Olympic Games-activities
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Olympic Games-activities



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Olympic Games-activities Document Transcript

  • 1. Prof. Mariluz Maldonado Rodríguez Social Sciences 1º ESOThe festival at Olympia in honour of Zeus was de most important athletic event in the Greek world. This festivaltook place every four years at Olympia, a valley near a city called Elis. From every region of Greece and itscolonies, athletes came to Olympia to compete in a range of events over five days. Winners received a wreath ofleaves and back home as heros. Victory at the Olympic Games brought the highest honours to an athlete. Backhome they marry rich women, enjoy free meals, invitations to parties and the best seats at the theatre.ACTIVITY 1: HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ANCIENT OLYMPICS?The Greek Olympics begun in 776 BC and inspired the Modern Olympics that begun in 1896. Ancient Olympicswere different than Modern Olympics. Which these afirmations belong to? Ancient, Modern or both?Both genders may compete. Javelin.Only men may compete. Discus.We nominate for where we want the Olympics to be held. Boxing.The Olympics were only held in Greece. Long jump.Any nation may compete. Wrestling.Only people from Greece could compete. Chariot racing.They dont compete nude. Bike racing.Men competed nude in the Olympics. Running. Shooting. MODERN OLYMPICS ANCIENT OLYMPICS
  • 2. Prof. Mariluz Maldonado Rodríguez Social Sciences 1º ESOAbout 50,000 people could sit in the stadium. Away from the arena, most spectators had to find somewhere topitch their tents or sleep rough, but important visitors and athletes had hotel rooms. It was hot and overcrowded,and the water supply was poor, at first not even a proper drinking fountain. This didnt stop people coming though!The Games ended with a feast. Lots of oxen were roasted in a giant barbecue. Traders came to do business,entertainers such as jugglers and acrobats performed, and politicians made speeches to the crowds. ACTIVITY 2: GREETINGS FROM OLYMPIA!Imagine you are a Greek visitor, writing an e-mail to a friend at home to tell him or her about the games. The chartbelow may help you to write your e-mail:GREETINGS Hi Sarah, Dear Herman, How are you? Im fine.INTRODUCTION I hope youre well. I have some good news. Im writing to tell you about my last holidays. Well, thats all my news. Write soon!COCLUSION I look forward to hearing from you. / I hope to hear from you soon. Give my love to your mum/sister.../ Give my regards to your parents. Regards,CLOSING Lots of love, Love, Best wishes,Hi Alice,How are you? I hope you are well. Thanks for your last e-mail. This time I am writing to tell you about my family.My mothers name is Amparo and my fathers name is Juan. My mother is 45 years old and my father is 55. My mother is adoctor and my father is a dancer. I love them both very much.I have a horrible little brother and no sisters. His name is Fernando. He goes to the same school as me. He is 8 years old. Ilike playing basketball and going out with my friends. I dont like school because my teacher is always angry.Well, thats all for now. I hope to hear from you soon.Love,María XXXXXXNow is your turn, write down your e-mail in this chart:
  • 3. Prof. Mariluz Maldonado Rodríguez Social Sciences 1º ESOACTIVITY 3:Design a programme for the Olympic Games, with a day by day list of events. Add some advertisements for thingsspectators and athletes might want to buy or see.Click to follow the Olympic events over the 5 days of the festival:BRITISH MUSEUM: http://www.ancientgreece.co.uk/festivals/story/sto_set.htmlOLYMPIC-LEGACY.COM: http://www.pe04.com/olympic/olympia/events_o.phpClick to know about London 2012: http://www.london2012.com/schedule-and-results/THIS IS A EXAMPLE OF A DAY BY DAY PROGRAMME:DAY 1MorningAfternoon______________________________________________________________________________________DAY 2MorningAfternoonEvening______________________________________________________________________________________DAY 3AfternoonEvening______________________________________________________________________________________DAY 4MorningMiddayAfternoon______________________________________________________________________________________DAY 5
  • 4. Prof. Mariluz Maldonado Rodríguez Social Sciences 1º ESOMY OLYMPIC PROGRAMME: