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Mobile marketing and location based marketing.

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  • Today I am going to tell you about the technology of network location. There is a lot of talk about location, and source vary in cost, reach and reliability. My goal is to educate marketers about the availability of network location, what the current use case are today and what its good for.
  • SoIn the realm of mobile marketing we work with brands that have in house mobile messaging or CRM platforms and agencies like our partner today HipCricket, that operate mobile marketing/mobile messaging platforms. Hipcricket, Vibes, Placecast and specialty and boutique agencies in vertical or specific metro markets.Think of Locaid as a privacy and permission platform for locating your end users.
  • You are probably familiar with a number of location types. GPS, Cell-ID, Network location, NFC, Wifi etc. Network location is derived from the carrier network – a triangulation on cell towers. As such it is not device, OS or even feature dependent. Cell-ID accuracy depends on the carrier, but ranges from 5 meters to 500 in suburban or rural areas. Most important there is no battery drain, and Ill get into that in a second. GPS location can be derived from an SDK included in a app. And with the popularity of branded native apps this is a common way of location enabling app based marketing with app push notifications. GPS is very accurate when it is powered on, it is fast when it has been powered on. Once the development costs of your branded app are considered, GPS is a cheap location source, but is it plentiful? Build your app, market your app, consumers download your app, must have app running or running in background, and GPS must be enabled on the phone although an app can also get the last known network location as well, which would give the same accuracy as Locaid network location.
  • We are often asked about using geofencing to trigger a notification when a person enters an area, the classic – walking by the coffee shop and get a coupon for a starbucks latte. This type of geofence triggers are best suited for in-app marketing, but have 2 distinct disadvantges until the technology evolves – since that is a persistent gps/or handest location fix, the battery drain severely limits the practicality of this. Second for the reasons we described before, you are getting a smaller segment of customer/users. And we have customers who manage programs for opt-in local deals with multiple brands. In a sense selling “geofence local sms ad inventory.” Mobile advertising that is ip location based is likely to be the prominent use case for this type of campaigns. The majority of our customers right now are agencies or brands are doing local marketing, couponing and/or promotions to drive store traffic. And the marketer pings their database within a geographic area every 30 minutes to or every hour. Customers are sent a marketing message based on in or out. If they aren’t in an area a restaurant may promote a loyalty promotion to visit the store, if they are nearby they may simply alert them to the latest daily special or store event.
  • With proper opt-in market research panels or opt-in customer research can add valuable location data points to consumer behaviors, and this is an are where an enormous value can be delivered as this culture of mobility evolves. Network location has a huge advantage for delivering customer insight, because you can observe customers regardless of their phone, carrier, technical skills. And with no interruption in their daily activities, and no interruption to normal behaviors – e.g. no pop up questions that may interfere with a purchase or post purchase experience.Jeff and I will talk about this SMS and MMS use cases in a minute, that is one of the primary current preferred messaging platforms with network location. In event marketing, organizers of an event can opt-in ticket holders and provide pre and post event marketing opportunities to local sponsors. Or as we’ll see in the case studies at large events like the olympics drive attendees to on or off site special eventsIn gaming we geofence and alo work on casino marketing opportunities.
  • Locaid is the technology, the canvas for your mobile marketing, it’s the agencies like Hipcricket that help you craft these promotions an opportunities make them relevant.- Jeff
  • Pretty famous case study that is well known and running for a while. Good example of opt-in via website.
  • Locaid Mma Webinar Final

    1. 1. Geofencing and Location Marketing Success StoriesJune 27, 2012MMA Educational Series Sponsored by:
    2. 2. OverviewAll marketing is local. All the hard won customer insights of thepast, are being upended by the new culture of mobility. How wework, play and shop is changing with location adding moreprecise demographic and segmentation. Location technology,geofencing, social networks and mobile messaging platformsare the canvas for marketers to paint time-relevant, contextualmessages and new opportunities for engaging customers.
    3. 3. Today’s AgendaKey Learning Objectives• Location and geofencing technology• Geofencing for mobile marketing• Typical location marketing success stories• Best practices for geofencing
    4. 4. Today’s Speakers Carolyn Hodge Chief Marketing Officer Locaid chodge@loc-aid.com Jeff Hasen Chief Marketing Officer Hipcricket jhasen@hipcricket.com Moderator Michael Becker Managing Director, North America Marketing Association michael.becker@mmaglobal.com
    5. 5. Questions & Answers Don’t forget to Tweet about this session using hashtag: #MMAWeb
    6. 6. Geofencing and Location Marketing Success Stories© 2012 Locaid Technologies, Inc. Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. Locaid, the Locaid logo and all other Locaid marks contained herein are trademarks of Locaid Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.
    7. 7. Locaid Powers Location Marketers Locaid 100% OF EVERY MOBILE FOR ANY LOCATES NETWORK DEVICE LOCATION Locaid runs the Locaid locates 350M Locaid delivers Locaid finds everylargest LaaS gateway devices, real-time. ubiquitous location. device on the network. and carrier reach No app to download. Indoors and out. For any mobile No user action needed. GPS and CELL-ID. application. Any device. For the Fortune 1000. Anywhere. Copyright © 2012, Locaid® | Patents pending, all rights reserved | Confidential | www.loc-aid.com | 7
    8. 8. Location Marketing Ecosystem Get special offers when you’re on-the-go! Text “APP” to 462462 Marketers 300mm+ Customers Agencies & Consumers Platforms(Smartphones + Cell phones) Get X/Y Copyright © 2012, Locaid® | Patents pending, all rights reserved | Confidential | www.loc-aid.com | 8
    9. 9. Primary Location Sources 100 Million Copyright © 2012, Locaid® | Patents pending, all rights reserved | Confidential | www.loc-aid.com | 9
    10. 10. Geofencing: A definition• A geofence is a virtual perimeter around a geographic location allowing marketers to deliver the right message, at the right time, and to the right person Copyright © 2012, Locaid® | Patents pending, all rights reserved | Confidential | www.loc-aid.com | 10
    11. 11. Elements of a Geofence Program 1 2 3 4 5Build list for opt- Draw geofence Setup rules for Create alerts that take Summarize and in device perimeter – any size or frequency of location location and time into analyze results in enrollment shape fixes context geofence reports Copyright © 2012, Locaid® | Patents pending, all rights reserved | Confidential | www.loc-aid.com | 11
    12. 12. Typical Geofencing Use Cases• Market research and customer insights• SMS, and MMS campaigns• Event marketing & sponsor promotion• Banking, retail, gaming & hospitality Copyright © 2012, Locaid® | Patents pending, all rights reserved | Confidential | www.loc-aid.com | 12
    13. 13. Emerging Practices for Smart Geofencing• Start building your database and opt-in for location offers now. Transparency and relevance trump privacy.• Know your customer through location research, understand traffic patterns.• Hardest part is creating relevance location offers that bring the rich context together.• Make it clear and measurable. Copyright © 2012, Locaid® | Patents pending, all rights reserved | Confidential | www.loc-aid.com | 13
    14. 14. Proximity Marketing – Success Story The North Face • Business objective: Drive store traffic • Alert opted-in customers when they are geographically close to a North Face store • Over 1,000 geo-fences created in and around New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Boston TNF: The new spring sale for running apparel has hit the stores! Check it out @ TNF Downtown Seattle.14 Copyright © 2012, Locaid® | Patents pending, all rights reserved | Confidential | www.loc-aid.com | 14
    15. 15. Loyalty Marketing – Success Story Copyright © 2012, Locaid® | Patents pending, all rights reserved | Confidential | www.loc-aid.com | 15
    16. 16. Event Marketing – Success Story Molson Canadian Hockey House • Application launched at Opening Ceremonies/2010 Winter Olympics • Molson Coors’ provided a robust experience leveraging location-based services for consumer to obtain the closest Hockey House • Consumers see advertised short code to join Hockey House and receive link to home page • Or, log into Molson Canadian Hockey House mobile web page (to find other Hockey Houses) Results exceeded expectations • Expected 5% response rate • Actual response rate was 10%16 Copyright © 2012, Locaid® | Patents pending, all rights reserved | Confidential | www.loc-aid.com | 16
    17. 17. Marketers Locate with Locaid Problem: Marketers cannot reach mobile customers with local offers Solution:Locaid API in SMS campaign platform hits all devices, all the time Success: ROI lifts from marketing spend with right place, right time SMS offers and “knowing where the customer is” Agencies and brands incorporate API in a matter of weeks Locaid API in the leading mobile campaign platforms today Brands, mobile Marketers select Locaid locates device Locaid Geofence API Locaid customersagencies pull API into location options, without app enables pinpoint ramping to larger mobile platform schedules and alerts download targeting campaigns in 2013 Copyright © 2012, Locaid® | Patents pending, all rights reserved | Confidential | www.loc-aid.com | 17
    18. 18. Upcoming Events & Programs• MMA CEO/CMO Summit – Dominican Republic (July 15 – 17)• Advertising Week Mobile Summit & Global Expo – New York (October 2-3)• The SMARTIES – New York (October 3)• MMA LATAM Forum - Miami (November 28 – 29)Visit www.mmaglobal.com/events for more details on future events andwebinars Planning for 2012, contact Michael Becker at northamerica@mmagobal.com to get involved
    19. 19. Thank You ADDITIONAL RESOURCES • www.loc-aid.com • www.hipcricket.com • www.mmaglobal.com • https://geofencedemo.loc-aid.com Sign up for the MMA Search for partners or get listed at the SmartBrief: Mobile Marketing Industry Directory: www.smartbrief.com/m www.mobilemarketingindustrydirectory.co ma m