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Dentists and their responsibilities
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Dentists and their responsibilities


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. Dentists and Their ResponsibilitiesNorthCarolinaDental.Org
  • 2.  It is important to choose the right dentist that can give you the best dental care. Because of that we will give some important guidelines that you must consider before you visit a dentist. There are different types of dentist that has all the knowledge and expertise when it comes to dental care.
  • 3. General Dentist He is said to be the creator and manager of the dental treatment plan and performs a complete dental examination.
  • 4. Family Dentist He provides dental care for the whole family both adult and children although family dentist and general dentist are quite the same though they have a slight difference from each other.
  • 5. Types of Dentistsand TheirResponsibilities
  • 6. Cosmetic Dentist Helps to improve the appearance of your teeth by putting cosmetics. Any dentist can claim that they’re a cosmetic dentist because dental associations worldwide do not recognize this type of dentistry as a sub-specialty.
  • 7. Pediatric Dentist deals with the dental concern of children from birth through adolescence. A pediatric dentist has studied basic dentistry and went on to study children’s dentistry.
  • 8. Sedation Dentist The dentist use sedatives making the patient feel relax and calm. This is the perfect type of treatment for those patients who want to experience a painless way to treat dental problems.
  • 9. Emergency Dentist Provides immediate dental treatment to patients specially those who suffer from accident like broken teeth or jaw. Sometimes they offer 24/7 dental services to check for the patients dental condition depending on the type of facility that they have.
  • 10. Implant Dentist Provides surgical procedure to patients and replace the lost teeth by implanting artificial teeth that is usually made up of titanium.
  • 11. There are about a hundreddental offices in your state. InNorth Carolina there about athousand or more family dentiststhat specialize on a specific toothproblems. If you are looking fora family dentist in North Carolina,visit NorthCarolinaDental.Org formore tips and information.