9 steps in applying a liquid wax finish on

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  • 1. VacuumCleanerReviewss.com
  • 2. Wax finish is an old-fashionlook that contractors fromthe 40’s up to the 50’s used before urethanes was introduced in the market.
  • 3. Here are the 9 steps inhow to wax your woodenfloor using two coats of wax and two coats of shellac and liquid wax.
  • 4. What You NeedAmber or clear shellacDenatured alcoholSteel wool (1/0 to 4/0, depending on sheendesired)Small steel wool pads for edgesWhite pad (1/4 - or 3/4 –inch)Dark or natural brown liquid wax6-inch China made bristle brush or lamb’s woolapplicatorBufferRags
  • 5. Step 1First, mix 50part shellac witha 50 partdenaturedalcohol.
  • 6. Step 2Use either a 6”china bristlebrush or a lamb’swool applicatorto apply themixture.
  • 7. Step 3After applyingthe first layer ofthe mixture, youneed to buff thefloor first beforeyou apply anotherlayer.
  • 8. Step 4In this step youwill need to makethe floor smooth.Use a 16”steelwool with a thickwhite pad forthis.
  • 9. Step 5In using liquidwax, pour it outand use a ragthat can hold alot of wax.
  • 10. Step 6Apply the liquidwax parallel onplank floors andcircular motionfor parquetfloors.
  • 11. Step 7Buff the waxand polish itwith yourdesired sheenusing a buffer.
  • 12. Step 8Now apply thesecond coating.After applying,buff it once againto your desiredluster. Use a whiteflannel like rag topolish the floorfurther.
  • 13. Step 9If the floor is completely dry you can nowmove back your furniture. If it’s humid, leavethe floor for at least a day before youproceed with moving your furniture back.
  • 14. You can either use liquid wax or paste wax to coat your finish floor, depending on your personal choice. Pastewax is thicker but takes time to apply while liquid wax is thinner but smoother and easy to apply. VacuumCleanerReviewss.co m