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PSoC Creator is the development tool chain for the PSoC 3/5 line of Programmable Systems on Chip. This talk will explore this development environment and create a simple bubble level application using Creator with the PSoC 5 First Touch Starter Kit.

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Using PSoC Creator

  1. 1. Using PSoC Creator July 16, 2011Lloyd Moore, President/Owner
  2. 2. Overview Recap from last presentation IDE Overview Prebuilt Components Bubble Level Project Live Demo
  3. 3. From Last Time…. The PSoC processor integrates programmable analog and digital with a traditional processing core The PSoC can be a one chip solution for many robotics projects Develop the hardware configuration first and then develop the software, leaving time to experiment with different configurations
  4. 4. PSoC Creator IDE PSoC Creator – Full IDE  Pretty similar to Visual Studio or Eclipse  Hardware aspects programmed with a schematic capture style tool  Integrated programmer / debugger
  5. 5. Component Catalog Contains a set of pre-built hardware and software components Each component has 4 aspects  Schematic symbol  Datasheet  Configuration dialog  ‘C’ API To use a component drag it onto your schematic design Right click on the part to open the datasheet or configuration dialog
  6. 6. Components Available Yes there are LOTS of them, and you can make more yourself!!!
  7. 7. Delta Sigma ADC Component Implements a variable width Delta Sigma ADC using dedicated on chip resources
  8. 8. Delta Sigma ADC Datasheet  Similar format to IC datasheets  Quite detailed  API section in all  Sample code available
  9. 9. Delta Sigma Configuration  Multiple configurations  Selectable resolution  Differential or Single Ended  Selectable input gain  Selectable reference  Symbol will change based on some settings
  10. 10. Delta Sigma API (Partial)  ?_Init  ?_Enable  ?_Start  ?_Stop  API for most config options  API for utility functions
  11. 11. Bubble Level Project PSoC 5 First Touch kit includes a 3 axis accelerometer (KXSC7-2050) Will use the X-axis of this accelerometer with the 8 LEDs on board to make a simple bubble level This example derived from the stock Cypress example doing the same thing
  12. 12. Accelerometer Configuration Normal Mode: Continuous output, self test off, no motion interrupt
  13. 13. Bubble Level Project Steps Create a new project Choose and configure hardware components Setup system configuration and pin assignments Build Write ‘C’ code Build Program target Test
  14. 14. Live Demo
  15. 15. Resources PSoC Product Web Site:  PSoC Developer Community:  PSoC Training On Demand:  PSoC 5 FirstTouch Starter Kit: $50  PSoC Full Development Kit (1, 3, 5): $249  My Contact Info:  
  16. 16. Questions???? Will be around a bit after the meeting for individual questions Feel free to e-mail me