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  • 1. Helping You Manage Today’s Technology Issues
  • 2. Mission and VisionIn todays global economy and rapidly changing business world, companies arelooking for ways to maximize productivity and reduce costs. Our services andsolutions are guided by a common commitment; expertise, efficiency andexecution as our engagement to our clients.We consult with our clients to build effective organizations, innovate &grow, reduce costs, manage risk & regulation and leverage talent. Our aim isto support you in designing, managing and executing lasting beneficial change.
  • 3. Our FocusThe primary focus is aligning your business with your technology needs to deliverresults and drive your company to success. At AVETTA, providing your business withtechnology leadership is at the core of our corporate strategy.AVETTA, Inc. is a global corporation that will evaluate current IT strategies andinfrastructure, help companies take control by managing costs, businessprocesses, and evaluate software as a service option vs. on-premise data centers.AVETTA will evaluate, advise and execute best practices strategies by identifyingopportunities to improve IT efficiency and effectiveness that will best serve abusiness by creating a roadmap for future enhancements.
  • 4. Technology is an important enabler of business transformation. To assist you in gettingvalue from technology investments, we bring together the skills to deliver improvementsin processes, as well as the knowledge in IT strategy, IT architecture anddesign, enterprise applications, sourcing, project management and IT operationsmanagement. We Can Help If: You recognize the need to better align IT to the organizations needs You wish to have the right IT organization to support business requirements and increase value to the business You need to be better equipped to perform IT due diligence activities for mergers and acquisitions Your efforts to comply with regulatory matters have uncovered operational issues in IT and information security You need to prioritize and measure IT projects You wish to assess which IT services should be provided internally and which should be outsourced to third party service providers
  • 5. We target to achieve CLIENT SATISFACTION through our Quality, Efficiency, Cost E-effective and Support ServicesSpeed Multiple parallel project teams Component based Framework approachQuality Robust Processes and Tested Methodologies Comprehensive quality system in place covering Processes Quality SupportCost Cost savings in Offshore Development Lower defects, Client hence lower re-work Cost Efficiency Satisfaction EffectivenessService On-time, On-budget Project Delivery. Focus on Communication & Coordination
  • 6. Technology is an important tool for business transformation. Economic forces, regulatoryconcerns, industry consolidating industries, convergence, virtual workforces — these are just afew of the many issues impacting businesses today. Faced with these issues, companies findthat improving performance has become essential as they strive to remain competitive andeffective in this challenging environment. CIO Advisory Services To assist you in reaping the most Application Information Managed value from your technology Management Services investments, AVETTA brings together the skills to deliver improvements in AVETTA people, processes, and technology. We also bring in-depth knowledge in: Enterprise Information Architecture Security Business Applications
  • 7. To summarize, the strengths of people, process and technologyconverge seamlessly within AVETTA to fulfill your end to end IT needs. End-to-end services Addressing your complete landscape …What it brings to YOU Ability to scale High Confidence Levels in What we offer… Delivery and Relationship Best People, Low Attrition Sustainable Learning and steep ramp-up capability Curve Advantages Global Presence and Quick Time to Market, matured Delivery Models Lower Costs Effective Processes and high Quality Delivered by a quality focus very few Companies worldwide Express /Logistics Domain and Sound Methodologies, diverse Technical Competence Repeatability
  • 8. How we work ConceptDelivering innovative &competent Internet & IntranetSolutions through our Maintenanceconceptual Planningplanning, resourcefuldevelopment & efficient Projectmaintenance & supportround the clock Rollout Developmentaround the world Testing
  • 9. Innovativeness is no longer a luxury. You need to foster it and harnesstechnology as an important enabler of business transformation. Both arefundamental components of your growth strategy and will put you in a goodposition to maximize the value of your investment. Wisdom Through Advisory Through Experience Implementation Unbiased Advice Our people are battle tested. We offer comprehensive services Our only agenda is We help clients intelligently across the globe at every phase our clients’ agenda manage trade-offs between of the technology lifecycle. costs. Benefits and risks.Deep Technical Intense Industry Applied Innovation Functional Breadth Knowledge Focus Leading edge We know where to find We convert leading We maximize client valuetechnology globally. value in the industries edge ideas into tangible by leveraging the full range we serve. results for our clients. of AVETTA capabilities.AVETTA a leader of technology-enables business transformation, trusted by clients to help identify and solve their most critical information and technology challenges.
