Eight common foot problems
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Eight common foot problems






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Eight common foot problems Eight common foot problems Presentation Transcript

  • MyOrthoticReviews.com
  •  According to podiatrist, there are 8 common foot problems that most of their patience is experiencing. Some are agonizing two of these problems at the same time. If you are conscious about the health of your feet, and/or is experiencing conditions that can threaten your health, it is best to learn more about these foot problems to prevent them from occurring.
  •  Alsoknown as athlete’s foot, this foot problem usually occur in warm and moist areas of your feet. This problem causes skin itching, peeling, blisters, dryness and redness. You can use over-the-counter products to cure fungal infection.
  •  The common effects of dry skin are burning of the feet and itching. To cure this apply mild soap on the affected area and apply lotion every time you use your shoes.
  •  These foot problems occur when there is continuous rubbing of the foot’s bones against the surface of the shoes. To prevent this, use shoe inserts and orthotic products to provide extra cushioning and support.
  •  Thisoccurs due to certain virus growth. Consult your doctor on what is the best foot care product to use for this type of problem.
  •  When there is swelling with the toes of your feet, it is because their joints no longer fit together. For this you need to use special foot support such as orthotic insoles to provide extra padding on the soft areas so that there is less friction on the problem.
  •  When there is stress on your feet it is most likely the calcium bumps appears on your feet’s bones. This is due to using shoes that are poorly fitted, pads and cushioning that are not suited for the user’s feet.
  • MyOrthoticReviews.com