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This is a presentation that i did in relation to the Leadership program I undertook in 2007

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Survey resultsxx

  1. 1. CobramSurvey - Town Channel land survey The following is the data results from the Survey which aimed to gather ideas for the future use of the vacant town channel land.
  2. 2. Survey Statistics Note: of the 128 responses - 34 came from the e-mail invitees and the remaining 94 responses were faxed , posted or handed in responses. These responses were input into the survey by the survey coordinator, using one hotmail address. The statistics do not show the bounced or opted out e-mail. There was in fact 33 e-mails of the 137 sent that failed to be delivered. 1750 printed copies were delivered to homes in Cobram. 250 printed copies were made available at 5 collection points. Survey Status: Status: Live Launch Date: 09/19/2007 Closed Date: Total Survey Takers: 128 Median Response Time: 3 mins, 47 Seconds Web Deployment Status: Total Takers: 0 Complete Responses: 0 Partial Responses: 0 Email Deployment Status: Invited Via Email: 137 Total Takers: 35 Complete Responses: 123 Partial Responses: 5 Bounced Email: 0 Opted Out: 0
  3. 3. Question: Do you think it is important to have the opportunity to express your community voice? All but one response indicated that they liked to have an opportunity to express their community voice.
  4. 4. Question: What age group are you representing when answering these questions.  Note: The local preschools, the Cobram Community House and the Showgrounds committee were well aware of this survey. This may have influenced the level of responses in the 26-40, 41-60 and 61-80 age groups.
  5. 5. The survey asked what street the respondent lived in. Responses were received from people living in the following streets. There seems to be a fair across Cobram response to this survey.
  6. 6. Please indicate if you would agree or disagree to suggestions that the section of town channel between KAROOK ST and WADESON St  (about 400 metres) be considered for development for the following purposes. The response for walking or cycling tracks, parklands or playground area (open spaces) was very high.There was strong diagreement to the suggestion that this land be used for a commercial venture, a skate park or private or public housing.
  7. 7. Questions suggestions received from survey respondents- for Karook – Wadeson Street -Should this land be offered to the landowners who back onto it? -Should cycling & walking access through this area be incorporated into any future development? -Would this be a good site for a miniature railway? -Would this land be suitable for assisted living units?
  8. 8. This land is currently not owned by Moira Shire. Would you like to see this strip of land owned by the community. There was strong interest in seeing this land retained for the community.
  9. 9. Please indicate if you would agree or disagree to suggestions that the section of town channel in the HAY Ave and PUNT Rd vicinity (about 250 metres) be considered for development for the following purposes. The most positive responses was for off street car parking, expansion of preschool and open spaces. There was strong diagreement for this land to be used for a commercial venture or private or public housing.
  10. 10. Questions suggestions received from survey respondents- Hay Avenue – Punt Road suggestions: -Should the Punt Road land be used to upgrade and expand the civic centre? - Is there a need for a pedestrian crossing in Punt Road between the civic centre and the swimming pool?
  11. 11. Please indicate if you would agree or disagree to suggestions that the section of town channel land that flanks the show grounds from PUNT Road to the soccer fields (about 700 metres) be considered for  development for the following purposes. Strong preference for open spaces, redevelopment of the show grounds and the expansion of sporting facilities and pre school. There was some diagreement to this land being used for a skate park or a road.
  12. 12. Questions suggestions received from survey respondents- for the show grounds area: If a skate park were developed in this area should it be located in the sporting complex area near Campbell Road where there is constant passing traffic?
  13. 13. Do you think that the "Town channel " land should be used for the benefit of the community Strong support for this idea. Nobody who responded disagreed.
  14. 14. There will be TWO surveys to this particular project. The next survey will ask questions developed in response to answers from the first survey as well as some new questions. Are you willing to participate in the next survey? The second survey was postphoned because there were insufficient suggested questions from the first survey. I will endeavour to see if I can get questions on other community issues that may justify the effort and cost of the next survey.
  15. 15. Questions suggestions received from survey respondents- Would you like to suggest a question for the next survey? A summary of suggestions made: - -Should the old railway land be used to provide better access and egress to the town centre? -Should the whole town channel land be used to provide a green area for Cobram? -Should dogs not on leads be banned from public walking tracks -Should one of the pre schools consider relocating to an area in the new residential development area? Continued…….
  16. 16. Continued…… -Is the Cobram Community House well located? -Does Cobram need more aged care facilities? Final comments There will be a next survey but it will take a bit longer to gather questions that will be meaningful for the community respond to. The responses to this survey will be made available to any interested person or group. Liz Diamond PO Box 550 Cobram 0438652201
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