  • 10. Where We Lead – Market Best Capabilities We will be recognized in the marketplace for these core capabilities. • Technology Strategy • Information Management • Enterprise Architecture • Technology Enabled Business Transformation • Supply Chain • Finance • Human Resources • Customer Relationship Marketing • Technology Integration & Optimization
  • 11. Positioning our technology reputation and core capabilities with our people and the marketTechnology Reputation World Class Tech “Rocks” Capabilities Balance and power Where deep technology experience and practical business strategy come together
  • 12. Core Competencies & IndustriesCore Competencies: Industries:- IT Project Management - Advertising & Media -Health Care- Security - Asset management - Hospitality & Travel- E-commerce Application - Automotive - Law firm- Content Management Systems - Banking & capital - Manufacturing & markets Engineering- CRM Applications - Communications - Petrochemicals &- Enterprise Application Integration - Electronics & Fertilizers- Home Automation Communication - Pharmaceuticals & life- Linux Services - Energy, utilities & mining sciences - Engineering & - Retail & Distribution- Mobile Applications construction Services- Network Management & Telecom Apps - Entertainment & media - Technology- Supply Chain Management - Finance & Insurance - Telecom - Education & Training - Transportation- System Programming -Electronics &- Web Enabled/Client Server ERP Communication
  • 13. Application Management ServicesA new wave of innovation in business process applications, as well as Web 2.0, is resulting ina tighter market for the best IT workers. In order for your IT systems to support businessperformance and innovation, you need IT skills and experience that you can rely on to deliverexcellence.Our solution can help you manage large, complex, highly integrated applications. We canassist your organization: Reduce IT total cost of ownership — We can help you run your IT systems more cost effectively to respond flexibly to the evolving needs of your organization. Lower risk — Our industry-leading application management methodology and access to experienced industry consultants can help you establish fixed, predictable IT costs over time. Improve performance — We work with you to build productivity and encourage efficiency with transparent and tailored reporting and metrics.
  • 14. CIO Advisory ServicesA shift in the role of the CIO, business complexity, broader technology adoption, and increasingexpectations has forced a shift in the role of IT. In the past, CIOs were focused on efficiency — supportingthe business with optimal operational performance.Now CIOs are also expected to advance the business — developing flexible capabilities to increaseeffectiveness, enabling the business to grow.And there is an increasing expectation to drive innovation — adopting new technologies to differentiatethe business. Our CIO Advisory offerings will help the CIO and the CIO’s organization to achieve newbusiness goals for profitability.Our services include: Business continuity management Business systems integration IT infrastructure services IT strategy Shared services and outsourcing advisory The value-creating CIO
  • 15. Business Systems IntegrationAVETTA’s business systems integration solutions help clients transform processes and informationsystem investments into innovative solutions. By using approaches such as service-orientedarchitecture, our clients can leverage onshore or offshore integration capabilities. Solutions include: Enterprise architecture/center of excellence: target-state architecture model to help achieve goals Service-oriented architecture: An end-to-end solution, from strategy to implementation, that uses a service game plan Systems architecture: A redevelopment of system architectures based on industry leading practices and quality of customer service Business process management: Assessment of business process performance against industry benchmarks and improvement through change management Integration strategy and road map: Target integration architecture defined against overall enterprise architecture; a road map guides from current to target state Application development: Services developed through custom applications and package applications; leverages staffing mode Project and portfolio management: Guidance for client in overall portfolio road map and help enable business case definition for evaluating and prioritizing projects Large-scale technology program management: Organization of major projects that combines people, processes, and technologies
  • 16. Infrastructure ServicesAVETTA’s IT infrastructure team promotes infrastructure investment, emerging technologies, andoperational excellence through an integrated set of solutions: Data center and emerging computing technologies: Help reduce data center costs through consolidation and virtualization IT service management: Improve operating processes and management and align them with business strategies, operations, and management approaches such as ITIL and COBIT Networking assessment and technologies: Design and use leading technologies to provide an enterprise network with high availability, security, and sufficient bandwidth for business needs IT asset management: Integrate life cycle management policies, procedures, and processes for IT and technical assets, including acquisition, installations, management, and surplus IT capacity management: Assess an environments capacity constraints and performance and design capacity management projects
  • 17. IT StrategyBusiness leaders depend on information technology to sustain value and keep an edge oncompetition, and to do so, enterprise-wide systems must perform at a high level.Evolving technologies, however, can pose threats to business operations, and legacy systems often areinefficient and out of date. As a result, IT spending will consume 10 percent of corporate budgets by2015, and IT will be forced to deliver more value on the investment.AVETTA’s IT Strategy and Operations (ITSO) practice helps clients manage technology so they canachieve competitive advantage. Our services include: IT strategy and business alignment: Coordination of IT and business strategies to strike the ideal balance of effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation IT governance and organization: Design of a governance framework for IT management practices, risk avoidance, and roles and responsibilities Application and portfolio rationalization: Analysis of new and existing applications and decision making to achieve a rational portfolio and effective management practices IT cost management: Improvement in efficiency to eliminate business redundancies, consolidate technologies, and renegotiate contracts Merger technology integration: Defining all aspects of the merger and acquisition process with an end-to-end suite of solutions, from strategy development, financial analysis, and transaction
