers  that  bring  the  rich   context  together.  •  Make  it  clear  and  measurable.         Copyright  ©  2012,  Locaid®  |  Patents  pending,  all  rights  reserved  |  ConfidenDal  |  www.loc-­‐  |  17  
  18. 18. Proximity  Marke0ng  –  Success  Story   The  North  Face   •  Business  objecDve:  Drive  store  traffic     •  Alert  opted-­‐in  customers  when  they  are   geographically  close  to  a  North  Face  store   •  Over  1,000  geo-­‐fences  created  in  and   around  New  York,  San  Francisco,  SeaVle   and  Boston   TNF:  The  new  spring  sale  for   running  apparel  has  hit  the   stores!  Check  it  out  @  TNF   Downtown  SeaVle.  18   Copyright  ©  2012,  Locaid®  |  Patents  pending,  all  rights  reserved  |  ConfidenDal  |  www.loc-­‐  |  18  
  19. 19. Loyalty  Marke0ng  –  Success  Story   Copyright  ©  2012,  Locaid®  |  Patents  pending,  all  rights  reserved  |  ConfidenDal  |  www.loc-­‐  |  19  
  20. 20. Event  Marke0ng  –  Success  Story   Molson  Canadian  Hockey  House   •  ApplicaDon  launched  at  Opening  Ceremonies/2010  Winter  Olympics   •  Molson  Coors’  provided  a  robust  experience  leveraging  locaDon-­‐based   services  for  consumer  to  obtain  the  closest  Hockey  House   •  Consumers  see  adverDsed  short  code  to  join  Hockey  House  and  receive   link  to  home  page   •  Or,  log  into  Molson  Canadian  Hockey  House  mobile  web  page  (to  find   other  Hockey  Houses)       Results  exceeded  expecta0ons   •  Expected  5%  response  rate     •  Actual  response  rate  was  10%  20   Copyright  ©  2012,  Locaid®  |  Patents  pending,  all  rights  reserved  |  ConfidenDal  |  www.loc-­‐  |  20  
  21. 21. Marketers  Locate  with  Locaid   Problem:  Marketers  cannot  reach  mobile  customers  with  local  offers   Solu0on:  Locaid  API  in  SMS  campaign  plaiorm  hits  all  devices,  all  the   Dme   Success:    ROI  liks  from  markeDng  spend  with  right  place,  right  Dme   SMS  offers  and  “knowing  where  the  customer  is”   Agencies  and  brands   incorporate  API  in  a   majer  of  weeks   Locaid  API  in  the   leading  mobile     campaign  plaiorms   today   Brands,  mobile   Marketers  select   Locaid  locates  device   Locaid  Geofence  API   Locaid  customers  agencies  pull  API  into   loca0on  op0ons,   without  app   enables  pinpoint   ramping  to  larger   mobile  plaiorm   schedules  and  alerts   download   targe0ng   campaigns  in  2013   Copyright  ©  2012,  Locaid®  |  Patents  pending,  all  rights  reserved  |  ConfidenDal  |  www.loc-­‐  |  21  
  22. 22. Q A Carolyn Hodge Chief Marketing Officer Locaid Jeff Hasen Chief Marketing Officer Hipcricket @jeffhasen Moderator   Michael Becker Managing Director, North America Marketing Association
  23. 23. Upcoming Events Programs •  MMA CEO/CMO Summit – Dominican Republic (July 15 – 17) •  Advertising Week Mobile Summit Global Expo – New York (October 2-3) •  The SMARTIES – New York (October 3) •  MMA LATAM Forum - Miami (November 28 – 29) Visit for more details on future events andwebinars Planning for 2012, contact Michael Becker at to get involved
  24. 24. Thank You ADDITIONAL RESOURCES • • • • Sign up for the MMA Search for partners or get listed at the SmartBrief: Mobile Marketing Industry Directory: