Lloyd segal how to get started flipping houses


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Lloyd segal how to get started flipping houses

  1. 1. Lloyd Segal - How to Get Started Flipping Houses Trained as an attorney, Lloyd Segal is a mortgage banker, author, real estate investor, and public speaker. Now located in Santa Monica, California, Mr. Segal was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He graduated Boston University and Southwestern University School of Law School (where he was the President of the Student Bar Association), and studied International Law at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Lloyd is a best -selling author of four books, including “Stop Foreclosure Now in California” (published by Nolo Press, Berk eley, CA), “Stop Foreclosure Now” (published by the American Management Association, New York, NY), which was selected the “Best Personal Finance Book of the Year” by USA Today Book News, and “Foreclosure Investing” (published by Regency Book, New York, NY). Lloyd’s newest book is entitled “Flipping Houses” and described how to get started finding, fixing, and flipping houses. Lloyd Segal is an informative public speaker with over 25 years of professional real estate experience as a mortgage banker and real estate attorney. He has been interviewed and/or quoted on National Public Radio, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Los Angeles Times, Parade Magazine, Smart Money, Publisher’s Weekly, and numerous other radio, TV, and newspapers around the country. He is also a frequent guest speaker at various universities, boards of realtors, Coldwell Banker national conventions, and numerous other real estate and service organizations throughout the United States. Lloyd Segal is the founder of the California Flipping Network which provides in-depth educational services, financing, mentoring, and publications with respect to all aspects of flipping houses. If you've been dreaming of flipping houses, but you have no idea where to start and how, come to our workshop today! Coming to this costless workshop, you will understand how to fix and flip houses. You will also learn techniques for making money. As media says, our state economy is growing dramatically (thanks in part to real estate). Sales are increasing, prices are escalating, and interest rates remain low. Although people complain about a lack of inventory, there are still a lot of deals if you are looking in the right direction. So, there has NEVER been a better chance to fix and flip properties. Your time is now ! So if you're ready to get started flipping houses NOW, register for one of our free workshops. At this exciting free workshop, you will learn: 1. How to find properties to fix and flip. 2. How to determine "After-Repaired Value". 3. How to structure the deals (and create a win/win situation). 4. How to purchase properties without your own money or credit. 5. How to buy short sales, REOs, and at the auctions. 6. How to select general contractors and subs . 7. How to budget repairs and renovations. 8. How to rehab a house for fun and profit. 9. How to select a Realtor to sell your house. 10. How to get started NOW!!! Workshops are led by Lloyd Segal, the author of "Flipping Houses" and other best sellers, and winner of the highest rated personal finance book of the year award. Lloyd's training will disclose the specific techniques that have been used by investors to fix and flip houses. To know more about Lloyd Segal please visit here: http://lloydsegalsblog.tumblr.com/post/99119516624/lloyd-segal-free-house-flipping-workshops