  • 18. Information securityHow information security can help meet business objectives*Companies today are under ever-increasing pressure to meet regulatory requirements, maintain strongoperational performance, and increase shareholder value. In this hyper-competitiveenvironment, companies can no longer afford ad-hoc security measures.Protecting intellectual property, sensitive customer information, and other business-critical informationrequires a comprehensive security strategy that closely aligns with business objectives.AVETTAs Advisory professionals leverage security assessment framework based on our extensive clientwork. We use this proprietary methodology to develop, communicate, and help maintain an enterprise-wideinformation security strategy delivered throughout several functional areas.AVETTA professionals can help companies in critical areas such as: Security management Regulatory and policy- PCI compliance Threat and vulnerability management Information security architecture Identity and access management Privacy and data protection
  • 19. Helping you comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)Any company that accepts credit card payments must comply with the PaymentCard Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Failure to comply with thestandard could mean substantial fines and penalties for the organization. Asecurity breach will hurt the company’s image and reputation. Despite theserealities, many merchants are still not PCI-compliant because of: A lack of education among merchants An underestimation of the complexity and cost of remediation efforts Compliance fatigue resulting from a range of requirements that impactaverage organizationsThere are many ways to achieve compliance with the PCI DSS. We believe thatPCI should not be viewed as just another compliance requirement, but rather as acontrols framework that provides the opportunity to reduce risk to the paymentfunction and the organization as a whole. Organizations that focus on complianceas opposed to risk reduction can have a false sense of security and may not beaware of residual risk that remain within the environment. A risk-based, integratedapproach can create a more secure and efficient — as well as compliant —organization.
  • 20. Outsourcing and shared servicesThe continued pressure on corporate profitability and the ongoing need to increase theeffectiveness of business support functions has driven interest in global sourcing to a newlevel. Organizations are realizing that the sourcing decisions they make will have far-reaching implications for their business, requiring new strategies and approaches to helpensure growth.As a result, the three pillars of global sourcing — outsourcing, shared services andoffshoring — are becoming entrenched business strategies, to the point of giving rise to anew era of collaborative partnering.To navigate today’s complex sourcing options, organizations need to apply the same rigornecessary for all strategic business operations, to the evaluation, management andexecution of their outsourcing commitments.
  • 21. Project Outsourcing Methodology On the basis of requirements of Client, our project outsourcing methodology is initiated in one of these ways: Project Outsourcing Methodology: When Client has long-term requirements for project development, which needs estimation assessment and approval from Client side. Project Alteration Methodology: In case of any alterations on the project already implemented, we deal with Client on this methodology. Fixed Cost Project Methodology: In case of short term projects, which need not require process for estimation, approval for implementation or having fixed cost for development we deal on this methodology.We have an onshore and offshore team available round the clock to serve ourclients around the globe.
  • 22. What differentiates AVETTA? • One button operation • Integration to enterprise calendar Simplicity • Attendant-less operation• Life-size interactions• Designed from Human Key • Proven Reliability the start based Factors Differentiators technologies on human • Network Quality of factors for Service communication Quality • High-definition, real time22
  • 23. Project Management Practices
  • 24. Our Model Strategy and Transformation Consulting Business Process Management Infrastructure Management Systems Integration Technology Consulting Technology-enabled BPR Enterprise Solutions Application Development and Maintenance Software Re-engineeringPeople Organization Infrastructure Process Quality AVETTA Global Delivery Model
  • 25. Our Model IT architecture & Strategy Consulting Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Enterprise Applications ERP, CRM, SCM Integration Backbone Offshore Product ManagementDevelopment Re-engineering Migration QA Web and Wireless Technologies, n-Tier Architectures (PHP / .NET) Offshore Services Onsite Services
  • 26. Project Management Practices• Metrics driven project management Scope Schedule Management Management• Knowledge Acquisition Process (KAP) Cost – Client & End-User involvement Management Integration in Requirements stage Management Change• Change Request Process Project Management Management• Usage of tools to improve Procurement Quality productivity Management Management Communication Human Management Resource Management
  • 27. Project Management Practices• Metrics driven project management• Knowledge Acquisition Process (KAP) – Client & End-User involvement in Requirements stage• Change Request Process• Usage of tools to improve productivity
  • 28. Well start by getting to know you. You do the talking, well dothe listening. Our tailored solutions will help you meet thechallenges and opportunities of doing business in the USmarket, and beyond. Our reputation lies in building lastingrelationships with our clients and a focus on delivering value inall we do. We share our knowledge and expertise to help youreach the goals you set for your business.
  • 29. Contact DetailsFor Additional Information or for a Personal Consultation, Please Call:Contacts: Corporate Headquarters: AVETTA, Inc.Lloyd Marino Los Angeles, CACEO& President Telephone: 213 943 1358Direct: 310 925 2452 Fax: 424 258 1152Email: lmarino@avettaglobal.com Email: info@avettaglobal.com Website: www.avettaglobal.com
  • 30. Copyright © 2011 AVETTA Global All rights reserved.