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6 thoughts to ponder in treating stretch marks
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6 thoughts to ponder in treating stretch marks



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  • 1. Treating Stretch Marks Six Thoughts to Ponder STRETCHMARKPRODUCT.COM
  • 2. INTRODUCTIONWhen there is a rapid change inyour body your skin will also reactto it. When too much growth isrequired for the skin and your bodydoes not have enough nutrients tosupply the growth, such conditionslike stretch marks occur.
  • 3. Treat the Problem ASAPAs much as possible start treating them as early asyou can see them. A fresh mark would look pinkish,red or sometimes brown, depending on your skin’scolor.
  • 4. Cocoa Butter MassageUse a cocoa butter cream and apply it in the affectedarea at least twice every day. The cocoa butter turnsthe skin pliant because it naturally moisturizes theskin from the outside.
  • 5. Self-TannerAlso massage your skin with a tanner. This willreduce the appearance.
  • 6. Topical ProductsLearn more about topical products for stretch marktreatment. Here’s a few guide to help you:
  • 7. Topical Products Wheat germ oil- effective if used during the early stages. Glycolic acid- is an ingredient that restores normal collagen production. Vitamin C- also promotes collagen production but is only effective when used during the early stages. Relastin- It’s a common ingredient with most products but its use is still unknown. Retinoids- Another effective compound to enhance the skins elasticity. But experts do not recommend this during breast feeding or when a woman is pregnant.
  • 8. Surgery TreatmentThere are different type of lasers that will treatpinkish marks, reddish or brownish marks, and evenold white marks. Some laser treatments are designedto naturally promote the production of collagen inyour skin.
  • 9. Search for MicrodermabrasionThis method utilizes crystals which are spread ontoyour skin. The crystals will then polish the surface ofyour skin. Then a vacuum tube is used to suck up thecrystals together with your skin cells and stimulatesthe dermis to produce more collagen for growth..
  • 10. Conclusion Like any expert would tell you, consult yourdermatologist before you use any stretch marksolution. D this as soon as possible and ask forcheaper prescription if possible. StretchMarkProduct.com